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Found 8 results

  1. Ogygia started on Aug 31, 2018, and it is here to stay! It aims to provide the original hard-to-survive experience of Wurm. Login at Esperia and march forth to conquer the 4096x4096 map. Vanilla: everything 1x, no mods, characteristics start at 19, all skills at 1. No deeding costs - deed fees enabled. 40k mobs - 50+% aggressive. Farm tick 23hrs, Mining minimum hits 51. No shortcuts, no amenities - do you have what it takes to survive?
  2. Filter: Calysto Hosted in the Eastern US 300x skill 100x action 45-50 Hits per rock tile 0.1 Glimmer 0.1 Ada 12 Hr Backups 100k creatures 50% Hostile New players spawn with a 99ql Spy Glass, Small Barrel, 50ql Hammer. Current Mods More Chests (Currently 512) Chest Claim More Chest Items ( Scale Red Dragon Eggs (Random Dragon) Sleep Powder Rods of transmutation Tomes (all but key to heavens) Supreme auxdata 7+) Stable master Announcer Better dig Big Container BAE Bounty mod (10x bounty on all creatures) Bulk Transport Creature Age Mod Creature Mod (newer Version) crop mod (30 min per tick no weeds +10 yield) Meditate mod (no cool, downs no level cap, < 1 second meditation timer) moon metal mining mod move mod no fatigue prospect mod sacrifice mod (50 percent rare item = rare bone, supreme item = supreme bone) skill mod spell mod (no priest restrictions no prayer cool down) timer fix Map Dump Live Map I probably forgot something so ill just add it when i remember it.
  3. :32:26] You start to pick the lock of the "x". 32:47] You are too far away from the "x" to pick the lock. game lets you start lockpicking out of range (damaging the pick and risk snapping it) with no chance of actually picking because you're not on top of the thing being picked
  4. This took way longer than I admit to make. So, I finally finished this map, which we've linked to our current server (The Adventurer's) as players move over to it. It's a good map for hunting, exploring, with amazing views from some of the mountain peaks. The zip contains; World Machine TMD ( I used to help create this (with notes) - maybe it can help with designing your own map for those struggling with WM(?). Height-map (for those who want to re-design some of the attributes) Ores-map Topology map Biomes-map In-game grid-based map to help navigate. All the .map files required to play this world, etc. There is no actions file, the sheer list of actions (undo/redo/undo/redo etc) would likely kill lower end computers, due to old age and I keep forgetting to hit save actions before closing the program... *TMD/Map is free to use, manipulate, create your own maps, no need to ask, just go and have fun! This map contains glimmer/addy ores (0.001%). Download; Edit: Updated with flower fix.
  5. Alaron is open

    Alaron is open for anyone who wishes to play on the server. 4096x4096 map. 1 x skill gain. 4 x action timer. Free deed but there is upkeep cost. Lots of rivers, big and small. Lots of unique terrain. Plateaus, valleys, canyons, mountain meadows, snow capped peaks, grasslands, forests, deserts, steppes, marshes. Great place for explorers or people just wanting to play and build. 80,000 creatures, 60% aggressive. All characteristics start at 23. We assume you are not a weakling. All skills start at 10. We assume you are not a moron who doesn't even know how to dig. Mining hits are 41. Xray mod is advised. The vein count has been reduced so you'll need it to make finding veins easier for you. And with 60% nasties it might keep you alive longer in the beginning. Tree spread odds are 50%. The server has been up for a couple of months at 100% so there should be ample trees. Some areas they will be sparse. Sea serpents and sharks will not be rare. I've seen one dragon so far. Probably more. Some other rare nasties have also been spotted. Mods: (because updates may break mods we can't say these will always be available) betterdig: per dig weight rate, clay 20, tar 20, peat 20. dig from/to fairly everything bountymod cropmod deedmod: max 2 deeds of 10201 total tiles each. (example 101x101) harvesthelper morecraftables skillgaincontrol startergear: added spyglass, file, pelt, pottery jar. noob gear can be improved survival: easy mode. players with noob buffs not affected. water disease enabled. colder north. crops grow all year. taxconfig: if a deed owner is gone 28 days on the 29th day deed upkeep goes up each day until they return or the deed disbands. upkeepcosts: minimum upkeep 1S. tile cost 250i upkeep 25i. perimeter cost 100i upkeep 10i. guard cost 3S. upkeep 1.5S. This server is only lightly moderated. It is a survival game after all. One rule above all others, be nice. Not nice people will not be tolerated. Map The map can be found here:
  6. Everland is hosted by citadelservers and runs 24/7 No lagg Skill gain: 10x Characteristics gain is super moded , up to 31 - 20x , After 31 - 2x (instead of 0.2 you get 0.01 , the real 10x) Action Timer 5x Breeding timer 3x Ada \ Glimmer 30k Creatures 60% agressive 24/7 No wipe Back up Server Mods Installed: Announcer - Shows log when some one logs in Bag of Holding - Making objects hold more items Boat mod - Very fast boats Bounty mod - You get coins for every creature you kill Bulk mod - Can place hot items into bsb Bulk storage trasfer limits - You can type in a number above 1000 to move more items Creature age mod - Horses getting older slower Creatures on water - You can lead creatures on water , all of them ! Crop mod - You get additional 3 crops when harvest (can make smaller farms now) Deed mod - Deeds limited to 50x50 size or 2500 tiles total Dig like mining mod - Dirt drops outsize of inventory to ground Harvest helper - Show current stage of crops Inbreed warning - Shows a warning when you try breed family relatives Mailmod - Free mail Moon metal mining mod - You have a chance to get random ores from mining (ada, glimmer, seryl) No Decay - Roads and bridges dont decay Sacrifice mod - When sacrifice rare items you have a chance 1\4 to get a bone Skillgain control - Fix your skill gain to exact x10 Spell mod - No priest limitations no need in linking, max favor can be used is 90 per 1 cast) Spell power - enchanted spells , less chance to shatter , higher then 104 cats (up to 250) Stable master - can turn animals into tockens and redeem them later or trade Timer fix - faster leveling \ flattening , pray and more ... Upkeep costs - free deeds making with low upkeep , all deeds start with 4s in thier coffers --- 16 square km highly detailed custom map (4096x4096 Independence size) --- HotA Events !!! Your adventure begins now ! Direct connection: Visit our Forums at: Live map: (Updates everyday after server restart) Server LIVE status: (updates every 5 minutes) --- Special offer !!! Ends at 17/08/16 Invite 2 friends to play on our server and you will get a special healer NPC to your village ---
  7. Here's my first decently-well generated map, at 4096x4096. Westfall, as I call it, is a map that has land types for all people. There are grand steppes, lots of forested areas, and even lots of little islands all around for those who like their small plot of land. There's also a grand mountain towards the middle/eastern part of the map, giving those who want the chance to explore or settle on a giant mountain the opportunity to. The biome placements are done "realistically". The tundras are at high altitudes, and the steppes are on relatively easy to traverse landmasses. Trees were spawned in places that made sense, such as firs high up in the hills, and willows down near marshy waters. Ore placement is a bit different than most maps, but iron is still the most dominant. Tin, Copper, Zinc, etc are all about .5% chance, with Gold and Silver being at .1%. There is also a .05% chance to find Glimmersteel or Adamantine veins, which could create strategic outposts in a PvP scenario. If you want to use this map on your server, please let me know. I'd be excited to see it! Download: - maps etc/WurmMaps/Westfall.rar (I'll update OP with some in-game pictures soon!)
  8. Here is a decent (imo) map I've created for myself or anyone else that would like to use it. Has all the biomes and I've tried to make it as close to WO as possible with the current map editor/api. Map Image (zoom-able) Map Download (Dropbox) version 1.1 - Just wanted to make an update. If you've been getting an error when trying to tunnel saying it "sounds hollow" or "you're to close to another tunnel." (also, any tunnel/mined tiles creates a drop shaft.) I've regenerated the map files and it appears to be fixed. I don't know what might have happened but it may have been a bug with the generator version I used.You can download version 1.1 and replace everything but the If you've already mined into the stone, may want to keep the as well. (Make sure you backup first!) Finally, thanks Budda, who made the program allowing me to make this. WGenerator