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Found 4 results

  1. Breath of the Wild Map: 2048x2048 with ores, including Adamantine and Glimmer at a chance of 0.01%. If you don't want those ores, I have added all files needed inside the download to edit or recreate the map to your liking. Just a bit of a warning, Not sure what is up with the edges of the map, but there is a huge wall surrounding all sides... Credit to: u/IfTheG1oveDontFit for the Height Map, Brian for Wurm Map Generator FX, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here
  2. A new map! worked the whole day on it, just to find out that the dropping dirt is quite fiddly when it comes to high detailed maps, so there are still some jagged dirts here and there. But I wanted a high dirt layer this time, so I sticked with it and smoothed out the Heightmap instead, which sadly lost alot of detail inbetween. I hope someone likes it anyway I think it's quite special for a wurm terrain ^^ so have fun with it Map stats: 2048x2048 dirtlayer 120 water lvl 400 adamantite and glimmersteel 0,01% Good Spawn point, near lake and center of the map: 1086, 719 updated link with proper cave layer: Screenshots: my next project is probably something less mountainous XD
  3. This is no longer accurate, now that Bloodthirst also works on non-player creatures. Not sure if other in-game descriptions (e.g. for the spell itself) are accurate.
  4. My first map. Biomes are deployed by elevations. Sand/desert is lowest, Steppe next, Tundra at highest elevations. Clay is mostly along the shores, but a few random deposits at mid and high elevations (think mountain springs). Some of the water is hand carved. Max depth is 150. Mountains top out about 3800 above water level. Dropped dirt with max 40 diag slope, to make riding easier, since this map has plenty of water/mountain to hinder travel. Advice: Start making a boat! If anyone wants, I'm happy to upload the map. I'll likely make a version that blends the biomes better (less contrast between them), when I have more time to hand paint it. All created with WGen 2.x.