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Found 4 results

  1. Ogygia started on Aug 31, 2018, and it is here to stay! It aims to provide the original hard-to-survive experience of Wurm. Login at Esperia and march forth to conquer the 4096x4096 map. Vanilla: everything 1x, no mods, characteristics start at 19, all skills at 1. No deeding costs - deed fees enabled. 40k mobs - 50+% aggressive. Farm tick 23hrs, Mining minimum hits 51. No shortcuts, no amenities - do you have what it takes to survive?
  2. 1x - new player friendly - RPvEvP Custom Map Community rules: PvE/New Player Guide: RP, PvP, PvE, new player friendly, mature community, all are welcome! Community Events (KvK Chart) PvE Boundary example, the red oval on our custom map indicates where all these colossus statues are. Inside the ring of statues you are safe from pvp/theft and so on. The backs of the gods indicate they are not protecting you, as you have crossed into the PvP lands. Come and go anytime you like, abuse of the boundary is explained in our rules. Ask any questions you have on our discord, as someone is usually available all timezones.
  3. Sawrio - 1x Rates

    Sawrio Sawrio is a PvE 1x rate server aiming to provide the original wurm experience and expand upon it. The server is almost 2 months old and some of the original objectives are being met, namely having a small friendly and quality community and we wish to continue expanding with this in mind, we prioritize quality over quantity. World Map Screenshots Main points Rates are 1x - The rates have been adjusted to match closely as possible to Wurm Online, to keep providing that original experience. This includes the skills, actions, growing, tree spread, animal pregnancy. World is 1024x1024 - The size is perfect for the current amount of players and will be expanded as needed. For example a landmass was added to the map recently. Mods - Expand the experience Deeds are NOT free - Gives more of a challenge, and ultimately everything will return to nature. Friendly and quality community - It's very akin to the Wurm Online community Everything is player built - The admins are not providing artificial boosts to anyone Active community - Chances are there's always someone in the server at all times. High peaks during evenings and weekends. Newbie friendly - We guide and help newbie players into Wurm Mods JPWM mods: Clay Removal, Offspring Names, Fishing Sounds, Deed In-game Map support Links Reddit Steam Group Other Features We have a Discord server, where people chat via text and talk via voice Active mod development, we listen to people request for features and we implement them as a mod. Join us in the server "Sawrio"! We'll be waiting.
  4. Introducing the new server Lagenon. It's a brand new server and map hosted by myself. It features 1x skill rates keeping it close to the original WO experience. We're hoping to get people to specialize in one or two fields and share their craftsmanship with the other players. I spent quite a bit a time tweaking and finding the best generated map I could get from tools available. It provides lots of water access for more boating fun, as well as plenty of space for everyone's projects. Made sure trees and other biome features were distributed well, and did my best to prevent any strange non-natural feel from the land. Check out our map here: The spawn is a work in progress, we're building it ourselves from scratch. The bartender is currently present, and we will be adding a trader shortly.