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Found 2 results

  1. WELCOME TO KALAYAAN KALAYAAN VILLAGE, is a village located on the "Independence" server, at the co-ordinates of "37y, 17x" (based off of this map -; literally a small boat ride across the sea, from The Howl! (Our village map: FOR us at Kalayaan, we value three things greatly - that is: Freedom (honestly, you can do whatever you see fit: make what you want, pursue any job that you want, do work as you please, etc.), Community (being active within the community - talking to others, being respectful, helping one another out, etc.), and Having Fun (this is rather self-explanatory -> Wurm is about having fun!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR community has a lot of benefits to offer you - everything from easy access to ample supplies of lumber, stones, ores, and other basic resources for all your construction needs; to easy "job related" resources, buildings, and areas (i.e. tons of grape vines for any vintners, a harbour for anyone that likes to fish, mines, etc.). BUT in order to keep things simple, let's take you through the major parts of our village, one by one, giving you a detailed description of what we have to offer you in each area! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KALAYAAN RESIDENTIAL ZONES --> TOWN CENTRE KALAYAAN offers several "community services" to its residents, such as the newly built community centre which holds all of our major buildings and major communal services (such as a woodworks, a smithy/stoneworks, a (to-be-finished) hospital, and a kitchen and hunting lodge)! EACH community building is fully available to all members of the Kalayaan Community, regardless of their wurm experience! Here are a couple photos of our town centre: KALAYAAN RESIDENTIAL ZONES --> HOUSES KALAYAAN offers its residents several different sizes of homes in order to decorate as they see fit, several of them are compeltely empty, while some of them have been furnished already by communtiy members who have left; nonetheless, there are homes of all sizes, with varying property lots that can be built, furnished, and maintained (don't worry, our friendly village can help you with that!) EACH house comes fully built, in terms of walls, doors, windows, etc. - and a generally blank backyard (nothing planted, but with fencing!); nothing else is put into the house if it is an unfinished, so that way you can decorate it as you see fit! Some pictures of these include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> HARBOURFRONT & CANAL KALAYAAN is lucky enough to border right onto the "Inner Sea" in Wurm - meaning Kalayaan takes full advantage of this, by maintaining a working Harbour that is available for use by all members of the Kalayaan Community and "Liberty" Alliance members; such features on the harbour include: large shipbuilding areas, receiving (delivery) house for shipments and purchases, waterfront properties (i.e. large homes for shipbuilders), a large canal just north of the village, and all around ample area to moor/dock your vessel! Photos of which, include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> LIGHTHOUSE KALAYAAN is lucky enough to have been able to build a "Lighthouse" (which is essentially a raised crop of land; raised high enough that it is able to be seen from a distance, with hell-horses at the top acting as the light source). While the practical value of it is only for people at sea, it does offer an aesthetic quality for members of the community! Pictures of it include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> KALAYAAN INN KALAYAAN has, on-deed, what is called an "Inn" (though it is currently under renovations; a great project for anyone who likes to build things!) - that is, a building that has four rooms, each with storage bins, forges, beds, ovens, altars, etc., for anyone passing by with their boat, on foot, with a cart, etc., who need a place to stay for the night! This is a great place, that only costs approximately 10iron to rent out, that is accessible to just about anyone, regardless if they are a part of the village or not! Some photos include: KALAYAAN AGRICULTURAL ZONE --> FIELDS AND ENCLOSURE! KALAYAAN has a vast range of fields and stables, used primarily for growing crops, and containing our animals (horses, cows, etc.). Our 6-8 fields, some of which contain at least 100 individual tiles for planting crops on, are the centre of our profit in Kalayaan! Specializing primarily in "Potatoes" and other vegetables, our fields are sure to not disappoint any farmer or potential customer! Not to mention, we also have an enormous enclosure, excellent for natural growth, in terms of trees and wildlife! IN our fields, you will also find our many horses (which we breed and then sell for money), and cows, that are also used for meats, food, etc. PHOTOS of our fields include: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? ESSENTIALLY, we are looking for just about ANYONE that is active, and willing to participate in a community setting! We don't care if you are young in wurm, old; it doesn't really matter what timezone you are from, or anything like that... KALAYAAN accepts everyone... everyone is welcome to join! IF INTERESTED, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT "XANDRYA" (OUR MAYOR), "MITGIRA" (OUR DEPUTY MAYOR), "TESULA" (ONE OF OUR VILLAGE SENIORS) OR "VEX" IN-GAME, IN ORDER TO GET HELP/DIRECTIONS TO KALAYAAN, AND TO ULTIMATELY JOIN US!
  2. 6s Corbita: 35ql, lock and anchor, Applewood Sold 16s Knarr: 40ql, lock & anchor, Willow Both located at Kalayaan village 17x37y, pickup only. PM on forum or in game to Mitgira