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Found 1 result

  1. I've noticed the following while making floorboards and i think there's something glitchy here: I've made a woodscrap pile on the grass with 118x woodscraps (weight 2.00 each maplewood) by accident. Naturally nothing can be dropped here (That place is too littered with items already.) Then i take maplewood planks and nails in inventory and create an unfinished birchwood (!?)floorboard right on top of the pile. The pile now contains 119 items (reported correctly as 'pile of maplewood items', 'A pile of items. It is made from maplewood.' although one of them is displayed as birchwood when opened). I added 5 unfinished planks this way on top of the woodscrap pile, and then I stopped addind because there seemed no end in sight and the point was made. The unfinished birchwood floorboard remained thus named in GUI no matter where i placed it (i moved it to small cart and back to inventory). Then i continued on it with another maplewood plank {both in inventory}, its name didn't change, but when i moved it to the small cart it showed as unfinished maplewood floorboard. The same when i added the last plank of cedar, when it still displayed in inventory birchwood or maplewood, but when i moved it to the small cart it became cedarwood. Stable client, with option 'show item material' enabled.