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Found 4 results

  1. I have noticed some graphic glitches that only appeared after 1.2 1. Looks like most people now have white hair. The beards and facial hair are still normal colour, but all hair on head is white. 2. All animals lost their colour overlay as to blue, green, red, yellow etc. 3. Wooden items decay and shows the decay. When you repair them, the decay goes to 0 damage but the item still displays the decayed graphic. 4. Smoke is teal blue. Spirit templars are blue too. 5. All fish seems to be white, no more purple/blue etc. fish 6. Horses are back to looking plastic and reflecting light in very strange ways. 7. Are oleanders supposed to look only slightly purple instead of nice bright pink? 8. It seems that piles of stuff in mines now break up into single items, you have to pick them up individually. So a heap of ores will just be a heap of single ores, not a pile you can pick up. 9. Dirt is acting strangely sometimes, when you put it in a cart it shows up on the ground in front of you, but you cannot pick it up from the ground as it is in the cart inventory. 10. Very strange shadows on faces of female players, it seems they make black edges and black cheeks, only the eyes nose and mouth sticks out as normal. There may be other glitches, these are not affecting game play so just for information to devs.
  2. so we've recently gotten the ability to plant village recruiting boards, and i'm wondering how exactly they work. my big concern is how do they recruit villagers? do they get a little box asking if they want to join and teleport? if so, which rank do they get when they join? can we change the rank to prevent joining thieves? can i write more with a higher ql sign? i've made one myself, and though it did auto-place in the world, it did not auto-plant, which is nice. if anyone has tested these out, i'd love to know how they work
  3. I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if we had a active streaming web cam on the physical server? I would feel way better.. We could literally watch the LEDs. To expand this more.. We could send in like xmas lights for the servers 42rack, brighten it up a bit. Rosedragon could draw it a picture, the team could tape it up near by.. things like that. Wouldn't it be fun to look up the model and watch the LEDs do post. It would be cute. Edited to sounds less crazy and spell check.
  4. So wogic, If we post a bunch of cute get well cards the ddos will stop and we can play? Sounds like a good idea to me, besides were board anyways lets do something fun:D .