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Found 4 results

  1. So, farming not all good... deed quite dark at night, BUT 1.1 is definatly not all bad. I am loving some of the new additions. The new fences and the flowerpots are great. Here are a couple of things I have created. A graveyard with high iron fences, flowerpots and gravestones. A vinyard with the roundpole fences as trellis for the grapes to grow up, flowerpots, flower beds. Post your links if you want to share your creations, I would love to see other peoples ideas!
  2. Today I decided to extend my house, as the news said the permissions were fixed. I planned with a mallet instead of a hammer by mistake, so I went to remove the plan and was given the message below; [15:28:40] This is currently disabled pending verification on the test server. I tried to destroy the wall with a maul, it went through the timer and even said "The last parts of the wall falls down with a crash." but the planned wall is still there. Many thanks for fixing this latest bug. =)
  3. After being very excited about the new fence types, I decided to tear down some of my old low stone walls and put up the new high iron fences. After replacing the old walls with some of the new fences, which are VERY nice btw, I decided to do some damage tests on them. After one hit with a 65ql large maul with mayor bonus with 36str, I get the following results. High Iron:[09:34:11] QL=83.32228, dam=9.095686 Low stone wall: [09:28:29] QL=59.828575, dam=7.934354 Granted, the low stone had some damage, about 0.5, I find it hard to believe that something that takes more work and resources would be weaker then a low stone wall. That's not even considering the fact that the high iron fence was almost 25ql higher then the low stone wall. Other then the durability issue, they are VERY nice looking, hopefully the durability on them can be tweaked a bit to make it more practical to use.
  4. My computer: two-year-old Macbook Pro CPU: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 RAM: 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB Not a bad machine; it runs all other games with decent settings. Before the 1.1 update, my computer ran Wurm Online fairly well, with moderate graphics settings and something like 20-30 fps. Since the 1.1 update, which was supposedly going to increase performance, my FPS has dropped to about 4. I have lowered all graphics/advanced graphics settings to their minimum, and even disabled VBO support and pbuffer, but this only gave me another 1-2 FPS, which is still unplayable, even putting aside that the world looks beyond hideous. I have already seen the thread about "optimal settings" on an older machine, and even tried the settings recommended there, but that didn't help either, so please don't spam me with links to it. It will NOT help me, thank you. As everyone else I spoke to in-game has had increased performance since the update, and since they were using Windows, I surmise that this is a compatibility glitch with Apple's Java release.