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Found 6 results

  1. I was playing with some alts yesterday and the though hit me that it would be very useful/convenient if there were a little indicator that told you how many actions you have stacked, and what they are. For instance, if you are building a house and you stack two build actions and then a repair, maybe under the action timer two little plank icons and a hammer icon show up and then disappear as the actions complete. The specific icon could be similar or the same as the one used for improving. Any thoughts?
  2. Found horses belonging to Erasmus and Parim. PM me in-game!
  3. Check out my almost finished multi-story mansion! When I try to build the roof, it tells me that I don't have sufficient carpentry to do so. My carpentry is at 44.81. Anyone have any idea when I would be able to build the roof? Edit: spelling Edit: added spoiler
  4. Hey! I have noticed some strange big X markers on newly build multistory building walls, when they are observed from far. Those X's are disappearing when you go to nearer. Its like some sort texture thing.
  5. Hey everyone, Faeran and I have released a Wurm Online 1.0 Special episode. This episode is in addition to the new one that we have planned to release this Saturday. You can find the episode here: Saturday Night Factional Fight Plays Wurm Online - Wurm Online 1.0 Special We hope you enjoy! Griphyth
  6. I'm wondering if a correlation between level of carpentry and number of stories to a building has been found out yet...other than the obvious, "the higher the skill, the more stories you can build." For example, "every 6 levels of carpentry = 1 more story," or something like that. Just wondering.