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Found 1 result

  1. The wars of far away kingdoms have effected the lives of many civilians across the lands. Homes have been destroyed and lives taken, leaving nothing for those who are left behind. Seeking the safety of the hills, small groups of refugees from many different kingdoms seek solace in the Radiant Hills. These people seek to reclaim the freedom and peace they once had before everything was destroyed by the invading armies. They will not be hopeless sheep though, they have vowed to never let another so easily change their lives. They strive to grow stronger with the sword in bow while also creating a community that can self sustain them while staying out of the political strife of the lands. Dreams of having a safe haven are once again close to being realized. The fogs have cleared and the winds have been generous allowing voyage to the distant lands of Xanadu. Our Radiant Pioneers have voyaged from the dangerous lands of Serenity, to the friendly confines of Pristine, to finally end their travels in a beautiful land they’ve named Radiant Valley. Two mountains overlook the valley separated by a by a long slope that leads down into a large fishing pond. The first pioneers have erected their homes along this small pond under the eye of the ever protecting peaks. Ideas for a town center are being drawn up and supplies are being gathered. Together the people of Radiant Valley have a goal and work diligently to see their dreams come alive. Everything seems wonderful in this new valley, but will it remain this calm and peaceful? Do the mountains hide an evil at bay? Who Are We? We are a group of role players that use the local chat command to display our actions and dialogues in character as we go about playing the game of Wurm. We have scheduled role play events that are hosted by a Game Master. We are happy to teach anyone how to role play or answer any questions about the game. We have several personal deeds near each other and we are working on a village center deed. We allow anyone to choose any profession they like and allow players to either choose to live in the village center, create their own deed, or ask to move on one our existing deeds. We are a friendly group and we like help each other with tasks. Most of the players are from US timezones, but we do have several players that are on European zones. What You Need to Do? To join this group, we ask that you accept that we are a role playing group and not troll on others on their choice of play. You don't not have to role play all the time, but you must play in character and support the community. We ask that you join the forum and introduce yourself and also make a character background sheet. We do not have any time requirements but we request that you let us know if you will be leaving for long periods of time. We also use Skype for group text conversations. If you would like to join, PM me in skype under the name: coreyshall or my second in command: apachejacks. In Game Contact: Coren or Anteos Location We are located at G24 on the Xanadu Public Map. Please message us in game for pick up or directions. Professions These are several positions that we have available within our village. You may apply for any position that you wish to fill. If you want to take a position that is already filled just ask. We can not keep you from playing anything that you wish to play. You may choose to fill multiple positions. Village Leads can only be gained by appointment from the Founder's Council. Village Leads Elder: Coren Founders' Council: Coren, Anteos Priest of the Three Gods: Leader of the Peace: Stonecutters' Speaker: Carpenters' Speaker: Laborers' Speaker: Agricultural Speaker: Stable Master: Innkeeper: Coren Brewmaster: Coren Head Merchant: Hunter's Guild Leader: Night Stalker's Guild Leader: Game Professions Bowyer: Armorer: Swordsmith: Tailoring Cloth or Leather : Imogen Shipwright: Anteos, Recen, Lilkitia Farmers: Anteos, Nova Miners: Stonecutters: Carpenters: Anteos, Recen Smiths: Coren, Nova Guardsmen: Hunters: Recen Butchers: Breeders: Likitia Tamers: Healers: Rohanna Cooks: Rohanna Laborers: Daraken Merchant: Likitia Pictures of the Area