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Found 780 results

  1. Wickedwench Looking for an island just for yourself? Want to auction this deed on Xanadu since my irl buddy got active again, so we're moving to another server to start a deed together. Its located at R8, not far from Newspring. If you wanna have a look, just pm me here on the forum and we can arrange a guided tour. The deed contain 2 buildings, one main building with 2 bedrooms, and a nice spot for grinding your cookingskills. The other building is set up for smithing and leatherworking, and the second story is empty. Was planing to use it as storrage, it got a bridge from the outside so you can drive wagons inside. The mailbox is runed for increased size, and got a currier cast [100] on it, so its a fast an good mailbox. It also have a mine, so far Ive decovered following veins: Sandstone (Very good) Rocksalt (Normal) Copper (Good and normal) By the bay its a small farm too, just big enough to get you some food for cooking. There are 8 pens thats 2x1 big, and a bigger pen just outside the house. The big pen got all the tiles enchanted. So far its 5 enchanted grass tiles in the 2x1 pens, more will be added before the auction is over. There is a wagon, and a large cart that comes with the deed. Also 8 bulls, 4 horses (3 of them 5speed), some cows and sheeps. And its plenty of other things like storage (crate racks, many large storage units, foodbins) and other decoration. For more pictures, follow this link: The knarr on the pictures will not come with the deed! All rare decorations, like forges, ovens, wagons, signs and so on will NOT be sold with the deed. All rare items will be replaced with regular items. Picnic backets, merchant and other special uncraftable items will not come with the deed. Starting bid: 20s Minimum increase: 1s Private bids/Buyout: Nonono Sniper protection: 1hour If you got any questions, feel free to ask!
  2. Welcome to Hindleap Horses! Situated in a peaceful forest just west of Summerholt, I breed blood bay, piebald and jet horses. I'm aiming for 5 speed with 'certain spark' and 'strong and healthy'. This gives fast horses which are resistant to disease and live extra-long lives, approximately 9 months in total! I always have the old 4 colours available as well. Hindleap is in G23 as shown above. There is a main road from Summerholt and the turnoff onto the gravel path to Hindleap is signposted. There is access by water from the north and just to the south at Amish Paradise Market where a number of horses bred by myself and others are available. Amish Paradise Market information is available here. The market offers self service and a choice of 4 Hindleap horses, or you're always welcome to come to Hindleap for a personal shopping experience! Delivery to all coastal areas of Xanadu is available, and to other areas on request. Also available: black sheep bred to order blank 80ql horseshoes, 90ql available with a little notice 5 speed unicorns bred to order limited numbers of hell horses champion deer bred to order bison Prices: Old colour horses: 20c Piebald: 20c Blood Bay: 20c Ebony: 30c Skewbald: 50c Black Silver: 50c Appaloosa: 50c Gold Buckskin: 50c Hell Horses: 50c Bison: 50c Black Sheep: 50c Champion Deer: 50c Current stock list: New colours are slowly becoming available! Check my stock list for availability and prices. Message me in game for enquiries!
  3. Emerging from the Epic cluster with a newfound taste for peace, I am looking for one or two players to accompany me in my foray back into Wurm Online. The village is located here on xanadu, and the map can be accessed via this link: Old and new players welcome! As it currently stands, the deed is still in its infancy, but I am of the opinion that this phase of the game is the most fun. PM Blakd ingame.
  4. Greetings Everyone. I am a returning player. Though i wasnt all that experienced before. I have had my own deed before, and i have one again. So i am looking to recruit a some people. All i am looking for is a few somewhat serious players. New or old. Just want you to be active and wanting to play. I dont play to grind. Though i will if i need a certain thing done and have no other way to get it done. When i build and as i develop my deed I want to try and do it realistically. I am going for a fort/frontier village type feel. Want buildings to match and such. Its really early in devolpment. I have a mine, a pen and a few carts. I have one spot set aside for a commonhouse and thats it. So i dont have much to ofer but a place to work and level your skills. Located Southern E15 Deed is currently 26x26 probably going to expand. Player homes can be figured out as it comes up. I wont make you live in a shack. Have a Spirit Templar for protection Mine has Iron, copper, rocksalt so far Updates After that i hope either we have learned to work well together. Or atleast become friends and helped you settle your own deed nearby. Any other question message me here or ingame. (Taog or Alarikgengod) Thank you for reading.
  5. Greetings Everyone. I am a returning player. Though i wasnt all that experienced before. I have had my own deed before, and i have one again. So i am looking to recruit a some people. All i am looking for is a few somewhat serious players. New or old. Just want you to be active and wanting to play. I dont play to grind. Though i will if i need a certain thing done and have no other way to get it done. When i build and as i develop my deed I want to try and do it realistically. I am going for a fort/frontier village type feel. Want buildings to match and such. Its really early in devolpment. I have a mine, a pen and a few carts. I have one spot set aside for a commonhouse and thats it. So i dont have much to ofer but a place to work and level your skills. Located Southern E15 Deed is currently 41x31 Player homes can be figured out as it comes up. I wont make you live in a shack. Have a Spirit Templar for protection Mine has Iron, copper, rocksalt so far After that i hope either we have learned to work well together. Or atleast become friends and helped you settle your own deed nearby. Any other question message me here or ingame. (Taog or Alarikgengod) Thank you for reading.
  6. I would like someone to enchant a mailbox with 90+ power. The deed is on Xanadu around C21 on the game map and it takes less than 5 min from the shore. Please contact me with your price. Thanks in advance!
  7. Xanadu server CRASHED.. looks like a hard crash. Down hard. Just in cast you did not notice yet. Please fix. Thanks :-)
  8. There are two other nice places next to my deed on the island. My two neighbors both quit Wurm. We have a Mountain, with a very nice view here. Some skills like digging, mining would be very useful here. You are far away from the starting points. The next three starting points nearly have the same travel time. West corner is the nearest end of the world. If you not want to found your own deed, you are also welcome to live in one of my houses. I can provide you a free bed and some basic tools. The future plans: Connect the island to the main lands with a bridge Build a Highway on the main lands to the next highway Make more space on the island(Build hanging gardens, Cut down the top of the mountain a bit, to get a shared Farm for trees or other stuff As you see i love terraforming, if you not like a 300 slope dirt wall, the island would be the wrong place for you Any questsions? /t udonne hey
  9. Callao is a deed on the west coast of Xanadu. Its a quiet place, good if you are an independent individual. I am right on the water, making it easy to use as a base of operations. If you are looking for a home, looking for a place away from home on Xanadu, or just want a temporary home to stretch your legs before heading out on your own, look me up. Main in-game characters are Malchimus, Granther and Hansster. Happy Wurming.
  10. I have lost two horses, a foal and a young adult. I think they may have been stolen, as the off deed pen they were in had just one wall missing and the others had minimal damage. They were in a stone perimeter pen with other animals, all of which have been recovered. They were in the perimeter of my deed Hindleap at G23 Xanadu. The missing animals are: Walkingchaser - young adult male. Parents Wilddaisy and Dreamtails. 5 speed, tough, healthy. Hopecker - ado foal male, may have aged to young adult. Parents Madiagold and Sweetpie. 5 speed, sparky, healthy. GMs are unable to help as they were off deed. They're not branded, and are both jets. If anyone has seen them or has them, please let me know!
  11. May affect other servers, but not really noticed it on my brief trips to Indie. Commanding a wagon and for much of the time the thing is pointing in a different direction from that that I'm heading in. Same for carts and boats and also riding horses. Swimming regularly results in scenarios like this: Swimming a short distance at a little over 8kmh. [11:42:39] You leave Nexus Landing. [11:43:13] Your position on the server is not updated. Please move slower. [11:44:22] You enter Cashtal Cabbyl Market. [11:44:28] Your position on the server is now updated. After 34 seconds moving at 8kmh I'm moving too fast for the server? Really? Then of course there's all the waiting for commands to execute or become active. Not forgetting all the doors and fences that swing open when they feel like it and not when you first get to them. From memory it got really bad after highways went live and the animal count went through the roof (got to get all those eyes from somewhere). I presume you guys are looking at this? Please tell me you are? I know it may not be something developers can look at, but even so it's got to be considered more important than some of the (admittedly great) stuff that's been released in recent updates and is planned for future ones?
  12. Welcome to my shop, feel free to browse! All items are discounted and I am accepting offers on everything. Large Chest Weapons Rack Honey Barrels Rune Merchant Wine Barrels Visit this Google Doc for what each rune does, I am selling for 2c/QL. Not sure what the Honey and Wine goes for nowadays so please offer. Wine was made before the big cooking update. Also Selling 776 Beeswax at 45.09QL. May Libila guide you and have a nice day. #bringlibilatofreedom #libilaistheonetruegod #blacklegionliveson
  13. I've spoken with Shmeric and expressed my interest in helping move this project forward as many of you have shown a great desire to help as well. He's agreed to that partnership, so here we are! Shmeric has already laid a chunk of the ground work as far as planning goes and the dropping of many dirts. I'm going to be surveying the area as well, just to make clear the plans in my mind. The way I see it we can split this into three teams, so if you're interested in helping please leave a comment and we'll go from there. The team focal points would be as follows: Dirt placement/allocation: this is pretty obvious as the team would mostly be comprised of players who don't mind dropping dirt in marked locations for building the dirt spires to connect bridge segments. This doesn't mean you have to bring a crap ton of dirt to the project, but if you'd like to that is very much appreciated. We'd also appreciate anyone who is able to pick-up and deliver dirt to the desired drop points. Highway routing: again, pretty obvious--this team would survey the end points of the bridge and design a route to connect the bridge to any main highway in the region, and then build those paths. Please be kind to your neighbors living in the region in which you want to route the highway through; the best policy is asking permission before putting your shovel to the dirt. Bridge construction: if you're interested in helping with the project but don't want to join until the construction bit that is perfectly fine. This team will be responsible for planning the bridge segments, aqcuiring the materials to build those segments, and then, of course, building the bridge! Note: Teams aren't limited to the slots listed below; that's just a placeholder, of sorts. Terraforming Team: Highway Team: Veste (Nefer) Ostentatio Construction Team: Neenee Thorakkanath As far as materials go I'll get a count up here as soon as I can. Please leave a comment if you're interested in joining the efforts, whether that be to join a team or just to donate materials! We want to make sure we credit all those who help out as well. If you have high skills to help out in any of these areas include that info as well! P.S. Participate in the poll above to let us know what type of bridge you want to Newspring! P.S.S. Keep in mind that flat bridges will require more bricks and mortar due to having support pillars. Here's a sample of what the bridges might look like if arched or flat. Both images are of marble because the stone texture was giving me errors in DeedPlanner, so just imagine the white is also grey! Update: A whopping 58% of the voters would like to see an arched bridge for this project (as of right now) so we're going to go ahead and name that type the winner. Each type has its own value, obviously, but arched will also make this project less demanding on resources such as bricks and mortar. Now to determine the material type...
  14. The North East Xanadu Alliance (NEXA) is hosting its first community-wide event on November 10 - 12, 2017, the Summerholt Fall Festival. NEXA is based out of Summerholt on Xanadu, and many events are planned in the area and at the nearby Amish Estates, the NEXA Market and Sanctuary, and Amish Farms. Map of Area: While we will have many people offering imps and other specialty items, the main purpose of the event is to host a number of fun carnival-style events. These games are free and open to all members of the Wurm Online community. The specifics (dates, times, locations) of the games are still in planning and will be released soon. As a preview, we will include: Sailboat circuit races, A horse race (the “Summerholt 5000”), Fishing contests, A horse breeding contest, A pie-making contest, Musical chairs, And everyone’s favorite “Needle in the Haystack”. Bring out your priests! We will also be hosting 24/7 sermons at the NEXA Market and Sanctuary. FAQs: Why another impalong? You can never have enough events in a game like Wurm Online. We realize there have been a lot of impalongs lately, but our close knit family of over 100 deeds prefers to stay close to home while we tend to our sheep, sow our fields, build our castles, and grind our skills. We feel that the next best thing to going to an impalong event is hosting an event ourselves. Wait, is this an impalong? Yes, we will have highly skilled players around doing item improvements for tips. Most materials will be provided, but there may be some instances where some rarer materials will need to be sourced. Is this just a marketing event? No, unlike other impalongs, we could care less if you shop at our amazingly stocked and competitively priced markets. Can we…? How about a...? Will there be a....? Probably, post here or send a message to the Event Coordinator before 1 Nov. Festival Personnel: Event Coordinator: Jackjones, NEXA Host with the Most: Aniceset, NEXA Founder Animal Handler: Olafhairybreeks, NEXA Founder
  15. Hello inclined reader, I've been playing and building my deed for quite some time now, but there's still space to be conquered, structures designed and placed, and some roles to be filled. The deed is carved into the mountainside at the eastern shore of G18, Xanadu, to stretch over 3 levels, with most buildings being at the first one and the third topmost level basically just hosting crops and cattle so far. Find it here on the community map Also, here's a small Image Tour to visually supplement my terribly dry descriptions. Housing I'm offering a tavern to sleep and cook in an adaequately equipped kitchen for people who want a place to crash to get their bearings in the game, either for new or returning players. For the more committed residents, space for building can be made by expanding the deed or utilizing the space of existing structures, a lot of things can still change here. This makes this a good opportunity to get into the game as the deed is well established, but still has room for change and improvement to make your own mark here. Structures Buildings include: Kiln : Located handily next to clay patches is a cozy little timber frame building containing a kiln and tools to work with clay. Forge: A long building containing forges and bulk storage with metals, chests for tools. some forges are a bit cluttered to be honest, but there's definitely enough space for your own needs. There's still space to set up more forges aswell. Tavern: Provides beds for crashing here at day 1 and beyond. A kitchen with 2 ovens, stocked FSBs and tools (upon request) allows you to make dinner yourself; if you cannot be arsed, I have decent Hot Food Cooking (50+) and will gladly fill the taverns larder with your favourite food that will fill up your CCPF. Also has an empty (or nearly empty) floor to get creative with. Brewery: Located in the upper floor of the tavern are the means for both producing and storing booze. Adjacent farm crops are connected to the upper entrance via bridge and contain sugar, potato and corn, which can of coruse be replaced partly to cover for the booze you may want to make. Chapel: A small house for altars of Nahjo, Fo, Paaweelr, and whatever deity you bring along. However, Nahjo is the dominant god as of now and may change to Paaweelr. Workshop/Storage: The flagship building of the deed, or at least it ought to be. Large storage space directly connected to workshop space to reduce logistics. It is mostly empty thus far, which means it has several floors to set up shop in with storage space directly attached. Large crops all around: General crops at the shoreline; corn, potato, and sugar for booze at middle height; corn to feed the cows at the top level, which is used mostly for favor sacrifices. Services I have 3 toons populating the deed, 2 of them being priests (Radrohn and Tulon) of Nahjo and Paaweelr respectively. I can provide Carpentry and Pottery services to high ends, smithing to varying degrees (Though Blacksmithing is the only good one, followed by Jewelry Smithing by quite a gap). For other products like weapons and armor of all kinds, you can also contact local alliance members. The priests can perform their respectively enchants with 60+ channelling, or help you gather wood or metals for your own endeavours. Other assets There's bisons, horses, sheep, cattle and even hell horses spread over their assigned crops. The crops are also littered with bee hives of +80QL, and they are just getting more! (Send help please, they are taking over) If you gain my trust to not run off for good with it, there are also 4 wagons runed to store an extra large crate and 2 runed for extra speed and size (BSBs transporters), aswell as 2 knarrs to go on trips with. Windspears is also connected to the Highway-System to the south, offering routes down to Greymead Who am I even looking for Old, new, returning players, preferrably in the european timezone and versed enough in English (or German) to communicate without headaches for either side. Anyone committed to stay for a reasonable time is welcome, someone to fill out roles that are not quite represented right now would be a plus. Tailors and Weaponsmiths in particular, but also Animal Breeders will find a place without local competition here. I can provide more pictures of structures mentioned here by request, just shoot me a PM here for all inquiries.
  16. Hello there! I'm new to this community and game, and i'm trying to make a name for myself. And as we all know, silvers are key in this game if you want something done by your own hands, at your own likes. So that's why i'm looking for a new long or short term partner who's interested in buying low quality starter items. From dirt, to wood, you name it. There's one problem tho, i cannot deliver; Since - as I said - i'm a noob. Will only be able to deliver to someone near Summerholt, since i'm living in the Amish deed. Hope you'll contact me.
  17. The ShadowFly Alliance is a group of villages and deeds on Freedom, Xanadu. We exist for three reasons: Communication, Support & Trading. While other PvE alliances are purely in-game constructs that exist between almost random villages in the same area, SFA is a server-wide community of active villages looking to enhance their Wurm experience with good company, immediate support and safe trading partners. Apart from our in-game activity in Alliance chat, we offer our own website & forums that includes our very own trading post in which we post trading offers and requests for one another that are certain to receive 100% serious responses from verified members of our community, as well as a dedicated Teamspeak3 server which is optional to use and includes channels for each of our allied villages. While we do not require any activity on forums or ts3 server from any of our members and do not attempt to control the activity of any of our allied parties, we appreciate regular communication with at least the mayors of every deed to make sure they are still active in the game and interested in being a part of our alliance. In difference to many other alliances, we also offer such things as celebrations, tournaments and giveaways. Find out which we have planned for the next 2 years! Currently our alliance is preparing for our 1st annual Deed Design Contest! Find more information here: Take our Alliance Survey! Current Allied Villages (In Order Joined): Archdale (R22) (Mayor: Birdwatcher) Hilltop Town (S21) (Mayor: Haraldost) Vinyamar (S8) (Mayor: Yldrania) The Graceful Degradation Project (L18) (Mayor: Almost) Sweetwater Bay (S15) (Mayor: Kalypsio) Shadow Cove (H11) (Mayor: Eleraan) Fern Tree (R14) (Mayor: Silentsmith) Modreth (Q25) (Mayor: Davih) Falcetto (Q25) (Mayor: Luttuosa) Imladlavan (S8) (Mayor: Mirabloodarc) Cartoria (L26) (Mayor: Capricius) Warland (S8) (Mayor: Warlander) Dagon Fel (D14) (Mayor: Hewhohordesmanypillows) Dragon's Fang (T25) (Mayor: Toma) Pleasantview (R25) (Mayor: Berentel) Isenach (Q25) (Mayor: Vinberg) Honey Bay (R21) (Mayor: Snowtech) Sklinopolis (Q25) (Mayor: Sklinax) Stickhers Freedom (S9) (Mayor: Stickher) Elderstock Castle (Q25) (Mayor: Sorion) Iron Phoenix (F14) (Mayor: Zipzip) Khazad Dum (R8) (Mayor: Xenonpl) Windspears (G18) (Mayor: Flubb) Oceanside Rise (Q14) (Mayor: Goodwin) Aincrad (T23) (Mayor: Milkdrop) Edmonton (L26) (Mayor: Narille) Catscratch Hovel (S24) (Mayor: ) Eden (T8) (Mayor: Qwizat) Black Rock Isle (Q26) (Mayor: Dyf) Redania (S24) (Mayor: Radovid) Kiwiana (R23) (Mayor: Draygon) Thorne Cliff (C20) (Mayor: Bloodscythe) Moonlight's Castle (O8) (Mayor: Alkhadias) Moonlight Haven (O8) (Mayor: Amarenaguy) Sklepy (T18) (Mayor: Pangaron) Vrchy (T18) (Mayor: Zoidberg) Aztarian (H15) (Mayor: Callius) Kanata (J24) (Mayor: Budzilla) Ebony Veil (Q15) (Mayor: Stinky) Midgar (T8) (Mayor: Theia) Blissful Folly (D16) (Mayor: Xallo) Niflheimr (B15) (Mayor: Xarban) Enuntqua (E13) (Mayor: Galeer) Deepwoods (J14) (Mayor: Bastet) Tol Eressea (O8) (Mayor: AJBlack) Zenithia (D19) (Mayor: Quarry) Quarry's Canal (D19) (Mayor: Azusa) Dunlap Hill (D19) (Mayor: Phoenixus) Morgoth (E19) (Mayor: Malcore) Palmyra (D19) (Mayor: Billingsley) Mag Mell (P9) (Mayor: Eoghan) Ironwoods (C20) Karnakia Kittenhold Lavender Hill Lookout Mountain Mag Mell Docks Monastery Mountainview North Shore Nowhere Red Rover Hunting Lodge (C20) Rome Sovengarde Tindrem Tranquility Vyzeni Lakeview Zenithia Market (D19) Click Here To Visit Our Forums! Please PM Me For Our Ts3 IP If You'd Like To Join! How To Join? It's simple: Pass Me A PM Here On The Forums With Your Request To Join! Question? Reply here or simply pass me a private message here on the forums with your question! The R.I.P. List
  18. so, about 20 minutes after it was known the wagoneers are in the traders, Xanadu crashed.. any other servers gone as well ?
  19. "Sharp land" a small, old Deed with a lot of work to do on the Island at i11 The island have a Mountain and two guard towers. Not many angry creatures live here. It is far away from the starting points. Glasshollow, Linton and Vrock Landing are the next. You can reach the middle of west Xanadu from here with a boat. We are member of "The western Union" alliance Newbies are welcome, also etablished people or they who coming back to wurm. I will provide Food, Water and a free Bed. You can also have some tools. Some screenshots that explain why it is named it Sharp Land: Any other questions? contact me ingame "/t Udonne" Thank you for reading.
  20. Leathercity - a new village located at J8, Xanadu. Leathercity is located between mountains and offers a very nice natural scenery. Even though it is a bit secluded, a highway connects it to starter town Linton and many other deeds in alliance. The village itself is new, but the mayor, Tinaskat has been playing for many years. She can offer help with many skills that she has, and knowledge to get new players on their feet. Leathercity will accept both new and established players. Only requirement is that you are friendly Here is a glimpse at our little haven And some more nice pics: If you would like to join us; PM Tinaskat or Soprano ingame / send me a PM on forum
  21. I want to buy gems for a total of 10s. I'm able to pick them up. Please make your offers here or ingame. IGN: Fhinnion Thanks!
  22. The Rag and Bone Market is located at P22 on Xanadu. We have a number of merchants with items - and if you're interested in any of these items but can't make it out to the market in person, you're welcome to contact me here on the forums and request it be mailed (if the item can be mailed). Please remember you pay all shipping costs. Merchants: Horseshoes and Lamps - various QL horseshoes ranging from 50ql to 75ql Horsesfinecarp - various 5 speed horses for sale (you buy the key and unlock the pen your horse is in, ride it home!) Ibexs Plate - various QL of plate goods, ranging from 70ql-75ql Braavos Carpentry - Check out their information here! Merchant Naiteytools
  23. Glasshollow Market - merchant listings - March 20 update: These are the goods currently available for purchase on the merchants at Glasshollow Market. The lists are provided as a service to the vendors and shoppers here. (Lists are expanded when necessary to reveal the text which has been 'renamed' onto the items for sale) Images are current as of March 20: [GALLERY] Dragon Market: Lumpy Market: Central Market: Harbor Market: Fort Glasshold (bulk sales):
  24. Delivery - 50c (to coastal areas) - Pickup available near Summerholt Bulk Items-Filled to order ** In Stock (there may be more available and just not yet updated) (For all bulk: crates not included) Rares Priest Services Vyn, Magnaron, Fo (ask for quote) -*-*- Custom Enchanting Pricing -*-*- Enchanted Tools (items are also on a merchant at NEXA Market & may sell before updated here) Misc Items Leather Goods Services -Travel cost may apply- Enchanted Grass = 50c/tile Genesis Cast = 50c/cast Strongwall = 1s/cast Imping Services Price quote avail upon request BS imping - 80ql and below JS imping - 60ql and below Carp Imping - 80ql and below Fine Carp Imping - 70ql and below Tailor Imping - 70ql and below Leather Imping - 80ql and below (see Spoiler above) Stone Imping - 80ql and below Please post or send a pm on forums or ingame with your request - Aniceset DYES - Please Jump to here for all useful info on ordering