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Found 159 results

  1. New Youtuber Playing Wurm

    Hello guys and girls! I am a beginning a career in the Youtubing business and I appreciate your help in making my channel a success! I post Wurm Let's Plays. So far I have 7 episodes up and more to come! Start here and explore my channel. Comments and constructive critisism is a plus, please help me be a better youtuber! Thank you!
  2. Hello i am midnightroamer from wurm online and have tried to login for the past WEEK and it just says i need to register a account when i already registered many years ago. I have had premium time for awhile now and intill september but have gave up on wurm. I have given up because i can not login, it just gives me the ERROR-CONNECTION DENIED YOU NEED TO REGISTER A ACCOUNT, So i just quit and stop trying. This kinda saddens me that i cant play a game that i just spent like 16 euros. I hope somebody will help me. I just wanna play. By the way my login information is right i checked by using in shop! Thanks if youll can help me!
  3. When is vacation time over?

    Like the title says does anyone know when the paid staff are going to be back in the office working again? (Not saying they don't need a break/vacation but i would like to know when they are back) There are several things i am waiting on like the trader poll results for Xanadu and what the next big thing is going to be that they are going to work on..things that only will be answered when they are back in the office.
  4. First, sorry for my English (not my native), some technical things could be inaccurate. And all following are just hypothetical considerations ... Today I saw this:!brain-simulator/c81c As fun of SpaceEngineers I like, what Marek Rosa is doing and how he is making their work accessible to public. His Brain Simulator is already able to play Bricks and some form of 2D maze game. So why not WURM, with help of some advanced interface. Although we have rules, especially one about MACRO. The more I'm thinking about it, AI playing wurm fits less and less into rule about macroing. It is not form of automation, nor it is cheating for personal gain. As being(entity?) with free will, AI probably will play WURM for some goal, to teach itself, for fun maybe or for some advanced goals later. Who know what kind o goals, "hunt all animals" or "build unlimited amount of 1x1 shacks" or "to be best in puppeteering" or "stay in one place and emote smile to everybody passing around". Nobody know until we will try it, until that AI will try it. In learning Wurm it will make mistakes, as we do, gathering experience piece by piece. Sure, there is even danger some cruel human-player will enslave such AI to made some slave labor. We already have such behavior in game, rich wurmians enslaving that less fortunate ones, nothing new in Wurm. Most probably owner of such AI will have some influence on direction, which way that AI will teach itself. But are we sure AI will obey owners instructions? I think, here is great space for all that WHAT, IF, HOW, WHY .... Can we have civilized debate about it here? Without trolling and PvE vs PvP wars, please
  5. Read the Wikipedia. Yes, the info can be so-so; however, its still invaluable. Ask questions. ALOT. Just pester everybody... especially the CAs. The masochists actually volunteered for this. Never click on a link posted by Glory. EVER. If you have to ask, the answer is, "No, you cant kill it." Steal everything not nailed down, then come back for the nails. Its perfectly fine to spam Enki with pms.
  6. WTS> Supreme toolbelt.

    WTS supreme toolbelt 90ql, <tho the ql doesnt matter past 80. [11:28:42] An ingenious system of pockets, pouches, hooks and holes designed to keep a wide array of common tools. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. A mallet must be used on the toolbelt in order to smooth out a quirk. [11:28:42] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Redbearing'. looking to get 30s. may take offers. thanks.
  7. Very simple, just post something crazy or funny (crazily funny?) that once happened to you in Wurm online. I will start. It was nearly a year ago, it happened a few days after i returned to playing after a few months of inactivity. I had no home and nothing to my name except a couple of yellow potions and a long sword and some spare change. I needed iron one day to build my house so i ended up surveying an enclosed location around the only iron mine that i remember, it wasn't deeded anymore but it did have fences and a gatehouse. I noticed that it was unusually empty than i remember when i checked it the day i returned, there was barely anything except for a forge next to the mine entrance and some empty BSBs. Since the gatehouse was unlocked i just assumed the owners moved on and took liberty going in and mining some iron, i used to forge and made myself some nails, but to my surprise just as i was about to leave, the two 'owners' got back (i heard the gatehouse door open), i took a peek and sure enough, they were there on their wagon and blocking the only exit out.. I freaked out and quickly snuffed the forge and hid every trace that i left, i couldn't let them find me because i was worried about being mistaken for a thief or whatnot, they didn't see me but they started chatting me up on local as i could see them coming my way, so i hid graphically 'inside' the forge but as i was still showing up in graphic a little bit, i used one of my yellow potions and (luckily) turned into a pile of items graphic image, which is significantly smaller in size than the human model. Sure enough they passed right by me several times as they went in and out of the mine, i didn't want to log off because i was worried they may lock the gatehouse and pretty much lock me up inside, so i waited the next time they went inside the mine, and made a run for the exit, basically a pile of items running as fast as it can right out the door. I felt like Snake from Metal Gear for the rest of the day Side note : i found out they were indeed moving out and they were just loading all their left BSBs and they later even took the actual forge that i hid inside, which thankfully i cleared just a few minutes from them loading it up and mosey-ing out town.
  8. The "Wurm" Effect

    As I began to play this game, the following came to mind. The Wurm Effect Def: The unique influence each individual experiences while playing Wurm Online. The full extend of its effects is yet unknown, but appears to be different for each person involved. It is known to contribute to Borderline Disorder, as it creates a multitude of opposite feelings within a brief amount of time, leaving the individual in a state of anger, happiness, frustration or satisfaction. It is also known to help individuals under the influence of conditions such as Depression to improve their mental health, as it creates a friendly environment and offers a purpose to getting up in the morning. The effects of the "Wurm Effect" include addiction to the game, the urge to spend money on it, the feeling of importance when ingame decisions have been made, the strong motivation when beginning a new project, and the ability to push aside negative feelings and to keep going even beyond your usual limits. The individual effects become more clear when the player encounters situations that exceed their normal range of frustration. While few can escape its influence, the severity of the effect experienced depends on each individual player. Kicking in after only days, sometimes weeks, it is a dangerous condition affecting the vast majority of all Wurm Online players. The most dangerous part of the game includes coming back to it each and every time even after having "left for good". Temp: The influence of the effect is currently known to be the strongest on Xanadu, as severe ingame lag, causing frustration, anger, loss of items/animals, or even death, can be experienced on an everyday basis. Well, this is as far as I got. I thought it was stupid to think this at first, but who can deny this? I have been in for a few days, almost everyone I know has "Quit For Good" multiple times and yet is still playing for me to meet, and I have already spent more money on this game within days than I have spent on other games within years of playing, and I do not think it is going to stop. So I ask you, are you suffering from this condition? Because I know that I am.
  9. Post deleted.

    Post deleted. People did not want me to create a thread as a place for people to post ideas about medieval technologies that could be incorporated into the game. Therefore, no point in continuing this thread.
  10. Questions as a new player.

    Hello there! I was looking for a good MMORPG and I came across this title. It looked really weird and it said that that was a sandbox game that you can build towns and all kinds of structures. I decided to find some more info online but there was nothing specific about the game out there so I came to the source- the forums. I scrolled around a bit and I was baffled "WTF is this game?" everithing is just so weird and alien about it- not the typical WoW clone with a building gimmick that I expected. I just can't comprehend what is going on so I decided to register and ask the community (I read the FAQ and I got nothing). So here are few of my qestions: 1. Is this game still alive? (obviously, but are there enough people playing to make it interesting and fun) 2. Is it and RP (role play) MMORPG? 3. How complicated is the game? Can a complete noob like me get into it easy or I will need months to learn the ropes? 4. Is the community good? By that I mean are there alot of trolls, hackers, cheaters and a-holes in general? 5. Is it a pay to win game? 6. How are new players treated? Will I get bashed by others every 5 minutes for my noobish mistakes? 7. Is the game still supported and is the community growing or dying? I am asking because the most current info I got about the game when I searched in google was from 2012-13 and that made me think that the game is going to "die" pretty soon. Those are my questions for now I'm pretty sure there will be more later. I usually never ask questions about a game, I just join in and see for myself but WURM looks like a game I will not understand on my own and I will leave it in like 2 hours. I just don't want to missout on a cool game just because I didn't get it. Thank you! edit: Something else I never got is this a free to play game? I understood it can be downloaded and played but there is some kind of a subscription or something like that. Is it possible to play for free without limitations?
  11. WTB mag priest

    Hey everyone! I'm interested in buying a mag priest, doesn't need to be fancy, ideally: 70+ faith 60+ mining ropemaking/locksmithing/tailoring for favor sac is a bonus Reply here or PM if anyone got one Thanks, Kai
  12. First days in Wurm.

    Hi, My wife and I recently spent our first week in wurm, and I went ahead and wrote a comic about our experience. I intend to write many more and post them to this thread. Thanks for reading! The next installment: A bit blurry, I apologize. Third installation: Homestead These things happen Fourth Installment: These treacherous peaks You must strike a delicate balance between flat land, and being near water. This is not something I excel at. Fifth Installment: Is it ever NOT night? Funny how the sun becomes antisocial the moment you need something outside of camp. Side note: based on true events. Well, actually... the majority of this stuff is. Hence the name and all. Sixth Installment
  13. Hello fellow Wurm players! I decided to return to Wurm after a long break and I just now tried to recover the password of my Wurm character called ''djassist'' (My second account). Apparently there is no character called ''djassist'' and I'm 100% certain this was his name. This happened to my main character aswell two years ago; it was removed and GM's couldn't even find a single trace of him, so I had to start over all again . My secondary account djassist was indeed premium and thus shouldn't be removed, so I'm wondering; what happened? EDIT: The name is even saved in my login screen together with my two other characters.
  14. The blood shines bright on the mountain tonight Not a footprint to be tracked A kingdom of isolation Where all dirttiles are packed. The wind is howling like they got in tonight. Could not keep them out, heaven knows I’ve tried Don’t let them in, don’t let them see Be the good guard you always have to be Conceal, don’t reveal, don’t let them know Well, now they know don't let go, don't let go Can’t hold them back anymore don't let go, don't let go You can stay just slam the door I don’t care I just have to pray. Let the fight go on. They can never get in my way. It’s funny how some distance makes them all seem small and even though fear controls me, they can't get to me at all It’s time to see what we can do To test the walls before they break through No right, no wrong, no rules they see we're free don't let go, don't let go hold onto to deeds of mine don't let go, don't let go You’ll never see us cry Here we stand and here we stay Let the fight go on. our power flurries through the air into their ground Our priests are spiraling frozen fractals all around And when we catch them in our icey blasts We will push them back we'll fight until the last. don't let go, don't let go. we'll rise and they fall down. don't let go, don't let go. They will be gone from now. Here we stand now and every day Let the fight go on We will be staying safe anyway. I was bored and it had to be done
  15. Looking for a Village to join? Firwood Coast wants you! Location We are located at the upper right hand corner of grid square S25 Map with location here: Features At least 2 Iron Veins nearby Large tar pit nearby Clay on deed Plenty of room to build and of course tons of Fir Trees! 'Before' Pictures of Location: Shows you around a little bit (Pictures were taken on day 2/3 after release) Join Now! To join the village you must: Play Wurm at least once a week and Follow rules/Be Respectful to other villagers If your interested leave a comment or PM with your: Username: Two Favorite skills: Hope to be Wurming with you soon!
  16. Hello Fellow Wurmians! On June 3rd Xanadu will be open to new players. I will be making an Alt to set up a deed as shown on the map below and I want to Invite anyone and everyone to join up with me and a few other villiagers on our journey in Xanadu! Xanadu Map With Deed * See New Post Below Blue= Most obvious places for Future Canals Red=The deed I will set up on day one, June 3rd. Yellow=A second deed I will create later after Canal 1,2 and 3 are complete (By us or other players). DEED RULES 1.Everyone will be allowed to build where they would like in Deed 1 with a limit of 4X2 Area for Each Household (Ex: 2x2 house with 2x2 garden, *No height limit) Limit is only to save room for future residents and roads. 2.Obvious rules such as no griefing or stealing 3.Each villiager will need to have two different Jobs/Roles to create some trade (Ex: Miner & Blacksmith) *Skills don't neccessarily have to compliment each other but its a plus! 4.Do your best to work with other villiagers, No Loners here lets all be friends! : D JOIN US! Ready to Join? Application is not required but I would love some Information, Just Fill out the template below and post it here or PM it to me. All templates will be accepted! Template: Username: New Player?: Day you expect to go to Xanadu: 2 Different Jobs/Roles you will provide villiage: Here is mine for Example Username: Kushmode New Player?: Somewhat, Started around the beginning of 2014 Day you expect to go to Xanadu:June 3rd 2 Different Jobs/Roles you will provide villiage:Besides Mayor, Mining and Masonry Side Note Once Xanadu is connected to the other servers (Should be one week after release, June 10th) I will sail my current Character and some villiagers to Xanadu with my Cog to the Deed, so If anyone needs a ride to the deed from there current server I will see what I can do! Just send me a pm about this and let me know. I will be sailing from Indy. I will post exact coordinates once the deed is created Also You can PM me any Questions or post em here! Hope to hear from you!
  17. Twitter feed for Xanadu?

    Anyone know what the twitter feed for xanadu is?
  18. WurmTrailer2014

    Looks like they have a new trailer posted on the Wurm YouTube page looks nice.. [spoiler]
  19. Suggestion

    I thinked about to create RUM in game. Like if you drink a lot of RUM you will be drunk and that raise up your's nutrion level for 50-60 % and when you are drunk your speed is 30 % slower To create rum you need : 1-2 kg of SUGAR ( sugar can to be maked by sugar canes { Suggestion }) One pottery flask full of water And when you prepare that you store that into wine barrel and wait 24 RL hours to can to drink that RUM or if you drink unfinished RUM you can to be Poisoned and you can to cure that with healing cover {Suggestion} Spices like beber can to be added. "Salt - salt reduces the decay by half." Wurmpedia Beber - raise ql of meal { Suggestion } Beber can to be farmed ONLY PvP ( on small islands near Big islands ) like Spider island {Serenty} Beber onto Freedom Isles can to grow everywhere ! Becouse that in PvP worlds will beber be expensive not like onto Freedom ilses where will be cheap. Diamonds { SUGGESTION } To reduce diomond giving from gods when pray ! Becouse in RL diamond's is most expensive thing onto earth Here every 2 premium user have diamond's ! Thanks for readning ! ( Sorry for mistakes I dont know good to write English )
  20. Wurms etiquette

    Wurm has it's rules. We should keep to them to prevent hurting the others. These precious rules are also called: Wurms etiquette. To help you understand how we live in the world of Wurm we wrote them down. 1. Thy shall not jump! Wurmians are civilised people. That's why we shall never ever jump. This is considered very rude. There is a myth about jumping that says that it was so long ago a Wurmian jumped that we forgot how to. 2. Thy shall take off your cap in the presence of other Wurmians who are equal to you. Of course there are some exceptions. Like when fighting monsters. Easy to remember as bears are not companions, they are meat. 3. Thy shall not confuse the guards! Do not say anything else to the guards than: "help!" or "guards!". Guards are very low educated. Only the dumbest of dumbest npc's could become guards. Do not let guards feel dumb! Call them for what they are trained for. If a guard does not respond to your call, don't worry, you just hurt his feelings or damaged his brain. 4. Thy shall not sexually harass anyone in Wurm. If you feel horny and you are such a sad person that you think the only way to get what you want is through Wurm, go get yourself the 'secret' service of the merchants. They want to feel sexy for once too. 5. Thy shall not insult anyone in Wurm. Insult a guard instead! They won't understand anyway and you might damage their brain even more. That was what you wanted to do in the first place right? Damaging brains. But always remember rule No. 3 of the Wurm etiquette, which leaves no valid reason for insulting ANYTHING. 6. Thy shall be a gentleman! One with premium membership and way more awesome than others! Just kidding. Stay modest, polite and classy. 7. Thy shall respect noobs. You can think of reasons and ways too do it yourself. Trying to make jokes is hard you know! 8. Thy shall always logout next to a danger zone. This is not hard to do, it just happens. 9. Thy shall respect all gods! Plant flowers, like hot men like Magranon, fish and follow rainbows to hell, where you pinch people with pointy spears and steal their belongings! 10. Thy shall expand the Wurm etiquette and share it with your neighbours. Get it NEIGHbours. Like horses? No? Bad joke...
  21. Why was the forums down?

    Okay since we have not gotten any news and i was not in-game long enough to have seen any messages broadcast if there were any so i have to ask... Why were the forums down last night?
  22. PvP Discussion

    Hello, I know this is yet another thread about the same old fighting system however I am trying to shed some new light to the problem. I will not make any concrete suggestion yet since I am waiting for yours first. Here are a few problems that PvP has and need to be adressed. I formed these idea mostly from this thread and my own experience in attempting to PvP. 1. I think the most fundamental problem with getting new people in PvP are the high prerequisites before entering the battefield, You basically have to do everything except PvP to prepare for it. 2. The combat mechanics are not rewarding by themselves, it depends too much on stats and the knowledge on how to juggle the system. 3. Wurm is a Medieval Fantasy world, yet PvP tactics have no solid corespondence with the real World, instead gatehopping/champtroll. 4. Battle Outcomes can be very predictable, Why fight if you know you are going to lose or achive nothing if you sacrifice youself. Wurm has an Intense PvP experience. You enter the fight with everything to lose and you can't simply respawn after you are defeated. Fighting is only the end result of a bigger system that involves resource gathering, crafting, politics and planning. This is in my opinion one of the strongest points that make Wurm different from other games and it should be exploited. So do you think these points are accurate? Is Wurm PvP forever doomed to be unsuccessfull due to its sandbox nature or things can change?
  23. Supreme Huge Axe with My story

    In the beginning i was nothing. a new player with nothing and knowing nothing. Started journey of Wurm on Release. Went to Pristine and back to Relase. Joining Date: [03:55:01] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 4 of the starfall of Diamonds, 1038. That's 69 days, 3 hours and 20 minutes ago. Gametime : [03:55:01] You have played 12 days, 20 hours and 58 minutes. Now u thinking why is Evil showing us all this and not showing the awesome Axe? I tell u this tale as i accomplished a lot in such a short time and so can you, i just sold some stuff like; Rare Chain Coif - all know that as i made 3 auction for it Rare Steel Helm - Made by the mighty Dark and he gave it to me as it was mine (Respect for the guy and his honesty ) Rare Pickaxe - Made only 1 pickaxe that day and got a Rare Rare Butchering Knife - Started weaponsmithing and got 1 from 31 i made Rare Gromming Brush : Got from a friend and sold it Rare Gauntlet: Bought and sold to a friend Rare Leather shoe : Bought and sold to friend Tartarus sale : My first deed, sold to a friend - is in very good hands now I still live in a 2x2 house near Release central Market-- [04:53:01] This is within the structure of Picnic spot. My fighting skill: [04:51:35] Fighting increased by 0.266 to 14.648 Personally i just wanna smith and help the new players : After all this i was thinking i have came a long way Surprise, Surprise As i was making a 5 axes yesterday i got something that might be the only one on Release and Pristine [02:50:11] A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is very warm. The huge axe needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. [02:50:11] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Evi.prince'. [04:23:01] It is enchanted with Animal's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards animals. My first Supreme Auction begins now: Your chance to Get the Only(maybe) Supreme Huge Axe on New Servers(Release and Pristine) Starting Bid: 30 Silver Increase : 1 silver Buyout : 99 Silver (Lets see if someone can ) Will not accept private Bid, only private buyout. Thought of day : Drake is common, Supreme Axe is not - Evilprince Thanks for your time and happy wurming all
  24. Comic Style

    Hey guys if you're reading this with anticipation on an art piece, I apologize in not delivering. I'm posting this as a request to any wurmians who consider themselves decent artists who would like to pair with me in writing a Wurm themed comic. I recently started playing with the Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet so I'm far from being comfortable enough to do the drawing and writing myself, however I know several of you are capable of producing very enjoyable art pieces. Anyhow, if there is an artist out there (or more than one) who is interested in this idea of a Wurm comic, please let me know. PM me or comment here with some of your previous drawing work (if you have any to show) and we'll go from there. I look forward to your reponses!
  25. 1. Was thinking what if someone put a wave simulator at edge of the ocean next to land like small waves crashing just to test if it would work nothing to fancy untill someone in that department was satisfied it would work also implement the sound of waves crashing on beach. 2. If the wave idea worked the second step it would be cool to have a storm factor implemented into the games graphics nothing over the top at first just get a feel for it. Like gale winds that will make ur boat go other way and also a skill gain from weathering the storm. Other player can avoid the storm if need be by the dark clouds that surround the area it is at. As well as weather on land like the worst living on the coast and the lest inland. Also weather damaged houses and buildings like lower skilled players who made a 10ql house would face a storm of 60ql and after storm a house wall would be damaged. And you would repair it. The stronger the storm the higher chance that a wall will be ripped off leading lower skilled players the opportunity to rebuild parts of there house for skill gain. Needless to say the storm would keep you from falling asleep while waiting to make 1k of something lol as well as would be pretty i have my graphics on as high as you can go and its already pretty i think you guys can incorporate this into the game. 3. Fighting style is it possible to make a real time system like you click your mouse and it makes you swing your sword. and you right click and it makes you block ive played new games that have this feature and it has same chance like Wurm has of hitting or missing depends on skill. But it is a bit more fun to actually control whenever your character swings his/her sword and blocks. Just throwing that out there. 4. With the fighting idea on number 3. I will ask is it possible to make fishing look more real? Like when you click to fish show you throwing the line out and it landing into the water with splash animation and actual fish jumping out of water literally not all the action in a text format. 5. add new species to game like whales for meat or tame for the Animals protection lovers, as well as cougars in trees,Mountain Goats, Ect new animals that fit into there said environment. Also animals that fly and you can tame like avatar lol hey nowadays it is possible. Please Wurm workers and Rolf please continue to impress our imagination don't be afraid to explore the boundaries of a video game surpass the limitations of said technology make this game into a masterpiece that the world will come to love like our small community does now. Please I ask that you consider theses small ideas and im sure there is more to come in the future thank you Wurm and Wurm team