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Found 160 results

  1. As the title explains it, it may not be 100% accurate.
  2. Hello Everyone, o/ I'm quite a new player have been staying in the same area for quite some time and i'm going out to see the Freedom Isles soon i will be on every server for a couple of days and would like some suggestions on what to go see, from must see monuments and buildings to good hunting spots please post Name and ingame map locations in comments. Thanks alot;)
  3. I'm going to make a suggestion because I feel some potential is being missed out on here. I know there are small features being added to WU, but It could be so much more. You created a section for MOD requests, but to be honest the MOD community hasn't really been supported. Changes have been made to the core game that often break many of the mods. So no one really has any incentive for creating these mods or even monitoring that thread. I'm pretty sure the dev's know which mods are being used the most just based on the shear volume of replies each one gets. Ive already seen a serious decline in mods over the last few months, and sales have dropped off on the purchase of the client. If I was running a business focused on success I would take those mods and bake them into the future releases so they continue to get supported with each release. I'm sure the authors would be more than happy to have their mods actually added to the core game and all you'd have to do is create the ability to turn them on an off in the configuration screen. 2nd. Id take take a serious look at the MOD requests being suggested. Possibility picking a few of them each month and running a poll. "What would you like to see added in the future" and then post a road-map based on the responses of the polls. You see the success of some of these big WU servers and I see new servers popping up all the time in the server browser. Its obvious based on the games being developed on Steam in the greenlight program have trended towards survival, run your own server. I don't even need to name them off. Eventually this trend is going to be dead. Something new will take its place, as gaming often changes over time. So it might be worth CC WU dev's sitting down and talking this over. Ive been gaming since the days of MUDs and Ive run several titles as a graphic designer & game mechanic engineer, and even an admin throughout the years. I think I know a little about the subject, and the success of involving the community can have. I didn't post this as an argument or a trolling thread. Just some friendly suggestions from one fan / developer to another. Cheers.
  4. Hyper-Core Networks Wurm Unlimited Server Lashar is hosted on a Powerfull Dedicated Server 8x Xeon Processor 72gigs ram sitting on a terabit connection in Lenoir, North Carolina, USA Our map is Custom Hand Made with Jenn Kellon Mol Rehan and Horde of the Summoned Spawns with freedom left out allowing ppl to form pmk using freedom isles template old Wurm Online players can request to have their skills ported over to our server with proof of skills send a picture of your skills from ingame to here is a link to our map link to live epic pvp map link to live freedom map please vist our website if you wish to have the in game image map setup
  5. Hi i have been trying for hours to get my server to start but all it does is say " could not start server " and then doesnt do anything else. this is screen shot of the server.
  6. In Minecraft we can have cross chat Minecraft server <-> Discord server. Something like that would be cool for wurm unlimited Heres the Bukkit Discord Bot So, Wurm servers can have a official Discord chat server with cross chat with people playing and people can talk even if they not playing, using the mobile app web browser ou qualquer coisa que rode o Discord. Is it possible to do?
  7. Nogumps are powerful.. I understand that.. But why are they so fast and suffer 0 movement penalties on different terrain? How do you expect new players to enjoy the game if they have no way to escape such a creature who moves so fast and has no penalties? Also the Nogump has such a high aggro range and movement that it will tend to spawn camp said new players. Are there any changes planned to the Nogump?
  8. Wanted to share our servers custom map see what you guys think link to live map is
  9. Steam Achievements when Make it happen plox, must get that 100%
  10. There is a item called Gift box that was deactivated in the game. Supposed to be able to right click an item with woodscraps to turn it into a gift box but the feature was removed from online. Anyone can do a Quick Ago's Launcher Mod to activated these b4 the holidays
  11. Now recently we all know the market has been down. So the price of weapons, tools and armour have decresaed. Now the new players coming in have a very less scope to earn ingame and they are getting things improved for good prices. Like now 70ql tools and weapons go for some copper coins but the COD is still the same. Now a new player can get a 70ql tool for 50c but the cod cost is killing them. Also when they send something to improve to a smith, they have to pay 2 way cod. And by god if they buy a chain set or plateset, the amount is increased equal to the armour itself. One more problems with mail is that you cant send item from chaos to other players. Thus 1 person has to pay double cod. From main to PVE alt to buyer or buyer has to have a alt ready. All these issues will be solved and more trade will flourish if we simply reduce those cod costs. It is totally harmless and will boost players to buy/ sell and improve items more. Thanks ppls
  12. Here's my first decently-well generated map, at 4096x4096. Westfall, as I call it, is a map that has land types for all people. There are grand steppes, lots of forested areas, and even lots of little islands all around for those who like their small plot of land. There's also a grand mountain towards the middle/eastern part of the map, giving those who want the chance to explore or settle on a giant mountain the opportunity to. The biome placements are done "realistically". The tundras are at high altitudes, and the steppes are on relatively easy to traverse landmasses. Trees were spawned in places that made sense, such as firs high up in the hills, and willows down near marshy waters. Ore placement is a bit different than most maps, but iron is still the most dominant. Tin, Copper, Zinc, etc are all about .5% chance, with Gold and Silver being at .1%. There is also a .05% chance to find Glimmersteel or Adamantine veins, which could create strategic outposts in a PvP scenario. If you want to use this map on your server, please let me know. I'd be excited to see it! Download: - maps etc/WurmMaps/Westfall.rar (I'll update OP with some in-game pictures soon!)
  13. Hey there fellow Wurmians! I am currently wurking on a Wurm Online Blog, I'm writing as my game character 'Aequalis'. I would really love to see some more readers and get some feedback on my writing! Here's the link >> Thanks!
  14. Hey all! I'm back to playing Wurm after about a year break. This time I decided I want to write a blog about my players experiences in Wurm. So if anyone is interested in reading a wurm blog while your wurking I would love to get some readers and some feedback! Thanks in advanced and I hope you enjoy!
  15. Hey everyone, I've been around playing Wurm Online since around the time Freedom released, though I haven't participated in forum discussion much, haha. I keep finding myself coming back to play every few months and with the release of Wurm Unlimited and my recent foray into streaming, I decided to combine the two! I'll also be hosting a server relatively soon, though I don't know how well it'll work while I stream... ISPs here kinda suck. >.> What this means for everyone here is that if you so desire, you can come hang out with other Wurm lovers and watch me play (or even join in!), haha. I love having people show up and provide advice, conversation and whatever else seems fun or interesting at the time. All info regarding my stream is on the Twitch channel. If you would like any additional information you don't see there, please let me know! Stream: Thanks everyone and have a great day! Llurendt (LtGreeneyes) Schedule: Every Friday from 7pm on. Occasionally on other days as work, school and family allows.
  16. If you're on the fence, maybe because of the price, then check out the deals here... I use the site to watch the games I want to buy and to get better prices and thought I'd share to help the community grow! Come join in the fun! If this in any way breaks the rules (and I don't think it does) PLEASE let me know and I'll remove it. Thanks! --Lurendt
  17. Repost:
  18. Hey folks, So I've made a Review on Wurm Unlimited (Using my experience in the Wurm World) (seen here if you wish to check it out) Please let me know what you think about the review, I'd have loved to put more but I feel it's already to big. And I was wondering if anyone else has made any (Truth-full!) ones, I'm not looking for one's that straight-out just praise wurm (let's be honest, It's not perfect), but give honest experiences (Good and the Bad) If any of you have, Please share as I would like to see them so we can get WU realistic-views from people that have played.
  19. Hello fellow wurmians! Wurm unlimited just came out one day ago and as a total programming noob I already have some trouble regarding being a GM and altering the server so it suits me better. As an example: - I made a map, using Budda's WGenerator. However I have absolutely no clue on how to use the map. That means: making it so that I can use the map in my server and play on it. I looked for a maps folder in the wurm folder located in steamapps > common > wurm unlimited dedicated server, but it wasn't there. Only the creative map and the adventure map. I put the map I made inside the dedicated server folder just to check and see if I could choose that map on the dedicated server tool but (like I actually expected) it didn't work. Also I could not find a tutorial on how to use maps and if I did I didn't understand a single ###### from it because I suck at programming. So to make having and altering a server easier for everyone (mostly the noobs out there): The basic server GM package This includes: - A text file with recommended tools that you can download that already exist. So like Budda's WGenerator and WesncIsme's Character Importer. - A text file with basic info on running a server and info on the dedicated server tool that you got when you got wurm unlimited. - A map importer: For putting your custom maps into the server and managing your maps. - A GM tool for spawning items and using commands: (anyone who remembers invedit from minecraft? Sort of like that) With this you can: spawn in items, change the weather, spawn creatures, set your skills, remove follower or priest restrictions etc. If anyone knows anything else, please tell me. For everyone who says: Just learn how to use the computer! I get that but not everyone has time to learn how to code and some people read instructions (that include coding and not: put it in this folder located here and run it - instructions) as if it were chinese (when they are not chinese). This is for noobs and the most nooby noobs of all, like me d: Thanks for reading, if something already exists, like the map importer, comment it.
  20. So I've noticed that the settings for running your own server are pretty juiced up - so what changes, if any, have you made? I'm finding crops to be growing ridiculously fast - even at 0.1 they're growing faster than I care for them to. What settings are you using (crops, skill gain, silver, etc.?)
  21. Hello everyone, I have updated this thread to be more accurate and meaningful based on previous edits and replies and more of my own research and testing. First, I recommend you uninstall your previous version of Java 8 and replace it with the latest version. At the time of writing, it was JRE 1.8.0_60 also known as Java 8 Runtime Environment. There are also some websites out there claiming that the server version of Java 8 provides an increase in performance for certain types of mathematical calculations. However, the server version of Java 8 does not include 'javaws.exe' that is needed to run Wurm Online. I have no idea if overwriting the JRE 1.8.0_60 directory contents with JDK 1.8.0_60 results in any performance improvement or not. However, I did it just for kicks and it didn't prevent me from running the game. For most users, I just recommend getting the new JRE. Second, I want to share my updated Wurm game settings also known as the gamesettings.txt file you find in your game directory. On my PC, it's located at D:\Program Files\Wurm Online\configs\default\gamesettings.txt but your configuration file may be in a different location (e.g., on the C drive instead). What you do is backup your current gamesettings.txt using a different filename and then copy my settings into your gamesettings.txt. If something goes wrong just revert back to your old gamesettings.txt or further tweak the settings using the Wurm Client for your machine. The configuration I posted below has lower settings for use with multiple clients as most people have alts. If you're just running a single client you can increase your settings as long as you can maintain a decent amount of FPS in-game. If you have created separate configuration profiles, your gamesettings.txt will appear under D:\Program Files\Wurm Online\configs\ConfigName where the ConfigName is the name of the configuration you used for a particular in-game character. MULTIPLE CLIENT CONFIGURATION (Major Update: 2015-10-18 at 9:48PM) #Wurm Online client properties #Sun Oct 18 21:26:37 EDT 2015 show_body_in_inventory=false enable_contribution_culling=false sound_cache_enabled=true viewport_bob=true hide_menu_examine=false color_white=1.0,1.0,1.0 mark_text_read=true no_terrain_render=false has_read_eula=true color_error=1.0,0.3,0.3 use_color_picking=true render_glow=false trees=3 vbo_enabled=2 reflections=1 animation_playback_self=0 showKChat=true debug_mode=false color_teal=0.0,0.5,0.5 irc_log_rotation=2 impColumn=true sound_al_gain=0 release_context=false skydetail=0 auto_mipmaps_enabled=2 use_fast_clock_work_around=true no_world_render=false skillgain_no_alignment=false release_context_on_jogl_sleep=false skillgain_no_favor=true loadInventoryStartup=true settings_version=3 use_anisotropic_filtering=4 terrain_bump=false custim_timer_source=1 gui_skin=1 color_black=0.0,0.0,0.0 tiledecorations=0 season_override=0 color_cyan=0.0,1.0,1.0 font_antialias=2 use_alpha_particles=true contribution_culling=150 fog_coord_src=0 sound_play_PMAlert=true submit_client_data=1 game_client_thread_priority=2 structure_render_distance=3 sound_engine=2 customTimer5=-1|-1 customTimer4=-1|-1 customTimer3=-1|-1 customTimer2=-1|-1 customTimer1=-1|-1 font_italian=11 other_log_rotation=2 enable_debugs=false log_extra_errors=false screenshot_file_format=0 color_grey=0.5,0.5,0.5 sound_play_ambients=true auto_run_source=0 depth_clamp_enabled=2 terrain_res=2 stipple_enabled=true material_as_suffix=true use_nano_timer=false hide_menu_no_target=false collada_animations=3 cloud_shadows=false player_texture_size=2 test_attach_equipment=false fast_yield=false event_log_rotation=2 color_purple=0.5,0.0,0.5 test_mode=0 color_fuchsia=1.0,0.0,1.0 fps_limit_enabled=true color_lime=0.0,1.0,0.0 sound_play_combat=true sound_play_emotes=true font_header=28 update_optional=true color_navy_blue=0.23,0.39,1.0 render_distant_terrain=true max_texture_size=1 censor_chat=false high_res_binoculars=true use_phobia_models=false thirdPerson=false color_maroon=0.5,0.0,0.0 offscreen_texture_size=2 sound_play_buzz=true sound_buzzlevel=2 outline_picking=true gpu_skinning=true water_detail=2 compressed_textures_S3TC=true enable_lod=true use_antialiasing=1 display_settings=false\:true\:0\:1920\:1080\:32\:-1\:false\:false model_loader_thread_priority=1 sound_music_level=5 use_non_alpha_particles=true shift_drag_default=10 reflection_texture_size=0 tile_transitions=true occlusion_queries_enabled=2 gui_opacity=3 compressed_textures=false hide_inactive_friends=true exec_source=0 item_creature_render_distance=4 font_static=15 use_tree_models=true treelist_outline=true sound_doppler_enabled=false use_weather_particles=true key_bindings_source=0 font_monospaced=11 engine_multithreaded=2 save_skills_on_quit=true color_yellow=1.0,1.0,0.0 enable_vsync=true color_royal_blue=0.23,0.39,1.0 disable_select_all_shortcut=false enable_shift_drag=true glsl_debug_loading=false use_fbo_color_picking=false mega_texture_size=3 color_orange=1.0,0.5,0.0 remember_password=true color_silver=0.75,0.75,0.75 togglePushToTalk=true local_list_in_event=true font_default=15 log_gl_errors=false lod=1 resident_models=false color_system=0.5,1.0,0.5 multidraw_enabled=2 send_extra_tile_data=false mount_rotation=true color_red=1.0,0.0,0.0 use_nagles_algorithm=false sound_play_work=true skillgain_minimum=3 fps_limit=60 silent_friends_update=false cavedetail=1 sound_play_weather=true keyboard_layout=0 no_brightness=false inverse_mouse=false fbo_enabled=1 hint_texture_scaling=1 sound_play_music=false show_old_quickbar=false fps_limit_background=30 hide_menu_spam_mode=true render_sun_glare=false non_power_of_two=2 sound_play_door=true font_bold=11 sound_footstepslevel=10 model_loading_threads=1 hide_menu_stop=false color_green=0.08,1.0,0.08 irc_notif=0 sound_play_footsteps=true glsl_enabled=2 shadow_level=0 fov_horizontal=90 setting_timestamps=true Here are some features you may wish to tweak further: - model_loading_threads=1 (use a lower setting for multiple clients; 1 for dual core CPU; 2 for quad core CPU; higher for six or eight core CPUs) - etc.... Finally, I'm not providing any guarantees that this configuration will actually prevent or reduce stutters in the game when for example, visitng places like Glasshollow in Xanadau. However, at the very least I hope it helps some of the people out there who are struggling to find a decent mix of settings to make the game run smooth for them without having to go through all the configuration settings one by one. If users could report their findings in this thread, that would be helpful for everyone. Did it improve your game performance (e.g., FPS)? Did it improve the speed of loading objects (i.e., object popping in/out of view when being loaded)? Did it improve stuttering (e.g., going to Glasshollow and ending up with major stuttering afterwards
  22. Don't mean to be too much of a needy, Wurm-crazed man, but when is the exact release date? DLgamer and WO say the 21st, but at 11:31 PM on 10/20/2015 (Central America), the Steam page says "Available: October 21 This game will unlock in approximately 12 hours". Knowing Steam, this is probably an estimation. Do I really have to wait until noon tomorrow? It'll be "tomorrow" in 29 minutes. </3
  23. Welcome to Wurmian Adventures! Twitch: YouTube: Don't expect anything close to perfection. It's very raw and uncut. When I post the edited versions of the videos on YouTube I make the originals unlisted with a comment linking to the new edited version. I don't always have the time to edit right away. I'm far from being a pro at this but I don't think there's anything wrong with adding more content to the mix. We could probably use some more streamers/youtubers for Wurm Online. Keep in mind, I don't have a set date/time for streaming. I just do it whenever I feel like it so it's completely random. However, that's why I post the videos on YouTube. Have fun :-)
  24. Allow players to fully customizes the new WU free play mode. I am not sure if that will be allowed or not. Like how people made many maps out of WOW like Dota, Troll v Elf. Similarly allow us to make mini games from Wurm resource. Really looking forward to this developing aspect of the game.
  25. Hey guys, Ive made my deed progress video Part 2! Ive been watching this video a couple of times and i notice i use alot of words or senteces like as you can see etc.. Im still trying to get used to the talking towards a screen without getting a word back. Im not sure if the sound is okay this time? I hope i can get feedback on that..(I also noticed the outro needs to be changed but i cant just reupload a video since my internet takes 3/4 hours to get it on youtube at this moment.) > Thanks Labmonkey