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Found 79 results

  1. Hey all! As you may have already heard this week, we dropped some very big news about the future of Wurm. On October 21st, we'll be releasing Wurm Unlimited, a standalone version of the game that will allow you to play in a singleplayer world and host your own servers. The objective with Unlimited is to bring Wurm to a wider audience. By releasing it on Steam and with the help of a professional publisher, it'll bring Wurm to lots of of new people, who will be able to enjoy Wurm in a new and more accessible way. The Adventure mode, for instance, will allow players to explore a single-player sandbox world as a totally new experience - that we hope to be more accessible to more people. Scripted game worlds are fantastic ways to introduce complicated games more gradually, allowing Unlimited to help reduce the steepness of Wurm's learning curve. As for the future of the existing Online servers, they're very much here to stay! The function of the servers will change, from being the game to simply being officially hosted Wurm servers - complementing the many servers we expect Unlimited users to host themselves. We will not shut down any Online servers unless unless they're virtually dead for a long period of time, so there's nothing for existing players to worry about; especially since the increased revenue from Unlimited will hopefully allow us to put more towards developing the game on a whole (we'll roll out updates to both Unlimited and Online,) and as new players complete the single-player Unlimited experience and look for a multiplayer experience so they can keep playing Wurm, the Online servers will be incentivised as something to progress towards. We'd be very surprised if Unlimited doesn't benefit the Online servers in a variety of ways. Lastly, all of us here on the staff team - be we volunteers or paid devs - want to emphasise that we're here for you, the players. We know that this is a huge new thing for Wurm that has divided community opinion; but we feel that the strong business case of Unlimited will greatly benefit the game in the long run, and will allow us to further expand the Wurm franchise to new and exciting things. I'd compare it to when the game went 'gold' back in 2006, going from being free to having a paid premium service. Without those first steps, we'd never have been able to hire paid developers and Wurm would never be remotely close to where it is today. Almost a decade after Gold, Wurm is going Unlimited. We hope you join us for the ride! Scheduled Maintenance Just a quick note to say that our hosting provider has informed us that there will be some interruptions to the servers between September 23rd at 11pm and going through the night until September 24th at 5am for routine server maintenance (all times CEST aka GMT+2.) The maintenance is unlikely to take up all all of that time, and we'll update you if we hear anything new. The Week In Patch Notes Patch notes time! Lots of general fixes and changes this week, including the addition of a way to align your player's view with your mounts (it's toggled off by default, but if you want to give it a try, you can find it under Settings > Game > Rotate player together with mount.) 15/09/15:Fix for trusted friends being able to loot your corpse.Trade channel improvements. Added a colour to indicate if message is from current server.Trade channel improvements. Added a colour to show the message has your name in it.Trade channel improvements. Added server to message.Fix for Village and Alliance text being wrong way round in profile.Trade channel improvements. Added @<name> which can be used to replay to the specified person. Only shows for them.Fix for trade channel reshowing when switched off (due to x-server trade messaged).Added option in profile so can switch off getting start messages in chats.Made wand of the seas create half the size islands in order to increase usability.Added clause about attending the game when using keybinds in the game rules found at http://forum.wurmonl...123-wurm-rules/Made the same server trade messages a lighter blue.Added server abbreviations for all trade messages.Fix so the strength check for digging on roads is performed at start of dig action.Fixed bug where we got more of same entity on the valrei map when reconnecting.Moved character name to display before game title instead of after.Added containers position remembering after logouts and for different resolutions.Fixed wrong size of Valrei map.Changed display default settings to make game start in fullscreen for new players.Changed wounds sorting to make bandaged wounds go to the bottom of the list.Added height display on hover when mallet or hammer is activated.Added possibility to align player rotation with mount rotation (toggled off by default).Changed border around items in character window to change color at any damage. DeedPlanner Updates Warlander sent us a couple of new pictures of his progress with implementing bridges into DeedPlanner. It looks great! Permissions We forgot to include it last week (oops) but Tich made a post about door permissions. She also made one about animal permissions this week. Your feedback in both would be appreciated! Wiki Accounts Marni has further clarified and improved the system for Wurmpedia accounts. Standard accounts can edit player and settlement pages, of which anyone may apply; and Editor accounts can edit almost all pages on the wiki (other than protected ones like the main page) and are available to people interested in contributing to the wiki who can be trusted. You can find out more here. Screenshot of the Week Finishing off, this weeks' screenshot was taken by Jberg of a stable design by Cita, built by Jberg, Cita, Crystallee and Drsatan. It's amazing to see people continue to innovate with new ways to implement bridges into deed designs. That concludes this week's news! Devs have been working on both Wurm Online and Unlimited for the past few weeks, and that format will continue until release. Watch this space for exclusive previews of the upcoming game! We're thinking about doing a number of special things, including hosting a Twitch stream Q&A while playing through the game once we get nearer to release day - would you watch it?
  2. Hey everyone! This week, devs have continued work on a range of things. We don't have so much to show but do have some updates, including FAQ questions about Wurm Unlimited answered by Rolf, and a date for when Tich's new permissions work will start going live. Fansite Policy Before we get into the main news, I'd just like to draw attention to our fansite policy. With the release of Wurm Unlimited ahead, many of you might be working on hosting your own new community portals or servers, which may include a website or other frontend. We have no issue with (and in fact are excited about) people expanding Wurm's online presence into a range of new places; but it is vital that your fansite is impossible to mis-interpret as being an official site. This means there should be a disclaimer somewhere (the wording required is specified in the link above) and assets like the Wurm logo shouldn't be the main part of the site (i.e. it shouldn't look like it's official, if you use a Wurm logo somewhere then your own site logo should be there too, and in a more prominent position.) If you're ever unsure about anything to do with a fansite, then don't hesitate to ask. It's much easier for you to PM me/a GM than for us to have to find out about the site by word of mouth, identify an infringement and chase you down wielding a soggy trout. We'll be updating the fansite policy soon to adapt to Wurm Unlimited as well. I think that the game agreement published on Steam to go with WU has something on fansites, but I haven't read through it yet The Week in Patch Notes There were a couple of small changes this week to the in-game chat. 23/09/15:Made the same server trade message a bit more blue.New command: /openchat takes a parameter for the chat type, can be a single char e.g. /openchat k Wurm Unlimited FAQ Rolf took some time out this week to answer some questions about Wurm Unlimited. They're worth a read! Unsurprisingly, there will probably still be some things you aren't sure about; keep asking and we'll keep answering. In addition, we're probably somewhere around 90% certain that we're going to do a livestream before release, where we'll showcase the new game and answer questions live. Permissions Tich has confirmed that a number of the improvements to the permissions system that we've been talking about for a while now should go live next week (so long as we can fix a few final bugs.) Until then, she'd greatly appreciate some help in testing the permissions system - find her on IRC (under the username Tich in #wurm) if you can help. She also asked for feedback on item permissions and on a new ownership papers system. Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot is of Steeveleeb's marina. It's relatively simple but we liked the design, and the marble brazier pillars make for fancy lighting. We could do a crazy screenshot every week, but it wouldn't be representative of what most players get up to. That concludes this week's news. I just started at university and it's freshers week - bringing this news post to you was quite the battle against time, freshers flu and a mild hangover students...
  3. Has anyone else noticed the waterwheel in the background of the new Wurm Unlimited header? The rest of the scene seems to have some elements in it that is wurm related but then we have the river with the waterwheel is this a hint of whats to come or just unrelated art?
  4. I have to admit: I was rather surprised when I received the announcement mail today. I personally love the concept of Wurm and the online community is amazing. However, like many others, I found the game to be incredibly demanding and time consuming to even achieve relatively small things. As someone with limited time, I always felt like I was hardly making any progress and the often dull tasks with no way of automation (since that would be considered cheating) make it seem even more like a drag. In the end, it was only the friendly community of my neighborhood that kept me engaged in the game. But then there are time, where I cannot play the game fpr a few months and can therefore not take care of my deed, animals and the likes. By the time I return, everything is in shambles and I have to start over. The online portion simply require way more dedication than many players can offer. And for those players, WU seems like an amazing opportunity. Now every player can tweak their game experience to their personal liking and explore at their own pace without the fear of loosing anything or having to make a long-term time and money investment. And I can share this experience with my friends. WO would be way too hardcore for many of my friends, but I can certainly imagine playing together with them on a server with tweaked settings. There also is an incredible opportunity for plenty of custom roleplaying, adventure and challenge servers, further increasing longevity. And to not forget: modding. I definitely hope the game ships with development tools and since the announcement promises at least all the GM tools and with the community already announcing work on a future map creation tool, I am sure it will only be a matter of time till we see modding tools in one fashion or the other. And this might be where the game could really take off. Sandbox games benefit massively from mods, as those really help in keeping things fun and fresh over a long term. But the elephant in the room is clear: will WU canibalize the playerbase of WO? I can understand the concern. WO absolutely lives from its community, the feeling of an actual world built by the people is what makes WO interesting in the first place. And because of that, I do not see those, for those exactly that matters, quickly abandoning WO. I am sure many will play around with WU but will still feel connected to the achievements, builds and communities they have in WO and engage in the plentyful of activities it offers and guaranteed, safe and secure hosting. The players driven towards WU will be much more those, that are not willing or able to make the massive commitment required to enjoy WO in a long term. And these make up only a tiny portion of the WO population. Make no mistake: WO has a small community. It is a very specific game with a small playerbase that many people are not aware of. The vast majority of current players are those, that are truly commited to the experience it currently offers and I highly doubt any of those would be interested in abandoning that for a mostly empty world. WO does not really have much to loose. It does, however, have a lot to gain from that project. WU will undoubtedly attract plenty of new players. Building and survival games are currently popular, so the timing is pretty good. Releasing on Steam will also help raise awareness by orders of magnitudes. If CodeClub really takes their marketing opportunity here, we can expect tens or even hundreds of thousands of people to learn about a game they never have heard before. Those that buy and play WU will not only give money to CodeClub, but will also almost inevitably at least check out WO. Others might not be willing to put down the money for WU, but will learn that there is a free version of WO they can easily check out. And if only a small portion of all these people end up liking WO, its playerbase will increase, rather than decrease. Is the whole thing a risk? Of course it is. Yes, the entire thing could totally become a failure, especially should WU turn out to be a buggy mess. But it also is an amazing opportunity for both CodeClub and the players. In the current, competetive gaming market, small games like WO definitely need a boost to remain relevant and great innovation always involves a certain amount of calculated risk. And I am happy to see that CodeClub is willing to take such risks and innovate and rejuvenate their product instead of trying to sail it safe and eventually drown some day. Whether personally interested in playing it or not, the arrival of WU will bring interesting times to all of us and we all should hope it becomes a success and consequently benefits the entirety of the Wurm world.