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Found 79 results

  1. villager runs into this in event window "The guards kindly inform you that you are not allowed to do that here." I checked all the settings few times, I checked boxed a lot things yet they still unable to work with the coal pile.
  2. Good day. I just want to confirm that I ain't missing something and that Wurm Unlimited needs to fix this issue. 1. Bridges needs 2 players to build 2. WU can be played as a single player game. Some players like me and a few of my clients (own a PC shop) plays WU as a single player game and thus are unable to build bridges. Am I missing something (like a way to solo a bridge), are they gonna patch that in soon just for WU , or are those of us who play it Solo stuck whit out bridges. I see server mods for the Priest spells that needs to be linked so that is community fixed (would have preferred a more link to gem approach)
  3. Merchant Exporter

    I made a little Node.js script that exports all merchants and their inventory to a JSON file. It can be used to display merchants inventories on a webpage, or in an external application. If you want, give it a go and let me know what you think! Suggestions are welcome. The script: (see the Readme for information on how to use it) Example output from my local test server: If there are any bugs, feel free to create an issue or submit a PR. Note: I have only tested this with a couple of merchants on a local creative test server. I don't know how resource-hungry the script will be when used on a busy server, so be careful.
  4. I occasionally use a level 5 GM character on my creative WU server. I don't keep that character online as I use a non GM character for gameplay. I log her in, do what I need to do with that GM character, and then log back to my "regular" character. However, every other time I log my GM character in, she seems to gained another Ebony Wand. I now have about 20 wands now in my inventory. They can't be deleted, dropped, or destroyed. I know they don't take up weight, not sure if they take up slots. The main thing is that they are cluttering up my inventory! Any Suggestions?
  5. Nothing special, just somewhere for the casual player to hang out. Location: France Map: Vanilla Creative Kingdom: Freedom, all spawns at a fixed location. Skillgain: 20 Action timer: 10 Base skills: 30 (inc. Body & Mind Logic) Free deeds and traders are enabled, there is one currently at the starter deed who starts with 1s. Breeding is set to 5 Wurm days (1 real day) Field growth stages at 4h each. Events & Activities I've just opened the Maze of Infinity, not for the faint hearted. Halloween treats all around!
  6. More Clothing

    More clothing would be a nice addition, I don't know how hard it is to add but the current clothing line is rather limited
  7. Galapagos[PVE]

    Hi All, I would like to welcome you join the Galapagos server. Its been up since the start and I should imagine it will be up for many years. I play WO for quite a while Currently its set up with; Start Island with open iron, forges, traders (with loads of silver left), open inn with free beds, lots of space for you to venture, 15k max creatures (10% hostile) - will change if it density is off but fine so far, give feedback Skill Gain *3 Action Speed *3 Mind Logic 25 Body Control 25 Body Strength 24 (so you can load/unload, ask gm in freedom to bump) Characteristicts start at 20 Fight and overall skills start at 10 Deeds are free, until we build up an economy and may change if long term abandoned lots ever become an issue Teamspeak (ask in game and i'll give you the address) A few people on from the release of WU but I haven't been proactive hunting for players, all are welcome to use and its in a vm on my dedicated servers that have been up many years and will be for the foreseeable future give or take a dead hard disk every so often which get swapped out of the raid set quick when needed, should this change I will release the map to all players so they loose nothing. Lots of stuff to get kitted out in the starter island which is bridged to the mainland for you to wander and find your place, also several sail boats for people to share (or pinch). The setup is flexible and may change subject to community consensus, so chat in freedom or poke me in teamspeak if you have suggestions. Thanks for reading jim (in game Jimmy/YanVogel)
  8. Hey everybody, Woah! What a busy week! But Wurm Unlimited is now out on Steam, and the Wurm franchise now has two games to its name. We haven't got much new stuff to talk about this week, so I'll use it as an opportunity to talk about our PR plans from here on out and make sure you know about all the things we want to do and keep doing with WU and WO. Starting from next week, we'll be posting the weekly news to Steam as well, and it'll be a slot shared by both WO and WU for talking about dev work on both games. It's because almost everything we develop for one game can and will be added to the other (things like graphics updates or new features,) and so it seems logical to share the news between the two. We'd also like to thank everyone, as players, for playing and contributing to Wurm thus far. There are many new journeys to be had with many new players - game on! The Week In Patch Notes There were a few small fixes over the past week, and amphorae and kilns were added too! 19/10:Fix for dragging unlocked small carts when you do not have an item active. Also applies to catapults. Fix for clay containers. Fix for rotating various items, e.g. large anvil. Fix for config twitter for villages. 20/10:Allow settlement may pass gates work even if some permissions exists for gate. Fix for feeling bad about bashing floors when you have modify permissions. Removed possibility to attack your own mount on PvE servers. You should now be able to invite offline players to your village using /recruit . The player should use the command /join. Check /help for reference. 22/10:Added Large and Small Amphora and Kiln. Possible fix for uneven creature distribution on large maps. Seeing the result of this will probably take a week or two and note that creatures usually don’t spawn in the vicinity of online players. Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot was by Devily of his Temple of the Forgotten Gods. It looks really nice, especially in its soft shade of green light! That concludes this week's news. Come and join us aboard the Wurm train: we don't know where the next stop is, but we'll make it a good one
  9. Just wanted to compliment whoever did the art on them, they look really good. Anyone got a badge yet?
  10. Hey all! It's the week after! Wurm Unlimited happened and we're really happy with the feedback we've had. You, the players, have played, built and enjoyed the latest chapter in Wurm as a game. For those of you new around here, this is the Weekly News. Every week, we talk about what the devs have been working on, round up patch notes and talk about some community things too. Since both Unlimited and Online are very similar and will share the same updates, we're going to cover both ga,es in the weekly news from now on. There's not much to talk about this week as dev effort went towards bugfixing (which isn't entertaining or pretty.) A little birdy told me that birdcages went live in WO though (see what I did there?!*) *I don't always try to be funny. I should avoid it really.. The Week in Patch Notes Some things were added to WO including birdcages along with some fixes, while WU received a number of fixes (not all are listed here.) Wurm Online 29/1015 Fixed a minor issue with using tomes (for the first time), where it would check if you’re outside a mine, instead of inside. Kings now have two titles: their normal king title followed by their normal title. This normal title can be changed. Fix so kiln can be made indoors as not restricted them being used only outside. Added display of signature for ‘fire’ items, and added creator for kiln. Added sig for crates (as they were already on bsbs). Increased depth that tiles can be paved. Fixes for pvp (epic) permissions. Fix for some minedoors not being able to be remotely managed. Added birdcage. (PvE) Auto-add some permissions when an animal is branded. Added 1st tile of perimeter to Deed Planner map export. Fixed bug in Deed Planner related to deeds being shifted one tile horizontally while exporting. Wurm Unlimited 23/1015: Game Client Settings should now be saved correctly. The "Cancel Refresh" button will now be enabled on start. The Quit keybind will now unbind itself if bound to the F12 key. The Quit keybind will no longer default to the F12 key, uses F11 instead. Screenshot binding now defaults to F12. Server Missions should no longer be generated with the objective of slaying 0 creatures. Logs will now be created in the current server folder, for instance in Creative/Logs. Removed some logging that is no longer used. You can now change which steam query port to use, enabling multiple server instances on the same machine. NPCs should no longer stay in local chat when they die or are too far away. You should no longer start with the hatchet and carving knife equipped. Kilns should now be movable. Amphorae are now turn-able. Screenshot of the Week This week's cave dwelling was built by Caellon and pictured by Cayce. It's dark and evil, especially with the HotS flag! That concludes this week's news. Welcome to our weekly posts for anyone who's new!
  11. What specifications would be good and ideal for a Wurm Unlimited server and is there an officially sponsored hosting company somewhere? The few hosts I've found have had different prices of servers for basically the same specs. I'm not looking for a huge map (maybe as small as 2048x2048) and the max amount of players would be from 10-30. Explain good host server specs to me like I was am a noob, and if you know, about how much it'd cost.
  12. Hello as a GM player I have used the wand and right click skill learn and given Affinities to a player but they have not stayed at all each time they log off they lose it I am wondering if theres a way to make this stay no matter what
  13. Greetings fellow Wurmians! With 11 days until Wurm Unlimited is released, I figure it's time to announce my intentions to run a Wurm Unlimited private server. Again, most of the capabilities are uncertain but the following is a rough road map of what I want to do with the server. In-Game and Community Features Monthly in-game events (provided these can be scripted) - Examples would be a troll uprising and invasion of the starter city that players must defend against or holiday themed events Additional creature types if available Occasional quests offered by wandering NPCs with rewards being skill gains in a related skill, high QL items, or other rewards Pre-scheduled dragon slaying events, limited to 1 every other month in addition to whatever the current dragon spawn mechanics are Played owned deeds and alliances New items (if possible) Public Mumble server with private channels for alliances and villages If possible a web based news feed for new deeds being started, disbanded, and other notable events (event starts, dragon slayings, etc...) Fully functional in-game economy, including foraging for money and traders 10 silver to each new player that joins Patreon account to facilitate extended benefits for those who help offset costs of the project* Challenge mode featuring 60 day resets, other details to be worked out with community Starter city with access to free food, basic (10 ql) tools, and other items to help new players / characters get established Alliance / village leader boards - compete in a variety of categories with your fellow community members Accelerated skill gain, up to 5x Infrastructure Each server is planned to be hosted on a virtual private server in a major data center, not running on a spare tower in my basement! Planned for three initial servers: Pve, Challenge Mode, and a testing environment for testing modifications to the game Both PvE and Challenge Mode will have public Mumble server Weekly server maintenance performed Sunday mornings (OS patches, restarts, etc...) Project Specifics Server costs - $39.95 per month (potentially more depending on resource requirements) Mumble software - open source Forum software - potentially open source, potentially licensed Web site software - open source Development and enhancements - myself / volunteers GM staff - myself / volunteers *Patreon rewards are limited to silver and in-game items, not skill gain increases or other features that would give Patreon subscribers an unfair advantage over non-subscribers. It simply exists for those who wish to help with the costs of the project, and is not considered mandatory. Any money received via Patreon will go 100% to the project, and not to my wallet. So why am I starting this project? I love games, and I love Wurm. Running a server allows me to add my creativity to the game via the modding tools and server admin tools it offers, plus allows me to provide a place where people who want to flex their creative muscles can do so in a medieval fantasy environment. It's no small secret that Wurm is a unique game, and by running this project I get to ensure that experience is preserved and enhanced. I also enjoy creating things for others to enjoy. Over the years I have been a server admin for various MUDs in the mid-late 90s, ran several pen and paper RPGs, and founded / led gaming communities in various MMOs. My favorite thing is when a bunch of players get on and enjoy what I have put together, be it roaming fleets in EVE Online, raids and games in World of Warcraft, a 10 session campaign into political intrigue around a table with dice, pen, and paper, or by experiencing a journey through one's imagination via a text based MUD. I am committed to funding this project for a minimum term of one year. If the player base grows to 15 players in the course of that year, then the project will move from a project to long-term endeavor. If this project attracts donations, then it will be guaranteed to run longer. After one year I would like to have 2-3 volunteer game masters, and another volunteer developer working on extending the game, if possible, or working on in-game events. So what qualifies me to put this project together and manage it? In real life, I am a server administrator / business intelligence developer with 14 years experience. I have a deep passion for this game and for providing fun content for others. I like to code, and I like to design elements ranging from houses to sprawling deeds. If you are interested in this project, post here and let me know what you like and don't like about the plans. I'll be updating the thread as I work through the initial setup over the next 11 days.
  14. Can it be made with mod? remember this is just a concept/example. Original topic
  15. Make the raft usable and act like a boat. the easiest to build, before the small boat easy to make but slower than a small boat I'll try to figure out how to change the the models/item properties but if anyone knows how to make changes, this is a idea in-game raft gif ->
  16. Hello to all, im very new in the wurm galaxy i have a really noob Question and i hope that somebody can help me with this. Can somebody tell me step by step: How to set up a public dedicated server on my local pc please ? i tried but everytime i can only see my server in LAN and not in the public Internet List. My Firewall is turned off and im using Windows 10. i hope somebody can explain it to me. thanks for any help and regards from germany
  17. On my Adventure server I found that I am unable to sell to my settlement token. (It is set to being Home server, freedom isles) Could there be something I missed somewhere in the settings that is causing this or are there others who are unable to sell to token? I've tried a few different corpses (cat, bear, pig) as well as meat and forage/botany items. I am activating the item in my inventory, and right clicking token. But there is no "Sell" option on the token menu. My fiance who plays on my server couldn't sell to it either so it doesn't seem to be a player bug. Let me know if I just missed something in settings or etc.
  18. Hi Guys, I have been so hyped for WU for such a long time now, as I have always wanted to tweak my gaming experience and it has been a long standing title that has been a favourite of mine and my friend since we first played it in around 2010 . The fact me and my friend could play co-op on a server of our own was a big factor for the hype, so naturally the first thing we did was try to set up a server for ourselves! However, I just can't seem to get the damn thing to work on LAN - or at least virtual LAN. Apologies if this has already been raised as a topic, but we have tried connecting via Hamachi and it just doesn't want to work, despite Hamachi working for various other games easily . Here are the problems I'm getting: Can ping the server and see it in the LAN list Cannot connect and get retries each time I try to connect Can join other servers - so its not my network I just want to hear you guys thoughts, and just find out any way/the best way to get a private co op server going via LAN or hamachi? Maybe if anyone else has achieved it and what the best route to go down is . Look forward to hearing what people have to say.
  19. So i just pmed warlander and found out recipes are server side, So i got a simple mod request here. ? amount of water + 20kg of dirt = 1kg of clay. Rotab was the first to post the modification, you can find the post here
  20. Hoping these maps work well on WU! Fingers crossed for release. Spent some time making up this 2048x map, which unless I missed something, includes everything (incredibly rare glimmer/addy). ZIP: World View; Cave view;
  21. So I had an idea for yet another way to increase the player base and bring in more revenue to WO. Wurm Unlimited Ultimate. Basically an open source version of WU. P.S. Sorry if this should have been posted in "Suggestions & Ideas"...seems to fit either category.
  22. Hey all! This week we've been doing final touches to Wurm Unlimited. It's been all hands on deck with testing and bugfixing - ranging from final bits of work on the Linux dedicated server to final tests of Adventure mode. As such, there's not really much news to show off - although we do have a rather exciting plan for the weekend, which you can find below... Remember, Wurm Unlimited comes out on Wednesday 21st October (next week!) and can be pre-ordered at 20% off of the release price from DLGamer. Wurm Unlimited Developer Livestream This Sunday at 8pm CEST, you'll be able to join myself and various developers for a livestream preview of Wurm Unlimited over on It'll be an informal chance to ask any last questions that you have about the new game, while watching us play live and look at a few features. We'll have a look at the things people are most interested in Can't make it? We'll make sure the stream is available to watch after it happens, and might do a written summary of what goes on too if anything big comes up. Keep an eye on the forums and our social media outlets for a link to the stream and for any relevant updates. I expect it'll last for 1-2 hours - longer if there's demand for it! Screenshot of the Week This weeks' screenshot was taken by Journeya of a white dragon looming ominously over the players trying to slay it. Looks like fun! That's it for the final week before we release Unlimited. See you on Sunday?
  23. Hey all! It's just under 2 weeks now until Wurm Unlimited releases! Excited? You can pre-order the game from DLGamer and get 20% off the initial Steam price if you want. The first batch of updates to the permissions system went live this week. Tich told me to tell you that she's sorry that there were some teething issues - like settings not always transferring to the new system properly - but we hope it'll be well worth it in the long run with just how much better the new system makes things. I'd strongly recommend looking at the Wurmpedia article on Permissions if you're unsure about anything - the Wurmpedia team (in particular Keenan) have put a huge amount of work into making it as accurate and complete as possible. As for devs, they mainly continued with general polish and bugfixing work on Unlimited this week. But we do have a few other things to show off that might interest you, like visible adamantine and glimmersteel armour... catch it all below! The Week In Patch Notes The big story this week is the new permissions system, though there were quite a few other things that went live this week; like the awesome new deed plan viewer & exporter. I've seen some crazily complicated deed plans that people have effortlessly been able to export from directly in-game! There were also some general fixes. 06/10/15:New Permissions System! Notes about security kindling will use the default weight when making a fire (forge, oven, campfire).Can now have a deed role for an Individual (non-citizen) role.Deed plan now available for mayors.Writs will vanish when examined / managed. Building can be managed by r-click or from manage menu.You can now attach locks without having the key on you on PvE (was already like this on PvP).You can now sacrifice keys when the lock still exists on same server.Repair keybind should now work correctly on fences and walls.Fences are now paintable.Added missing text for deed settings.Max number of branded animals is number of tiles / 11 (PvE).Fixed face masks overriding the face protection that some helmets give.Fixed leading animals who have a bridle equipped. You will always use the bridle to lead if it has one, even if you have a rope activated.Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t stop dragging items when you died.Fix for player gods, so they allow flatten and level in caves if they can mine.07/10/15: Fix for Nahjo flattening / leveling in caves.Fix for allies in buildings, now checks the correct village (e.g. the owners village).Fix so planted items can be turned by the person who planted it.Beds with no permissions set, will allow anyone who has ‘may Enter’ on building to use it for free.Doors and Beds may now be managed by anyone who has manage permissions on the building.08/10/15: Fix for branding vanishing…(although some may have vanished this time).Fix so can lead branded animals if you have the brand village lead permission.Added ‘pass gates’ as deed permission, which (should) allow the players with that role permission to pass any gates that dont have their owner permissions (if they are managed by that deed).Disallowed getting hunted status on PvE.Fix for unhitching animals from a locked cart (PvE).Fix for picking locks. Adamantine & Glimmersteel Armour Textures This week, Saroman worked on textures for addy & glimmer armour so that it can be made to display correctly. Yet another thing for you Wurmians to wear! Oh how we spoil you. DeedPlanner Updates Warlander sent us a few pictures of his latest coding successes with the village planning tool DeedPlanner. He's getting ever-closer to being able to go live with bridges, which we'll also add to the in-game deed exporter so you can export on-deed bridge designs to the planner too. Screenshot of the Week This week's eaglespirit-themed screenshot was taken by Borgir, and happened to coincide with an eclipse too. It's quite mystical! What does the Eaglespirit want?! Why is it here?! Is this a message from the gods!?! That concludes this week's news! Fed up of hearing about Wurm Unlimited? Here, have an animated webseries about a cat. Cats solve everything.
  24. Hey all! Work has continued on a number of things this week, including the almost-ready first batch of updates to the Permissions system, and more work on Unlimited. Once again dependent on final bugfixing, we'd like to release said permissions update next week. We also have a new map API for Wurm Unlimited to announce this week, that ought to be released early next week in its first version. Once complete, it will help WU players to create their own maps. More below! Also, if you're still unsure about anything to do with Unlimited and how it will (but mostly won't) affect Online, then we released an FAQ last week that includes some helpful information. The Week in Patch Notes There were a few minor fixes this week. With any luck, this segment will be full of permissions news by next week! 23/09/15:Reinforced cave floors will no longer result in dying to suffocation.Fixed dispelling imbuements. Imbuements will now be properly removed when they are dispelled.Fixed applying masonry ointments. The ointment should now work like other imbuements. Wurm Unlimited Mapmaker Warlander has been working on an API for maps (Application Program Interface - aka it lets you make and edit maps) for Wurm Unlimited. He's planning an initial release next week, and in time he hopes to include things like a full feature suite for creating maps and the ability to make mapdumps. Long-term, this will mean that you'll be able to make, edit and dump your own maps to use with Unlimited. Screenshot of the Week This week's foggy deed was snapped by Kristof of the deed Peaceful Harbour on Celebration. Fog is good at looking rather mystical! Thanks to PandyLynn for sharing this on the forums. That concludes this week's news. It's still a little quiet while work continues on Unlimited - we'll have more to show over the coming weeks though!
  25. Hello WO comunity ! I welcome you all to visit our website and join our group in Steam The server will be opened as soon as possible after the release day on steam , Best of luck ! --- Alex