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Found 79 results

  1. For reasons I cannot understand -- The server is changing the .map files randomly every few days. I assumed originally this was just because the game was keeping the map updated as we make and perform changes but it's not just a few megabytes here or there; Randomly our file gained 30mb of new data and set all resource tiles to 55 resources remaining. Today we can't even dig the clay that we've been gathering because now the server assumes all resources have been dug straight down to rock tiles. I've adjusted no settings between server restarts. This just happens randomly. I can briefly fix this by replacing these map files with the originals, but I would love to know WHY this keeps happening.
  2. Introducing WU The Western Union, Wurm Unlimited Server! Brought to you by former members of the Western Union Alliance on Xanadu and Independence. The server's dimensions include 12 PVE islands and a central PVP island. We have a great deal of mods, please visit our website to see the full list at link below. At present, main events are focusing on server projects, rather it is working on the starting towns or building roads. They occur every two weeks on Thursdays at 7pm (GMT -8). Eventually, we’ll be planning more events, but prizes are awarded to those who attend the events. Events will be announced via Steam Group calendar. Steam Group @ Map @ Mods list @: Details: * Characteristics start at 20 with the exception of body control and mind logic which is set to 25 * Players may have a main character and a priest alt, any additional alts may be frowned upon. * Deeds maintenance is set to free, but we ask that you do not make multiple deeds. We suggest that players join the Mol-Rehan Kingdom, as it is the most prepared, only those with the adventuring spirit can select Jenn-Kellon, or Horde of the Summoned. There are multiple CA’s to manage both the technical aspects of the server. Our CA's play at different times so there's a good chance someone will be available to support you. If not please open a ticket in game, or post your issues in the steam group discussions for server CA help. We are always looking out for devoted players to become community assistants (CA). PM Rkjasminth or Eridil for details on how to join the server. General Settings Name: WU The Western Union Tags: PvE - PVP- Free Deed - Bounties - Modded Server-Location: USA Central Est. Around March 2020 PvE and PVP Skill gain rate multiplier : 4x Kingdoms: Mol-Rehan Jenn-Kellon Horde of the Summoned
  3. I played Wurm Online for a year or so a while back and recently picked up Wurm Unlimited so that I could have a blank map all to myself and not have to spend hours looking for a suitable spot that wasn't already settled. So now I'm going solo-dolo without the help of a village. I'm looking for input as to where to focus during the beginning so I can make sure I have a firm base of operations. In WO I would normally make a bee-line to an established village and work in conjuction with them (farm the fields, gather iron, then collect from communal resources to build my house). However my goal is to stay solo as long as possible so that I have an established area and then open it up to the public. Please give me any suggestions on how you would personally go about this task. Current gameplan: 1) Find a wooded area near the shore 2) Place down tent and hunt nearby game to have a small food stash 3) Gather basic crops and create a small (4x4) field to have renewable food 4) Put all my efforts into building a rowboat 5) Pack-up and sail nomadically until I find the "Promised Land" (Area with all resources relatively near ie iron, wood, water, clay, tar) 6) Place tent again 7) Begin creating farmstead 8) Deed the land and expand deed to be large enough to support a village 9) Create basic communal workshop, dock, and farmland (Possibly designate lots of land for villagers) 10) Open world to the public My biggest concern is I know how to accomplish 1-7, even if it will be slow going especially trying to find an area that not only has resources but that could also support a village worth of resources. How large of an area should I be looking to deed? Is it worthwhile to build the communal buildings ahead of time and risk over-building or is it better to add things as the village grows? What should I be looking to build in order to support a community so far the villages I join have a mine, workshop, farm, and animal pen, but I've seen some that have communal housing and others that had the layouts of legitimate cities with shops, churches, jails, etc. Finally, my intent is to make it a water-side village and as such I'd rather not build a highway to my village but rather make it as close to exclusively accessible by water as I can, I know that will hamper my efforts greatly but maybe build a few boats at the starter towns and give directions?
  4. Hopefully one of our great community modders can answer this. What would be the best place to start to eventually make a mod for WU? I've a background in programming, though it has been a (not small) number of years. But, just treat me like a total noob here. What languages would I need to pick up, and where should one even start? Thank you very much for your time.
  5. I've been playing with some custom map creations using L3DT to give a more realistic natural erosion feel. I haven't gotten the biome generation down yet (as you can tell from the lack of trees) but the channeling and erosion algorithms look pretty good to me. Shots in spoilers.
  6. Hello fellow wurmians, Have you had fun playing that old Challenge server of Wurm Online back in 2014? Well we just have created such a server again, high skillgain rate and a low action timer. The server will operate every month and have a reset after 3 months. There will be prices given out for players that have the highest Battle Ranks. (This to courage players to go PvP and earn battle points). The winners will get a prize where they can choose from. So they have a head start on a new Challenge server. Server has been opened! (Server name: PvP Challenge) Some stats of the server: Mods used on the server: Rules: I won't place the map picture here as you should see it ingame. Discord Server: Server will get a restart when people feel like to. At the moment we are still getting much suggestions for changing stuff. Kind regards, Owner of the Challenge PvP Server
  7. Hello all! As some of you may have noticed, there seems to be a slight.... lack of good resources on doing custom textures for Wurm aside from rather simple things like tabards, wagon covers and banners. I recently joined a fantastic server (but we aren't here to talk about that! Although if you want to know what I'm talking about, just check out the server "Requiem of Wurm") and was prompted by one of the head GM's to work on a texture for a creature after hearing I'd had experience doing custom texturing on my own... and I thought, "Sure! Shouldn't be too hard!" Little did I know that to properly and effectively make custom textures for WU, you'd need a small slew of tools to help along the way. For one, 7Zip to open RAR and zipped folders easily, but also an art program that can handle .psd files is extremely helpful and a 3D Model viewer so you don't have to pop the texture INTO your game and hunt down that one thing you changed, such as a bison or a custom mob that might be in your main server but not in your standalone testing server. After installing these, I thought I was all set to go! But no... its a bit more difficult than that. For one, when you open up a texture for a mob to edit it, you're greeted with something like this: Which, if you haven't done much texturing for 3D models other than something voxel based like Minecraft.... can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Some parts are immediately obvious while others..... not so much. What part textures which piece of the model? Where are the "boundaries" of each piece? So, like anyone aspiring to learn anything on the internet.... I googled it. And I found.... nothing. Yep, nothing. Not a single template or guide or reference. Even on the forums here, I couldn't seem to find much aside from Code Club AB's announcement that people could do custom textures for tabards and kingdom banners and the like. So, I personally have set out on a quest of sorts to make templates to help other custom texture-er's figure out exactly what on Fo's green earth we're all looking at, but also to create a sort of "hub" for those who have the actual experience to help out us more troubled beginners. Welcome to Ciaru's Custom Texturing Templates! As an example for the rest of you viewing this, and as a starter for my own reference as well as my fellow Requiem server players, this is an example of which parts of the bison texture go to what part of the model. This is the template itself..... (Which has now been updated with more specific location info!) And these are what it looks like ON the 3D model. As you can see, my basic idea was this: color each different part a different color, and apply it to a model to see where each bit went, thus vastly simplifying and answering the question of what part goes where on the 3D model itself. Feel free to post your own color coded "templates" and provide links for those who may want to use them (I will credit you if you did it yourself!). As new things are posted, or as I template more models, I will update this post as quickly as I can.
  8. So I've been talking to a friend about the declining playerbase and general issues with wurm online based on how player and customers in the video game/mmo market place act and want. Wurm Online is a niche game, I doubt anyone can dispute that. But often times even on high end computers it runs sluggish and that's an experience people who have been gaming for a while don't want in 2018. Gamers expectations have changed, and if they have a good PC and see a promising game, they'd like to run it at their fullest potential and have fun. To that end, why not port over wurm online to a new game engine. I know this has been suggested hundreds of times, but hear me out and let me tell Code Club why they have nothing to lose by trying . Here's the steps , simplified form: 1) Find a new game engine with decent 3rd graphics, collision and the ability to change the landscape, terraforming etc. 2) Create a trailer for Wurm Online in that game engine . 3) Put up the trailer and project on kickstarter, indiegogo, or w/e crowdfunding campaign site you want. Showcase how Wurm Online can be made better not just from a graphical stand point, but from new mechanics, functionalities and overall modernising WO. 4) Figure out how much money you'd need to hire devs to start coding WO in that. 5.) Figure out how expensive the game engine would be to create WO in that engine, whether it's about renting or writing code over time, renting servers, etc. 6) Based on those estimates, set a target point for your campaign. 7) Showcase in the trailer what made WO great and what can make it even more legendary in a new modern engine. 8) Based on how much money you manage to bring in, see how feasible it is to do step 4 and 5 to recreate WO in that new engine. 9) Do you have anything to lose by trying? Depending on how well the trailer is made, you could raise some funding for it. 10) Profit. An important note here is that the idea is not to copy paste maps and villages, and everything in WO to a new engine. I imagine that would take way longer to do than to rebuild WO in the new engine. It's easier to build from the ground up knowing what you need, than to actually build a scaffoling to transport a cathedral 1000 miles to another city, and specialized personnel , vehicles and permits do to so. One of the key things is the ability to transfer over what you have in WO to that new game engine, some items and some skills mostly. Donators on the crowdfunding page can get various boosts and rewards based on donation size. Well, how about it code club? Wanna save wurm? Think big.
  9. So basically this suggestion is to create a team dedicated to advertising wurm online through various platforms on the internet : e.g. youtube, FB and so on. Why? Because Wurm needs new players and a lot of us actually would love to see new blood in it. So how would this work? We'll form a team , let's say through discord and start outlining a basic plan to advertise and create ad content we could share on free to use sites. Someone could help by making or creating a compilation of youtube tutorials. Another could find or create stunning pvp encounters and battles. One could help by writing content for various interesting stories that happened/could happen in wurm or even create machinima videos using Wurm Unlimited or WO. Other people make artwork stories or comics about WO stories, servers, events, etc. The team will be community driven, with the sole purpose of generating visibility for Wurm Online. So what do you guys think?
  10. Dungeon - A PVP Challenge by Sklotopolis - Round #1 Sklotopolis is going to the next level and introduces a PVP Challenge based server. What's Challenge? Challenge is an old concept in Wurm which was a big success in the first rounds but has been discarded by the Wurm Online developers before Wurm Unlimited was released. We are now trying to take the concept and improve it further. On challenge we will have two kingdoms Horde of the Summoned and Jenn-Kellon fighting against each other on a PVP Map sized 2048x2048 tiles. Dungeon will be the ultimative PVP experience without anyone who has to fear a loss or a long time bad influence on a character. The Dungeon rounds will be limited to exactly one calendar month, which means that each round will start on the first of every month and end on the last of every month. Maybe this doesn't make too much sense for someone who hasn't played on a PVP server, but it fixes PVP in this game in various ways. PVP in Wurm has been broken for almost 6 years now and DEVs have been unable to fix it since then. We have also seen it on different Wurm Unlimited server that there is interest in PVP but the victory of the world is decided within one month and players quit playing on the server. The major problem of PVP is the late game experience which is more than just boring, but with challenge we will never experience a late game PVP experience. The server will run for one calendar month and provides a clean and fresh start for every player. The reset happens every second month and is an automated process which doesn't need any developer interaction. Of course this server will not be grindy at all because of the limited time, action timers will be 20 times faster and skill timers will be 10 times faster compared to the EPIC server of Wurm Online. The Dungeon also has the Epic curve enabled, which provides a huge advantage in skill gain and makes the game much more enjoyable. For example bringing digging to an effective skill of 90 should take no longer than one hour. We also hope that the limited time will make this world about playing, enjoying and having fun in the game instead of PVP drama as we have seen it on Wurm Online. In the first rounds we will collect a lot feedback about the map, all the mods and some other PVP related stuff. We will use almost all mods we also have on our PVE cluster, to make the game more like it was meant to be played in the first place. There will be no real rewards in the first few rounds, but a live score list will be available from beginning, so the competition is real and there will be winners for sure. The world will also have various ressource points deployed all around the map, which will spawn very fancy and valueable stuff. This is where the most PVP interaction will take place, but also a HOTA and some other mechanics to force people into PVP will be given. Dungeon will also be 100% seperated from our PVE cluster, you will only keep the coins on your bank account between the resets. As I have mentioned above this is a try to make PVP more attractive to all players, without ending up with a dead world. We are planning to run at least 6 rounds, depending on the interest we will put more or less development power into the world. If the interest is high enough we will improve the PVP experience in the game , create a pool of maps which will be chosen randomly each month and much more. First round will already start on the 1st March, 2018 around 8 PM UTC and will run until 31st of March, 2018, you need a new character to join and can enter the adventure via a portal on our login server. Round #2 will start on 1st May, 2018. There is always a month break between the rounds to improve the world and dig through the collected feedback. The break will also help to keep the concept interesting hopefully as it is not something which is there all the time. Furthermore I can already proudly present the map of our Dungeon server: This map is inspired by the map Orion created by the awesome map creator @ausimus, which is available for the public in the Wurm Unlimited forums. Who are we? Sklotopolis is one of the most successful and most stable Wurm Unlimited servers out there, we have been up and running since 1st November 2015 and we are still growing and working on this project. Read all about Sklotopolis in our Wurm Unlimited forum thread right here: More information Steam Group Forum Discord Disclaimer: We are aware that there are multiple client modifications which can make PVP very unfair, but in the first place this server should be about the fun. If the interest is high enough, there is a good custom client protection concept we have planned, which could go live in the future.
  11. When I join any one of the servers I've tried to launch my game off of, I'm met with an unloaded screen that shows the hud and just a vast ocean. Is there any way to fix this and get to playing?
  12. Hello Everyone, This week we have have been busy with setting up a PvP server on Wurm Unlimited. We would like to invite you all to come play on this server. Server Information: Installed mods: All the information input is welcome. So we can keep up updating the server and make it even better! Map:
  13. Any suggested event which I could proclame for 4 or 5 players who play on server from 1 month ago aprox (mostly newbies on wurm). I was thinking on summon a unique, but I think players are not enough stronger... Any suggestion is very welcome! Thanks!
  14. Cavus Nostra - Wurm Unlimited Server Cavus Nostra is an Oceanic based Wurm Unlimited server hosted in Australia established on the 06/10/2017. We have adjusted the original game a little to make that skilling less like having a real job, but still a challenge so you feel the achievement when you achieve your personal milestones. You can labour alone or join others to work together and we will have server wide events open to all. We welcome players from all over the world and ask only that players respect each other and interact in a civil way. Below is a list of specifications and modifications to the server: General PvE 3x Action rate 3x Skill rate No deed costs, no upkeep costs Map The map can be viewed here Map size: 2048 x 2048 Max creatures: 17500 Aggressive creatures: 80% (server spawned, not player bred) Max players: 100 Starting Skills Mind logic: 21 Body control: 21.5 General: 10 Fighting: 10 Mods Dig to ground Dredge to ship Single rock tile mining Removal of priest restrictions Allow all light spells from any priest Moon metal (seryl, adamantine, glimmersteel) items can only be improved with steel Farming tick 4 hours No weeds Min mining on rock is 40 Hitch more animals of different ages and sizes (including champions if strong enough!) Bounty for animal kills Change your starting affinity once Increased surface mining chance of getting a shard No Holy Ground deeding restrictions Forum: Map: Website: Discord:
  15. Hi all! A few of us are planning to get Wurm unlimited, but we are a bit confused about the differences between WU and WO. We know they are "mostly" similar, but we couldn't find a clear breakdown on what is different from online and unlimited. I know the wiki is designated specifically to WO, which is great, but I'm not aware of anything that can help us see what is actually in WU. Does that resource exist? We're primarily concerned about their being different items or skills or something like that that's a staple of the wiki.
  16. Yay! Nice that we now have a section devoted to videos. Thus, I shall start this thread where I will post the ongoing saga of building Ultima Nostalgia. The Wurm Unlimited folks probably already know what this is about, but for the rest of you who don't, let me explain: Ultima Nostalgia is my aim to recreate the map and world of Ultima Online in Wurm Unlimited. It has drawn an astounding amount of attention so far, with several sites posting about it (Massively OP, Ultima Codex, New World Notes and even VICE Motherboard). It has also had several of the original creators of UO posting/commenting about it on Twitter etc, Lord British himself included! Honestly, when I started this project, I was never expecting that to happen. It was for my own amusement and I assumed that the only people interested would be a few Wurmians who also happened to play UO back in the day. But holy cow, seems I was wrong! With all that attention, it seems like I will actually have to see this thing through to the end! In addition, I've had a lot of non-wurm UO players ask me more about Wurm and ask if they can come and live on this server. The two games share so many similarities that Wurm is the perfect haven for old UO players who don't want to play UO anymore, but are not satisfied with what modern MMOs have to offer. So although originally (and in my first video) I say that this will only be a server you can visit, but cannot "play" in the full meaning of the term, I am starting to dabble with the idea of whether I might reconsider. But for that to happen, we would need to have a new permission system for tiles so that we can set additional permissions for specific tiles we want to make available for those living on our deeds. See the suggestion I made about it here, and vote it up if you agree that this would be great. And then on to the videos themselves!
  17. Server: [RU] [RIFTS] in list. About video: 1st public Rift test. Action from 2h55m. 2nd test planned in near feature (17-18 or 24-25 of June) with bug fixes, balance and adding skills to mobs. You can follow the news on our forum Note: If you decide to join us, please note - this is a Russian server, be more reserved in a game chat with your native language. More info about rift: 3 waves + 1 boss wave Rift resources can be collected Players have 3 hours for killing mobs/collecting resources and killing the boss After killing boss - all in rift zone get reward: adamantine/glimmer/seryll lump and chance to get shoulder pads + rift accessory and rift resources from tiles disappear More screenshoots from dev-testing:
  18. Timelapse 6 seconds apart 4,036 Screenshots Imported into Adobe Premier Each Screenshot is 0.03 seconds
  19. In Wurm Unlimited, it would be nice to have flags on the server to disable priest restrictions.
  20. My friend just purchased Wurm Unlimited and cannot play since it is not supported on Mac OS. I have read that it can be force installed and played regardless of the lack of support? Has anyone done this? Do the developers plan on updating the steam release to support Mac users? I know wurm online supports all platforms since it is Java. It would be beneficial to them to support Mac OS since that's a whole market they are currently missing.
  21. This is for sharing screenshots from Wurm Unlimited, specifically heavily modded content such as textures and models that would vary from vanilla Wurm. Show off your mods, designs, and artistic flair! To add an image, click insert other media > insert image URL. If uploading multiple pictures, try to place them inside spoiler tags to keep it tidy.
  22. As the title states. Give us your pvp videos and views. Even if u fail a raid or make some funny mistakes. Always happy to do PVP in Wurm.
  23. I'm relatively new to running any type of server, I'm looking to really get my moneys worth with purchasing a monthly plan on a reliable server/host. I was wondering if anyone in the community would have any idormation on which servers they use, the pros and cons of such servers please. I've looked through multiple Google searches on servers and all of them boast mostly the same offerings. I don't want to buy a server and then come to find out their customer service is junk, or their hosting is less than suitable. I'm looking to have 100 available slots on the server, a big map, no TeamSpeak (since discord is available.) a smooth running server, that I can upgrade if needed. Thank you so much for any input on this subject. Grath.