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Found 467 results

  1. Looking to buy some animals at Serenity Flats (AD23 on - Horses: Males and Females; no bad traits; White, Black, Brown, Yellow (No Grey) - Cows: Male and Females Delivery to Serenity Flats is needed, contact only if you have and can deliver to this location. Paying well. PM here on the forums or in-game to Topdog with what you have and your price.
  2. Wtb Knarr

    Hey Fellow Wurmians, Currently i am down in Freedom Market (Independence Server) having a look around. I am looking to buy a Knarr. Must have lock and Anchor. My play times are 6pm AEST (GMT+10) onwards. Let me know. Cheers
  3. the title says it all i want a 70ql set of chain armor and im on celebration.
  4. I'm looking to buy 2x bears to pull my large cart. I'm looking for fast ones preferably. PM Shyunea on Celebration with a price and will talk.
  5. The kingdom of aedgon will be purchasing supplies To provide for its citizens for a short while until our fields produce food If anyone has food to sell please do so we may continue to build the kingdom. Pm shyunea on tuesday with whatever you have to sell.
  6. I am going need a astounding amount of bricks i already have two masons applyi g bricks faster then the citizens can make them.would anyone be interested in bidding on a brick making contract?
  7. yay I need mapal sap any one selling on deli or indi if so let me know I need it for making wine this upcoming raven starfall if you are on deli or indi I need the price and how much it will cost I am hoping for 360 + kg of mapal sap I am located in the northern part of deli not far from the coast if you look at deli's map it is called keepers of the plain on it it is no longer called that now but is still in the same area. I don't have to much cash but I can still afford to buy it if the price is not outrages thank you for your time
  8. "Hafen von Siegburg" Exodus-x4;y17 koords from Leslies Map-Project I'm (IG: Baium) looking to buy 1k-Stonebricks and 1k-Mortar for "4silver". pls pm me under Baium. I'm online - MEZ 22:00 (Berlin-Germany-Time)
  9. WTB a meditation rug. I'm new at this so I don't need anything special, please pm me here or send me a tell in game to Tetun with your offer.
  10. Hi! I would like to buy 1k 80ql+ Wemp. I'm willing to pay 1.5s with delivery to Hussars Haven (South East Deliverence at coast). I may be interested in some more wemp and probably cotton in future.
  11. Hi peeps, Want to buy a couple of long swords and a couple of mauls (any size) with 90+ RT (Rotten Touch) on them. Any ql, and other enchants are welcome but not necessary. Paying well. Leave a msg and i'll PM you back. thanks for reading, GoG
  12. I'd like to buy a sculpting wand please. PM me ingame on Tekari or here on the forums with a price. Greetings, Tekari
  13. Id like a quote on a high ql 70+ woa 80+ trowel In game name is Frostbite (Currently On Cele) Or pm me on forums Cheers!
  14. Hey guys.. Want to buy 10k Dirt, paying 10i per dirt. If you deliver you'll get 50c extra. If you deliver the whole 10k Dirt you get 1s extra! Deliver it to Lion's Arch. Contact - Quicktor, Sualafey
  15. I need to purchase a referal for my priest Josephmckenna
  16. Looking for a good deal on 2 70ql Longswords with animal demise, nimbleness, frostbrand, and coc on them. Reply here as I travel a lot between Exo and Celeb and may be hard to get via PM. If you are on other servers, we can arrange a pickup or delivery deal. - Corwen