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Found 180 results

  1. done selling close this thread please!
  2. Drunken Mafia Weapons of Xanadu Drunken Mafia Weapons on the Xanadu Server has the following weapons available: Merchants are located at: Puzzle Plaza Market (26x 32y) on the Deliverance Server. Puzzle Plaza Merchant (Stall #71): Map of Puzzle Plaza: Two Handed Sword 81ql --LT65 Nim87 C73 .... 6s 40c 72ql --LT69 Nim77 C64 .... 4s 35c 71ql --LT68 Nim71 C87 .... 5s 20c 69ql --LT61 Nim59 C79 .... 4s 00s Longsword 80ql --FB73 Nim73 C90 .... 6s 40c 74ql --LT68 Nim85 C61 .... 6s 00c 73ql --LT77 Nim68 C69 .... 4s 25c 71ql --LT66 Nim67 C62 .... 3s 95c Huge Axe Maul Small Maul Large Maul Valley of the Damned on the Xanadu Server (P14/15). Location of Valley of the Damned on Xanadu: Valley of the Damned Merchant: Longswords: Two Handed Swords: Small Axe: Large Axe: Huge Axe: Small Maul: Med Maul: Large Maul: Budget LT Weapons: Enchant Prices: CoC / WoA 1-69 : 1c Per Enchant Power 70-79: 1c Per Enchant Power +20c 80-89: 2c Per Enchant Power 90-94: 3c Per Enchant Power 95+: 4c per enchanted power 100+: 5c power Any Demise - 25c Nimbleness / Lifetransfer / Venom 1-69 power - 2c per power (LT and Venom Only) 70-79 power - 2c per power 80-89 power - 4c per power 90-95 power - 6c per power 96+ power - 8c per
  3. 91ql - rare pickaxe, iron (91woa, 92coc) - 12s 15ql - rare spatula, oak - 4s 22ql - rare waterskin - 4s 99ql - yule goats - 2s each (7 of 7 left) I decided to put these back all in one post and have lowered the price of some items a bit Sold: 91ql - rare pickaxe, iron (91woa, 90coc) - 11s 91ql - rare pickaxe, iron (91woa, 90coc) - 11s 20ql - rare butchering knife, iron - 7s 95ql - rare small maul (82N, 95LT, 86C, 87MS) - 15s
  4. Hi there! I live at Exodus on my Deed Caltas Zuflucht x10 y42 on the Map. If you want to order something send me a pm or answer here. Orders can pick up at my Place or send CoD. I have place a Merchant at Santa Akeje Guardians on Exodus where i sell QL 80 Shields, QL 80 Weapons and QL 80 Weapon Tools. Weapons and Weapon Tools: QL 80 iron - 50c Armor: QL 80 Chain iron single part - 50c QL 80 Chain iron complete set - 2s QL 70 Plate steel complete set - 1s QL 80 Plate steel complete set - 2s Shields: QL 80 iron - 50c Tools: QL 80 iron - 30c Horse Shoe Set: QL 80 iron - 1s
  5. Hello, have for sale: Also Seryll lumps are 5s each. (Cod from Xanadu or pickup at Glasshollow market) Items in the first picture: Weapons make offers, tools are under 70 coc/woa cast 1c per cast, 70-80 are 90c and 80-85 are 1s. 85-90 are 1,5s and 90 make offers! For BoTD the price is the above multiplied with 1,3! All items will be cod from Chaos on buyers expense! Edit:Added ANT to embargo list so no point for him to try buy anything from here. Reasons: Recent theft + ordering something and not accepting, leaving me to pay the cod.
  6. Hello, this thread can be closed, new thread up: My trade embargo list has now 1 member: ANT.
  7. Memor Nostri; Please place your order on the thread or by pm-ing Hailene (Weapon, Shield, Blacksmithing & Chain Smithing) , Ghengizcohen (Leatherworing, ropes and tailoring) , Jaggy (Enchantments) Khrys (Bulk goods), Margus (Boats) and Evening (Crops). Orders can be picked up at X29, Y24 (Ooo) as seen from the Pristine Community Map . Items or materials not listed in the thread might be available, Please contact us for specifics. [10:59:23] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [98] (estimated 3 minutes) Delivery is possible, delivery around Pristine and Release is free of charge. Please contact us with regards to delivery to Xanadu Due to some changes, we are currently working on getting delivery to the other servers We currently have three merchants at Blossom Market (X18, Y29) [Pristine] and one merchant at Opelika Market (E/F 25/26) [Xanadu] Prices for improving weapons or chain pieces : Price of desired QL - Price of Current QL (rounded off to the nearest ten,with at least one level minimum) i.e. improving a 63 ql weapon to 75 ql would be 1.4s - 0.60s = 0.80s Promotions Horseshoes sets (of 4): 75QL - 1.5s 92ql - 7s Alternative forms of payment in terms of mining and weaponsmithing potions are available, please contact Hailene to discuss the specifics. Prices for improving Plate Sets/Carp and Bows : Price of desired QL - Price of Current QL (rounded off to the nearest ten,with at least one level minimum) i.e. improving a avg 63 ql plate set to 80 ql would be 5s - 1.50s = 3.50s Alternative forms of payment in terms of mining and weaponsmithing potions are available, please contact Hailene to discuss the specifics [*] Please note that we are lacking in 92 and 95 QL Wood. Customers are requested to provide the necessary wood for imps [1] Kindly inform us of the desired wood type with your order Prices for improving armors: Prices are per set (8+ pieces): 80QL - 1s 90QL - 2s 95QL - 10s Ropes: Ropes - 1c Mooring Ropes - 10c Thick Ropes - 15c Cordage Ropes - 20c Mooring Anchor – 20c Cloth Tailoring: Satchel - 5c Sheet - 10c Triangular sail - 10c Small square sail - 15c Square sail - 20c Please contact Ghengizcohen to discuss the specifics. [*] Please note that backpacks, birdles and waterskins are made at a default 30QL unless requested otherwise. Custom Enchants are available , Prices starts at 1c per power up till a cast of 79. Any cast beyond 79 would begin at 1s for an 80 power cast and 5c/power subsequently. Please pm us to discuss any cast beyond 90 power. Please note that we will not be responsible for any tools or weapons shattering in a Custom Enchant Order. Please note that all blacksmithing and weaponsmithing we have in stock can be imp'ed up to 92 QL for an additional fee. Core Carpentry tools can also be imp'ed up to 90 QL while Fine Carpentry tools can be imp'ed up to 90QL Below is the list of the enchanted items we currently have in stock : WORK IN PROGRESS Please note that there is no set prep and construction time for our ships and crops, we will try our best to complete your order as soon as possible I am currently looking to purchase rare bones, so part payment of any of the above mentioned boats for a rare bone would be possible. Please contact Margus to discuss the specific. We currently do not have an active farmer in the alliance. As such we are unable to accept any custom crops orders. Please check what we have currently in stock for a gauge of any available crops. Kindly contact Evening for any queries regarding the veggies. Delivery to Pristine is free. Currently in stock: 12,000 Pumpkin - 74ql 4,000 Onion - 76ql 2,000 Garlic - 74+ql Bulk Goods Kindly contact Khrys to discuss the specifics 500 Mortar - 1.5s 500 Stone Bricks - 1s 1000 Nails (Large or Small) - 1.5s 100 Slabs (Marble or Stone) - 1s Lamps Irons Lamps 50/60/70/80/90 QL - 10c/20c/30c/40c/50c/1s Imperial Iron Lamps 50/60/70/80/90 QL- 15c/30c/45c/80c/1.5s .
  8. Shop is closed until I have sorted out damaged items and update stock with new items Welcome to FarTrades, we offer high ql items for fair prices. We are located in Independence at Farhaven and offer a huge variety of items and services. For now I will start with our current Stock, that is immediately available for everyone to buy from. Every price is including the mail cost, no matter which server you are on and items will be send from my alt character Silvana. (I will try to update any changes regarding decay ticks, specially for high ql items and I can assure, that high ql items will be imped back to full ql) Please only use this thread for buying from my stock, I will not react to PMs, so that there will be no confusion on what is sold out already. First come first serve Please don't forget to post your characters name, the item should be send to if interested in a better overview of this list just click
  9. Price 40c + COD from independence for longswords, sickles and butchers. Price 45c + COD from independence for large mauls and 2 handed swords. See my merchant ad here for more Edit: prices changed after PC on GL-Freedom
  10. 420 ws Items for wort 2g+ at the market 80ql+ great for cast or just to do some profit selling in merchant Collection form Sandhill Village x23 y 31 on Exo starting bid: 42s (10c per item) min increment: 2s Buyout: no sniper protection: 1 hour No reserve Happy bidding and grab bargain!
  11. Closing down, clearing out sale... I am selling the following items: Items will be mailed to the buyer, CoD paid by you, OR picked up from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Y29. ROPE TOOLS 1a) Rope Tool, Oakenwood (CoC 68 WoA 61) QL 53.88 PRICE: 1.2 Silver PICKAXE 2a) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 58) QL 85.77 PRICE:50 Copper 2b) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 33 CoC 42) QL 68.63 PRICE:50 Copper 2c) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 66) QL 68.86 PRICE:50 Copper 2d) Pickaxe, Iron (CoC 77 WoA 73) QL 66.12 PRICE:1.4 Silver 2e) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 89) QL 93.76 PRICE:1.2 Silver 2f) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 71) QL 70.58 PRICE:70 Copper 2g) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 73) QL 86.69 PRICE:80 Copper 2h) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 102 CoC 62) QL 89.90 PRICE:2.2 Silver 2i) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 67) QL 89.52 PRICE 70 Copper 2j) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 68 ) QL 90.09 PRICE:70 Copper 2k) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 72 CoC 48) QL 26.29 PRICE:1 Silver TROWELS 3a) Trowel, Iron (WoA 94) QL 88.99 PRICE:1.2 Silver 3b) Trowel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 19.62 PRICE:50 Copper 3c) Trowel, Iron (CoC 62) QL 20.24 PRICE:50 Copper 3d) Trowel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 21.36 PRICE:50 Copper 3e) Trowel, Iron (WoA 70) QL 74.47 PRICE:70 Copper 3f) Trowel, Iron (WoA 99) QL 69.90 PRICE:1.1 Silver 3g) Trowel, Iron (WoA 59) QL 76.50 PRICE:50 Copper SAWS 4a) Saw, Iron (WoA 90) QL 78.37 PRICE:1 Silver 4b) Saw, Iron (WoA 58) QL 69.29 PRICE:50 Copper 4c) Saw, Iron (WoA 75) QL 68.83 PRICE:70 Copper 4d) Saw, Iron (WoA 62) QL 68.75 PRICE:60 Copper 4e) Saw, Iron (WoA 53 CoC 48) QL 69.75 PRICE:60 Copper HATCHETS 5a) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 91) QL 93.34 PRICE:1.2 Silver 5b) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 50 CoC 80) QL 59.79 PRICE:1.2 Silver 5c) Hatchet, Iron (CoC 62) QL 70.22 PRICE:60 Copper 5d) Hatchet, Iron (CoC 63) QL 70.25 PRICE:60 Copper 5e) Hatchet, Iron (CoC 69) QL 47.86 PRICE:60 Copper 5f) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 76 CoC 68) QL 45.73 PRICE:1 Silver 5g) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 73) QL 76.29 PRICE:70 Copper GROOMING BRUSHES 6a) Grooming Brush, Maplewood (CoC 82) QL 69.36 PRICE:80 Copper 6b) Grooming Brush, Cedarwood (CoC 91) QL 69.74 PRICE:90 Copper 6c) Grooming Brush, Oakenwood (CoC 62) QL 81.27 PRICE:70 Copper WHETSTONES 7a) Whetstone (CoC 70) QL 91.01 DM 0.00 PRICE: 80 Copper 7b) Whetstone (CoC 75) QL 79.65 DM 1.50 PRICE: 70 Copper 7c) Whetstone (WoA 52 CoC 39) QL 84.03 DM 3.94 PRICE: 60 Copper HAMMERS 8a) Hammer, Iron (WoA 92 CoC 93) QL 88.91 PRICE: 2.2 Silver 8a) Hammer, Iron (WoA 57 CoC 57) QL 65.76 PRICE: 1 Silver SPINDLES 9a) Spindle, Maplewood (CoC 81) QL 28.92 PRICE: 80 Copper 9b) Spindle, Pinewood (WoA 66 CoC 75) QL 76.79 PRICE: 1 Silver STONE CHISELS 10a) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 92 CoC 55) QL 48.18 PRICE: 1.5 Silver 10b) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 71) QL 77.56 PRICE: 70 Copper 10c) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 85 CoC 36) QL 72.74 PRICE: 1 Silver 10d) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 75 CoC 55) QL 82.16 PRICE: 1.2 Silver 10e) Stone Chisel, Iron (CoC 67) QL 21.65 PRICE: 60 Copper 10f) Stone Chisel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 19.88 PRICE: 60 Copper SMALL ANVILS 11a) Small Anvil, Iron (CoC 55) QL 82.96 PRICE: 1 Silver 11b) Small Anvil, Iron (CoC 65) QL 83.14 PRICE: 1.1 Silver 11c) Small Anvil, Iron (CoC 64) QL 87.06 PRICE: 1.1 Silver LONG SWORDS 12a) Longsword, Iron (LT 69) QL 65.35 PRICE: 1 Silver 12b) Longsword, Iron (Nim 43 FB 65 CoC 62) QL 80.26 PRICE: 2 Silver 12c) Longsword, Iron (LT 82 WoA 45 AD) QL 64.50 PRICE: 4 Silver 12d) Longsword, Iron (Nim 49 FB 47 CoC 42) QL 70.47 PRICE: 2 Silver 12e) Longsword, Iron (LT 81 WoA 65 AD) QL 53.27 PRICE: 3.5 Silver FILES 13a) File, Iron (CoC 50) QL 68.55 PRICE: 50 Copper 13b) File, Iron (WoA 48 CoC 36) QL 82.10 PRICE: 60 Copper 13c) File, Iron (WoA 73 CoC 67) QL 69.15 PRICE: 1.4 Silver RAKES 14a) Rake, Iron (WoA 57 CoC 60) QL 79.27 PRICE: 1.1 Silver 14b) Rake, Iron (WoA 57 CoC 89) QL 69.42 PRICE: 1.2 Silver SHOVELS 15a) Shovel, Iron (WoA 74) QL 79.70 PRICE: 70 Copper 15b) Shovel, Iron (WoA 74) QL 78.89 PRICE: 70 Copper 15c) Shovel, Iron (WoA 71) QL 79.40 PRICE: 70 Copper MEDITATION RUGS 16a) Mediation Rug, Cotton (CoC 57) QL 50.22 PRICE: 50 Copper 16b) Mediation Rug, Cotton (CoC 59) QL 51.83 PRICE: 50 Copper SERYLL 17a) Lump, Seryll QL 90.00 PRICE: 3 Silver (Full Lump) 17b) Lump, Seryll QL 80.00 PRICE: 2 Silver (Full Lump) 17c) Lump, Seryll QL 80.00 PRICE: 2 Silver (Full Lump) SNOW LANTERN 18a) Snow Lantern PRICE: 1 Silver 18b) Snow Lantern PRICE: 1 Silver 18c) Snow Lantern PRICE: 1 Silver SOFT CAPS 19a) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper 19b) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper 19c) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper 19d) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper 19e) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper 19f) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper 19g) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper 19h) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper 19i) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper OTHER ITEMS a) Small Bucket, Oakenwood (CoC 73) QL 71.12 PRICE: 70 Copper Fruit Press, Cherrywood (CoC 74) QL 49.30 PRICE: 70 Copper c) Short Bow, Willow RARE QL 60.51 PRICE: 3.50 Silver (HAS TO BE COLLECTED) d) Short Bow, Willow RARE QL 61.89 PRICE: 3.50 Silver (HAS TO BE COLLECTED) e) Pendulum, Gold (WoA 47 LitD 66) QL 49.98 PRICE: 80 Copper f) Pendulum, Silver (LitD 57) QL 43.78 PRICE: 50 Copper g) Sickle, Iron (CoC 49) QL 79.50 PRICE: 60 Copper g) Sickle, Iron (WoA 29 CoC 86) QL 37.89 PRICE: 1 Silver i) Carving Knife, Iron (CoC 77) QL 80.20 PRICE: 80 Copper j) Scythe (WoA 69) QL 42.05 PRICE: 60 Copper k) Large Anvil, Iron (WoA 85 CoC 56) QL 75.07 PRICE: 1.2 Silver l) Mallet, Cedarwood (WoA 70) QL 89.71 PRICE: 1 Silver OTHER RARES m) Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron (AoSP 67) QL 79.41 PRICE: 2 Silver n) Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron (AoSP 61) QL 79.40 PRICE: 2 Silver o) Rare Chain Boot, Iron (AoSP 67) QL 79.41 PRICE: 2 Silver p) Rare Satchel, Cotton QL 4.09 PRICE: 1 Silver q) Rare Hanging Lamp, Brass QL 49.49 PRICE: 3 Silver Ship One - Cherrywood Knarr & 100 Rafts - 12 Silver [11:53:14] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rown with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cherrywood. You must use a file to smooth out the "Princess Sparkle" in order to improve it. Ql: 40.84511, Dam: 18.623547. The name of the owner, Maizie, has been etched in the stern. Ship Two - Cherrywood Knarr (No Rafts) - 8 Silver [11:51:45] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rown with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It is locked with a lock of okay quality. It is made from cherrywood. You notice some notches you must carve away in order to improve the "Periwinkle Twinkle". Ql: 40.755028, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Maizie, has been etched in the stern. Ship Three - Cherrywood Caravel (No Rafts) - 10 Silver [11:53:50] An impressive merchant ship. It is locked with a lock of above average quality. It is made from cherrywood. You notice some notches you must carve away in order to improve the "Wishful Thinking". Ql: 52.05176, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Maizie, has been etched in the stern. Items will be mailed to the buyer, CoD paid by you, OR picked up from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Y29. Thanks all
  12. Great helm, seryll ql 29,05 - 5s First come first served!! Everything will be cod from Chaos, so have an account that has never been to chaos! Good luck!! Was selling for a purpouse, but that failed so i have decided to not sell all. Everything sold prior to that has been sent out. Great helm is pending (i think), thanks for tuning in!
  13. Have a selection of items for sale, eithr for CoD, or to pick up. Prices are negotiable (still learning the economy) Our deed is called Radiant Garden and is located in the upper left corner of G-25, near Summerholt. Items in Stock Leather/Furs: Studded Leather Armor set, 30 QL - 50c 17 Bridals, 30 QL - 10c each 3 Saddles, 30 QL - 20c each 3 Brown Bear Rugs, 30 QL - 20c each 1 Black Wolf Rug What we can make: 40QL horse shoe sets - 20c per horse shoe, 80c for a set (of 4) Tools/weapons up to 40 QL of your choice for 20c each In about a week I will have some hell horses and 5 speeds for sale so check back! Self serve pens coming soon!
  14. Selling cheap weapons! N - Nimbleness L - Lifetransfer C - Circle of Cunning Buyers pay COD.
  15. Making some space on my merchant: rake, 18ql, 80 CoC , 1s Large anvil, 37ql, 88CoC , 1.5s Huge axe, 90ql, 70 RT , 1.7s Leather Knife, 77ql, 90 CoC , 2.4s Large Maul, 84ql, 66CoC 75FB 66Nim 2.4s Buyer pays CoD or you can pickup from FM (Independence).
  16. Close plz

    All items cod just post below I'll get it out to you thanks. All Weapons 50c each.
  17. Stocks: Horses. Enchanted tools and weapons. 85ql weapons. 80ql studded. 80ql chain. Horse gear. Bayview is located in the South East of Release, at X40, Y35 on this map. COD is 10c for Release, 20c for Pristine. approximately 5 min mailing times. Talk to Delakar to discuss delivery if an item cannot be COD'd. We accept Sleep Powder and referrals in trade. 1 SP =1s or 2 horses. 1 Referral = 6s value. No change given. Bayview Stables 5-speed horses (any colour) with up to 3 extra traits: 40c - pickup only Lithien is the contact for horse sales. Available animals are listed here on this spreadsheet. 5-speed cows (best mount for non-prem chars): 30c 5-speed bulls: 20c Market Merchants: Bayview Weapons QL85 - 1s 50c QL80 - 1s QL75 - 75c QL70 - 55c QL60 - 40c QL50 - 25c Imping up to ql 50 - 20c from 50 to 60 - 15c from 60 to 70 - 15c from 70 to 75 - 20c from 75 to 80 - 25c from 80 to 85 - 50c The stock on the merchant includes all large weapons (huge axe, large maul, 2 handed sword), and WS tools (scythe, sickle, carving knife, butcher knife). Currently QL70 and QL80 are stocked. PM Delakar to check availability, or to order a specific item. Bayview Goods - ropes, sails + misc Ropes - 1c (5 in stock) Mooring Ropes - 5c (5 in stock) Thick Ropes - 15c (5 in stock) Cordage Ropes - 20c (5 in stock) Mooring Anchors - 25c (1 in stock) Door locks - 3c (3 in stock) Small Square Sail - 10c (3 in stock) Triangular Sail - 20c (3 in stock) Square Sail - 30c (3 in stock) QL70 Toolbelt - 60c (2 in stock) QL80 Toolbelt - 1s (2 in stock) QL90 Toolbelt - 2s (2 in stock) QL40 Meditation rug - 30c (1 in stock) QL50 Fine Meditation rug - 40c (1 in stock) QL60 Beautiful Mediation Rug - 50c (1 in stock) Dredge - 50c (0 in stock) Bayview Equestrian - horse equipment 51QL, Leather Saddles - 45c (2 in stock) 61QL, Leather Saddle - 60c (1 in stock) 50QL, Cloth Barding - 50c (2 in stock) 61QL, Leather Barding - 75c (2 in stock) 50QL Chain Barding - 2s - (1 in stock) stocks the following at 71 QL: Horse shoe w/61 WoA - 1s 10c Horse shoe w/62 WoA - 1s 20c Horse shoe w/63 WoA - 1s 30c Horse shoe w/64 WoA - 1s 40c Bayview Enchants - CoC and WoA tools CoC Pickaxes: QL1 (steel), 54 CoC - 54c QL1, 67 CoC - 67 c QL1, 78 CoC - 1s 56c QL1, 87 CoC - 1s 74c CoC Pelts QL71, 68 CoC - 68c QL86, 70 CoC - 1s 50c QL90, 82 CoC - 2s 64c QL95, 73 CoC - 1s 73c CoC Shovels QL54, 78 CoC - 1s 56c CoC Mallets QL70(oak), 79 CoC - 1s 83c WoA Mallets QL80 (oak), 64 WoA - 1s 14c QL80 (oak), 77 WoA - 1s 27c QL80 (oak), 82 WoA - 2s 14c CoC Spindles QL50 (oak), 66 CoC - 66c QL50 (oak), 72 Coc - 72c QL50 (oak), 86 CoC - 1s 72c WoA Spindles Out of stock CoC Fruit press 50 ql (oak), 62 CoC - 62c WOA Stone Chisels Out of stock WOA Trowels Out of stock CoC Ropetools QL50 (oak), 60 CoC - 90c QL50 (oak), 73 CoC - 1s 03c QL50 (oak), 81 CoC - 1s 92c WoA Ropetools QL70 (oak), 60 WoA - 1s QL70 (oak), 72 WoA - 1s 12c QL70 (oak), 89 WoA - 2s 18c WoA Saws QL74, 67 WoA - 92c CoC Saws Out of stock WoA Grooming Brushes QL80 (oak), 61 WoA - 1s 11c QL80 (oak) 75 WoA - 2s CoC Grooming Brushes QL1 (oak), 84 CoC - 1s 68c QL4 (oak), 77 CoC - 1s 54c QL50 (oak), 60 CoC - 60c QL55, 63 CoC - 63c CoC Carving Knives QL80, 75 CoC - 2s 50c QL80, 82 CoC - 2s 64c QL80, 96 CoC - 3s 88c WoA Carving Knives QL80, 75 WoA - 2s 50c QL80, 82 WoA - 2s 64c CoC Whetstones QL71, 66 CoC - 81c QL90, 68 CoC - 98c QL90, 77 CoC - 1s 84c CoC Meditation Rugs QL13, 80 CoC - 1s 60c CoC Scythes QL70, 68 CoC - 1s 18c QL60, 74 CoC - 99c CoC Butchering Knives QL1, 79 CoC - 1s 58c QL70, 83 CoC - 2s 16c CoC Hammers QL71, 68 CoC - 98 c CoC Rakes QL13, 61 CoC - 61c QL14, 77 CoC - 1s 54c QL14, 80 CoC - 1s 60c QL58, 80 CoC - 1s 60c CoC Hatchets QL1, 69 CoC - 69c QL1, 75 CoC - 1s 50c QL1, 83 CoC - 1s 66c QL50, 71 CoC - 71c CoC Fine Fishing Rods QL70 (Willow), 73 CoC - 98c Bayview Leather - Studded leather armor QL60 Set - 1s (1 in stock) QL70 Set - 1s 44c (1 in stock) QL80 Set - 3s (2 in stock) AOSP set - 633 power total (9s 42c) QL70 pants, 78 Aosp - 1s 86c QL70 glove, 63 Aosp - 75c QL70 glove, 74 Aosp - 86c QL70 sleeve, 64 Aosp - 76c QL70 sleeve, 66 Aosp - 78c QL70 boot, 67 Aosp - 79c QL70 boot, 67 Aosp - 79c QL70 cap, 88 Aosp - 1s 88c QL70 jacket, 65 Aosp - 95c Bayview Chain ql70 bronze - made to order only - 6s per set ql70 Iron Sleeves, Boots, Gloves, Coifs - 30c each Jackets, Pants - 45c each Clearwater merchants with BS tools - stock listed on this link. Bayview Goods and Services: Enchant grass: 1 tile - 1s, 2nd tile - 75c, 3rd tile - 60c, 4th tile - 50c. Max 4 per day. Stock available: - Crops - 10c/100: 1k corn 1k rye 1k strawberries 2k onions 1k wheat 1k barley 1k pumpkins 1k oats - Dirt - 50c/500 - 16k+ in stock - Cooked meat - 1s/500 - 10k in stock Completed orders: 07/08/13 - 4k grain + 4k vegetables - delivered. 08/08/13 - 100 marble slabs - completed + picked up. 11/08/13 - special order of vegetables - picked up. 12/08/13 - 1.5k bricks + 1k mortar - delivered. 15/08/13 - small order of cooking supplies - picked up. 17/08/13 - sailing boat - picked up. 25/08/13 - 10k grains - delivered. 01/09/13 - 12k dirt - delivered. 03/09/13 - 1k tin 40-60ql - picked up. 05/09/13 - 2k pumpkins, 2k rye, 2k garlic, 2k corn - delivered. 09/09/13 - 8k dirt - delivered. 09/09/13 - Lemonwood Corbita - complete, delivered 14/09/13 - 4k dirt, 2k onions, 2k potatoes - delivered. 17/09/13 - 100 stone slabs, 100 shafts, 100 ropes - delivered. 18/09/13 - 500 each of pumpkin, corn, potatoes, onions - picked up. 28/09/13 - 100 concrete - picked up 01/10/13 - Oakenwood Knarr - picked up 14/10/13 - 1k mortar, 2k bricks, 100 fence bars - delivered22/10/13 - 2k bricks, 2k mortar, 300 ribbons, 400 large nails, 400 small nails - delivered 25/10/13 - 1k bricks, 1k mortar, 1k cotton - picked up 27/10/13 - 5k bricks - delivered 10/12/13 - Delakar has been horribly lazy at keeping the orders updated. 12/12/13 - 500 cotton, 500 cooked meat, 500 pumpkins - delivered 19/12/13 - 1k bricks - delivered 19/12/13 - 4.3k garlic - picked up 30/12/13 - 500 planks - delivered 31/12/13 - 4k dirt - delivered 04/01/14 - 60ql chain and 60ql huge axe - delivered 12/01/14 - 2k bricks - delivered 15/02/14 - Del sucks at updating this bit. 11/03/14 - 4k bricks - complete, delivered 11/03/14 - 500 bricks, 100 potatoes, 200 pumpkins, large cart with 6 rafts - delivered 12/03/14 Bulk orders no longer accepted. 09/10/14 Yeah, forgot about this part. Oh well.
  18. Selling some cool stuff Offer me the price and its yours Thanks for your time.
  19. Wts my 88ql Huge axe chanted with HDNM72LT64C84 looking for 5s cod to buyer
  20. Close please

    Post here will cod, thanks. (From Xanadu)
  21. Buff Mountain Lions - if you've lived in a country with mountain lions, you know they will slaughter you. When out hiking in mountain lion territories, that'll be in the back of your mind, because if they want to kill you, you're done. Nobody in their right mind would fight one except with a rifle at 100 meters, but in Wurm, I could easily kill them with a 15 QL longsword as a fresh noob with <10 FS, and still they're the same. Noobs should be on the forums crying about being stalked and murdered by a hungry mountain lion while out jogging. They should have high critical chance and do massive damage if they sneak up. As a bonus- please make tame champion mountain lions rideable. Either Nerf Hell Hounds OR Make them larger... They're really dangerous for how small they are. It's extremely deceiving, and a bit silly. They're currently about the size of a cocker spaniel. Even a burning cocker spaniel wouldn't be that scary... Lava fiends are big tough(looking) guys, so shouldn't be much easier than a little dog as they currently are. Also, please make them rarer. It ruins the immersion to see flaming dogs everywhere. Make spears wield-able with shields, but do more damage and parry more when wielded two-handed. Read the Iliad. Parrying with a spear is cool and all, but you can't parry arrows unless you're in a kung-fu movie. please just make these things viable. As it is now, they do comparable damage to a longsword, but can only be wielded two-handed... This isn't right. Bonus- Make throwing spears viable.