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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, as many of you know, The Crusaders have had to replace their artwork due to a copyright claim, as explained in the PSA below posted a little over a week ago: In light of this, The Crusaders have decided to host a public community-wide poll on our PMK artwork. Since a large amount of the Wurm player-base has purchased and/or acquired our kingdom merchandise, we thought it was only fair that everyone would have a say in what direction our artwork will head. Below are four different options that, after meticulous designing and revisioning, The Crusaders have decided to post up for public vote. Each design was placed into Wurm Unlimited in an attempt to give a fair representation of what the final outcome would be in-game. The Military Tent and Tabard has yet to be designed, but one will be created in similar style to the winning Kingdom Set. I hope you all are just as excited to vote on the artwork as we are! One of each Kingdom Item will be given out to a voter at random, so be sure to vote in the poll above! Below are the choices: Kingdom Set #1 Kingdom Set #2 Kingdom Set #3 Kingdom Set #4 We are also giving the chance to vote on a mix. If you would like to see various portions of these PMK items, please vote for I Would Like A Mix, and mention which below! The Winning Design(s) will be selected to be added, but slight changes may be necessary to ensure proper aesthetics in-game. Again, thank you all for your patience and support while we go through this PMK re-skinning, and we hope you enjoy having your opinions heard! Polls close in roughly a week from this post, about 6PM Central US on 03/20/2019. - Xallo / The Crusaders
  2. I think the new updates and features that the devs work on should be subject to a vote by players. I get that bug fixes obviously need to be done, but for new features or modifying existing features, it would be nice if there could be a list of all suggestions and let players vote on which ones they want the most. For example: Which of these would you like to happen the most in the next few months? 1. Cooking system redone 2. New materials for houses 3. New highway system 4. Almanacs 5. Changed mechanics for fighting creatures 6. Breeding system redone 7. More statues and colossi 8. Updates to the web shop 9. Animals crossing server borders etc. The progress and updates are really great, and it's good that the suggestions and ideas forum is obviously being read, but it'd be nice to have a say over which ideas are picked up and which aren't. I feel like some ideas have hundreds of +1s and are ignored for years, while others have a positive but relatively smaller response and those ones are chosen to be implemented. Personally, I was surprised that equipped unicorns and colourful hell horses happened before animals could cross server borders. Both ideas were popular, but they had nowhere near the support or the years of players asking for the feature that animals crossing server borders have. I feel confident that if we are allowed to vote, that'll help the devs address the issues that are most important to the people who are playing Wurm.
  3. The recipes have been entered, and the devs have gathered to make themselves very hungry,m and the final consensus is in, we have the top ten! Some of these recipes had to be adjusted to fit in with existing recipes, or to avoid clashes, so they may be a touch different to what the entry was, but they're still as close as possible I'd like to congratulate the lucky top ten, as these recipes will now be in the 1.3 launch of Wurm Unlimited, but thats not all! Now it's your turn to pick your top three, with the lucky winners getting their name on the recipe ingame! The others will receive the non name version (x's salted port will become salted pork) Votes are open until the end of the weekend, with them going live with the launch of 1.3 on Monday. Below is the recipes in detail, with all the ingredients! Cthalpa's Lemon Herb Battered Chicken Fillet of fowl egg flour lemon oregano parsely sage thyme paprika NESGamepro's Chocolate Milk (was salted but this was changed) Chocolate Sugar Milk Belrindor's Maple Bacon Pancakes Bacon Maple syrup Flour Egg Thor's Austrian Dream Schnitzel fillet of pork Egg Flour Lingonberry Lemon Oil Fries SilentSmith's Chicken Parmigiana Fillet of Fowl Flour breadcrumbs egg chopped tomato cheese any herb Robbycrusoe's Poutine fries cheese gravy Deadfire's Fish n' Chips fillet of fish lemon Raw Fries oil Army's Mountain Gulasch diced meat chopped onion chopped carrot any spice fat flour fresh pasta tomato garlic potato pea pod cucumber corn pea pod sage Dorians Cherries Jubilee Snowball Cream cherries sugar lemon lemon juice rum Til's Take out canine meat ginger raspberry corn dough These recipes may change before they go live, pending testing and ensuring it all runs smoothly, so we do point out the ingredients and method may change! I'd like to thank everyone who entered, and there's ongoing talks about a round 2 already.... But for now, vote up, and you could be making your own dish in Wurm!
  4. When it came time for new horse models the community was given a voice in the matter. We were shown a group of different horses and we, as a community, decided upon which horse type to be used in the game. This was a very practical method that left the vast majority pleased, or at least not considering jumping off a cliff. Now we have the new ship models. It would seem just the opposite of the new horse models has happened. Here, the vast majority is very displeased with what has been given. The reason for the complete difference in results is plain for all to see. In the first instance the community was given a voice in what they would see and use in their day to day WURMian lives. In the second instance no choice nor voice in the matter was offered. The new ship models were simply placed in the game, like it or not. Would it be so difficult to give us a voice in what we are to see in game every day as was done with the new horse models? Thus the proposal. Offer the WURM community a voice in the matter of new models entered into the game while realizing the talents of the model makers as the limiting factor. This would produce the positive results of the horse models and avoid the negative results of the ship models. All hail Sarcaticous. Hail.
  5. And in light of the recent drama, i suggest a system that will at least partially prevent any more butthurt drama: tldr first cus you people dont read: a voting system ON TOP of what we have for emperor or king or whatever, you need a certain minimum support from the faction to even be able to do the emperor thing. Full suggestion: a command used to make it obvious who you would support most as your emperor /support [name] you can support max 3 names, they dont have to be unique (so you can support 1 person x3 if you really like him or her, or spread your vote evenly over 3 names if you cant decide) you have to have minimum 5% of the faction's total support before you can do the thing to become the emperor. only count the people that used the command as upper bound, so if only 5 people use the command on themselves in the entire faction, each has 20% support even tho hundereds of people are in the faction. on deed token you can see who has how much support, who gave them the support is anonymous. even if an emperor is selected the support ###### stays active, so emperor can see his constituances etc evolve if needed. This for all kingdoms, including pmk's, all just on top of what they already have.
  6. You're a friend or enemy of the Horde? But the Kingdom is an important part of chaos and is not intended to disappear? Can still be veterans or newcomers, support the Horde? A new city? Maybe Academy of the Horde? A safe haven for old or new members who are proud of their kingdom and it does not change like dirty laundry. You want to support the Horde? Self or with a donation of coins or material? Together we can do it!
  7. ScarfaceRo's deed design contest has come to a close, and has come to a public vote. This is an "unofficial" poll, as the original thread stated "Just that in this case I won't pick the winner (it would be hard to do so considering I didn't really liked any of the entries), but instead just let the community chose the winner and reward the prize to the design with most "likes" (from valid accounts - made before this date and with at least 100 posts)." However, if my background in web design has taught me anything, it's that content "above the fold" gets the most views, so I am curious to see what a more balanced vote reveals. For the record, Glomby's post won the "official" poll. This note is mad in case ScarfaceRo returns and the likes tally has changed. Grats Glomby! The "likes" tally is as follows: Boomza: 2; Capi: 1; Cookiestomper: 3; Glomby: 4; Keldun: 2; Roame: 4; Slikshot#1: 3; Slickshot#2: 0. Finally, let us keep this topic free of posts arguing ScarfaceRo's whereabouts or intentions. For all intents and purposes, this topic and poll exists for interest's sake and the winner should expect to receive nothing tangible for their work. At least the entrants got to stretch our creative muscles, and the voters look at their pretty pictures! The contestants, in alphabetical order based on username: Boombza Capi Cookiestomper Glomby Keldun Roame Slickshot #1 Slickshot #2 Before casting your vote, please take the time to view each entry. (Ctrl+click to open each link in a new tab) I will also ask that the contestants refrain from casting a vote, whether for themselves or another. EDIT: Just occurred to me that a poll probably needs a time limit. We'll use this one:
  8. /me stands and applauds. EDIT: This was in today's change notes. I'm happy to see it.
  9. Hey guys... i just wana tell everyone what happend to me few hours ago... one of my deed was attacked by 3 players witch join one of the pearl to live there... i dont know how is that posible but person get there and invite her alts to deed... they all vote for new mayor of pink pearl x20 y31 exodus ... they get 80% votes in 12h when i sleep... they get mayor and take over whole deed... kick other players also mayor and stole my deed.... witch have also trader there... i got kos by my own deed... till now no gm respond on my problem... also i try to speak with Angelica she offer me 10s to go away and left her alone there... becose she like area and she will not move away.... for players like them must be only BAN. What u guys think about that? wana see how they will fix that,,,, so now i give advice to players who take over my deed Trundle, Heidi, Cottoncandy and Angelica. Stay away from our deeds... buy yourself one it cost only 10s. I dont care for money... is all about justice... so i lost my pinky pearl... easy i make mistake to take that person in my deed... my foult... atlast i get 10s from that... shame... <Enki> They have used a legal and accepted method of deed control <Enki> Deed security and control is a sole responsibility of the mayor Anyway i will not quit playing Wurm is still nice game... i lost that nice pearl just becose there is always something more smart then you! i hope that will change after all... rolf will do something about it in future. So guys look for your deeds! Tip: That players will stay on my kos list, even if i make china wall thru my deeds
  10. Boats Have Won ZIrgof is no longer part of the deed Looking for new people to move in