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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Wurm Community, Time to make an Official Wurm Trailer! The brief I want to make a new trailer for Wurm, but need your help to make it as great as possible. At the moment we do not have much in the way of gameplay footage from the period after patch 1.1 So this is my attempt at a general round up for collecting player made material and a chance for you and your clan to get featured in the next Wurm trailer! What footage are we interested in? Some examples: *PVP and PVE with many participants *Shots of villages with activity going on *Raid parties *People(preferably full crews) using the big ships, (footage of a wurm player fleet would be awesome!) *Footage of community events in game We are also open for videos that you think displays aspects of the game that makes Wurm great. We are not going to use any material that is offensive or damaging for the player/game experience. Some guidelines for shooting good ingame footage If you want to record new footage from a fitting activity and sent it to us. Here are some guidelines to help you get good quality. *Do not use your view like a player looking/ moving around when recording. *Always disable interface with F10 and the "hover outlines" so that they are not visible in the video. *Think, I am a camera, and set up shots so that you only need to move sideways or forward, without using mouse movement. *Being encumbered in wurm works well if you want to have a slower/smoother "camera" movement. *Think about the movement of the environment, for an interesting video you need things moving/ going on. *If you are a group, think about using emotes to make for variation and dynamics. *Keep it short, I cant handle videos with hours of gameplay. Prioritize getting some nice short shots highlighting what you want to show. Technical tips *If you are using a program like FRAPS, you usually get the option of automatically splitting the recording in preset sizes. Limit file size to under 2 gigabyte. *Set video capture in your recording program to 30 fps. *Use as high quality game settings as possible when recording the video, but remember it is demanding. So ultimately use another hard drive then the one you are playing from, to record to. *Only record footage that is in 1920x1080p or minimum 1280x720p resolution. Other graphic settings, not as crucial. (Depending on what you are shooting) *The FPS you get ingame(once you have started recording), is the fps that will show in the video, you need at least 24fps for ok results. (Make a quick test recording in game, adjust graphic settings until you get at least a stable 24 fps while recording) *Do not compress/render the footage before sending it to us. I am going to have to compress/render it after editing, therefore loosing much quality if it was already done once before. (Only compress original video file with Winzip or Winrar if necessary) Sending footage to us Use the service where you can upload and send up to 2 gigabytes of files per email. Send it with short description and contact information to If you need a different solution, we are setting up an ftp server at the moment, just PM me and I will give you the details. Im sorry for this wall of text but thank those of you who are still reading. Hoping for some great videos and creativity from the lands of Wurm! Cincerely /RedBaron