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Found 67 results

  1. Epic and Valrei explanation

    Many ppl know valrei, the god system, the missions and the fun things it comes with. There is however no guide on the forum, the wiki or any explanation in game about the valrei system. We use a 3rd party website ( ) that works decent and thumps up to the dude that made it but it could use an explanation in the tutorial, the wiki, a forum guide and maybe the game (no clue how hard this is coz im not the smartest dude around). Also referring to this topic: Here is the wiki also so u know more about valrei: What can we do to help ppl understand this better?
  2. Drakespirit bugged

    Seem that now you can't escape from them anymore... I was working near an house, drakespirit found me, I ran into an house thinking to be safe, but he magically entered. So I'm dead Respawned he come to take me again, I run into a closed cave,... he killed me again... Impossible escape from them. Houses locked and ondeed
  3. I am interested in selling the following White Cherry. [12:19:15] This giant cherry was almost ripe when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. God food that may contain mystical powers! It has 2 charges left. Note: Two (2) charges are left and I am selling them together. (I am not dividing the charges out.) PM offers via the forums. Offers lower than 1 gold will not be considered. I will wait a few days for offers to come in before making a decision. I am only accepting in game currency. Buyer pays CoD or pickup can be arranged on Pristine West Coast. Buyers privacy will be respected if requested. Trade offers for charges of the following Valrei items will be considered: Red Tome, Green Cherry, Green Tome, Blood of Angels,
  4. Sold, close please Libram of the night. Until recently this tome was undiscovered on the Freedom isles. Here is your chance to own this rare and unique item. This has never dropped before on Freedom [11:49:15] A black leather book with an etched silver owl, to be read by the wicked and twisted. It has 1 charges left. Starting bid: 100s/e Minimum increase: 5s/e Buyout: 200s/e Sniper protection: 1 hour
  5. 3 of us have obtained this item together and are curious what this book would go for. It is a red tome with all 3 charges on it. The red tome gives the title "sorceror" and grants the user the ability to cast the "fireball" spell. It gives 15% resistance to fire damage, and 10% weakness to internal damage. Feel free to make me a reasonable offer if you are interested!
  6. Was looking to remove 3 unneeded rows to save a tiny bit of upkeep, but it kept saying 'this change will cost 5s'. I then changed nothing, went through the menus on resize, and by changing nothing at all, it still said 'this change will cost 5s'. I checked a different deed that was not renamed, and it did not have this 5s fee. Deed was renamed a long time ago, probably 1.5 years? Maybe longer not sure. I'm unaware by memory if the deed was resized after the rename, but if it was it likely was within the 6 month no-rename period, if that matters. Could be tied to that, resizing after 6 months thinks it's a rename
  7. If it's time for a new mission but the server is down, the new mission never starts. It just happened with Magranon. A mission expired on Elevation during maintenance restart but there was no new mission. It has happened again in the past.
  8. WTB green cherry x1 charge blue cherry x1 charge black cherry x1 charge Please PM me with offers if you have one! NOM NOM! also looking for the uttacha charge x)
  9. Hellhound Puppies

    Say -1 to these face(s), I dare ya. Just like the foal to grown horse system, except cuter. Rarity tick with breeding hellhounds can trigger a three-headed variety.
  10. Well I havn't heard a single person in my kingdom so far that favors the current valrei system. So I decided to make a poll based on suggestions I've heard from various people to see what the public opinion is... and possibly a hint for the devs about how they can improve the system.
  11. Locate Mission

    I looked around for other threads before posting this but couldn't find anything about anyone suggesting a spell to locate missions, however I am sure it has been mentioned before. Since Epic was based around the whole Valrei, gods, missions and scenario's theme it seems to me that most kingdoms only do their own server missions and do not OFTEN travel to enemy servers to complete them. My suggestion is to have a spell for ALL Priests that works similar to Locate Artifact, when cast it will give you a general direction to where the mission item/object/animal etc is. For example: Location: Affliction Mission: 4 of you must perform ritual of healing on tower Touchmee 334 located in the south regions. Players of WL would travel to Affliction and sail to the south of the server and cast Locate Mission facing North (for example), the Spell could be 60favor possibly? I don't know what other people would class as balanced/fair. After casting the spell you would receive a message the same to Locate Artifact. I believe this would work for the following Missions: Towers, Pillars/monuments etc, traitor animals and gifting items to avatars (to locate the Avatar). What you guys think?
  12. First, this is a suggestion only for freedom servers. Wen you finish a mission on Freedom server, make the god spawn a bunch of his/her own favored creature, and make this creatures aggressive towards anyone not being a follower of that religion. To make it more interesting the spawned packs should be of one champion and some normal minions. Edit: title
  13. New Map [Epic Cluster]

    Create a new map the size of chaos for epic without home-servers but "home islands" that are factored into the size of the map, because as it stands the current epic maps are either ruined by Valrei events or lack any true definition in land(lack of real mountains,real islands, or just in general lack of contours) or too small(Affliction). No skill resets just a map and item resets.
  14. General Valrei Quest Issues

    I don't know if the Valrei Quests have ever been debugged or generally looked at since they were implemented, because a lot of the issues we have had with them are persistent and (from my impression) very easy to fix. It would be great if someone could take at look the Valrei Mission Creation Engine to avoid some these issues : Giving items that can't be picked up to Avatars. A few good examples being boats of any kind, container items that can only be pushed after creation (fountains, large barrels/chests, trash heaps), or generally any item that players have no ability to activate and 'give' to avatars. This seems to be just an issue with the parameters for 'random item to be given' selection. If we could just eliminate all the items that can't be held in an inventory it would make things much better. Sacrificing things that are impossible to gather during the mission timeframe. For example we currently have two missions on Serenity for Fo and Vynora, Fo is asking for 500 white-spotted flowers (the rarest flower type that many players go months without ever seeing) and Vynora is asking for 500 Lavender flowers (which are currently out of season). Missions in the past have also asked for 50 Foals to be sacrificed. Wurm pregnancy times vary from 105 to 231 hours, and missions only last 72 hours. With the foals I realize that we most likely do have 50 on the server at least at any given time... its still impossible to breed immediately for this mission if we by chance don't. But I would wager we have maybe 100 White-Spotted flowers in all of Serenity. Both held in inventories and growing in the wild. Non-standard phrasing or otherwise unclear wording for mission parameters. I think right now the biggest example of this would be the '100 Steps' measurement in the Temple Mission. No one has been able to begin constructing a Temple yet and I'm willing to admit its possible thats because no one has figured out what a 'step' is. Another example would be the mission to give a statuette to an Avatar. The mission always describes the statuette as simply that, however the Avatar always needs one of the five statuettes we can currently create (Fo, Vynora, Magranon, Libila, and the plain one). Right now players must make all five and visit the Avatar to find out which it needs. I once completed a mission for the Fo Avatar where he apparently needed a Libila Statuette. The Epic Mission System is the primary reason I play on Epic and I thoroughly enjoy it the majority of the time. But it ruins a lot of the enjoyment of the system when we receive what have become known as the 'Impossible' Valrei missions. Most of the issues could be debugged fairly quickly if some attention was given to the project.
  15. Chaos Valrei Spawns

    Mostly curiosity on this one. Have the Valrei spawns been coded so that they always appear near someone or some town? I ask this because Chaos is one of the large servers but having spawns appear on top of me on three separate occasions is stretching credulity too far for it to be just random placement. Also HoM is a big deed but we get near daily incursions by Valrei creatures again suggesting that the placement is not random. If it was done this way then why? I really pity any starter town on Chaos if it becomes a target for nogumps. It also severely discourages players being able to just wander around the server. Again new players, probably without mounts caught in this situation are guaranteed to be dead meat. I like having the Valrei creatures on Chaos but I'm in an established deed with a lot of resources available to me.
  16. Hello, I find myself here again to report on some more dubious circumstances regarding Valrei. Libila has once again claimed glorious victory and saw fit to bestow upon her followers a gift of Body Stamina. This gift only applied to those individuals who were online at the time. I'm reporting this as a bug because, as I recall, when Wurm won, all players online or otherwise received a hit to their faith. It seems to me the intention is to reward those players who belong to the winning Goddess's kingdom, however only those who were online reaped the fruits of this labor. As someone who feverishly works to complete missions (High Astronomer Represent), it is a disservice to me, and all others who worked on these goals, to see Libila win as I check my twitter for updates on her progress, check chat logs to see what our reward was, only to get online and not receive it. It seems to me that bugs like this are the biggest discouraging factor for the Epic missions as a whole. Thanks for reading, -Zoots
  17. Valrei Mission Credit

    Recently, I've taken to watch the wonderful antics on Valrei. It would seem that the gods occasionally do not receive the assistance they are supposed to get from missions done on the Epic Cluster. As of right now, Libila has received help from Elevation and does not appear to be on a difficult tile. However, on Affliction, we completed the mission to help her. It never showed up on the twitter feed, and it appears it didn't assist her in moving. I believe MR had a similar issue during the last Scenario, but I am not privy to that. To me this seems to be a bug so I'm reporting it. I would greatly appreciate hearing back on this, as I know missions are a big part of epic. -Zoots