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Found 67 results

  1. PC: Green Cherry

    Looking for a price check on: Green Cherry (3 charges) [20:43:47] This giant cherry wasn't mature when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. God food that may contain strange powers! It has 3 charges left. Wiki: Spell granted: Stoneskin (Attacker misses next 3 attacks) Resistance: Internal 15% (Decreases internal damage taken by 15%) Weakness: fire 10% (Increases fire damage taken by 10%) Title= Berserker(m)/Valkyrie(f)
  2. As title says, looking to buy a charge for me, Pm me if you got one pls, Thanks.
  3. (SOLD) Smoke of Sol

    Auctioning one of the highly coveted Smoke of Sol charges, which can easily tip the battle in your favor on PvP, where every advantage matters. Here is a table of the titles and effects of Valrei Sorcery: Starting bid is 1g (or 100e). Min Bid Increments of 10s/e Snipe protection of 2hrs no private bids no reserve no buyout (bid or go home, lol) Thank you for bidding and good luck!! Transaction completed quickly and clean. Thank you Cartier!
  4. WTB Sorcery charges

    AS the title says: Looking for most of them, let me know what you are selling and we can talk price.
  5. I was wondering if the Valrei terraforming events from WO happen with on the default adventure server with epic settings in WU? My friends and I would like to play with epic settings enabled but the terraforming events would be a deal breaker for us. I wasn't able to find an answer here or on the Steam forums sadly. If they do happen, is there a way to disable them? Thank you. EDIT: I found one post that seems to say they do in fact happen but I'm still not sure. A bit more info on the server types and settings like Home and Epic would go a long way towards helping confused players.
  6. A comment in another thread got me to wondering if having some artifacts double as tools would be too much or fine. It certainly would provide yet another incentive to obtaining them, or at least getting the ones that are not in much demand pvp-wise. For example the Finger of Fo acting as a needle. On the otherhand, maybe too much of a good tool...
  7. "Fo wants you to drain the Horde of the Summoned settlement token of Gloomshade in the south regions..." It's not drainable. Thus this is an impossible mission. Remove starter deeds as possible raid targets for the mission generators.
  8. Valrei Totally Busted

    Valrei scenarios are completely messed up in the last few days. Mag auto-won, carried over items to the next scenario. Nathan killed him. Didn't drop his (old) items, but did drop the items needed for the current scenario, in smaller quantity than he was carrying. It force-relocated a few other of the current scenario items from elsewhere on the map to Mag's home hex. Completely busted and messed up now, and it doesn't look like Mag has respawned since yesterday either.
  9. PC - Smoke from sol charge

    Looking for a price check on one Smoke from Sol charge. From Wurmpedia:
  10. PC Beautiful Token

    Found on the shores of our deed. Please post here, or PM me.
  11. Sorcery There's also titles gained after certain combinations of other titles. Mage to name one example. I believe Gary has a more complete list of such at the very least, EDIT: Also I believe there was an update where the sorcery items are divided up into separate items with single charges, instead of just one item with three charges.
  12. A Confession

    There is something that has been bothering me for some time. Nay not an itch I cannot scratch. Nor a slight pain in the back of my eyes. It is an act that to this day haunts my every night. A great weight that burdens and presses down upon my very soul! It is said confession eases troubled minds. Even a small respite will be welcome, so let us turn back the clock… It was early in Epic’s life span; though, not too early. It had been some time since the BL had raided around the Strongbox. Sticking people with so many arrows, they were as walking pincushions. I was in need of a quick ride, and was looking at the various sailboats beached nearby. Upon one in particular did my gaze befall, and I did covet it. “A sailboat!†I thought to myself full in my hubris, “I’ll steal it! And no one will ever know!†Oh my ignorance! Oh my pride! My ego! My shame! Would that I could reach back across time and throttle myself! Tickled the lock my fingers did (curses thrice upon them!), and there before me was such arms, armor, and gear! Jewels and coin! Take it all I did, ignoring the owner’s mark and name! Spent and used it all. Frittered it away on food, drink, and pleasurable company. Such pointless pursuits! Though, the more I ate, the more the food turned to ash in my mouth, No amount of drink would quench my thirst, And all the pleasurable company in the world would not slake my lust. A cursed man I was! Tested I was! Punished disproportionately to the nature of my crime! If only clothing myself in sackcloth and ashes, wailing and gnashing of teeth would ease me of this! How I to know the owner would become a demigod and in time (alot of time) even a god?!
  13. Something I wrote in like 2010-11, whenever mounts and horses were added. At the time was reading some Bedouin stories and got an itch. Do recall posting this in forums before; however, couldn't find the thread after coming across the Word doc file in some archives I keep. Apparently I also never bothered adding to wiki along with the others I did add. Anyways... here it is in its entirety as I had originally made it. Birth of the Drinker of Wind (Wurm Online fanfic) Inspired by Bedouin myths And so after the people of the kingdom of Fire had found favor in the eyes of Magranon, did the god appear in the southern desert. From long repose did he consider the Mol-Rehans as they spread from the western mountains into the surrounding steppe and deserts. Overtime a sand tornado errantly whirled into his face with great force, and with annoyance did Magranon brush it away. Again did the sand devil come, and again did the god flick it away. Thrice did it return, and Magranon finally seized it. In the fires of his wrath did the flame of an idea take form. Thus did the god Magranon begin to work. The tornado gathered itself into the form of a prancing creature, its mane and tail flowing with marvelous speed into the dry desert winds. Into it did the god impart great strength and stamina. However the god became weary and left his unfinished work for rest. Then did appear the goddess Vynora and the god Fo. Upon spying Magranon’s work did they consider it. Vynora finding it beautiful poured forth intelligence. Fo found nothing to give. They departed, seeking their brother deity. Drawn by the Three’s presence so close to her dominion did the dark goddess Libila appear. Finding instead Magranon’s abandoned work, she added a fragment of her own malevolence before vanishing. Soon the Three returned discussing and debating among themselves. It was Magranon who first sensed the taint, and sought to destroy his creation utterly. However, Fo interceded and imparted unto the work some of his own gentleness, hoping such would help counter. Thus did Magranon name the creature the Drinker of Wind and set it forth unto the kingdom of Fire. The people of Mol Rehan beheld the creature in awe. It somewhat resembled the unicorns; though, it showed far greater speed and endurance. Chasing led to not but only exhausted and beaten pursuers. Attempts to capture came to not but destroyed fences and nets. Some in their frustration sought to harm. Such came to not. Arrows easily avoided with a snort. Blade and hammer did not even come close. Even methods of hunting unicorns did not succeed. True the creature could be lured by innocent maidens. Such came to not with an almost malicious glee as it turned every trap. With great disappointment and dejection were the attempts finally called off. However, over time similar creatures began to be born by the unicorns. They were far easier to handle; though, their sire was plain to see. These offspring came to be called “Equus†in the tongue of the Ageless, or “Horseâ€. Long has sightings of the Drinker of Wind been; though, one can still hear the thunder of its hooves echoing across the Horseshoe Mountains. Only among the horses of Fire and Sand does its blood still flow strong.
  14. Looking to sell last charge of unique item "Scroll of Binding" You can read about sorcery and that item here: SOLD
  15. Assuming the number of player gods ever does become an issue... personally its not there yet, if it ever will be. I'm sure gamers will leave some gods pretty much forgotten, depending on the benefits. Anyways... there could be a hard-coded mechanic for this with soft dynamic limits. If a god's follower/priest collective faith count drops below a certain limit (with a grace period after godhood), then that god no longer can manifest themselves on Valrei and/or have an impact on the player world. Perhaps even varying levels of the god being energetic and able to manifest. Players may need to perform certain rituals to re-awaken them: orgies and certain sacrifices included. Yup, stealing liberally from ye 'old fantasy literature. EDIT: Might even forget the grace period, and require followers to let the new god get up and mobile.
  16. Preaching

    Atm preaching can bump up a new convert to faith a fifth of the speaker's preaching skill. With the newer gods popping up, I was wondering if giving this a boost might help take the sting out of converting to new religions, especially if the new convert had particularly high faith with their old god. Perhaps limit this to gods allied to the convert's old god.
  17. Yeah yeah, escort missions suck bigtime. Especially when the AI you are escorting is downright suicidal. Still how about needing to protect something while everyone else is hell-bent on destroying it? Even something a little Last Guardian... caring for something (dragon?) as a youngling from other players.
  18. WTB uttacha slime mmmmm

    looking for a charge of uttacha slime or 2 (one for tuanta xP) 3 is also fine
  19. (SOLD) RED TOME - Fireball

    I have a single, final charge left, so I can mail it to the winner, with no other charges to worry about. Bidding starts at 100s/e Min Increments: 5s/e No Reserve No Private Bids Buyout: 175s/e Good luck bidders!
  20. White Tome all 3 charges

    [22:12:42] The white leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has 3 charges left. Title received after one charge is Summoner. Starting bid: 200e Bid increment: 10e Reserve: 200e Snipe Protection: 3 hr Buyout: 500e Current bid: None Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here, feel free to PM me with buyout or questions. Item will be picked up on deliverance at Funndy Docks, unless delivery is arranged with me before auction ends. Euro is preferred payment, but I will accept silver as well at 1e:1.1s
  21. Let's you summon Worgs. Huge scary wolf looking things, that will fight for you. Gives you 15% resistance to internal damage, but a 10% weakness to fire damage. Title: Worgmaster I have a site set up at my main deed on Xanadu, near Greymead, for learning the spell. PM me offers in s/e, but prefer silvers.
  22. Valrei items

    found em while out exploring and been holding them for ages in my bank. What are they worth? Let's find out together! Starting bids: Powerful Eye 1s Lustrous Eye 1s Min increments: anything goes! Snipe Protection 1hr Buyouts not accepted. All bids go here. .
  23. Friends, Wurmians! Lend me your ears! Last week Johan (RedBaron) gave us some very sad news. After a couple of years as our PR Officer, he had to leave Code Club. During his time here he gave us excellent news and did a great job, with plenty of wit and humour thrown in along the way. He will be sorely missed, but I am sure I speak for the whole community when I say a massive THANK YOU for everything, Johan! But the show must go on. Earlier this week, Rolf asked me to carry on Johan’s good work as Wurm’s PR Officer. This is a huge task, but one I am more than eager to embrace! For those that don’t know me, my name's Ross but many of your know me as Wossoo. I first joined Wurm in late 2005, and I have been on the Wurm team since 2008 as a Player Assistant all the way up to Game Master. I was also PR Officer here before Johan joined us. So, for some this might be a little deja vu! It is going to be hard to follow in Johan’s footsteps for many reasons. However it is now my quest to make sure you all get your news fix every week, and some other things along the way such as a monthly email newsletter. The format may change slightly, but only for the best. This week I am going to try to keep it as close to what we're all used to as I can. None of this will be possible without a strong PR team, so along with Retrograde and Atazoth, I plan to recruit several new PR Assistants. I will be releasing details about how to apply for that very soon, so watch this space! And with that, it’s time to... Carry on sharing news! Bridges The team is still very hard at work testing and debugging bridges. We want them to be as polished and bug-free as possible when they are released which is why they are taking a bit of extra time. Our new collision system, which bridges use, is a massive technical step forward for Wurm and will open up a huge range of new opportunities for development. It's going to be pretty revolutionary once it's done and everyone is very excited about it! Otherwise, progress is coming on very well. A new bridge type is in the works and I hope to show you some more detail about it soon. New wall options The coding for the new wall options we announced in Week 9 and last week is nearly finished and we expect to release them soon. We also have a couple of new screenshots of them - an oriel window set in a plain stone wall, a door with a canopy, and a wide window with a small roof above it. The new wall types will provide new and interesting options for the architects among us to make the perfect creation! We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Banners Everywhere Work is now under-way to implement the new tall banners into the game. Player-made Kingdom leaders are encouraged to submit their banner designs to us using the templates available here. In-Game Valrei Map We now have an in-game version of the Valrei moon map under development by the art team. I hope to be able to show you some screenshots soon! For those who don't play on the Epic cluster, Valrei is where the gods battle it out during scenarios. Players on Epic help their gods by completing certain missions and can even directly influence their gods movement. At the moment it is only possible to view the current position of the gods on the Valrei map in a web browser so an in-game map is much needed! Elevation Poll Recently we asked the people of the Epic cluster to provide feedback on how we can improve their experience. One option which was discussed included a potential reset of Epic's main PvP server - Elevation. We are currently running a poll in-game to find out what players who live on Elevation think about that option. If you'd like to vote on that poll you must be on the Elevation server. Please note the poll ends today and the results will be announced in due course. Challenge Accounts The accounts everyone used to play on Challenge should now be returned to the Golden Valley server where they may be accessed. I hope you have enjoyed my first Weekly News post! Until next time, Happy Wurming! EDIT: Thanks go to Samool for finding a fix to our slight image problem just now!
  24. WTB Slime of Uttacha

    Buying 1-3 charges, pm me if you have and are willing to sell.
  25. [EPIC] New event: Massacre

    Hello fellow wurmians, what do you think about adding some spice to Epic? Something that will shake people and add more life to cluster. Once or twice a year (could be discussed later) Valrei gods become displeased with people of epic. So they fall asleep, and leave people for 48 hours without their protection and patronage. During these 48 hours epic players would see/feel/have: no magic at all (gods are sleeping and can't lend you their power) no altar influence and god domains 30% chance that Meditation bonuses (erupt/enchant/fear/teleport/recall home/and all others) will work no reputation hits and no penalties (sleeping gods can't judge you) possibility to threaten enemy kingdom merchants on Homeservers That could be called The Massacre, or The Purge.