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Found 5 results

  1. From the mind that brought you sandwich trees and strapping snakes and badgers to swords and shields respectively comes... A use for the turret skill!
  2. Interactive 3D model: 60c each. free delivery and discount if you purchase all. Can be loaded into wagon. 5s for 12, 5s for 10 <stevelee> ingame Would consider goods as trade
  3. It would be nice to see the KOS have a little more "bite" to its use. I know that KOS is used sparingly...and for the most part rightfully so because there are people that get themselves put on someone elses KOS list. Of course there are the ones that sometimes the deed owner is a jerk too. Let the turrets have a 5-10 tiles area of effect on Freedom isle-paid deeds. People are paying for the deed and most of the time the offender is some higher level vet that "doesn't care" and offends the player anyway. Now you open a market of selling spells and carpentry and iron to create the turrets as well as having a better defense against those Vet players that think its funny to kill off all the deed owners Templars or Guard Tower guards that just want their coffee and sandwiches and not wind up dead anyway. Have a range limit or a 5 tile seperation between turrets too...Minimum 5 tiles inbetween like the 50 tile requirement for guard tower placement and a range of 10 tile shot range with maybe the use of the outer perimeter to mark the outer border of turrent range...that would increase Outer Perimeter importance to ..."you have now entered the outer perimeter range, you are on KOS and are currently withing range of any turret fire in effect!".
  4. SOLD OUT - THANK YOU! 20x 50ql Turrets for sale - only 60c each! Stock left : 5 3 Lightning turrets 5 Fire turrets sold out 5 3 Acid turrets 5 3 Frost turrets They make very nice decorations - I have one of each kind of turret out on the east side of my deed along my harbour if you wanted to see what they look like before you buy Please note they cannot be mailed. They can be picked up at Greenwood on Indy (26x, 27y | J14 (on Black Dog Isle)), reachable by either boat or cart/wagon. Can also be delivered to Freedom Market or nearby areas - you can contact me via forum PM or in game (Kasumi) to discuss pick up or delivery. Be aware each turret weighs 150kg if you were planning on carrying one!
  5. Hiya I made 3 enchanted turrets a couple of months back. Loved them. The other day I logged on my deed to see them all gone. I did GM call and we think possibly they may have decayed away, however very odd all 3 gone at one time. I did not think to check the damage. My other thought is possibly that an allied villager may have taken. Not sure. My point of this is to make absolutely sure who is allowed on your deed. Mine was locked and only a few peopl are able to come in. I realy wish we could set permissions for individuals not just deeds. BTW if they were taken, I hope the person who took them gets eaten by a dragon and left atop a mountain. Ok Rant Over.