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Found 30 results

  1. Ancient Trees

    Currently trees cycle, with constant care a tree enters a new stage of growth. Ancient trees are hard work to produce. They must be kept at very old for a certain amount of time (I would say 5x the amount of time from very old to overaged) without reaching overaged. It then naturally transforms into an ancient tree. The benefits are : A much larger amount of wood (perhaps even double in some trees?) and it produces saplings roughtly 2x as fast. The slightly harsh bit : It has a timer till overaging occurs, a lot longer than normal (again I would say about 5x), if it overages then the ancient status is lost. It can be trimmed back to ancient easily. This is just to prevent immortal trees really.
  2. I want to eventually create pages for all the kinds of trees (and bushes) with their own pictures. Right now it's a bit of a mess, especially with fruits and their trees in the same page. I want to update this article to link to all of the different pages for them (once they are done): These pages need to be renamed as <WoodType>_tree with <WoodType> being redirected to their _tree page. Same applies for Bush, but with _bush instead of _tree. Pictures of each tree need to be added. Pictures of the wood when on a barrel can be added here too. These pages need re-writing. Each of the fruits/flowers should have separate pages from their tree/bush. Pictures of the fruit/flower should be uploaded here. These pages need creating. Pictures of each tree need to be added. These should have a link to the fruit or flower they produce. Pictures of the wood when on a barrel can be added here too. (Non-Harvestable) I'd appreciate if someone can take pictures of each kind of tree and fruit and post them below. I'll upload each of the files in relation to their name (Birch_tree.jpg, or Apple.jpg). Red signifies not done. Green signifies done. I'll get to work on the pages as soon as the Wurmpedia stops crashing.
  3. Tree In House?

    I wanted to build a house, and plant a cedar tree in the center and have it grow through holes in each level of the house. Is this possible? and if it is, is there a specific way I have to do it to not mess it up?
  4. I got information when I asked in the CA help one day that cherry tree's don't live up to there names and turn pink when appropriately. I am a fan of Japanese culture, and having lots of pink trees in my yard would look very nice during a certant season. but I mean, it will help with changing up the colour of our forests abit, doncha think? Also, The walls are abit bland. I was thinking, Paintings! This would be very easy as the game could simply do as minecraft does and have "premade paintings" or we could go alittle more complex where a user can upload there own picture into a "frame". The pictures would only be 16px,16px to like, 1200px to 1200px to avoid massively large photos, and stretched appropriately. I know people are going to add ugly photos, like Anime and pictures of them selve, that doesn't really meet the medevil theme, but IT could be good for deeds as they can post player made flags around and stuff. And don't worry, I got the whole "what if someone uploads a ######" they could have a system or a mod that moderates the photos that people upload to the game, and if a mod or the program sees an inappropriate photo, they can warn the player to remove it or ban them. No but srsly, where the hell are my pink trees!?
  5. Can't Build Christmas Tree

    Since we have proper ingame seasons now, I wanted to plant a christmas tree but it always says that the felled pine contains too little material. I tried with a 186.67kg felled pine and up to 32kg wood scrap, totalling over 200kg. Is that intentional? Can we get christmas trees anyway now? Pretty please :3