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Found 3 results

  1. CHEAP TOOLS and MORE Looking for the perfect rare tool with 100+ casts? You're at the wrong store. Don't want to spend 4 month of deed upkeep on a hammer? You're in the right spot! I rarely saw anyone selling "it'll do" tools, till now. Got a tiny bit of scale at a dragon hunt? Trade up here! Going rate is 70c per .01, I can do better in trade, pm me in game. Add the price of the tool and the highest cast together for final cost. 70ql tools can be imped to 80ql upon request. 6 slot tool belts - 30c 7 slot tool belts - 40c 8 slot tool belts - 60c Lanterns - 50c (pre dyed so very bright) TOOL QL CAST 70ql -25c 50-59 10c 80ql -40c 60-69 20c 70-79 30c 80-90 40c PLATE SET - 5s Steel plate set with AoSP casts More sets on the way, check back soon...... A WORD ON PLATE ARMOR Biggest complaint I hear about plate is "you cant run in it" Thats what horses are for. This is not PVP, monsters don't target your horses and kill them out from under you like players do. Is drake and scale better, of course it is, but not by much (steel adds +2.5% defense). If your looking just at base defense steel plate is better than drake, but drake has better glance rate. Armour - Wurmpedia The main difference besides price (drake 150s and plate 5s) , or when running, is that imping requires steel. STUDDED LEATHER SETS - 4s DYE I like to dye my armor sets. If you don't like the color (more will be added) you can request something else. Keep in mind, armor does not dye evenly. Find a color online, get the code, make it, add to armor and looks COMPLETELY different. For this reason I will not make specific colors but I also don't charge to add something close to what you want. May just be me but I hate doing all one color on armor. Break it up a little. Plain steel and black are neutral colors that work well for this. HORSE SETS I tested these sets on a few horses for speeds. The speed difference was consistent so I added it. Full set for draft horses 5.7km/h on cart - 5s (barding is classic colors and free) Want it fast? PM me in game. I try to check the post daily but forget sometimes. I'm adding items all the time so check back often Please leave a comment to keep my store active, I hate to "bump" it. Looks like no one is buying even when selling.
  2. For those who are not aware the playerdata.txt file in each character's folder is where the game stores data such as toolbelt configurations, custom timers, skill tracker, etc for that particular character. However, there is no separate data file for either the Epic or Freedom side of each character. Obviously each cluster has separate items (and item identifiers), and a character on either cluster can have a completely divergent skillset and timers. For example a crafter on one cluster may be a fulltime Fo priest on another cluster. EDIT: Sure one change in Settings > Game where data such as custom timers are stored; however, there is no such option for toolbelt info.
  3. After a couple of days work for hours on end, my offer is four complete sets of tools of QL60-ish mostly, totalling about 2266QL, sold seperately or together. Due to my skills, all tools considered weapons will be QL37-ish, all fine carpentry items will be QL50-ish. All wooden tools are made of oak, with oak shafts or handles, for what it's worth. All tools that fit in a small chests will be put in one of your chosen wood type. Choose a type of wood for the chest that comes with the set, use this screenshot as a refence. Delivering to shore areas. Price for ONE set: 10s including delivery (less than 45i per QL). Pickup discount price: 8s, pickup at Ussta Delmah (60x 5y) (ca. 35i per QL). Pickup discount price: 8s 50c, pickup at Targoviste (56x, 9y) (ca. 38i per QL). Price for all 4 sets including delivery: 35s (ca. 38i per QL) Pickup discount at Ussta Delmah or Targoviste: 30s (ca. 33i per QL!) With this set of 41 items you are able to do mostly any kind of work and exercise any kind of activity, mining, smithing, carpentry, farming, cooking. I'm willing to negotiate construction work (forges, ovens, guard towers, houses, fences/walls, ships) and odd jobs on site. You can view my trade skills on the wiki or the Wurm Online Skillcompare website. (71 blacksmithing, 60 chain armour smithing, on an alt)