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Found 29 results

  1. 3 of us have obtained this item together and are curious what this book would go for. It is a red tome with all 3 charges on it. The red tome gives the title "sorceror" and grants the user the ability to cast the "fireball" spell. It gives 15% resistance to fire damage, and 10% weakness to internal damage. Feel free to make me a reasonable offer if you are interested!
  2. Green Tome of Magic, 3 Charges

    I am auctioning the following Green Tome of Magic on behalf of the three people who won a charge at the recent Forest Giant slaying on Xanadu. The Green Tome of Magic gives the Worgmaster sorcery ability to both Male and Female accounts, thus giving them the ability to spawn Worgs, such as the ones pictured below: Worgmaster gives you 15% Internal Resistance, and 10% Fire Weakness. Worgs cost 500 Karma to spawn, each. * You are bidding on a single charge, unless otherwise noted in your bid. * Please clarify which charge you are bidding on, i.e. Charge #1, Charge #2, Charge #3. * I have the right to refuse a potential buyer if I deem them untrustworthy. * Note that you will use the charge at my deed on Independence as I have a place set up for it (unless you buy all three charges). Bids start at 1g per charge. We will entertain buyout offers for the entire Tome, but not per single charge. Private bids accepted. Charge #1 Starting Bid: 1g Current Bid: - Charge #2 Starting bid: 1g Current Bid: - Charge #3 Starting Bid: 1g Current Bid: - Bidding will end on Saturday, January the 3rd, 2PM Central US, to give people enough time to bid over the holidays. AUCTION ENDED - BUYOUT ACCEPTED * 1 Hour Sniper Protection. * Minimum Increments of 10s up until 1g50s, then 5s after, per charge. * No buyouts will be permitted on single charges, but if you want to buy the entire Tome, please PM me offers. * No reserves on any charges, and we will entertain hidden bids.
  3. WTB - Green Tome

    WTB = Willing To Beg! Just PM me with what you think it is worth. Let me make your xmas pockets a little fatter.
  4. Black Tome for Sale!

    Black Tome For Sale One charge - Must come to Pristine to pick up and use the tome. Purchase this Black Tome and never be alone! Arrive to parties in style, be the envy of your friends! This tome will make you powerful, better looking, and doggone It, people will like you*. Considering Private Offers of Silver over 1 Gold Will trade for a Scale Set of Armor Black tomb infoTitle: Necromancer (Black Tome + Smoke gives you a Witch Doctor title.)Resist: DiseaseWeakness: Water Spell: Summon super sexy Skeletons including big champions (male) Believed to summon Wraiths (female) Breedable: At least the skellies are - wraiths unknown. But unlikely they will stay around long enough to have a baby [21:34:12] You start using the black tome of magic.[21:34:21] You stare into the darkness of the Abyss. You step into it and fall. You fall..[21:34:32] You will henceforth be known as the Necromancer [Playername] Additional info on Skellies from Tuanta: FYI on skelliesI summoned them on deed, got 3 normal, 1 sly, and 1 champ (5 total)Once summoned 4 of them immediately started attacking one of the normal skellies until it was dead.They lasted a day (24 hours real world time)They follow the player around like animals being led.Once you issue the command Pet > Stay Here, only one of the skeletons will follow that command. Note: At the time of this post: The skeleton will then be forever bugged and will not re-follow once you clear orders. (Relogging did not help)They cannot swim and will get stuck in water like cows, bison, etc.Here's a pic which shows the skeletons and the summon wall spell at the right. (Yep, champs are BIG)Photo courtesy Tuanta - Pristine Possible pic of wraiths - these were the Spirit Templar during Halloween and it is possibly being used for the wraith model as well: *All claims in this post are suppositional. Any information here has been gathered from the forums and/or personal experience and believed to be correct. Please do your own research as to the Black Tome's properties.