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Found 43 results

  1. Ointment of Tailoring: Seeing if anyone knows what this is or wants to buy it to check themselves. Send me a reasonable offer via PM or post here, I will consider if I wanna sell it or hoard some more depending upon the offer.
  2. fine carpentry (wood of choice) can make any fine carpentry items 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 90ql 1s carpentry 70ql 30c 80ql 40c woodcutting Transporters will be over 50ql Ship transporter 1S Wagon 1S Pick up Non mailable items Archery target 50c Floor boards 5c Ea Support beam 4c EA Small Crate 5c EA Large Crate 15c EA Tailoring & Ropemaking Sails will be 30+ql Triangular sail 30c Small square sail 30c Square sail 30c Rugs will be 50ql Meditation rug 50c fine meditation rug 60c Beautiful meditation rug 70c Exquisite meditation rug 1s Random ql Banner 20c Kingdom banner 20c Freedom islands Flag 20c Kingdom flag 20c Freedom islands Tabard 10c Sheet of cloth 5c Ropes Cordage rope 10c Ea Mooring rope 2c EA Rope 50i EA Thick rope 20c EA
  3. You can preferably message me here. No enchants wanted or needed on rug, thanks. Will pay one 1s 30c +CoD minimum. More based on quality, or rare status.
  4. WTB Cloth armor (80+ql)

    Hey guys, I'm searching for a nice Cloth armor to buy, check it out: What I exactly want: Full cloth armor 90+ql with 70+AoSP What I can pay for: Full cloth armor 90+ql with 80+AoSP and some other enchant maybe Acceptable: Full cloth armor 80+ql with 60+AoSP I'm from Deliverence, and I have no problems on paying the CoD Offers please
  5. Cedar Hills Smithy Priced to Compete with any other Blacksmithing merchant. Cedar Hills is at 34y 52x Independance Server. Can be mailed for the 10c fee,20c cross server fee (shovels included). Orders can be sent Ingame @ Tekada or via Forum Message Soon to come, Tailoring and Carpentry! (cross server delivery fees, 1s per border crossed.) (Mail Courier 59) Blacksmithing Tools 50ql 10c 60ql 20c 70ql 40c 80ql 80c85ql 1.4s Horseshoes x4 50ql 50c x4 70ql 1s Large Anvils 40ql 20c 50ql 30c 60ql 45c 70ql 75c 80ql 1s 85ql 1.6s Lamps (Available in Copper up to 60ql)(Now Available in White & Green) 30ql 80c x10 50ql 1.5s x10 60ql 2.0s x10 70ql 3.0s x10 Imperial Street Lamps 30ql 1s x10 40ql 1.3s x10 50ql 1.6s x10 Brass (Street and Hanging) 40ql x5 1.5s 50ql x5 2.25s Bronze 40ql x5 1.5s 50ql x5 2.25s Huge Bells 50c Candelabra's Iron/Copper 30ql x10 1.5s 40ql x10 2.5s Gold Candelabra's 30qlx5 1.5s 40qlx5 2.5s Gold Lamps 30ql x10 1.5s 40ql x10 2.5s 50ql x10 3.5s Cloth Tailoring Sheets: 30ql: 5c 50ql: 10c Meditation Rugs 30ql: 10c 40ql: 20c 50ql: 30c Fine Meditation Rugs 30ql: 20c 40ql: 30c 50ql: 40c Beautiful Meditation Rugs 30ql: 30c 40ql: 40c 50ql: 50c Triangle Sail: 30ql: 20c 50ql: 40c Small Square Sail: 30ql: 20c 50ql: 40c Square Sail: 30ql: 50c 50ql: 80c Banners & Kingdom Banners: 25c (Freedom Only) ( I cannot offer Black Legion Banners) Guard Towers: 50ql 5s (Includes room for repair) Current in stock: 80ql Large Anvil 2 80ql Pickaxes
  6. Additional Clothes

    Hi. I think Wurm would visually benefit from introducing more clothing, be it for roleplay or generally game-feeling. These are some suggestion as to what might be possible, the images are for brain storming. Blacksmith's apron MiscellaneousTabard slotUsing leatherSuccess chance somewhat higher than a leather armor (21? dependent on smithing skill?No defense since it is no armor slotChef's uniform MiscellaneousHead and torso slotUsing clothSuccess chance somewhat higher than a cloth armor (21? dependent on cooking skill?)Defense of a cloth armorBandana HeadgearHead slotUsing clothSuccess chance appears at 21-30 cloth tailoringDefense of a cloth hoodOptional: possibility of applying dyeNobleman's set Feets, hands, legs, torso, sleeves and head slotUsing cloth, gold/silverSuccess chance appears at 40-50+ cloth tailoringDefense between cloth armor and leather armor due to thicker linenVillager's set Feets, hands, legs, torso, sleeves and optional head slotUsing cloth and leather (perhaps leather scraps, so not officially leather armor and thus no armor boost)Success chance of cloth armorDefense of a cloth armor Please let me know what you think.
  7. Fo and Carpentry Service

    Fo Services for Sale Mailbox Enchants: 30+ power: 1s, 50+ power: 2s, 70+ power: 3s You pay for the minimum cast you want on the mailbox and I keep casting until that happens. There is no extra charge if it casts higher. Enchanted Grass: 50c for 1 tile.If u need more then 1 price is 40 c each per tile It takes 18 hours for the cast to recharge, so I will need to camp out if you need more than two tiles. Genesis: 20c per cast, (1 cast available every half hour) Genesis rids a horse of 1 random, negative trait. Wild growth . 10 c per cast It nurtures and tends to all trees and fields within a small radius around the caster. Humid drizzle 15 c per cast Humid drizzle is an area of effect spell that tends to (i.e. grooms) all animals in a radius of 4 tiles in every direction around the tile it is cast on. It also cures diseased animals.This spell has a cooldown timer of 14 minutes. Nolocate cast: 50+ Power 70c, 70+ Power 1s, 80+ Power 2s, 90+ Power 2.5s Life Transfer Casts: <30 power: 1s, <50 power: 2s, <60 power: 3s, <70 power: 4s, 70 and more power: 6s You pay for the actual power of the spell that gets casted on your equipment If you bring your own weapon no guaranties if shattered , to lower the risk at least QL 50 or more Tailor Shop: Leatherworking: QL 50 60 70 Armor 1s 1,5s 2s Saddle 50 c 1s 1,5 s Toolbelt 40c 50c 70c Clothtailoring: QL 50 60 70 Armor 80c 90c 1s Meditation Rug 30c 40c 55c Fine Meditation Rug 40c 50c 65c beautiful Meditation Rug 50c 60c 75c Exquisite Meditation Rug 60c 70c 85c Cloth Barding 60c 70c 80c Ropes QL 30+ 40+ 50+ Mooring Rope 6c 7c 8c Tick Rope 8c 9c 10c Cordage Rope 10c 11c 12c Sails QL 30+ 40+ 50+ Small Suare Sail 25c 30c 40c Square Sail 35c 45c 55c Triangular Sail 25c 30c 40c Tools: ( Fine Fishing Rod, Grooming Brush,Mallet, Spindle, Spatula, Clay Shaper, Practice doll ) Carpentry: 50 60 70 Tools 15c 30c 45c Fine Carpentry: 50 60 Wagon 80c 1 s Tools 25c 40c Chain Armor: Iron. QL: 50 60 70 Full Set 1s 1,25s 2s Jacket/Pants 20c 25c other parts 15c 20c Barding 75c 1s 1,25 Blacksmithing: Tools: ( Awl, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Metal brush, Needle, Rake, Pickaxe, Saw, Shovel, Trowel, Frying Pans, Small and Large anvil* ) QL 50 60 70 15c 30c 45 c *Large Anvils are double the cost*. Masonery Service 50 60 70 Forge/Oven imp. 40c 75c 1s Guardtower imp. 50c 75c 1s Celebration is free,Exodus 20c, Deli 40c and Indy 1s for Travel cost Stable: 4 Speed horses 30 c each.50 c for a pair. 5 Speed horses 40 c each. 70c for a pair. 5 Speed horses with FF and TB (7 traits) 50c each. 90 c for a pair. Bisons, 5 speed 50 c Eggs 4 c each only pickup at Ravens Bluff / 200 in Stock Mail fees are not included. +10c for Celebration, +20c for other servers Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [97] Check this page to see what can and can't be mailed. http://www.wurmpedia.../index.php/Mail Delivery on coastal Places ask me( i no deliver to Chaos) Msg Aarbi or Exania in Game if u need any Service
  8. ***We are closed for the time being. Thanks for your understanding. ***** Welcome to The Factional Fight Merchants! We are located on the Deliverance server in the village of Autumn Twilight at 37x 38y. Custom Enchants: We guarantee 80 power casts!! You may, of course, request a lower minimum. WoA or CoC: 96+ - custom price 90 - 95 power - 3c per power 80 - 89 power - 2c per power 70- 79 power - 1c per power + 20c < 70 power - 1c per power Nimbleness: 96+ power - custom price 90-95 power - 4c per power 80-89 power - 3c per power 70-79 power - 2c per power Any Demise: 25c Carpentry, Fine Carpentry or Blacksmithing Tools Currently, only Blacksmithing tools can be imp'd to 95ql. Both Carpentry and Fine Carpentry can be imp'd to 92ql. 95ql - 4s ** 92ql - 2.5s *(4s) 90ql - 1.5s *(2.5s) 85ql - 80c *(1.5s) 80ql - 60c *(1s) 70ql - 30c *(50c) 60ql - 20c *(20c) 50ql - 15c *(15c) *The cost for Large anvils are shown in the brackets **No 95ql Large Anvils Masonry Grindstones: 90ql - 1.5s 85ql - 80c 80ql - 60c 70ql - 30c 60ql - 20c 50ql - 15c Whetstones: 98ql - 50c 95ql - 40c 90ql - 25c Stone Mine Doors: 70ql - 1s 60ql - 60c 50ql - 30c Cloth Tailoring Sails (All come 50ql): Triangular Sail - 40c Small Square Sale - 40c Square Sails - 80c Cloth Armor (Full set): 90ql - 3s 80ql - 2s 70ql - 1.5s Tabards: 90ql - 1.2s 80ql - 90c 70ql - 80c 60ql - 70c Cloth Barding: 90ql - 1.5s 80ql - 70c 70ql - 60c Exquisite Meditation Rugs: 90ql - 1.8s 85ql - 1.1s 80ql - 90c 70ql - 60c 60ql - 50c 50ql - 40c Beautiful Mediation Rugs: 90ql - 1.7s 85ql - 1s 80ql - 80c 70ql - 50c 60ql - 40c 50ql - 30c Fine Meditation Rugs: 90ql - 1.6s 85ql - 90s 80ql - 70c 70ql - 40c 60ql - 30c 50ql - 20c Meditation Rug: 90ql - 1.5s 85ql - 80c 80ql - 60c 70ql - 30c 60ql - 20c 50ql - 15c Leather Working Studded Leather Armor: 90ql - 60c per piece - 5s per set 80ql - 25c per piece - 2s per set 70ql - 15c per piece - 1s per set Saddle: 90ql - 2s 85ql - 1.5s 80ql - 1s 70ql - 60c Leather Barding: 90ql - 2.5s 85ql - 2s 80ql - 1.5s 70ql - 1s Toolbelts: 90ql - 1.5s 80ql - 60c 70ql - 30c Raw Mats Logs: 92.5ql - 30c per log 90ql - 20c per log 80ql - 7c per log
  9. [Closed] Rare Needle - 90QL

    Rare Needle, Iron - 90.05 QL Starting Price: 2s Minimum Increment: 50c Buyout: Make me an offer. Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Duration: Sold to Gypsy at 2.5s Item will be sent via COD from Chaos server. Pickup not available.
  10. The East Inde Tailoring Co. is currently located on the shores of beautiful Colossus lake. All products are hand stitched by our artisans for premium quality goods and made to order. Last Updated: Jan.26.2014 Currently our products include: Triangular Sail 40c Small square sail 40c Square sail 60c Satchel (Bulk orders available at lower prices.) 20c Sheets (x2) 20c I will produce any other Tailoring item on Demand. All items will be made to 50ql. (Higher Qualities can be arranged as requested and will be updated as I become more skilled.) Delivery can be arranged anywhere a mailbox can be found for an additional cost: 10c on Independence 20c Anywhere Else I will personally deliver any order over 2s free of charge. Thank you for Visiting the East Inde Tailoring Co. Page. Happy Shopping. Order Queue 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (If you feel my prices are too high in relation to other merchants I will price match any merchant's ad that has existed longer then 30 days.)
  11. Hello, we are located in NW Exodus in Shallow Bay. Delivery is available, rates will be negotiated based on size of purchase. Please pm StormBornQueen, Courtneyvii or Yarrick in game/on the forums to place an order or with any questions on items not listed. Thanks for stopping in!! Studded Leather 40ql- 40c 50ql-50c 60ql-75c Leather Toolbelt 40ql-10c 50ql-20c 60ql-30c Leather Barding 40ql-60c 50ql-80c 60ql-1s Saddles 40 ql-30c 50ql-40c 60ql-50c Sails Triangular sail-30c Small square sail-30c Square sail-60c Tools Wooden tools up to 60ql 25c Iron tools up to 40ql 15c Steel tools up to 40ql 30c Fletching 1 quiver of 30ql arrows (hunting or war) 80c Free quiver included
  12. New Quiver Slot Item : Pouch

    New Item : Pouch Requires : 0.1 cloth Created With : Tailoring (Min 25 to make) Weight : 0.1 Use : Holds lots (up to 50) of small items (healing covers, gems, coins, herbs etc) but not larger items (arrows, tools etc). Equipped to the quiver slot. A mini satchel designed for the traveler.
  13. Homestead Bay Tailoring

    Located at Friends of Exodus Market (NE of Exodus; x39, y5) Currently: cloth tailoring: triangular sails 60ql-50c sm square sail 60ql-50c sm square sail 70ql-60c square sails 60ql-90c satchels 60ql-10c cloth barding 70ql-90c kingdom tabards 60ql-25c leather working: toolbelts 70ql-70c rare toolbelt 70ql-7s saddles 60ql-70c bridles 60ql-50c barding 60ql-70c barding 70ql aosp41, woa 12 - 1s43c quivers/water skins/backpack 50ql-5c enchanted rugs: meditation rug 70ql coc 32 - 92c meditation rug 70ql coc47 - 1s 7c beautiful meditation rug 70ql coc 52 - 1s 32c beautiful meditation rug 70ql coc 42 - 1s 22c beautiful meditation rug 70ql coc 22 - 1s2c fine meditation rug 70ql coc 32 - 1s2c fine meditation rug 70ql coc 26 - 96c exquisite meditation rug 70ql coc 71 - 1s61c exquisite meditation rug 70ql coc 34 - 1s24c exquisite meditation rug 70ql coc 24 - 1s14c
  14. Liberty Kingdom Market

    Liberty Kingdom Market The Kingdom of Liberty is a community of deeds located just west of Freedom Market on Independence. We have joined together and now have a complete listing of different services and goods for sale. Liberty Port (29x,38y) LP Shipwright inc. is now taking orders for: All boats ordered will be 40+ ql and come with wood type of your choice w/ mooring anchor & boat lock included. Will be adding more ships soon! Also offering the following goods: Liberty Vineyards Individual wine auctions will be listed here. Wine auctions are by the cask. If you are interested in setting up a long-term purchasing agreement, please PM MPChris or Eximus. All orders always available for pickup. Delivery is available on all orders with additional fee. Orders Mailable from 100 courier mailbox add cod charge onto purchase. Discounts available for large orders. Feel free to post, pm, or message in game for any questions or to place orders Additional goods/services will be added to this post as well. Check back for updates
  15. Cloth And Leather Goods

    Location : Deliverance 19x 14,7y The Echo. Status : Open Contact me: In game - Martynas Forum - Martynas5 Or just post order in this topic Only exchanted grass available now Cloth tailoring - up to 54QL Minimum order QL is 30 Meditation rug 0,5c/1ql Fine meditation rug 1c/1ql Beautiful meditation rug 1,5c/1ql Small square sail 0,5c/1ql Triangular sail 1c/1ql Square sail 1,5c/1ql Cotton sheet - 4c Leatherworking - up to 70QL Minimum order QL is 50 Leather armor set 1c/1ql Studded leather armor set 2c/1ql Toolbelt 1c/1ql In stock: 5x 60QL leather sets 52ql fine meditation rug 50ql square sail 50ql beautiful meditation rug Selling exchanted grass 0,7s each. Minimum 14 grasses. While exchanting i can make cloth tailoring goods 2x cheaper if supplies with materials
  16. Turiel & Tekari's Little Shop of This & That is closed. All our merchandise is now on Merchant Anagrom in Puzzle Plaza Market or can be bought from us directly. Just ask via PM ingame and we'll be glad to help you out if we can. We are situated in Anagrom Ataf, Deliverance.
  17. The Smithy Welcome to The Smithy! We hope you will find something you like. If you want a special order, we can provide that for you, but we cant ensure the power of the enchant. Enchant power 0-60 1c 60-80 2c 80+ 3c Nimbleness +1c Mind Stealer +2 Demise 20c Smithing Blacksmithing 50ql 15c 60ql 25c 70ql 40c 80ql 80c 10x Iron lamps 50ql 1.5s Horse shoes 75% of full price. Jewelry Smithing (only silver) 50ql Ring 25c Pendulum 40c Statuette 50c 60ql Ring 35c Pendulum 50c Statuette 60c 70ql Ring 50c Pendulum 65c Statuette 80c Carpentry Tools 50ql 15c 60ql 25c 70ql 40c Bowyery 50ql 25c 60ql 35c 70ql 50c Fine carpentry 50ql 20c Tailoring Rugs 50ql 15c 60ql 25c 70ql 40c Sails 50ql Small square sail 20c Triangular sail 35c Square sail 60c 20x Satchels 20ql 1s Sheets 20ql 5c >>In Stock<< Tool QL Enchants Price Stone chisel 70QL Woa 68 Coc 42 1.58 S Stone chisel 70QL Woa 65 Coc 33 1.43 S Stone chisel 70QL Woa 66 Coc 33 1.45 S Stone chisel 70QL Coc 52 0.92 S Hatchet 70QL Woa 52 Coc 60 1.52 S Hatchet 70QL Woa 52 Coc 45 1.37 S Hatchet 70QL Woa 81 Coc 38 1.81 S Pickaxe 70QL Woa 61 Coc 36 1.38 S Shovel 70QL Woa 54 Coc 38 1.32 S Shovel 70QL Woa 62 Coc 36 1.40 S Shovel 70QL Woa 55 Coc 31 1.26 S Shovel 70QL Woa 63 Coc 41 1.47 S Shovel 70QL Woa 55 Coc 38 1.33 S Saw 70QL Woa 65 Coc 39 1.49 S Saw 70QL Woa 81 Coc 48 1.91 S Sold Hammer 70QL Coc 72 1.12 S Hammer 70QL Woa 56 Coc 44 1.40 S Hammer 70QL Woa 71 Coc 48 1.70 S Rake 70QL Coc 68 1.16 S Rake 70QL Coc 56 0.96 S Whetstone 88QL Coc 62 0.72 S Whetstone 88QL Coc 58 0.68 S Whetstone 90QL Coc 73 0.83 S Sold Whetstone 88QL Woa 67 Coc 55 1.69 S Whetstone 88QL Woa 57 Coc 58 1.55 S Whetstone 88QL Woa 56 Coc 47 1.43 S Whetstone 86QL Woa 54 Coc 53 1.47 S Whetstone 88QL Woa 65 Coc 54 1.64 S Whetstone 88QL Woa 72 Coc 40 1.64 S Whetstone 88QL Woa 56 Coc 47 1.43 S Mallet 71QL Coc 52 0.62 S Mallet 70QL Coc 74 0.84 S Mallet 71QL Coc 53 0.63 S More tools on it's way! CoD Prices Chaos - 10c Independence - 20c Deliverance - 20c Exodus - 20c Free Pickup at Kyara, Chaos! *Shovels and Rakes needs to be wrapped, it will double the CoD*
  18. Kajmart Opened On Indy

    Three New Merchants have arrived at Freedom Market. Kajmart (Front Row South end), Kaj Tailor (on the North side 3rd row) and Kaj Xtra Stock (East 2nd Row). IN stock now and 70 QL, enchants 50+: Hammers Rakes Pickaxes Files Large anvils Trowels Chisels Saws Needls Scissors Leather Knifes Awls Shovels Hatchets General price range is 90c-1.25 Misc 50-70QL: Wire Brushes Branding Irons Dredges Lanterns - some dyed white and all filled Horse Shoes -often enchanted 50+ General prices range, excluding shoes, 20c Cloth Tailoring 50-60QL: Fine Rugs -enchanted 50+ Exquite Rugs -enchanted 50+ All Sail types General price range 25c-1.25 Carpentry/Fine Carpentry 50-90ql: Press -some enchanted Fruit Press -some enchanted Fishing Rods -some enchanted Mallets General price range 25c-1s