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Found 5 results

  1. So this is still a thing it seems. A couple of times today I found a tool (in abandoned places), and when examining it, it gave me the message that crafter name was erased and I now proudly etch my own name on the thing. That's not so nice. Can anyone walk me through the mechanism for exactly what results in a crafter name being erased? I have no clue. If I have tools in a chest on my deed, will the names of these crafters also be erased over time?
  2. Looked and didn't find this other than other people wanting more pic selections. We all know how long it takes to Plant, push, pull, turn that Shop Sign only to find we need to change the Name or the Picture at the market for a new spot instead of "This spot open". Please make a simple change to allow Shop Signs and even others signs, for that matter by owner(who placed it) or the deed holder to change the names and/or pictures to other types without having to pick up and then have to replant. PLEASE. Even if you make the hanging part removable with another plate that can be changed and/or replaced. ..., Just an idea.
  3. I have a great suggestion that would help Ranchers track their unnamed animals and help them prevent accidental inbreeding. My idea will use some of the already in place game mechanics so nothing elaborate would have to be created, and will allow the ranchers to open up their deeds and let the animals roam more than the current tracking method allows. Using Papyrus, you could create a tag that can be attached to the animal (like a brand) that will allow the ranchers to name or number their animals. Attached labels will be described upon examination. This could say something like "This <animal type> has been tagged <tag label>". Ranchers can then simply keep track of what labeled animals have been bred with who, and what parents their animals belong to (would have to be tracked outside of the game by using spreadsheet or something similar). Also, if you want, the labels can either be permanent or removable in the instance of selling an animal. Any Constructive input into this idea is welcomed.
  4. Okay, everyone already knows this, but, the UI is horrible, it's clunky, unintuitive, and just plain ugly, what I'm suggesting is a smoother sleeker, and more intuitive UI.