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Found 38 results

  1. Clearance Sale Enchants And Rares

    A bunch of enchants I am done with and want to sell fast. Yes, I only put rare there to get you attention.... All items are CoD Only at Buyer's Expense or Delivery For Large Orders. Carver: 80c File73CoC: 70c File90CoC: 1s SOLD! GroomB: 80c SOLD! Hatchet: 20c SOLD! SteelShoe60WoA: 70c SOLD! SteelShoe80WoA: 90c SOLD! LrgMaul61RT: 80c LrgMaul67RT: 85c LrgMaul81RT: 1.2s LrgMS: 50c SOLD! Oak Mallet: 80c Pine Mallet: 40c MedMaul60RT: 75c IronPick46CoC: 20c SOLD! SteelPick80CoC: 90c SOLD! RareClayBowl: 50c SOLD! RareGrindstone80BotD: 2.5s SOLD! Sickle71CoC: 60c Sickle68CoC: 55c Smaul NFBCoC: 1.7s SmaulRT55: 70c SmaulRT74: 1s Spatula: 30c Spindle: 70c
  2. how about some asian themed building styles? would be awesome to see some japanese castles in game. also, how about pottery bricks to build houses with for the red brick look. hmm what else, how about adding bamboo as a plant/tree.
  3. Garage sale

    Got a fine assortment of junk I want to get rid of. Enchanted stuff for 1c per power. 2s for the rare glove. 10c for the yellow potion. ([20:52:58] A round flask containing a yellow fluid smelling strongly of alcohol and urine. ) Not sure what to ask for the transmutation liquids, so I'm willing to listen to offers. For the rest of the junk offer whatever you think is reasonable. PM,forum post or ingame Anki with offers,counter offers,wants and needs,etc... Buyer pays mailling fee...Willing to deliver anywhere on Indy for any purchase above 2s.
  4. Selling a bunch of stuff that will just decay around the deed. Includes an eclectic mix of amazing and benign items. All items are available for pickup at Storm's End, Independence, which is located at 43x33y Single items can be COD'd Delivery is available, but pricing will be extremely dependent your location. All enchants and QLs are rounded down to their lowest 10s. Mediums of payment other than silver may be accepted. Trade-ups and interesting curiosities are always welcome. Actively looking for a high CoC grooming brush. I do not accept gems. A decorated model of a castle that works as a mailbox. Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [58] Items Are As Follows: Bulk Items - 500x; 90ql Cotton. 1s 500x; 30ql Meats. 1s 1000x 10ql Arrow Shafts 1.5s Can Be Made To Order: Bricks, any type. Mortar. Shafts Arrow Shafts Planks --- Equips: 70ql; Large Maul. 40c --- Tools: 20ql; 50-CoC Trowel, Iron. 50c 50ql; 60-CoC Mallet, Pinewood. 60c 70ql; 50-WoA Saw, Iron. 60c 60ql; 40-LitDeep Pendulum, Iron. 40c --- Misc: 20ql; Small Sail Boat, Cedarwood. 1.5s alone, 2s filled with small barrels.
  5. Spring Cleaning (Closed)

    I have some stuff for sale all of it but the staff and longbow can be mailed at buyer expense or pick up for free at 46x 39y Deliverance. Make an offer here or pm all of it is for sale..
  6. as topic says wts my stuffz i think 1 has a valuable thingy-ma-jig offer away
  7. Multi Auction

    Want to auction some stuff with coc #1 Hatchet 3ql 87CoC #2 Hatchet 3ql 83CoC #3 Hatchet 3ql 80CoC #4 Carving knife 1ql 79CoC #5 Scissors 14ql 82CoC #6 Scissors 70ql 79CoC #7 Meditation Rug 1ql 78CoC #8 Mountain Lion Pelt 53,95ql 83CoC Starting Bid - 1s per item Min Increase - 20c Buyers Pays CoD. PM me with buyout offers. Good luck!
  8. The ability to repair curbs from inside a mine by popping out and having the window open to repair and popping back in the mine to do the complete action. Really hinders raiding a place... As it makes it ridiculously hard to beat a pair of two defending a deed by one of them placing curbs and the other destroying walls we are putting up to prevent them mine hopping. Another silly mechanic, the ability to add just 1 brick to a wall to prevent the building from poofing. resulting in the inability to level dirt down to get into a deed. Needs changing. This is probably the biggest problem I have faced when it comes to raiding an enemy deed, all they do is wait for their walls to fall a bit then replace them quickly by starting a new one, which then disallows the writ from being popped and then we cannot level the dirt walls down to get into the deed. Also, one for in game bug reporting: The text box for submitting bugs needs to larger so I can fill it up with more descriptive info, which will help improve other wurmians experience in the future. I always find myself having to shorten posts to remove key info. Thanks Miniroll
  9. Hey all! I'm streaming Final Fantasy X International right now. In case anyone in interested in watching. Currently at the start just reached Besaid Island and will be working from there. Various things will be new game, Grinding, Listening to story (Japanese Vocals, English Subs based on the NA version). and sphere grid completion, Blitzball, and Arena + more and what not. WARNING: My computer does NOT run this 100%, there WILL be some lag, but it's fair enough to enjoy with minor annoyances that will likely make you feel irritated (Digital Audio scratching and such) but it's usually short lived. Feel free to watch and share, as well as post your streams here. Hopefully this section is suitable for my post, Thanks for reading Hope to see you in the stream ;D
  10. Few Pottery Ideas.

    Large & Medium flower pots Usage Medium - bon sai trees - mini versions of trees need to be tended to look good. Large - Fruit trees in a house. Yes, i know what i wrote. I remember that in my kindergarden we had a lemon tree in the "classroom" and it even got fruits. Pottery oven + bed. Usage Cooking and sleeping. Info - till the end of II world war, many pesant homes had, beds on the oven especially in the central europe and further east.. It was special construcion, that allows to use heat from the oven to praveil harsh winter / fall conditions. Amphoras - (i bet it was mentioned before). - Usage - to keep wine and olive. - this would add immersion. Since we can make columns so we can have more mediterrenian style liquid containers. Tiles (Wall tiles) Usage - To decorate internal walls of stone buildings. Need clay or mortar to attach to the wall. QL of a file should determine the overall quality of a picture. Better pottery skill more atractive picture. It can be chosen from few patterns like shopsigns and banners. Or using dyes we could change color of the tile, and have option to choose chess pattern or lines vertical and horizontal. Possible "colored" options Half on half (need 10 red tiles and 10 blue per wall) -sub option chess pattern. Stripes 1 - 2 red tiles 18 blue (colors are just example, it could be 2 red and 18 uncolored) 2 - 4 red 16 blue 3 - 6 + 14 and so on. Glazed pottery products. Info- Adding sand glaze maby with lye ? to all pottery products. Efect "durability" of a finished stuff is increased by 10-20%. and visual effect. Decay rate of food and liquids decreased by 50-70%. Pottery lamps. Crude lamp pottery flask + oil/tar/animal fat. + cotton string or bowstring. Light radiuous - QL/10 Light duration 10-20 mins per QL Lamp - decorative version, rest is the same. Amounts of clay should be determined yet. ! Crude lamp could be used as a weapon. When you throw lit crude lamp you have 70% chance to inflict burns equal to lamp ql additionaly you have chances to inflict burn in neighbouring tiles equal to lamp ql. Damage is reduced at least by 50% Similar possibility should be made with pottery flasks and lye (since its a caustic substance, it should make acid wounds). To be precise it shoud bypass most of animal "armor" Of course high end creatures like trolls dragons, hell hounds / hell horses/ hell scorpions/ lava spiders and lava fiends should be restistant to fire. Spiders / goblins / scorpions / should be resistant to acid. I belive it will add a depth to game and combat itself. Moreover it would increase or to be honest, make pottery skill useful, and make market for such products. Pottery figures - Purely decorative. Pottery whistle / flute Music making - increasing game depth. Urns Usage - as gravestones. decorative / informative. ---Curiosity--- Pottery sicle & knife - According to the archeology book, very first sickle was made of finely crafted clay and fired to pottery state. Not as durable as iron or metal one, but still functional. In terms of wurmlogic it cant be repaired. Similar could be done to butchering knife. --> Additional method for crude tools. Pottery jewellery - Finely crafted, fragile pottery trinket.
  11. Gone Walkabout [Sold]

  12. Derecho's Smithery And Stuff

    Base Tools: (Awl, Branding Iron, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather Knife, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small Anvil, Trowel) 40ql- 10c 50ql- 20c 60ql- 30c Other Tools: (Frying Pans, Lamps, Large Anvils) 40ql- 20c 50ql- 40c 60ql- 60c Will deliver on Exodus for a small fee, other servers will be charged a higher fee for travel time. Contact me on the forums or in-game to place an order.
  13. All of the items below are for sale. Post which items you want (Item Name and Cast), and we'll mail it to you! A simple and straight forward sale. Buy fast, because it may be gone the next time you look! All items will be mailed COD to their buyer(s). Note that Bows and Shovels will not mail, so we'll discuss a pickup/delivery option. Please post what name you'd like the items shipped to.