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Found 50 results

  1. Servicing the Center of the Wurmian Pixelverse - Greymead (Xanadu) and neighboring areas. Jobs priority goes to the locals and Will work for silver, or support beams. 25 beams = 1 silver. For the local community (living within 10 minutes travel time of Greymead), all services will be discounted. - Crafting/imping most anything to 80+. - Enchanting tools/weapons. - Genesis, Courier, Mend, Sunder, Strongwall, etc. - Mine mapping with vein quantities. - Major mining projects, including vein removals (up to 10k shards a day). - Supplying 90+ QL wood/ore. - Construction planning with 97 Carp. - Fine furnishings. - High QL Altars. - Teraform to 297 slope, for those insane jobs. - And many more! I need beams for a large mining project, so prefer those over silver.
  2. Harmony my Mag priest is available to cast Strongwall or Mole Senses in Eastern Xanadu. I live at Bradda Cove on Xanadu (p23). I will consider other parts of Xanadu and Pristine/Release, contact me (details at the end of this post) with your location and the work required. I usually am available 8-10pm GMT, later Fri/Sat nights if I am about. Pricing Strongwall 1s for 1 tile 2 or more tiles are priced at 75c per tile (so 2 tiles are 1.5s). Mole Senses = 1s per cast Discounts negotiable if locks are provided to sacrifice for favour. I will use my own vesseled gems if I have them available to speed up the process. On a job of more than 1 tile I will make some locks beforehand to sacrifice for favour. This speeds up the process quite a bit. I can use your own iron/forge/altar on site to make the locks and any tiles done using your own supplies are 50c per tile. Prospecting Free prospecting of veins with any mag cast, to give an indication on the amount of ore left in veins and QL. Contact Drop me a message here, as Naitey/Harmony in game or @mmoyeti on twitter.
  3. Is your mine full of holes? Are unexpected drop shafts getting you down? Does your cave put the 'pit' in 'pit of despair'? Fear not, for help is at hand: Thingy's Travelling Mine Repair service is now available! Allow our crack team of bunnies to collapse unwanted tunnels while you sit back and relax. We'll come to you anywhere on Release! Easy-peasy collapse-o-squeezy service: 1 - 3 tiles - 1s per tile (free 4th collapse if you buy 3) 4 or more tiles - 75c per tile You provide sacrificial items for favour (door locks preferred, but happy to sacrifice whatever): flat 25c per tile, minimum 2 tiles charge (50c) All prices include a Mag altar (or altar blessing) if necessary. Rates can be negotiated for larger jobs, and we might accept payment in other forms (gems, certain high QL bulks, etc), depending on our needs - send me a message if you'd like a chat. You can contact the foreman in game (Thingy) or the Feral Dustbunnies Head Slave Driver via PM here or in game (Pandalet). Thingy's Travelling Mine Repair - your mines may collapse, but we won't!
  4. Iron lump 90ql (1k min. order for delivery) Strongwall cast no prices yet so pm me with an offer Currently located on exodus. Free delivery to the coast if your order is atleast 2s, 5s for xanadu and further. Any questions? Ingame name is dapperdan currently not available, will open again soon.
  5. I am not sure this is a bug but there is no way to use the strongwall spell on mine floors to support them it always just collapses the tile unless i am doing somthing wrong.
  6. I have a Mag priest available for tile collapse work on Deli. Any location is the same price. Tile collapse: 1s for the first tile then 75c each additional tile during same visit. I also accept sleep powders at a rate of 2 tile collapse per sleep powder. Reply to this thread to place an order or you can feel free to PM me on Eyesgood or Warmag. I am usually on in the evenings during the week and most of the time on the weekend. EST GMT-5 is my timezone.
  7. Up for auction, 2 x Magranon Priests Both have path of love level 4 refresh skill, and are currently at level 5. Both have mirrors so can alter appearance to your liking. Both have stauette of Magranon Both have 5 hours of accumulated sleep bonus 70 faith = Strongwall casts - do your own tunnel collapsing at will or reinforce your mines (does not appear to be dependant on channeling, have not had it fail). Neither have used their /vteleport so easy transport to deed on invite, I will get them to the freedom server of your choice to invite. Both can command carts and small sailing boat. Canonist- Male (Noun: an expert in canon law.) Skills dumped at 18/10/2014 ----- Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 76.009415 Favor: 76.009415 Religion: 18.478611 Prayer: 29.944736 Channeling: 22.148563 Carpentry: 24.87402 Meditating: 18.61766 Weaponless fighting: 20.0 Miscellaneous items: 16.754314 Hammer: 20.989656 Pickaxe: 20.88752 Digging: 11.215282 Mining: 19.342398 Masonry: 11.191468 Stone cutting: 11.499725 Soul: 12.850409 Soul strength: 20.656357 Soul depth: 20.590147 Mind speed: 19.503387 Mind logic: 20.429407 Body stamina: 20.039778 Body strength: 20.047815 Body control: 20.141068 Sectarian Sold. Sectarian - Female (Noun: a person who rigidly follows the doctrines of a sect or other group) Skills dumped at 18/10/2014 ----- Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 76.00346 Favor: 76.00346 Religion: 18.29174 Prayer: 29.748415 Channeling: 22.430424 Carpentry: 24.035782 Meditating: 17.158356 Weaponless fighting: 20.0 Miscellaneous items: 15.831348 Hammer: 21.176321 Pickaxe: 20.478632 Mining: 19.36096 Masonry: 11.285897 Stone cutting: 11.3477955 Soul: 12.748163 Soul strength: 20.648794 Soul depth: 20.549524 Mind speed: 19.501875 Mind logic: 20.430248 Body stamina: 20.037542 Body strength: 20.04452 Body control: 20.117174 Start bid on each is 15 silver, buyout 50 silver/ 50 Euro / $60US, minimum bid increments 1 silver or cash equivalent. Accepting verified PayPal bids at 1s=1 Euro, or 1s=1.2 $US Please post name of priest you are bidding for along with your bid for clarity. Accepting private buyouts, all other bids will need to be made here, or if PM'd they must agree to be posted here with bidders name for transparency. PM's to Delone ingame or message here for any queries or for buyout.
  8. Hello everyone! I haven't seen this type of service proposed anywhere before on Wurm, so here I am! I can create maps of your mines or deeds (or both!) Additional services offered while I'm mapping: - Prospect your ore veins and tell you how much is left in each vein (60+ prospecting) - Check the exact QL of ore veins (up to 74QL - Poor, Acceptable and Normal, and maybe some Good veins) - Plant signs in front of your veins for easy in-game visual cues! - Strongwall casts to collapse open tiles or reinforce walls - Mine some high ql ores from your veins for your personal use (up to 74ql) - Remove annoying veins of ore which prevent you from creating the perfect mine! - Create tunnels for you if you don't feel like mining yourself - Flatten/fix the ground or slopes in your mine Here are the costs of the different services: Mine mapping (see below for examples): Mine map: 10i per tileMine map with slopes: 15i per tileProspecting: 10c per ore vein ==> Vein quality (exact QL for veins up to 74QL) + amount left in the vein Deed mapping (see below for examples): 2D map: 10i per tile3D map: 20i per tile3D map + elevations: 40i per tile Additional services: Strongwall: One free strongwall cast for every 2s of the job's worth. Additional Strongwall casts at 75c each (or 40c if you provide items for sacrificing)It takes 2 hours to regen favor for a Strongwall cast. This can be reduced if you have an altar of Magranon and items to sacrifice (door locks or cordage ropes work best). Ore mining: 5i per action if I keep the ore, 15i per action if you keep the orePlease note that I cannot guarantee that all ores mined will be of the highest QL possible, but I'm using a high QL pickaxe, so the average should be high. Stone mining: 5i per action if I keep the rock shards, 10i per action if you keep them.Flattening/Fixing ground and slopes: 1c per tile + 50i per concrete used (no additional cost if you provide the concrete)Signs: 3c per sign (QL30) Map examples: Mine map: Mine map with slopes and basic prospecting: 2D Deed map: 3D Deed map: FAQ: - Can I choose which program you use to do my map? I usually use Excel for 2D mapping, or Deedplanner for 3D mapping. If you don't like those programs, and prefer another one, I'm always willing to accomodate, but I'll charge a 50c flat fee for getting out of my confort zone. - Will you give me the map file so I can edit it myself after you're done, or are you only going to give me a picture of the map? I will give you the source file for the map, and will additionnaly provide pictures of the maps too - How long does it take to make a map? I want you to do it while I'm online so I can keep an eye on you! It depends on the size and complexity of the zone to map. Mine mapping is usually pretty easy, but deed mapping can be harder due to slopes and having to take detours to access some places. 3D mapping with elevations is usually very long (around 5 hours for a 25x25 area) unless it's mostly flat. I have a very large amount of online time, so I can accomodate if you don't want me going around your deed to map it when you're not online (which is perfectly understandable). - If you get gems or rares while mining, do I get to keep them? I usually like to keep those items as an "extra tip". If you prefer to keep them, please let me know beforehand, and we'll find an arrangement. - My deed/mine is HUUUUUUUUUUGE. Is there a discount for that? I'll usually need to see by myself, as a huge zone to map usually means it'll be more difficult to map, but I'm usually pretty open to discounting some services for big jobs. - Your prices are crap! It should be less/more expensive! Well, I did my pricing a bit on "gut feeling", but if you feel like some of my prices are too expensive, or that I'm undercutting some prices and it's bad for commerce, please contact me and explain why you think some of my pricing should be changed. I can't assure you I will change my prices, but I'm always open for intelligent criticism. - How much do you charge for travel? My usual fee is 30c for Pristine and 50c for Release. For any job worth more than 2s, travel fee will be waived as long as you're on a coastal spot. If your deed is inland, I might add a fee of up to 1s, especially if I keep rock shards/ores from mining and have to bring them back to my boat. - I would like some services that are not in the list! Please contact me to discuss it and if it's something I'm willing and able to do, we can probably arrange something - What is the best way to contact you? I'd prefer to be contacted on the forums via a private message. You could also contact me in-game on Boogiepimps (on Pristine) if it's just for a quick question.
  9. Is regular grass just not as long lasting as you need it to be? Are your grazing animals always crying to be fed? With ForeverGrow, you'll never need to worry about your herd again. ForeverGrow is our specialized enchanted discount pricing! It can be installed by either of our trained technicians (named Thorun and Nysandra) or if you're in a hurry, they can both be there to serve you quicker! If you're located anywhere on the Independence server, it's available to you for the low, low price of only 70c per tile! If your pasture is further away, travel is a one-time cost of just 20c! Interested? Contact our coordinator Faeldray either through in-game PM (same character name), forum PM, or by replying below. ForeverGrow - Because no one likes logging on to dead horses. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We've all been there. Someone accidentally created a drop shaft and there's now a dangerous drop in your mine. Or maybe you've opened an old collapsed mine and it looks like Magranon released a meteor shower in there. Or there's that unsightly cave entrance that will just not close up on its own. Never fear, RockSolid is here! RockSolid is our Strongwall casting service, conducted by Thorun the Magranon priest. He has fixed dozens of holes, reinforced whole sections of tunnels, and closed up many an unwanted mine entrance. Each Strongwall is only 1s for the first cast and 75c for each subsequent cast! Provide items to be sacrificed as favor and the price of the subsequent casts drops down to just 50c a piece! Travel is free on Independence and just 20c for any other server. Other Magranon spells are also available. Please contact us for further details. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, contact our coordinator Faeldray either through in-game PM (same character name), forum PM, or by replying below. Got drop shafts? Get RockSolid! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need both Strongwall casts and enchanted grass? Discounts are available for the purchase of both services at the same time! Please contact us for further details.
  10. Bloodyhell's mag station is located on Celebration at League of Gentlemen(NW corner of the map). Will travel to your deed on Indy/Deli/Exo/Cele to do the order.(Send me a PM on the forums or PM Bloodyhell ingame) Mining(up to 95ql) (Per 100) (These are the ones I can mine on my own deed) Quality Iron Silver 70ql 50c 75c 80ql 75c 1s 90ql 1s 2s Will mine at your deed for the same price, any other type of ore/vein price will be discussed I'll also mine anything for 20i per action(2s/1000). Will be using a 80ql+ rare pickaxe so a good rate of high quality ores is guaranteed. Strongwall 1s for the first tile(favor provided by me) 50c per any tile after that(favor provided by you) Discount can be looked into if bulk order, I can also make my own favor own spot if a forge and iron vein is provided, price will also discussed for that in PM Merchant Location and Stock (Merchant's called Johnnys_loot) Merchant also has other various high enchanted tools. Location Trash stock: 6000 silver ore(20ql+ average) Alternative ways to pay Referral-6s Sleep powder-1.5s
  11. I have a merchant Set up at Harvestgain market (Just North of Rainbow bridge on Deliverance). I am willing to travel for an additional 10c per item for improving at your place, if you provide me with a forge to work with. Bulk Deals available, negotiations via PM Doctorangus. BLACKSMITHING: QL90 – 2s QL85 - 1s QL80 - 70c QL70 – 40c QL60 - 30c Large Anvil** 1.5x Pricing. WEAPONSMITHING: QL83 - 1s QL80 - 80c QL75 - 60c QL70 - 50c QL60 – 35c QL50 – 20c STRONGWALL: 1 tile only: 75c 3 tiles: 2s25c (if I have to bring favor), 1.5s if you provide the favor. 5 tiles: 3s50c (if I have to bring favor), 2.5s if you provide the favor. NOTE: You must have a Magranon altar close by if it is more than one cast. If you do not provide one, I can create a low quality silver altar for an additional 25c. Five-Speed Horses: PM Doctorangus for available steeds. 45c per horse.
  12. I might be interested in buying a Mag priest that has +70 faith to cast strongwall pm me with the name/skills and price you are asking. (paying with paypal - verified)
  13. I have a mag priest available for Strongwall services. Here are my current rates. 1 - 5 casts 95c each 6 - 10 casts 90c each 11 or more 80c each I can travel to any server for free as long as its more than 3 casts. I can travel anywhere on indy even if its only 1 cast. PM me thru forum or in game.
  14. I need a mine entrance and one or two adjacent tunnel tiles collapsed in the southeast of Deli (Sandy Hollow @ 39x,37y ). Is there any Mag priest in that area who can do it? (We have a Mag priest in the alliance that ran out of prem, so it may be cheaper to buy the service than to make him premium again, hence the PC ) EDIT: Mission accomplished (Thanks, Faeran & Sinestra).
  15. Selling Strongwall casts on Deliverance. Willing to travel to anywhere on the server. The cost will depend on distance traveled as well as how many casts (more casts will receive a discount per cast). 1 - 3 casts: 80c each 4 - 6 casts: 70c each 6+ casts: 60c each Send me a pm on the forums or in game (ign: Griphyth). You can also pm Faeran in game who will be doing the casting.
  16. Hey all, I'm looking to earn some in-game silver to pay for deeds and thought I'd task it upon my priests. First in line is Henzy - he can cast enchanted grass and do basic vyn spells (anything at 50 faith and below.) Second is Rockeater - he's a mag priest of over 70 faith, meaning he can cast strongwall, mole senses and others like smite. Almost able to do disintegrate too, could do it with another mag linking. Prices are as follows: Henzy: Enchanted Grass (80c/tile) - path of love ability, enchants grass tiles so they give almost infinite food to grass-eating animals such as horses. Castable once every 21 hours. Other vyn spells (e.g. Animal's Demise) are negotiable. Rockeater: Strongwall* (1s/cast) - collapses mined cave tiles. AoSP (negotiable, 2c/power as a rule though that can decrease on larger orders) - adds a whole new dimension to armour, turning it into a weapon that can fight back! PM me for specifics. Mole Senses* (80c/cast) - Detects the depth of rock underneath the tile or border, in intervals of 10 dirt, up to 200 dirt in depth. Great way to find new mines to build. *If you can provide sac items on these casts then I'll knock 30c off of the price per cast (and it'll be a much quicker process) I can travel to anywhere on Indy, Deli, Exo or as a long shot Celebration. I'm based in West Deliverance and in South Independence, anywhere near there is easiest for me to travel to. I don't charge travel fees, feel free to tip for longer journeys but I don't mind. While working at your deed, it would be helpful to have access to a vyn/mag altar. Gives me something to do while waiting on the enchanted grass timer or for favor to regenerate. A bed and even a chest to store stuff in would be very much appreciated on longer jobs. While present I can do altar blessing and converts for free. On larger orders prices are somewhat negotiable, moreso if you can meet some of the criteria in the above paragraph I can accept alternative payments such as gems of equivalent value. PM Me or post here if you're interested.
  17. Looking to advertise my Magranon services again as the forum change ate my last thread. Prices are halved if you provide a near Magranon altar and enough items to sacrifice to cover the favor cost. I can bless a godless metal altar and convert to Magranon follower or priest free of charge. 1s minimum. Consider tipping for 1+ hour travel times. (Independence 47x 6y) Strongwall (1s/50c) - creates rock walls inside caves including cave entrances, or reinforces existing rock walls. Disintegrate (1.5s/75c) - destroys a rock wall in a 1-minute cast. Does not destroy veins, reinforced walls, or rock walls which can't be mined (no refund on unminable wall) Mole Senses (90c/45c) - Detects the depth of rock underneath the tile or border, in intervals of 10 dirt, up to 200 dirt in depth. Leave me a message in-game, per forum PM, or per thread reply.
  18. The Dog House Smithery Finally opening up my own little shop here. Keep and eye out in this thread as I add stock and various services! Pick-up of items is available at The Dog House 44x61y. Depending which has the item. Items may be mailed COD (buyer expense) if it can be mailed. Otherwise pickup is the only option, unless you contact to arrange delivery of large orders. Base prices as Guideline for Enchants Normal: 1-69 = 1c per power Green: 70-79 = 1c per power + 10c Blue: 80-84 = 1c per power +30c Red:85-89 = 1c per power +60c Red: 90+ Custom Pricing **I do not take custom enchant orders at this time** Fo Priest Services! *Travel on Indy only unless arrangements made in PM Courier Casting! I cannot guarantee powers but I will try my best to get your requested power within reason. You pay for the cast level you want, I cast until I reach it. If higher cast occurs you do not pay more. 30+Power - 1s 50+ Power - 2s 75+ Power - 3s 90+ Power - PM to discuss Mag Priest Services! *Travel on Indy only unless bulk orders Strongwall - 1s/tile Mole Senses - 1s/cast *Discounts possible on large orders LAMPS! All lamps are based at 50ql, please contact for orders of different ql. Iron Torch Lamps, Iron Street Lamps - 15/c each or 10 for 1s Imperial Street Lamps - 40c each Hanging Copper/Silver/Gold Lamps - 30c each *Pickup only, delivery can be negotiated for bulk orders with fee. TOOLS! (NON-ENCHANTED) Base Tools (Awl, Branding Iron, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather Knife, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small Anvil, Trowel) 40ql - 10c 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 50c Other Tools: Large Anvils, Frying Pans(non bulk price) 40ql - 20c 50ql - 40c 60ql - 60c 70ql - 80c 80ql - 1s LEATHERWORKING Toolbelts: 50ql - 50c 60ql - 60c Saddles: 50ql - 1s 60ql - 1.5s JEWELRY SMITH 50ql Statuettes (Gold or Silver) - 60c 50ql Pendulums - 50c 50ql Rings/Bracelets/Necklaces - 50c ORDER STATUS: CLOSED (Contact via PM and I will see what I can do)
  19. tools carpentry 50ql 10c 60ql 20c 70ql 30c 80ql 50c blacksmithing 40ql 10c 50ql 20c boats anchors 25c rafts 10c rowing boat 70c sailing boat 2s corbita 8s cog 10s all boats are 50ql and come with lock/key and anchor bulk items rock 1k 1s up to 56ql sand 1k 1s up to 80ql drit 1k 1s up to 80ql clay 1k 1s up to 80ql tar 1k 1s up to 80ql lead 1k 2s up to 56ql small nails 100 15c large nails 100 20c iron fence bars 100 2s iron ribbons 100 1s strongwall 1s/tile masonry improving 50ql 20c 60ql 40c 70ql 50c 80ql 1s if there is anything i am missing on here then can pm me and can sort it out
  20. Looking for a Mag priest to cast strong wall on 4 tiles (2 inside a mine to correct a mining mistake, and 2 to seal a mine for surface mining) My deed is at 30y 14x (just above the peat) on the Indy server. Locks can be provided for sacrifice, Mag altars on deed. Contact me, Hiro, either here or PM in game.
  21. Image thanks to: Xallo Goodday Wurmians I live in Sloppy Hollow Trading Post. (46x18y on Deli) I am willing to Travel to all other non-PVP maps for larger orders but please support your local mag priest when possible. Know Priest who I can recommend (Prices may differ) Choas: Darthryan aka Accwin. Indi: Deli: Vigilant (SW and MS in the South East), Majesty (SW in the North west), Kaloth(SW in the South East) Exo: Celi: Mag Casts: (read more in post 2) Strongwall 1s under 10 tiles and 70c for each tile over 10 tiles- collapses a mine tile. Note: slopes stay so for 2 messed up corner its 2 to 4 casts Disintegrate 1s20c - For when you can't mine , Note: Does the same as mining forwards and seems like its buggy on tiles to far below water. Mole Sense 80c - Tells you how far down rock is and sometimes prospects too. Selfhealer's demise 50c each - Higher Crit Change against regenerating creatures. (aka trolls) Animal's demise 50c each - Increases the chance to hit animals. Libila's demise / Fo's demise / Vynora's demise 50c each - Higher crit chance against followers <God> - >Rather get Human's demise from a Vyn as it works on all umanoids. (Humans, trolls, goblins and similar.) Note: Due to the Small amount of Mag altars about I offer a Free stone Mag altar with any cast. Please let me Know before hand so I can bring My alt and Mats along (I pre-build them to need 2 bricks and the Bowl) Bigger Jobs will get discount
  22. I have a job for a mag priest collapsing 6 (possibly 7 tiles), location is 5 min south of AP on celebration (just west of Valley of Hope). The pay is 8s (+1 for speedy service). Contact me on celebration or via PM if you're interested and we can discuss details..
  23. Hello! I need 3 cave tiles collapsed near Somewhere Nearby Harbor (NW of Esert, x:15 y:19), paying the usual 50c/each (may spare a bit extra if you live far away). Best PM me in game. PS. Price is negotiable
  24. I am offering the following items for sale at discount prices on the Celebration server. They are available for pick up at The Sword Coast (BH,25 on map) or I can deliver for 50c anywhere on Celebration. Please note that these items are No Drop and cannot be mailed. PM here or msg me on Kruggan or Rhazul to purchase an item! Personal Merchant Contract - 9s Small magic chest: 22s Large Magic Chest: 45s Trader contract: 45s Rod of Transmutation: 45s In addition, we are also offering Enchanted Grass and Strongwall services as well. Price varies based on the number of tiles to be enchanted/collapsed and your location, but usually are very reasonable (less than 1s per tile). PM me or contact me in-game on Kruggan or Rhazul should you need these services. Thank you!
  25. I offer Strong wall casts , Please support the Mag closest to you.