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Found 47 results

  1. (Some) problems with current bulk storage: 1. Need multiple containers for every type of storage, to sort QLs. 2. Because of #1, we have container clutter. 3. Because of #2, it is a nightmare trying to keep our craft shops organized - we build ships and wagons in them and make tons of suggestion posts for crate racks and Storage vaults. 4. Can't store fish! 5. Can't more more than your personal inventory when dragging out of it to another container. Possible solution - New storage container that: 1. Auto combines and groups items (like now), but does it in 5QL increments, so I can have QL95, QL90... QL5 iron, all in the same container 2. Holds all the material we can throw at it. 3. Doesn't have an image change when more than half full, because there is no longer a max full or half full point. Does show different if empty though, like crates. 4. Can hold metal or food or even FISH. Eliminate the BSB vs FSB needs. 5. Can drag from container to container at much higher volumes than personal inventory allows. Maybe 1000? I think that is still within the safe range to prevent a server crash? 6. Can be created in 3-4 different styles, for decorating purposes, which can be changed with a hammer or pliers. This lets you keep a theme of different container look for a different purpose, but functionally the same for each visual model. Why do this change? It makes our lives a whole lot easier, when planning craft shops, kitchens and farms. It makes server load a whole lot less. It makes client performance much better, when entering local of a deed that normally had 200+ bulk containers to render. Make the new containers take a ton of planks and nails if you want, but let's get rid of unsightly clutter. On the old servers, when you run across an old collapsed deed, what do you always find? 10+ BSBs of rocks, wood scrap, dirt and low QL crap.
  2. Would it not be wonderful to be able to create mini BSBs, like drawers, each holding say up to 100 items, that can be loaded on transporters, rafts, boats and carts - and stackable on the ground to make a 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 etc "chest of drawers" in which one can store items for a particular craft, be it carpentry or leather working or alchemy (why, oh why can't mushrooms be stored!? - dried mushrooms?) - rather than having to resort to messy and huge BSB arrangements. Each "drawer" could be say half a tile wide and half a tile deep on the ground. 100 could be loaded on a raft or say 10 on an empty cart, taking up a proportion of the space of a small crate....
  3. I love putting 300 logs in a crate, or even support beams. Crates can be loaded and unloaded full. Awesome for transporting trade goods. What I wish we had was a crate like loadable storage that was designed for small stuff, like veggies and lumps, but would hold significantly more than crates will. Seems silly that I can only fit 300 tiny lumps of silver in a giant crate, capable of holding 300 massive logs. Yes, we can stuff lumps in satchels and satchels in packs and packs in rafts and get to some decent quantities, but then they are all very perishable. What if we make a special crate, or at the very least, allow crates to hold a few thousand tiny bits that would still be a fraction of the volume of 300 logs. Canal builders would be ever so grateful
  4. Back up for auction Start bid 60s MInimum Increments 1s Buyout 66s Silver only please No Private Bids Byout offers in pm welcome Buyer pays cod
  5. Price check for Supreme small chest, pretty applewood Can it be sent by mail?
  6. I big fat storage locker/closet, that can be built inside a house, specifically so I can stop building wagons to hold all my stuff inside my workshop. We all love our rafts, right? Rafts are the best individual storage unit, but you can't see the names of them or look through them, when piled on the floor, plus they look like crap on the floor. I have like 30 large chests, 30+ rafts, several coffins, several weapon racks... all make for way too much clutter to have on the ground, to the point where moving something is impossible, because "the space is too littered here". Make a Storage Locker, that takes up half, to 2/3 of a floor tile, holds about as much as a wagon. Load and unload from it like a wagon. You would have to mount it (call it something else if you want) to load something into it. Think of the reduced load on the client's graphics, when not having to draw so many rafts, chests and weapon racks? Now 20-30 items are consolidated into one big piece of furniture. (rather than wagons, which DO NOT belong inside as a permanent fixture of my workshop. Thank you!
  7. The current FSB model is huge, literally massive in comparison to most things. It takes up more than half a tile, width wise, and fitting one of these in your structure can be an absolutely miserable challenge if you want it to look nice. So why don't we get something more compact, something nicer and less clunky like the huge, ugly behemoths of a container we currently have?
  8. This auction is for an Supreme Unfinished Food storage bin, I added the nails but it is still missing 24 Planks which the winner can pick the wood type and it can be mailed cod. Starting price: 2s Increments: 50c
  9. Some tools will pile when put on a tile with eachother. With these tools i mean large tools like rope tools/grindmill/press etc. It would be nice to be able to all give them their own spot on the ground (simply not stacking). I think looks actually pretty nice and you can use it as furniture. edited: i said not pile but i meant pile, quite a difference.
  10. Hi, I was just wondering what the best storage unit is for gems and for yoyo's?
  11. I am willing to buy several coffins and/or mats for coffins, they would have to be delivered (or mailed?) to Xanadu, C23 - The Rose Gardens (on community map). I am going to be online on either ForbittenFruit or Velkoz.
  12. Deeds need to become more secure in the PvE environment especially pertaining to crafted items like ships being built on deed. If one is building a ship and has one piece left to place to finish the creation, it should be able to be left until the person whom you intend ownership of it can come with your permission to finish it. I believe that people with shoreline properties should not have to build inside a building and use the "ship transporter," if they want to build a ship. It makes little sense that one cannot build a ship on a deed tile right next to the water without the possibility of some random player coming, finishing it, and leaving with it, even with the deed roles being locked to the public. As people pay for deeds and maintainence of them, it is not unreasonable to have some expectation of security on those tiles, in the PvE environment. I do realize that such a suggestion would not work in the PvP environment, due to the mechanics and type of game play. The members in my alliance all believe that PvE deeds should have ironclad security for all containers and crafted items and I speak for all of us. Moreover, if this idea of securing crafted items like ships cannot be implemented due to coding or another unforeseeable mechanical issue, than at the very least, there should be some sort of event logging system or tool that GMs can use to help with recovery or find out where it has gone other than using "tracking." A player can track. GMs should have access to other tools to assist them with this. In the event they have been provided such tools, I then must pose the question, why are they not being used? Finally, most new players are not aware of this type of situation and would assume the safety of items they are crafting on their deeds and the safety of containers on their deeds, whether inside a building or not. Issues of this nature could likely cause a domino effect with player retention, as people will become frustrated, that they cannot have security on spaces they pay to rent in the game and items they make can go missing without support being able to asisst them more, than telling them that "it's a costly lesson." Overall, it can equate to a loss of revenue and bad name developing for Wurm, which would be a shame, especially with all the new players we are expecting to join this gaming community.
  13. Hi all, I'm fairly new to Wurm, and wanted to get a high archery skill. I have had conflicting views over the type of bow I should be using. People say I should use long bow so that I do not get aggro'd, then others say I should use short bow as I am flexible to any range and easier to fight after I have been aggro'd. So my first question would be... What is the most beneficial bow type to master, short, normal or long? Secondly, the most obvious storage for arrows when you are hunting would be a quiver... is this necessarily true? How many arrows can be stored inside a quiver and are there better options to hold arrows in? Thanks! Kammerz (>")> <("<)
  14. When storing string of cloth in a BSB/crate, the quality averaging of different items is totally wrong. Having a stack of 90 strings QL 17, I added a QL 30.06 one, and it resulted in 91 strings of cloths QL 25.54 or something similar. I assume the expected result would be a minor variation of quality, not a big one. From then, I tested with different qualities/quantities. The closer to volume 0.20 I get the closer to the expected result I get. It also works both ways. like, 30 QL 30 stings will be brought down to 7 or so by adding a QL 1 string. Steps to reproduce it: . 1: have 50 strings of cloth quality 50 on a BSB/crate. 2: add a QL 1 string to the mix. Edit: The issue seems to be that it's comparing weight on inventory and volume in storage. As occupies very little volume (1/200th of weight), the last string you add counts 200 times, thus changing wildly the quality. The same occurs with every "ultra-dense" substance (way less volume than weight). I think this could be easily solved with simply calculating the weight of items in a BSB/crate, besides the volume.
  15. I'm not sure if there's an active thread or a thread at all concerning this matter, my search results didn't give out any. So i'm asking what kind of storage solutions for different stuff do you use? Other than the obvious bulk stuff. Also would like to turn this thread in to a general storage information thread and gather information and tips.
  16. Built the wagon and have five large crates, two small one and a few rafts in mine. Just wondering what others put in their wagons for storage, and why? I have rafts in mine as the crates level out quality, so I prefer to have some options to keep the high ql stuff high in the rafts. Other options?
  17. Need extra storage space? We've got what you need! With the introduction of crates we no longer have to buy expensive and inefficient rafts, they are much easier to make. But why do all the hard work yourself, when we from Frozen Logistic can do the repetitive work for you! Crates are our primary product, but we sell all kinds of other bulk containers as well. We aim to be the cheapest storage provider around, so if you find anyone with cheaper prices, let us know and we will change our prices accordingly! All of our products are made of cedarwood, so your containers will last longer. Carpentry Small crate - 5c Large crate - Coming soon BSB - 10c FSB - 10c Fine Carpentry Small barrel - 2c Large barrel - 8c Delivery We can deliver to all PvE servers, orders of 2s+ receive free delivery regardless of distance. Celebration: 10c Exodus: 25c Deliverance: 50c Independence: 75c Current stock: 6x small crate 3x small barrel We work on order/stock basis, but feel free to shoot a PM if you are in desperate need of some storage, we'll see what we can do. Prices are subject to change. Frozen Logistic reserves the right to change the price at any moment,
  18. i know its been requested before so just bumping it Barrel racks for storing barrels and getting them off my floor. 4 or 6 barrels per rack? make a large barrel rack for the larger barrels too perhaps?
  19. I would like to see a change to the storage of fish. Fish at the moment is pretty useless compared to meat, as it cant be stored, cooked or much of any thing else. Idea: give fish the same property of meat. once in a FSB give it a generic item like "Fish 5kg..." just to keep it simple. You should be able to cook fish and store it as well, then Filet them as needed. so Cooked Fish would be 5kg. and it would make 15 Fillets or something like that.
  20. I think we should be able to stick mushrooms in a FSB or a Bsb since they are classed as Food after all and they should not lose the type of mushrooms they are keep them in order from yellow, black, green, red, blue, and brown.
  21. Auction Ended

    Up for auction is one beautifully carved small magic chest- anything stored inside will no longer decay- perfect for your meals on the go, priest potions, storing dye making materials or keeping sprouts you don't want to turn into oleander! The uses are limitless- but WAIT- not only can you win this small magical wonder, you get the bonus of owning one of the last chests with 40 satchels inside! The unfinished items needed to fill a chest like this have been taken out of game, and will never be seen again! Normally the chest only holds 3 satchels, so just think- awesome power of no decay, PLUS amazing storage! Just imagine loading up all those unfinished rafts, support beams or whatever into one easy to move container- and with no decay, you could potentially stash 4,000 items to always have on hand. Bid now and be the envy of your neighborhood! Delivery anywhere in Deli, otherwise pick up available at a coastal deed- happy bidding! Starting bid is 30s, no buyouts Bid increments 1s 1 hour sniper protection
  22. happy biding ! [21:20:09] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Start bid: 3s Increments: 0.5s Ends: 72 hours from started topic Sniper protection: 1 hour Delivery: Free on exodus, other servers pick up at x23 y43 White Pearl Exodus Reserve: -- Buyout: --