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Found 170 results

  1. I am suggesting that seryll items once created be allowed to be improved with regular steel lumps. If you are not going to allow ways to gain more lumps we need some way to sustain the seryll items we were rewarded. It already has a speed restriction on it to keep it from being to sought after by players.
  2. With the current mechanic, if you combine one of the components lets say iron into 64 kg lump, make it active and use it in a pile of the other lump (in this case 0.50 kg charcoal lump) you can queue a number of actions, and the result is 0.40 kg steel lumps, wen you fail you consume a certain amount of both components, not a big problem for iron, but for charcoal it renders the lump unusable, so you in order to get a full queue in the nest round you need to remove the failed lumps from the pile, and then once you finish all the full weight ones you combine the less weight in pairs, rinse and repeat. If you combine both components you get as a result a single huge steel lump, and this can be bad both because you loose skill and you can end with a huge awful ql lump. Mi proposal is to make metallurgy to work similar to mortar making, so you can combine both components and queue the full number and the result is always a basic unit of the resulting item per action, in case of fail you loose the proportional weight but the combined components still can be used for the next round.
  3. Now open for business, the Mistress of Metal, located at L24, deep in the bay near a large patch of peat moss. Willing to create chainmail (65 or lower QL), platemail (50 or lower QL), weapons (60 or lower QL), tools (70 or lower QL) on request. Vynoran enchantments can also be performed (COC, WOA, AoSP), but these may take extra time. Delivery for requested items will be sent COD. Please leave a message below or contact Cirianna, Bokora or Deathhuntsalone in game. Current inventory at merchant stand: Enchanted 75QL mallet (oakenwood) with 69COC: 2s 74QL mallet (oakenwood) with 44COC: 1s 50c Tools 72QL saw 35c 72QL rake 35c 72QL needle 35c 71QL shovel 35c 72QL hatchet 35c 73QL leather knife 35c 73QL pickaxe 35c 72QL chisel 35c 72QL large anvil 35c 72QL scissors 35c 74QL file 35c Weapons 60QL longsword 40c 60QL huge axe 40c (sold...more coming soon) 60QL butchering knife 40c 60QL short sword 40c 60QL carving knife 40c 60QL sickle 40c 60QL scythe 40c Armor 65QL chain coif 20c 65QL chain pants 25c 65QL chain jacket 25c 65QL chain sleeves 20c (2 available) 65QL chain gauntlet 20c (2 available) 65QL chain boots 20c (2 available)
  4. Iron QL80 hammer, iron - CoC72 WoA75 - 1.5 silver QL80 hammer, iron - CoC74 WoA65 - 1.5 silver QL80 hammer, iron - CoC77 WoA71 - 1.5 silver QL80 hammer, iron - CoC80 WoA61 - 1.5 silver (SOLD QL80 hatchet, iron - CoC87 WoA58 - 1.5 silver) (SOLD QL80 hatchet, iron - CoC74 WoA77 - 1.5 silver) QL80 hatchet, iron - CoC75 WoA58 - 1.5 silver (SOLD QL80 hatchet, iron - CoC85 WoA98 - 3 silver) QL80 hatchet, iron - CoC83 WoA62 - 1.5 silver (SOLD QL80 hatchet, iron - CoC70 WoA85 - 1.5 silver) QL82 trowel, iron - CoC71 WoA80 - 1.5 silver Steel QL71 pickaxe, steel - CoC73 WoA53 - 2.5 silver QL71 pickaxe, steel - CoC69 WoA57 - 2.5 silver QL75 leather knife, steel - CoC73 WoA90 - 3 silver QL75 hatchet, steel - CoC96 WoA66 - 4 silver The tools will be mailed CoD from Independence.
  5. Selling steel skiller pickaxes, byproducts of the great quest for that high power one. Over hundred pickaxes made already and many dozens shattered. All pickaxes are made out of steel. Out of Stock! Mailcost included in prices. Pickaxes will be mailed from Independence using 95 power mailbox. PM Raybarg in forums or ingame, or reply for purchases.
  6. What is the price these days of higher QL steel lumps, like 65, 75, and 85 QL?
  7. Want to Auction that nice Steel speed shovel [22:52:31] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [96] [22:52:31] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [92] It's made out of steel so it will be 20% more durable than normal iron one Starting bid: 5s Reserve: none Buyout: pm me Min inc: 1s Sniper: 1 hour 3 days auction. Shovel can't be cod, so u will need to pick up h17/h18 Independence.(Foggy Valley)
  8. Steel skiller pickaxe with Circle of Cunning [99], 1.69ql. Starting bid: 1 iron. Buyout: 9s. No reserve. Item will be mailed from independence, winner pays COD. Pickup is also possible from Kinoss Bay shore. Happy bidding!
  9. As the title says I am looking to buy a Rare Steel Great Helm, any quality is fine by me as long as it's rare If you have one you are willing to sell please post the QL and price you are asking on this thread, or price can be negotiated via PM in game or here on Forums. -Thanks! -=Jakeii=-
  10. Skill picks 1s 50c 1s each for the last two..COD at buyers expense or pick up at T10 Xanadu note:don't forget to post who to cod the item too..thanks
  11. Apprentice Blacksmith & Mason for hire. Northern Wind Smithy Blacksmithing Tools Awl, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Large Anvil, Leather Knife, Metal Brush, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small Anvil, Trowel Iron 50ql 10c 60ql 15c 70ql 25c 80ql 50c Steel 50ql 15c 60ql 25c 70ql 50c Buy 3 tools and get 1 free! Butchering Knives, Carving Knives, Scythes and Sickles use Weaponsmithing instead, and are not included. Keep in kind that only hatchets, pickaxes, shovels and leather knives can be made of steel. Imping Cost of desired QL minus cost of current QL. So imping a 50ql pickaxe to 70ql would cost you 25c - 10c = 15c. Improving any valid item to 50ql costs 5c. Any item with my signature will be re-imped for free. Can be mailed (you pay the mailing fees) or dropped off at the Nothern Wind, x9 y22. Toolsets Basic Toolset Butchering Knife*, Carving Knife*, File, Frying Pan, Hammer, Hatchet, Lantern, Large Anvil, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Shovel, Small Anvil, Stone Chisel 50ql 1s 60ql 1s40c 70ql 2s 80ql 4s *Butchering and Carving Knives use Weaponsmithing instead, and will be 30ql. Complete Toolset Awl, Branding Iron**, Butchering Knife*, Carving Knife*, File, Frying Pan, Hammer, Hatchet, Lantern, Large Anvil, Leather Knife, Metal Brush**, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Scythe*, Shovel, Sickle*, Small Anvil, Stone Chisel, Trowel 50ql 1s50c 60ql 2s10c 70ql 3s 80ql 6s *Butchering Knives, Carving Knives, Scythes and Sickles use Weaponsmithing instead, and will be 30ql. **Branding Irons and Metal Brushes will be 50ql Steel Hatchet, Pickaxe, Shovel, and Leather Knife (Complete) for an extra 15c (50ql), 30c (60ql), or 50c (70ql) Lights You can find a display of the different lamp types here. Lantern 50ql 10c 60ql 15c 70ql 25c 80ql 50c Lanterns come dyed white at no extra charge. Dye QL around 50. Iron Lamps/Torch Lamps Unit 50ql 15c 70ql 30c Set (10) 50ql 1s 70ql 2s Iron Imperial Lamps Unit 50ql 25c 70ql 50c Set (4) 50ql 1s 70ql 1s50c Silver Hanging Lamp Unit 50ql 20c Set (6) 50ql 1s Gold Hanging Lamp Unit 50ql 25c 70ql 50c Set (6) 50ql 1s25c 70ql 2s50c Brass Lamps/Brass or Bronze Hanging Lamps Unit 50ql 25c Set (6) 50ql 1s25c Lights can be dyed any color. Dye QL may vary. Horseshoes Set of 4 Horseshoes 50ql 40c 60ql 60c 70ql 1s 80ql 2s Buy 3 sets of horseshoes (12 units) and get the 4th set free. Enchanted Tools We are now starting sales on enchanted tools - a full list of our current stock follows in spoiler. Iron Shovel, 80ql, 82 WoA - 1s20c Needle, 80ql, 81 CoC - 1s10c Low Enchants - the cost of these tools is 1c per enchant power. Saw, 72ql, 50 WoA Pickaxe, Steel, 12ql, 42 CoC Pickaxe, Steel, 15ql, 47 CoC Pickaxe, Steel, 13ql, 41 CoC Pickaxe, Iron, 72ql, 53 WoA Hammer, 72ql, 53 CoC Hammer, 72ql, 41 CoC Hatchet, Steel, 4ql, 48 CoC Carving Knife, 32ql, 46 CoC Saw, 80ql, 61 WoA Saw, 72ql, 50 WoA Orders can be COD'ed when possible, or delivered free of charge to the Blossom area. Can also be picked up at x9, y22. Delivery available elsewhere on Pristine or Release for up to 50c, or free with purchases over 2s. Delivery to coastal Xanadu available for 1s, or free on purchases over 4s. Always willing to trade and barter. And if you're looking for a quest, there's always stuff we need in exchange for solid tools. Northern Wind Masons House Building Planned out a gorgeous castle but don't have the materials or patience to build it? We'll do it for you. If you provide the materials, we charge 2c per wall for masonry and tall stone walls, or 1c per wall for carpentry walls and other fence types. Floors and roofs are included in price. If you purchase the materials from us, we charge 1c50i and 75i per wall, respectively. If required, we can also plan the foundations and hand you the writ. Up to 62 carpentry. Masonry Tools Grindstones 50ql 10c Whetstones 80ql 5c Forges/Ovens 50ql 15c Guard Towers We build your 50ql Guard Tower within a day for 2s50c. Our mats, no travel fee - just point a spot and we'll do the rest. Bulk Materials Item Per Silver Per Unit Stone Bricks 550 bricks 18i Stone Slabs 175 slabs 57i Clay Mortar 370 mortar 27i Clay 1000 clay 10i Planks 1100 planks 9i Pile of Dirt 1100 piles 9i Heap of Sand 1000 heaps 10i Marble Slabs 150 slabs 66i Bulk delivered free of charge anywhere on Pristine or Release. Pick up and get a 10% discount! Located at x9, y22. Bulk can be delivered to coastal Xanadu for 1s, or free on orders over 4s. Mason's Deal - Get 1100 bricks and 1100 mortar for 4s. Utilities Nails (Small or Large) - 100 for 10c Frying Pans - 100 for 50c Iron Fence Bars - 20 for 15c Iron Ribbons - 30 for 10c Support Beams - 10 for 50c Concrete - 100 for 75c Mining Iron Lump, 100kg (100 units) 50ql 20c 60ql 30c 70ql 40c Copper Lump, 100kg (100 units) 50ql 25c Silver Lump, 10kg (100 units) 50ql 25c Steel Lump, 20kg (50 units) 50ql 20c 60ql 30c 70ql 40c Coal, 50kg (100 units) 25ql 30c Mining Service 4c per tile mined, and you keep the rock shards. We'll drop them in your BSB's if any are provided. 2c per tile if we take the shards. Any ores uncovered are prospected free of charge. Source Crystals Easy Karma or potions at 10c a crystal. We accept Sleep Powder (1.6s) or Referrals (7s) as payment towards any order. We also accept gems at 1.2c per ql. Now associated with the Northern Wind Carpentry and Farms for all your rustic needs. Will update posts as skills grow. Happy Wurming.
  12. Not sure if anyone has either one of these but if you do pm me with the price..
  13. How many druids out there dream of a golden sickle? How many would be romans dream of a bronze shortsword? A silver bell for those priests wishing to exorcise evil spirits. Stone tools for those primitive cultures. Essentially I think a wider variety of possible uses for each material would be very nice, even if some of those uses are a bit strange. Just allowing existing components to be made with a larger variety of metals. This could open up interesting crafting options requiring unusual components (think of a silver sword, doing higher damage against spirit templars but reduced damage to everything else). Thoughts on this?
  14. Rockmod's Plate Armor now open in New Haven Market on Celebration. (I-21 in game map, x38-y19 map) Currently stocking 60ql sets (With some 70ql pieces mixed in) Breastplate 70 copper each Plate Leggings 45 copper each Great/Basinet Helms 15 copper each Vambrace 15 Copper Each Gauntlets 5 Copper Each Sabatons 15 Copper each Now offering some 70ql great helms and some lower level AOSP enchants. Full Set only 2 silver! PM Rockmod in game for more details or offers.
  15. 85QL Steel Pickaxes - Highly Enchanted Speeds+Skillers 1. 85.58QL Steel Pickaxe - w93 c84 => 3s 2. 85.42QL Steel Pickaxe - w92 c84 => 3s 1-5QL Steel Pickaxes - Highly Enchanted Skillers 1. 5.09QL Steel Pickaxe - c94 => 3.1s 2. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c86 => 2.2s 3. 1.50QL Steel Pickaxe - c84 => 2s 4. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c81 => 2s 5. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c80 => 2s 6. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c75 => 1.2s 7. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c73 => 1s 8. 3.25QL Steel Pickaxe - c72 => 1s 9. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c70 => 70c 10. 5.07QL Steel Pickaxe - c69 => 40c Steel tools are renowned for their ruggedness, having a 20% damage reduction compared to their inferior iron counterparts. This will ensure you can enjoy one of these pickaxes for much longer than a standard iron one! All pickaxes will be COD'ed from either Independence or Chaos. Happy shopping!
  16. Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [73] Starting at 5s Min. increments: 50c free delivery on Deliverance other servers expense covered by Buyer
  17. As the title says, anyone who got one and willing to sell it, pm me with your price.
  18. I'm auctioning off a pair of two very similar steel pickaxes, auctioned individually: #1 - 85.58QL Steel Pickaxe (w93 c84) Current Offer: - #2 - 85.42QL Steel Pickaxe (w92 c84) Current Offer: - Starting Bids: 5s Min Incr: 50c Reserve: None Buyout (per pickaxe): 10s Bid snipe protection of 30 minutes. If you plan to bid, please put a #1 or #2 in your post. Thanks! Ends 12PM CST, Saturday, February 1st I will COD to the winner unless they feel the need to pick it up at my deed on Inde. Happy bidding!
  19. Minimum Increment : 50c #1 Pickaxe - Steel - 38.3 QL CoC 86 Starting bid : 1 Silver Buyout : 3 Silvers. #2 Pickaxe - Steel - 39.7 QL CoC 83 Starting bid : 1 Silver Buyout : 3 Silvers. #3 Pickaxe - Iron - 20.5 QL CoC 84 Starting bid : 1 Silver Buyout : 3 Silvers. #4 Skiller Rake - Iron - 18.9 QL CoC 98 Starting bid : 3 Silver Buyout : 6 Silvers. #5 Stone chisel - Iron - 21.3 QL CoC 87 Starting bid : 1 Silver Buyout : 3 Silvers. #6 Stone Chise - Iron - 22.9 QL CoC 81 Starting bid : 1 Silver Buyout : 3 Silvers. #7 Small Anvil - Iron - 70.0 QL CoC 97 WoA 89 Starting bid : 4 Silver Buyout : 7 Silvers. (Free imp to 90 QL if bid higher than 6 Silvers). Nota : Buyers pay CoD Rake delivered freely on Deliverance or to any Deliverance server border.
  20. Now offering services to convert your coal to steel for you. You supply the coal and the iron. What I ask in return? 1 sleep powder per 250 converted, which covers the conversion time. Those of you doing sales know the turn over rates getting high ql steel will produce. Want high ql steel for the impalong events? Easy affordable way to do so now. 99% chance on creation no matter the coal ql. Located at Mist Lake on Independence server.
  21. Sold

    Hello, i want to sell 4x 70ql steel horse shoes with 70+ wind of ages enchant - Indy Can be mailed. Price 4s total
  22. Hello, My name is Tim. When i started playing Wurm early 2013 I knew straight away "this is the game I want to play"! Since then I have found myself hungry for Wurm IRL. I decided to start a new hobby. Armour smithing. I have been doing it for a half year almost and have crammed my head full of loadsa knowledge on this excellent craft. So THANKYOU Wurm, for inspiring me into an awesome hobby. Here are links to my work so far. It is a 14th Century related Great Helm replica. Comments, questions and critiscism are encouraged. Enjoy =) Many Thanks, Tim
  23. As the title states. The damage reduction benefit would be useful to me for a steel rake.
  24. 8s each COD at buyers expense
  25. This idea is simple.. as my screen shot below shows.. i have "Edited" what steel plate could looks like with some minor shadowing and color. giving it a more used look and less of a day glow Do give me some feed back.. shield is iron, but its lighten to resemble steel for image