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Found 170 results

  1. No reserve, Sniper protection: 2 hours Items can be pick up from Exodus - Sandhill (m15) or buyer pays cod #1 Starting bid: 3s Min increment: 1s #2 Starting bid: 3s Min increment: 1s #3 Starting bid: 3s Min increment: 1s #4 Colors: R=246, G=246, B=246 Starting bid: 3s Min increment: 1s Buyout: 10s
  2. EAS tools

    PICKAXES(skillers): CoC85, iron 1ql 1s + CoD CoC75, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC72, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC77, iron 1ql 50c + CoD PICKAXES: WoA80, iron 80ql 1.5s + CoD WoA83, CoC49 84ql 1.5s + CoD HATCHET(Skillers): CoC94, iron 1ql 3s + CoD CoC93, iron 1ql 2.9s + CoD CoC75, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC71, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC70, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC70, steel 1ql 50c + CoD CoC61, iron 1ql 30c + CoD IRON LUMPS: CoC79, 92.44ql 50c + CoD CoC79, 92.44ql 50c + CoD RAKES(skillers): CoC89, iron 7.28ql 1.5s + CoD CoC81, iron 7.28ql 1s + CoD CoC74, iron 7.28ql 70c + CoD CoC71, iron 7.28ql 60c + CoD Custom imps/tools: Weapons 85ql 80c + CoD tools 90ql 1s + CoD tools 95ql 1.5s + CoD SOLD TOOLS WoA87, CoC76, iron 73ql 2s + CoD CoC91, iron 1ql 2.5s + CoD CoC87, iron 1ql 1s + CoD CoC89, iron 1ql 1.1s + CoD STEEL Hatchets: CoC82 ql1 steel 90c + CoD CoC86 ql1 steel 1s + CoD STEEL Pickaxes: CoC 84 ql 1 steel 1s + CoD CoC84 ql 1 steel 1s + CoD IRON rakes: CoC 81 ql 5.32 iron 80c + CoD CoC 81 ql 5.32 iron 1s no CoD CoC 89 ql 5.32 iron 1s + CoD
  3. Closed

    Ever been out in the woods, skilling your woodcutting and sawing like mad, then getting so tired you just needed to do some meditation to recover? Well, here is the package for you. Skiller steel hatchet with awesome CoC, nice little saw with 89 Woa, plus beautiful, fluffy meditation rug for relaxation after downing those trees. Items for sale: Post or Pm on forums or Pm in game, to Fairyshine 1. Beautiful Meditation Rug, Coc 90, Ql 40.55, Price 4 silver 2. Beautiful Meditation Rug, Coc 88, Ql 58.77, Price 3.5 silver 3. Steel Hatchet, Coc 97, Ql 1, Price 5 silver 4 silver 4. Iron Saw, Woa 89, Ql 80.69, Price 3 silver 2 silver Come on, you know you want them! Buyer pays CoD.
  4. Transmutation fluid is a Christmas Gift from 2009, this fluid can transform one material into other materials. Most commonly used for turning Peat into Charcoal for high quality steel as the QL of Peat dug will be the resulting QL of Charcoal. Iron to CopperCopper to ZincZinc to SilverSilver to TinTin to GoldGold to LeadLead, Steel and Charcoal to DirtDirt to SandMoss to PeatClay to Rock shardsBronze to BrassBrass to Zinc10kg Peat to 0.5kg Charcoal Starting bid: 3s Min, Increase: 50c Buyout: none Private bids: no Currently located on Chaos, my alt does quite a few deliveries world wide so I will deliver to near by coastal areas of the winner. Will accept euros also at 1s:1e ratio.
  5. #1 Rare great helm, steel Starting bid: 5s Min, Increase: 50c Buyout: none Private bids: no #2 Rare open helm, steel Starting bid: 5s Min, Increase: 50c Buyout: none Private bids: no Winner pays CoD Will accept euros also at 1s:1e ratio.
  6. Ahoy gang, Today I have a handful of enchanted steel hatchets and picks for sale as described below :- REMAINING STOCK PRICES REDUCED TO CLEAR 6ql steel hatchet c99 6s 6ql steel hatchet c97 4s 6ql steel hatchet c95 3s 6ql steel pickaxe c97 4s 6ql steel pickaxe c81 1s 6ql steel pickaxe c81 1s 86ql steel pickaxe c81w72 2s25c 85ql steel pickaxe c72w72 2s10c ​ As an option on these items I can improve the ql to 88 for 1s20c extra on demand. Also in stock .. Needle, iron 50ql c95 4s (impable to 90ql on request for free) Sickle, iron 4.94ql c94 3s Rope tool, oakenwood 85ql c93 3s Hatchet, seryll 5ql c95 6s Awl, iron 6ql c89 1s60c Awl, iron 6ql c86 1s40c 23ql zinc lump, c102 4s 86ql dog pelt w96c80 4s Set of 4 Steel Horse Shoes 75ql (w83, w78, w75, w78) 4s for set 1.38ql rake, iron c92 2.5s 1.00ql rake, iron c82 1s 37ql grooming brush, oakenwood c92 2.5s All items COD from Xanadu at buyers expense. Please leave a message here or send me a forum PM if interested. Also selling gold and silver coins at usual rates to Paypal verified players.
  7. close

    not sold
  8. Rare pickaxe, steel, 6ql Starting bid: 5s Min increment: 1s Sniper protection: 2 hours No reserve Item can be pick up from Exodus - Sandhill (m15) or buyer pays cod
  9. Auction: 82 QL Plate Armour Set Enchanted with AOSP Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. A brand new full set crafted by Tissotx that havn't seen PvP combat yet. Start Bid: 3 Silver Min Increase: 50c Buyout: 10 silver Snipe Protection: adds 1 hour Mailing COD or pickup from Xanadu H10 A full set contain 9 pieces, so it adds 10c per item on xanadu and 20c per item on other server. 2 day timer
  10. Hello you lovely Wurmians! Looking for a steel smith who can fashion me up some tools. Please submit a bid price for the following items as a single purchase: 1x 50ql Steel Hatchet 1x 50ql Steel Sickle 1x 50ql Steel Saw 1x 50ql Steel Shovel 1x 50ql Steel Butchering Knife 1x 50ql Steel Carving Knife 1x 50ql Steel Pickaxe I do not know if all of these will fit in a mail box, but if so I would like to do COD. I look forward to your bid Thank you (Edit) I know realize some of those items are not possible in steel yes? If so please substitute those tools for iron.
  11. Auction 84QL+ Steel Plate Armour Set [22:54:16] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.is.otx'. Start Bid: 1 silver Increase: 50c Buyout: 8 silver Snipe protection adds 1 hour to last bid Mailing COD or pickup from Xanadu H10 The full Set contains 9 pieces so keep in mind the mailing fees also Timer about 23h
  12. Just looking for a price check on basic non enchanted ql 1 steel hatchets and pickaxes. Thanks!
  13. Ahoy Freedom, This morning I have a few hand crafted and enchanted steel pickaxes for sale. Steel Pickaxes (Frugal mans rares) pickaxe, steel 87.00ql c80w96 5s60c pickaxe, steel 86.99ql c85w92 4s10c pickaxe, steel 86.02ql c81w72 2s25c pickaxe, steel 85.25ql c78w81 2s25c pickaxe, steel 85.12ql c72w72 2s10c Feel free to pm me or post here if you want one. All items will be COD from Xanadu at buyers expense.
  14. Well i was not sure what i wanted to do with this so i thought i would list it and see if there was any interest in it and go from there. 90ql - Supreme Steel Pickaxe (97woa, 93coc) - 50s (euro 1:1 rate)
  15. Looking for a steel pickaxe, ql more than 14 less than 20, 90 or better coc.
  16. WTS new Great Helms 84 QL. No Enchants on them. The first 4 buyers get a 85ql Great Helmet. (only 1 left) Then im sorry but my steel lumps ran out, the other 6 is only 84ql. (3 left ) 2 left 1 left Price 40c Mailing COD from Xanadu H10. -Tissotx
  17. Greetings Monday morning peoples, This week I begin my profiteering by offering you a very shiny and clean Rare Steel Hatchet improved to 87ql and ready to go to a wealthy home owner. The item will be COD to the auction winner upon completion from Xanadu. Starting Bid : 8s Min Increment : 1s Reserve : None Buyout : 25s Private bids are not allowed but if private buyouts are fine. Thanks, have fun!
  18. WTS 80ql Steel Leather Knife (no spells) Price: 40c Mailing COD from Xanadu (9 in stock)
  19. 3 Microauctions Start price: 20c per item Increase: 10c Pickup from Xanadu H10 crafted by Tissotx. -Sorry! #1. a 70ql Steel Halberd (no spells) #2. a 70ql Steel Spear (no spells) #3. a 70ql Steel Scythe (no spells) Less then 5h timer
  20. Microtransaction Auction Items: 1. a 80 QL Small Steel Shield (no spells) 10c coins 2. a 80 QL Medium Steel Shield (no spells) 10c coins 3. a 80 QL Large Steel Shield (no spells) 10c coins 4. a 80 QL Steel Carving Knife (no spells) 10c coins Start bid per item is: 10c Increase: 10c Snipe protection: +15 min from last post time seperate on 1,2,3 and 4. Mailing COD. I doubt anyone want sail to Xanadu H10 to pickup. Don't forget that wurm charge for mailing, +10c on xanadu and +20c to other servers. Short duration timer 3 hours
  21. closed

    Steel Skiller Pickaxe 1QL 99Coc. Starting bid:4s Increments of 50c. No sniper. Mailing cost included. (Origin: Xanadu) Winner: Iota thanks all.
  22. Hello, I'm thinking to make some steel skiller tools / weapons and shields. Every quality under 20 would be ok, but I'm looking for at least 2k of lumps. Price is very important and I require delivery to S19 on Xanadu. Let me know what you have or can make and for what price. Send me PM or post here. Thank you!
  23. Auction 80ql+ Steel Plate Armour Set (no spells on them) Please note that a armour set is 9 pieces, so the games mailing fee To mail it to u on Xanadu will add on total cost of 90c (9x10c=90c) If u live on other server it adds on total cost 1.8s (9x20c=1.8s) If you can pickup the location is Xanadu, mapgrip H10 this weekend. Player Tissotx. Start Price: 1 Silver Bid increase: 50c Snipe protection adds 30 minutes Buyout is ofcourse 8silver which would be like the max value for this set Total Auction Timer ~5 hours
  24. Steel Cosmetic Microtransaction Auction 60QL Steel Chain Armour Set and a 70+QL Steel Shield of your choice (small, medium or large) Loaction: Xanadu H10 for pickup Mailing COD is available (note that this is a 10 piece set, and recieve mailing adds another 10c a piece on Xanadu) Only a 4 hour countdown auction. Start bid price for whole set: 50c Increase 10c I thought about make a screenshot, but it looks kinda the same as iron.
  25. For all collectors of rare armor I have a Rare steel great helm 19.38QL Starting Bid: 2s Increments: 50c Buyout: 6s No Reserve Buyer pays COD