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Found 4 results

  1. Contact me via PM or in game as Luttuosa Supreme unfinished oven Supreme unfinished kiln Rare unfinished well Rare unfinished spirit castle Rare unfinished spirit cottage Rare unfinished oven Rare unfinished floor loom Rare unfinished epic portal Rare unfinished stone altar
  2. Assuming the loading and relocating of enchanted metal altars and mailboxes would potentially mess something up. Perhaps require the dispelling of the enchants before they can be loaded into vehicles, if not already without enchants?
  3. I've recently been asked to send an item to some one on a different server C.O.D. Which, I did. The receiver has since then ignored any contact via PM on the forums and has not accepted the item. I submitted a support ticket to find out the options that I have. There are none. If the item is not accepted it will get destroyed. To clarify some mail system mechanics. Same Server - Non-acceptance - Item will be returned to the sender after two weeks. The sender must pay the shipping fee to get the item back. Cross Server - Non-acceptance - Item is destroyed. The mechanic for same server returning of the item is acceptable. You send an item, they don't want it for what ever reason, it gets returned to you, you need to pay for shipping it. However, for cross server, the item being destroyed is not acceptable. The example I used. Rolf sends me a Wurm T-Shirt outside of Sweden. When the delivery person comes I am not at home and I never go to the post office to pick it up. Instead of the post office returning the shirt to Rolf, they throw it away. Rolf loses the value of the shirt. The main issue I have with this is, that the contact I have had with Wurm staff have all said this is okay and works like it is supposed to. Well, this means that I can create an alt, run through the tutorial, go to which ever server I want, then start having people from WTS and Merchant Ad threads start sending me items C.O.D and never accept them just to make them lose time and items. In the dialog box of the mailing system, it says "Use mailboxes with caution and inexpensive items until you rely on the spirits. They are still learning and take no responsibility for lost items." Which is fine, if the item was lost due to some kind of server mishap, but it's not. The item is going to be lost because a player requested the item, it is sitting in their mailbox, but refuse to accept it. The same dialog box says, "Note that sending C.O.D with an intent to scam other players is a bannable offense." There is no mention about requesting C.O.D. and not accepting with intent to scam sender being bannable. So, there is no seller protection. I suggest stop using the C.O.D. system for cross server sending until the Dev Team decides that this should be fixed and have a proper return feature.
  4. Totem Poles - This idea is more in general to Totem Poles... but the idea was to use a saw on a felled tree and create a Totem Pole in which would be lovely if you have high carpentry where you could "Improve" the Pole and it would in return increases the height and whats on it but in following that idea came with the idea for Spirit Guides! Spirit Guide - This idea was more of a secondary suggestion. Basically once making a Totem Pole you would be able to chose the animal you wish to follow Example: Bear, Deer, Wolf, or Bison? and these animals once followed will give a skill gain bonus to one of the Nature Skills like Forestry, Fishing, Animal husbandry and others not including Meditation sense that's a different part but once choosing the animal you want to follow with which totem you follow so if you made a bear totem you would then start following the Spirit Guide of the bear (with a warning message of course) and lets say the QL of that totem could be how much in a certain percent would help with that skill and give a bit of a small gain not too great from Sleep Bonus but noticeable and it would help skill that so Bear would be Fishing so when near a Bear Totem you gain Spirit Animal spell effect in the same idea of a Altar would work? Then anyone following that Spirit Guide in the area would get that skill bonus. This suggestion part is a bit sketchy and anyone who wishes can give ideas in comments give your opinion in comments ~Alpha