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Found 32 results

  1. New Spell

    I was thinking yesterday and had forgotten to write this down- What if there was a new spell that worked to heat up items, like how their put in the forge It could be only for magranon, or just for all the religions, and could be a starter spell (like goat shape, opulence, the shield spells, etc) at around 30-35 faith and 20 favor The power of the spell could determine how hot the item would get- say a 1 power cast would just get it very warm, while a 100 cast would keep it glowing hot for several minutes Just an idea as i know when i'm in the mine, its a pain to go light the forge and heat up my meals for nutrition
  2. New Spell: Reveal Domain

    Every now and then the global spell of Magranon gets cast: "Ritual of the Sun". A spell that repairs all walls and houses in the domain of Magranon. And many people also have a dominant Vyn/Fo/Mag domain at their deed for spellcasting. But I always find it rather hard to tell where such a domain ends and where the next begins. You can either map it somewhat or just run around, but I thought it might be easier and a bit cooler if we could ask the gods themselves, to reveal the boundaries of their domain on the Wurm world. How would this go? Well, you activate your statuette and right click the altar of the god you are follower/priest of and cast a low favor/low faith spell called "Reveal Domain". Then, on the borders of that particular altar-domain, markers would pop up like the ones you get when planning a deed, but other graphics offcourse, something a bit more devine in nature. Perhaps glowing orbs (green for Fo, white for Vyn, red for Mag) that last around 30sec - 1min and can be seen from far away, or at least far enough to cover a theoretical radius of a 99ql altar. (but the graphics department, or other wurmers can probably come up with cooler ideas XD) That way one could see very clearly and very easy if the domain reaches certain walls or houses in the distance, or if the vyn domain covers your entire deed. PS: to prevent people from spamming the glowing orbs/markers everywhere, you could put a cooldown on it, maybe once every 6 or 12 hours
  3. There have been a lot of posts and discussion about some very antisocial gameplay on Freedom servers and a lot of people that are getting away with shady behavior because it's a loophole in the rules or the CoC. They're clearly not worried about the "just because you can doesn't mean you should" stipulation. Part of the problem is that these people know how to circumvent tracking and are able to do these things anonymously. So. Here's my suggestion. Implement a skill or it Residual Aura (if a spell) or Forensics (if a skill)...or some such. Allow this skill or spell to be used on any item or structure in the game and list the last X number of individuals that interacted with that object or structure (say start at 2 including the user and scale up to 10 or so). Could list more with skill scaling or channeling. In the case of things like catapults that interact with structures from a distance, and can destroy their target utterly, maybe tag the tile that the destroyed object stood on. That way, if someone logs in and finds a missing fence tile, they can inspect the wrecked area and determine that a catapult fired by whomever destroyed the fence, etc. This would in no way unbalance gameplay, or remove the necessity for protecting your things, just provide information. If the individuals are not "breaking the rules" then it still allows the community as a whole to pass on warnings about them, much like would happen in real life. If they ARE breaking rules, or griefing, then it removes the anonymity and allows aggrieved parties to put a name to the person who set out to ruin their experience. Just a thought.
  4. Dominate can be cast on players

    So today I had a sermon group with my village and a few non-village alliance members. One of my village mates is a priest of Magranon. He was repeatedly casting goat shape on one of the alliance members from a different village when he accidentally casted dominate on her. She auto aggro'd him, at which point she was automatically KoS'd. She was killed by Templars. When she respawned, she was killed again, at which point the Templars also killed her horse. There are a few problems that need to be fixed. First of all, dominate should not be able to be cast on players. Secondly, players should not be automatically KoS'd when a villager attacks them on deed. TLDR: Dominate should not be able to be cast on players, and players should not be automatically KoS'd if they are attacked on deed by a villager of that deed.
  5. It would be really nice if hate bonus would show up in the spell effect window so we could see how much time is left with a countdown. I also don't see any drawbacks with adding it in.
  6. Spirit castle at Blackburrow needs some spirits installed in it. I have no coin to offer, but I do have a couple gems and you can also have whatever rares I have laying around if you want them. I'm reachable by boat at 57/AU: Update: Kediec has kindly offered to travel around Release and enchant mailboxes. From his post below:
  7. I like the idea of an extremely powerful spell which would turn night to day, or day to night (or simply 24 Wurm hours ahead), therefore speeding up time in Wurm. This would also be great for hurrying up processes such as farming, charcoal making, resetting counters,sooner seasons, and more. The spell would have an extremely high favor cost, perhaps 500 (give or take), and of course require linking. When this spell is cast, it would be announced globally along with who the casters were. There could also be a limit so it is not used often, such as one cast per every Wurm week or two. EDIT: Of course players or creatures wouldn't be effected negatively, such as getting hungry, thirsty, or older once time is sped up. Only the world would be affected. The cast should also take a while, such as 20 minutes, and players would be warned that it is being casted so they can prepare. If players harvest their crops in time they don't need to worry about the spell withering them.