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Found 33 results

  1. Would be nice hear a sound effect and video effect when we fall into the water (e.g. from >30 slopes, or other) A wonderful Splash!!!!
  2. Hello, this is my first post! Anyway, last time I played, I was in a cave on Chaos, near The Landing. I came back later and spawned in the cave, like normal. However, the ambient sounds that were playing were not that of the cave. I heard insects, leaves, and wind like I was outside. I've never noticed this before, but I don't think I've spawned in a cave before. I'm a total newbie here. So, is this a well-known bug? Anyone encountered it already?
  3. I rely heavily on sound for my gameplay and am overall quite satisfied with the in game sounds (though I do many times wish they were directional). Anyhow, the eating/drinking sounds positively freak me out. Whether it's my own character eating or one of my neighbors 40 tiles away. Those same sounds in real life would inspire the same reaction..just something that at best makes me twitch and on a bad day makes me want to punch something. Is there any way at all to disable JUST those sounds?
  4. Hello, i contacted the support ingame and he sent me to post my issue here. So here it is. I was mining some iron and a recording or a stream of something that sounded like a radio show started to play. It was pretty quiet first. I assumed that Firefox played something in the background. I closed Firefox, it was still there. So i closed every aplication i had running except two instances of wurm. I then checked the system tray of the volume mixer. It showed that the Wurm client was the source of the noise. It got louder when i opened the settings and turned the OpenAL Volume up. Two guys were talking about cave entrances and a player who fights mobs somewhere with some rock in the background. It stopped a minute later without any reason. It was clearly Wurm related. I didn't understood all of it because they had an american accent. My wife was here with me and she listened too, so i'm not crazy... What did just happen? A feature i don't know about? A bug? A security issue of my pc? ( I checked my pc twice now. )
  5. Well now that i have my ambient sounds back i have turned on my sounds again (had them all off before the fire change) Now that i have sounds again i have noticed that i can still hear wind even though i have weather sounds turned off.
  6. I think Wurm has phenomenal ambient sound effects and it really brings the game to life for me as a player. However, I find myself wishing I could turn noise of my chopping, digging, and hammering down just a bit, and turn the sound of the wind, the howling wolves, and the crickets up a notch or two. It seems most modern games have two sounds channels, one for background SFX and one for player SFX. I would love to have the same option here in Wurm. And with the recent addition of volunteers to work on the sound code, it seems like a good time to make the suggestion.
  7. This wasn't here a week ago (just about). Very recent. It sounds as if a real life neighbor is mowing their lawn when my windows are closed. Sort of an even, low sound. Also sounds like a small propeller plane going by a good distance from my house. Hope either of those examples can give you a basic sense of what this sounds like. It's certainly not normal for the game. It is definitely in Wurm though, and is only present when Wurm is running (so not a speaker problem). Let me know if there is any info I can provide to help you track this down. Would also love to know if anyone else is having the same thing. Thanks! Rey.
  8. I have an issue I can't figure out how to fix. I think I may have done this on purpose in the past and now I can't figure out how to reverse it. When I plug in my earphones, all sound is directed into them except for Wurm. I have Windows 7, which from what I have searched does not have options to choose the output device for different programs. I have also searched the wurm forums, and google for wurm/audio keywords and not found the answer. Is there a secret setting in Wurm? My computer is Windows 7, and this happens while running regular wurm client or unstable client.