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Found 44 results

  1. 30.58QL ruby staff

    Starting bid: 4s Min. increment: 25c Delivery may be available, depending on winner's location.
  2. 7.22QL Opal Staff

    Starting bid: 1s Minimum increment: 50c Sniper protection: 1hr Pickup at the SW coast of Xanadu. Delivery options may be available depending on winner's location.
  3. WTB Slime of Uttacha

    Buying 1-3 charges, pm me if you have and are willing to sell.
  4. WTB Green Cherry

    PM me with Offers.. Silver/Euros accepted
  5. Has any of the new items and sorcery been added to the wiki at all? If not we could use it for sure i have looked a few times for something and could not find anything. I know we have this page to help get it started even adding what they have so far would be helpful...thanks
  6. Sold, close please Libram of the night. Until recently this tome was undiscovered on the Freedom isles. Here is your chance to own this rare and unique item. This has never dropped before on Freedom [11:49:15] A black leather book with an etched silver owl, to be read by the wicked and twisted. It has 1 charges left. Starting bid: 100s/e Minimum increase: 5s/e Buyout: 200s/e Sniper protection: 1 hour
  7. Hi everyone, i want to auction this rare item as i don't need it myself. [19:02:29] The green leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has 1 charges left. Using this book will give you a special sorcery skill used with karma points(500). This one will give you ability to summon powerfull worgs (as a pet so you can command it). You will get a new sorcery title 'Worgmaster' and permanent buff to internal resistance 15% and permanent debuff to fire resistance 10% (weakness). This book has only 1 use left and it will be consumed when used. Im looking to sell this for euros only and verified paypal. (Will also accept direct bank transfer in finland). Starting bid: 100€ Min. increment: 5€ Buyout: taking offers Reserve: none but i keep rights to end this auction in any case or reson (sorry i've been asked this book few times already). Time: 5 days (+1h snipe-protection) SOLD VIA BUYOUT, Thanks everyone! Buyer must pay paypal / or other transfer fees. I will cover in-game mail/delivery cost. I think the book is mailable and i will send it when i receive payment. Using instant mailbox so no additional waiting needed. (In case it cannot mail i will deliver excl. wild) Also pickup is possible at my deed: se-inde, Blueberry Ridge 43x 59y. Happy biddings
  8. WTB green cherry x1 charge blue cherry x1 charge black cherry x1 charge Please PM me with offers if you have one! NOM NOM! also looking for the uttacha charge x)
  9. Opal Staff

    Start Bid: 4s Minimum Increments: 1s Buyout: Offer Snipe Protection: 1 Hour What does this do? You need it for karma spells related to sorcery. Equipped Picture
  10. [SOLD] Please close

    [01:07:42] This giant cherry was fully ripe when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. It may take you there to join the deities! It has 3 charges left. Info on sorcery items: How to use it? You need to be on a 3x3 flat area, with any type of altar there, on a very high altitude (think Dragon Fang, afaik there is an altar up there already). Also keep in mind that valrei items are now dropping a lot less often then before. Starting bid: 30s/charge or 90s for all 3 charges Min. increment: 1s Buyout: make me an offer that I can't refuse Sniper protection: 1h Current highest bidders: Charge 1 JasonSwift 50s Charge 2 Xor 45s Charge 3 Stormcrow 1g
  11. Black Tome for Sale!

    Black Tome For Sale One charge - Must come to Pristine to pick up and use the tome. Purchase this Black Tome and never be alone! Arrive to parties in style, be the envy of your friends! This tome will make you powerful, better looking, and doggone It, people will like you*. Considering Private Offers of Silver over 1 Gold Will trade for a Scale Set of Armor Black tomb infoTitle: Necromancer (Black Tome + Smoke gives you a Witch Doctor title.)Resist: DiseaseWeakness: Water Spell: Summon super sexy Skeletons including big champions (male) Believed to summon Wraiths (female) Breedable: At least the skellies are - wraiths unknown. But unlikely they will stay around long enough to have a baby [21:34:12] You start using the black tome of magic.[21:34:21] You stare into the darkness of the Abyss. You step into it and fall. You fall..[21:34:32] You will henceforth be known as the Necromancer [Playername] Additional info on Skellies from Tuanta: FYI on skelliesI summoned them on deed, got 3 normal, 1 sly, and 1 champ (5 total)Once summoned 4 of them immediately started attacking one of the normal skellies until it was dead.They lasted a day (24 hours real world time)They follow the player around like animals being led.Once you issue the command Pet > Stay Here, only one of the skeletons will follow that command. Note: At the time of this post: The skeleton will then be forever bugged and will not re-follow once you clear orders. (Relogging did not help)They cannot swim and will get stuck in water like cows, bison, etc.Here's a pic which shows the skeletons and the summon wall spell at the right. (Yep, champs are BIG)Photo courtesy Tuanta - Pristine Possible pic of wraiths - these were the Spirit Templar during Halloween and it is possibly being used for the wraith model as well: *All claims in this post are suppositional. Any information here has been gathered from the forums and/or personal experience and believed to be correct. Please do your own research as to the Black Tome's properties.
  12. Blood of Angels (Release) You are bidding on a single charge of a Blood of Angels sorcery item. There are two available (one on behalf of Delakar). Please make sure you are clear on all the info with regards to the item before bidding. There are requirements for use so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Have a look at this thread for further info Auction 1 1 Blood of Angels charge Starting Bid: 45s Increments: 5s Current bid: 45s Current Winner: Buyout: PM serious offers to myself or Delakar Auction 2 1 Blood of Angels charge Starting Bid: 45s Increments: 5s Current bid: 45s Current Winner: Buyout: PM serious offers to myself or Delakar Sniper protect - 2hrs Reserve - 80s At auction end, to avoid any potential issues we will meet to trade so that all people, money and charges are in the same place and make the exchange there. Please note that with the new drop changes the sorcery items are less likely to drop. We took down the red dragon yesterday with no sorcery item dropping so they are now significantly rarer. Bid below.
  13. Sorcery: The Light Version

    After being part of the killing of 2 uniques atm and seeing allot of fun being had with the Valrei items that come from the uniques, it also got me thinking. Sorcery is now possible on the Freedom clusters, but to have acces to this awesome feature, you have to manage to get a Valrei item in some way. Now, most people arent close to strong enough to fight in a group against a unique. And others like me (who are able to do some damage to the beasts) can get very unlucky on the rolls for the loot-handout Sorcery is a very nice feature, allows for some creative play in pve and mostly in pvp. But, its very limited to the amount of players that have acces to it. I dare to say, 75% of the freedom pve'ers will probably never experience what sorcery can do. Thats why I was thinking of a "Sorcery Light" (like the low-fat-light, not the source of light like a lamp ) A range of small spells, buffs (and debuffs) and whatnot, that have their use in pve (mostly, to not unbalance pvp). All of these which can be unlocked in a way similar to mediating. For example, instead of a medi-rug, let people be able to make a sort of "Alchemy table" (with jars, pottery bowls, potions, ... as construction parts). Same as sitting on your med rug 5 times a day, you could interact with this alchemy table 5 times a day to get up in skill (perhaps a new skill called "Sorcery"), unlocking various little spells or buffs to play around with. And I do stress "LITTLE" spells, nothing to game-changing, just to let everybody taste a bit of this sorcery feature. (the powerfull ones would still remain in the Valrei-item-sorcery that exists now, but even those players could sit behind there alchemy table and unlock the smaller entertaining spells of the "Sorcery Light" version) Some (existing) examples what could be possible to have fun with and not be to game changing: * Newbie Agro range: Just like the newbie buff, but limited time active on you (say 1 hour decreased agro range) * Flower Power: Spawns flowers in a 4-tile radius from where you stand * Fish Bait: Create a random special fishing spot below your boat (must be deep enough) that lasts for 12 hours or so. * Forbidden Fruit: Fruittrees in a certain radius from your cast, give fruit, ignoring normal seasons. Only one harvest per tree, after you harvest the fruit doesnt respawn untill a next cast, or its natrual season. * ... Just simple stuff like this, maybe some more powerfull spells the higher you get in sorcery lvl (like meditating): * Clay Formation: Creates 2x2 area into clay for 2 hours * Tar Pit: Creates a 2x2 tar area for 2 hours * Fungi Illumintaion: Illumnates a huge radius underground centering from your position (something like a huge light token) * ... Anyways, just random examples for not to game breaking spells, but which would allow every (premium) player to have some fun with and to have some use of the Sorcery system that is ingame (and not just those lucky enough to get ahold of a valrei item). AGAIN: Its about the general idea, dont focus on my examples of spells/buffs or Alchemy table-thingy. Its to point in a certain direction what I mean by a "light" version of Sorcery accesible for all premium players.
  14. WTB a charge of a sorcery item

    Looking to buy a charge of one of the sorc items. Not necessarily the whole thing (i'm open), happy to just pay for one use. Post or PM which you have and how much you're looking for, silver or euro. Thanks!
  15. So, with the new look of merchants and traders, I've developed a problem: Everytime I go to buy something, the entire time I envy their robes! Now I agree Wurm does have many different armors, but this would be different. Would not be armor Would be purely for looks(Similar to how players wear cloth armor now) Not worn for protection Allows fast movement speed Nice with the addition of the new sorcery ability!(sorcery robes/mage's robes) Clothing and robes would not be considered armor. It would provide little protection in combat, if any at all. There could be many different models, and each model would be dyable. Armor should not be dyable as many of the materials are undyable in the real world(chainmail, plate armor, and dragonhide dying would defeat the purpose of the colored dragons.) Clothing could allow some of the more casual players(players not entirely interested in combat) more freedom to express themselves in their wealth and interests. There could even be clothing that is trade-specific! This has been brought up many times before, but I'm curious what Wurmians think about the way I've proposed it. .
  16. Granted I have little idea how the new abilities are triggered, assuming menu actions, and for that matter this can be used for something else entirely. It occurred to me while reading the Witcher saga that mouse movement could be used to simulate gestures, signs, drawing runes in the air, etc For example, mousing three vertical lines with a diagonal slash.
  17. Hello, have to sell emerald staff 17.99ql. [03:10:55] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic emerald attached. It is made from oakenwood. Starting Bid: 1s Min. Bid Incerase: 50c Buyout: none Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Free delivery on exo. Other servers we can meet somewhere
  18. Can Be Locked.

    Did not meet reserve price, auction canceled. Alright, I will sell one of my babies off. This 73ql Star Ruby is rare and pretty. Starting Bid: 5s Reserve: Hidden Min. Increase: 50c Ending: ~2 days from now 3 hour Snipe protection Here's a timer. Go nuts, I'm selling a gem...
  19. Sorcery Documentation

    Now that Wurm is not only Live 1.0 but Live 1.1 we need better release documentation from the dev team. I know there are all the usual "discover it for yourself" arguments which is fine for when new crafting options are added but for what amounts to a new character "class" it is not. What are the requirements for becoming a sorcerer? is there a special ceremony/sequence/event? Are there restrictions on the character for going sorcerer? Are there new rules the devs have placed on players going into sorcery? Can a priest be a sorcerer as well? What sorcery can do even if we may have to work some things out for ourselves. If I am to give up priesthood on my main toon for sorcery I want be be able to make an informed decision as if I regret it because its not what we've been led to believe then I've a lot of work to recover my position as a priest. A small number of bullet points in the release change log will not suffice.