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Found 465 results

  1. Close please

    Title says it all want to sell 35 silver leave a messge here or send me a forum PM Verified Paypal preferd
  2. 31 Silver 1s:1Euro Verified Paypal, Decent Forum Rep or Rep'd References Required =)
  3. Wanting to buy 20s.
  4. Closed

    Hello there! I am willing to buy 30Silver 1s:1euro! I would prefer it to be from someone with a decent reputation and all from one person
  5. WTB gold

    Hi! ^^ Me and some of my friends are returning and so we need to buy some gold (somewhere around 3 gold) to start up our deeds and stuff. Paying 1e/1s using Paypal or bitcoin (at current market rate) Forum pm is best way to reach me, thanks!
  6. Hello! I’m currently looking to buy 50-60 silver coins. Will be on Sunday night, feel free to pm me. 1s=1.24usd or 1e
  7. Greetings, I am looking to buy 1 Gold in in game currency via paypal, willing to pay 1eu/1s or apx 1.23usd/1s. I am paypal verified and a an established player and forum user with many successful and problem free past purchases. Thank you.
  8. Please close

    Found please close
  9. As topic says, buying up to 1 gold of in-game coin. Verified paypal. Would prefer all-in-one transaction, but I'm ok with splitting it up a bit if necessary. EDIT: All full up on coin
  10. I am interested of buying 50-100s via paypal, if the offer is good. pm me if you are interested selling some or post here
  11. WTB Silver

    Wtb 100 silver + , pm me with your price.
  12. Hello Devs and Inde dwellers! I'm worried about empty traders pockets - after another reset, properly managed. Also the message: 'There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment.' appears more often than before. King's poverty is also clearly visible in ton of rare herbs and such instead of coin given occasionally to balance traders draining. Is the economy broken or what? I could notice maybe more deeds disband by owners or by time recently, but some new settlements were started as well. Anyway the deeds that exist hold enough silver to keep the economy alive (at least mine do). Here: on the other hand the total amount of irons on the server hasn't dropped to level preventing money redistribution. Yearly graph shows nice saw-shaped traders pocket wealth... until some day in December. Is it related to tinkering with traders after wagoners update? I dont dig through WU code, but maybe someone does and knows - why did the coffers dry? I don't know if looking at any other server can give any answer since it appears they dont run the same code. Is there another experiment going on on Inde? I know it is hard to forsee the future, but since devs did intentionally 'fix' things regarding irons flow, is there at least one person sure the model doesn't lead to dead end even with normal players activity? :-)
  13. As title says. Please PM me!
  14. I am interested in selling 57 Silver for only 0.85 each silver, this would give a total of 48 USD Those interested please contact the subject or send a private, thanks in advance.
  15. Selling 30 silver, pm me on forum and we will find the price Verified paypal
  16. temporarily unavailable thanks to all buyers
  17. Grand Peninsula Xanadu R8 Start bid: 5s Min inc: 0.5s 1h sniper protection Great coastal access mining deed with a good selection of veins in high concentration: Iron, Lead, Tin, Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc, Slate. Also Marble is nearby, and a marble bridge to cross the valley to easily access the mountain face beyond. Other images:
  18. Please check my many successful sales and purchases for Trading Confidence.... I have been playing Wurm from 1 week after Indy started and off and on since then. Verified Paypal ONLY. Friends and Family to help prevent charge backs. Up to 1 gold is avail.. more soon! I am in-game mostly on Damine But also check GrumpyOldGamer for speedy contact. PM Me ingame but please post here for a contract on the forums for all to see! Basically you may PM me to alert me to your post here. TY! I am an Twitch Streamer and Utuber "GrumpyOldGamerReviews". I am high profile! TRADE WITH CONFIDENCE! $100USD= 1gold $1= $1USD
  19. All sold
  20. As title says, want to sell up to 50 silver 1 silver=1 USD. Paypall verified only, you pay fees outside US. Honest seller that's been around a few years now Please post here, or PM here.
  21. SOLD

    Title says everything Your paypal account needs to be verified. (We are going to do it via 'Friends and Family' aka Gift method)
  22. Want to sell 300s @ 0.9€/s. Preferring verified Paypal
  23. As title says; trade via paypal verified account. My apologies but I wish to do this trade with established /known-by-myself forum and/or ingame accounts only as a result of the former scandals. If you are interested, please send a PM here or ingame to Jaz/Zaj.