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Found 11 results

  1. Hanging signs that you can hang up from the sealing/above the door/arched wall... comes in 2 variations... short and long... and ofc you can insert text on the sign. Image
  2. currently you've gotta hover over each individual crate rack to see what its name is, im suggesting a sign on it like so: i realize you can make large signs and place them in front, but hey whatever i would like this better
  3. I would like to ask that signs & lamps and such that can be placed in buildings and on corners. Could we get access to pick them up and to alter them when the wall is there? Especially Improve and repair actions. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.
  4. This may have been requested before (and I know many players are waiting for it) - and it already was present in the unstable client at some time. However it never appeared in the live version of WO, while it is available in WU. Please make text on signs visible! It must be possible (and I didn't see any problems so far), as can be seen by these two screenshots from WU: This will add a lot more realism to the game.
  5. [17:45:55] You may only plant one pointing sign outside your settlement per week. [17:45:56] This is within the village of Port Royal. I planted one pointing sign outside of the village and now I get this message and can't plant any more signs inside the settlement. Tried on tile corner or on the tile itself.
  6. Looked and didn't find this other than other people wanting more pic selections. We all know how long it takes to Plant, push, pull, turn that Shop Sign only to find we need to change the Name or the Picture at the market for a new spot instead of "This spot open". Please make a simple change to allow Shop Signs and even others signs, for that matter by owner(who placed it) or the deed holder to change the names and/or pictures to other types without having to pick up and then have to replant. PLEASE. Even if you make the hanging part removable with another plate that can be changed and/or replaced. ..., Just an idea.
  7. I would like to see more types of these Shop Signs. Would be extra nice if we had a sign for each skill category. Carpenter, Smith, Alchemist, Bow/Fletcher, Cook, The animal trainer/farmer guy... Then, with each sign, attach a looping sound pertaining to the title that can be controlled from the sign options.
  8. so we've recently gotten the ability to plant village recruiting boards, and i'm wondering how exactly they work. my big concern is how do they recruit villagers? do they get a little box asking if they want to join and teleport? if so, which rank do they get when they join? can we change the rank to prevent joining thieves? can i write more with a higher ql sign? i've made one myself, and though it did auto-place in the world, it did not auto-plant, which is nice. if anyone has tested these out, i'd love to know how they work
  9. I understand the idea behind the accelerated decay of items introduced lately. However, this increased rate of decay should not be applied to items that are usually placed outdoors for a reason. For example: I planted a lot of lamps and road signs along our road network - and to my surprise most of the lamps were gone this morning, others severely damaged. I dont think something like that was intended by Rolf when he introduced the latest change. So, here are my suggestions: - Define a group of items to which the accelerated decay is applied (not everything, especially not items that have been planted) - Only apply the increased rate of decay to off-deed items. Maybe there is a way for the server software to determine if the creator of an item or the character who planted an item is still active (was online during the last 30 days). In that case only items made by inactive players could be made to decay faster.
  10. Earlier today, about 7 hours ago from this post, I planted a shop sign on my deed. I just now tried to plant a pointing sign off-deed and received the message that I could only plant one sign off-deed per week (21 hours). This is either bugged, or was purposely altered to operate this way, however I know it wasn't always like this. The wiki states that you can plant as many signs on-deed as you want without limitation, but that only 1 sign can be planted off-deed every 21 hours. If planting a sign on-deed triggers the off-deed global timer, then the error message needs to be edited, and the wiki needs to be changed as well to clarify the new rules for signs.
  11. A simple marker which can be crafted from a piece of wood with a carving knife. This sign could be placed but only read by faction, kingdom or alliance ( whichever one fits best ingame). This way common traveled roads could be more user friendly to newcomers. They could follow signs that only their kingdom or alliance had placed in order to get home or what not. ::EDIT:: Agreed spy's would ruin and geography works atm.