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Found 116 results

  1. as title says please pm with offer. I will throw some extra coins for delivery.
  2. I would like to auction a rare shovel ql 90.42 with the following enchants: Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [61] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [52] Delivery at Celebration. Arrangement for a delivery appointment somewhere in the middle is possible, if you are on close servers. You pickup otherwise. Starting bid: 6s. Buyout: 15s. There is a secret reserve. Sniping protection: 2 hours. Happy bidding all
  3. Want to sell 33.97ql Iron Shovel coc21woa64 70c SOLD 47.24ql Iron Pickaxe coc36woa35 50c SOLD 48.16ql Excuisite Meditation rug No Enchants 50c SOLD 3.88ql Garden Gnome 3.0s SOLD You can reply here or for a faster response message me on the freedom server under fourneofclubs Thanks! Please close
  4. Rare shovel 73ql 76woa 58coc Start bid 3silver. Buyout 7silver No reserve. Pickup at Tapdance celebration server
  5. Looking for a really high QL shovel around 90QL with a 90+ woa enchant pm with prices thanks
  6. Hello I would like to buy a WoA 90+ Shovel at preferably 80+ ql. Message Len , Rockhound in-game or here. Thanks.
  7. Wild cat pelt 72ql, 60 CoC - 60c. Already has 3-4dmg, but can be mended on demand. Grooming brush 40ql, 68 CoC - 80c. Shovel 47ql 66 WoA - 75c. Stone chisel 45ql, 68 WoA - 75c. Pelt 81ql, 71 CoC - 80c Location: Exodus, New Freeport (X24 Y26). Buyer pays cod. PM here or ingame to MadBananaS. Will join IRC on demand.
  8. I would like to sell the following: rare sickle ql 65.36 rare shovel ql 86.48 rare needle ql 86.31 I am aware of the prices such rare items are usually sold for. I will accept offers for the next 48 hours, here or in PMs. Serious offers welcome. Depending on the offers, I might sell the above items, or just keep them for myself
  9. As I'm having a good day with coc enchants, I present to you an iron shovel currently at 81ql with a woa cast of 75 and a coc cast of 102 for auction. Start Bid : 8s Minimum Bid increment : 1s Reserve : None Buyout : 20s End Date : Tuesday 20th November 2300 gmt I will be away for a few days starting tomorrow morning so if you wish to buyout, please do so early so I can arrange to mail or deliver it. Thank you and happy bidding. Edit - I keep accidently improving the power of this item but I'm stopping now.
  10. Located in exo near makar bout 100tiles west Rake with coc 60-70 both Shovel with woa and coc 60-80 both 250 L nails Med rug with woa Statuette of vyn, higher ql better Will pay for delivery anywhere in nw exo Pm me or post with offers. In gmt-5 timezone
  11. I would like to buy a shovel with 80+ QL and 80+ WoA. PM Starmenix on Deliverance or message on the forums.
  12. Please PM me about any rare shovel you may have and be willing to sell. Can be iron or steel, any QL, enchanted or not, let me know AND include the price you are looking for. Thanks
  13. Found shovel .. close please
  14. WTB rare/supreme pickaxe and shovel atleast 60+ql 60+woa 50+coc pm me offer and item
  15. As stated I am looking for a 80ql, 80+WoA / CoC shovel. I would be happy with Simply WoA however, Both enchants would be nice. Please Leave you Offers on this post, PM me on the fourms or /t Anarchistrise ingame, Thanks you ever so much
  16. Like the topic says, I have an 80ql Iron shovel with WoA 98 up for auction this weekend. I'd like to start the bidding at 3s with min increments of 25c. Reserve is hidden and there is no buyout option. Please keep bids to the thread and not PM but if you want to make me an offer I can't refuse, pm's are welcome. Auction ends 22:00 gmt Sunday 27th May. Pickup is at New Pineview Waterfront on Exodus. Thank you and happy bidding.