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Found 4 results

  1. I keep seeing these dark shapes in the water. Sometimes they disappear when I move or turn. I am not using the modern renderer. This is facing south from U17 Deliverance, and seems quite persistent even if I spin around and move forward and back. Facing south-west: Also I can't help feeling rainbows are in the wrong place - in real life you're only supposed to see them when you face directly away from the sun towards the rain-cloud (the sun is always behind you when you see a rainbow) - this one is in the south-west when the sun is in the north-west - wogic?
  2. My character doesn't seem to cast a shadow, or it's so indistinct I can't see it. Should be easy to reproduce/verify, so I won't bother with a screenshot. At least with winter graphics, shadows look really flickery as I move around, like they can't decide how to render. They basically swim around and only settle down into one configuration when I stop moving and leave my viewpoint still. Much, much more clear when in motion, but here are three screenshots in quick succession, just to give a taste. Lots of subtle differences between the shadows, and the details all swim around when I move.
  3. I found a variety of bugs which vary from basic texture bugs till instant client crash bugs the list is as following: 1. The Basic Texture Glitches - sometimes the game tends to 'borrow' textures from places it shouldn't like for example the sign post gets the texture of the butchered lions but still maintains its original form. This can happen to crops, buildings and other basic objects that fall under decoration like sign posts, lamps and other objects it doesn't crash the game but it makes it more unstable since it does contribute since it appears to be an early sign of a crash. 2. The Black Object Glitch - Some objects(mostly anything which stands still and is not considered 'alive') can turn completely black once in a while and this stays the same yet it changes back when getting really close and turns back black once you get out of range again. this stays the same till client restart. Note: i suspect this has to do with the shadow mechanics which are in the game. 3. The Screenshot Issues - When trying to take a screenshot the client tends to have high change of crashing and on top of that it doesn't save the screenshot. even when not crashing for me it didn't give me any screenshot only batman on a rare occasion. 4. "Connection i thought i had connection?" Glitch - This glitch is the only one which i didn't have happen to caught myself which means i cant help to much. All i know of it is that people log in and they get the world loaded and everything yet for other people they do not show up or in worse cases do but don't do anything and then the char bugs up and kicks the client out and the in game character. There might be more glitches more regarding gameplay yet i didn't find those myself.
  4. Located at Shadow's Incarnation (x39, y48) on Exodus Blacksmithing (Iron lantern,Awl,Dredge,File,Hammer,Hatchet,Leather knife,Metal brush,Needle,Rake,Pickaxe,Saw,Scissors,Shovel,Small anvil,Stone chisel,Trowel,Cauldron,Frying pan,Sauce pan, Horse shoe, and Large Anvil*) 50ql-15c 60ql - 25c 70ql - 35c 80ql - 70c 85ql - 1s 90ql - 1.5s *Large Anvil prices are double Chain Armour Smithing (Chain Coif, Chain Jacket, Chain Sleeve, Chain Gauntlet, Chain Pants, Chain Boot) Full Iron Sets(pm for custom metal) 50ql - 1s 60ql -1.5s 70ql - 2s 80ql - 4s 85ql - 5s Single Pieces 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 25c 80ql - 45c 85ql - 55c Chain Barding: 50ql - 1s, 60ql - 1.2s, 70ql - 1.7s, 80ql - 3s, 85ql - 3.5s 90ql coming soon! Jewelry Smithing Silver only currently (Bracelet,Candelabra,Chain,Necklace,Pendulum,Ring and Statuette) 30ql - 10c 40ql - 20c 50ql - 30c 60ql - 45c Shield Smithing 50ql - 15c Bulk Goods Rock Shards - 1s per 1k (10k+ currently in stock mostly 40-50ql) Zinc Lumps - 1s per 1k (6k+ currently in stock) Clay, Tar - 1s per 1k Crops - 1s per 1k (pm for availability) Boats Currently in Stock: 4 Sailboats - 1s ea. 1 Corbita - 4s Enchanting Currently can only do up to about 60-70 power 1c per power up to 70 All items are available for pickup or may be COD depending on the item for 10c per item on Exodus and 20c per item on other servers Delivery is 20c for Exodus