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Found 85 results

  1. Auction Sold Please Close

    Auction sold please close
  2. Sold Please Close.

    Sold please close.
  3. Hi, i put this set on auction again because previously there is no bids. Starting bid: 5s (price for 90ql+ normal studded set) min inc: 50c sniper: 1hour Prefer pick up (Deliverance 3x 17y) BTW i have merchant contract for sell (pm if u interested)
  4. Set of 4 horseshoes for sale, pick up on Cele near AP or mailable. 73ql 78WOA 74ql 77WOA 74ql 76WOA 74ql 74WOA PM me if interested.
  5. 2 High Ql Studded Sets

    WTS 2 Studded sets. 90+ ql - 6s (delivery for free on Deli, other servers 50c near coast) really low aosp on cap, jacket and pants 80+ ql - 3,5s (delivery on Deli or pick up) set without cap
  6. I was wondering if there was any interest for the set of scale below, and for about how much I could expect to get for it? If there's enough interest, I may be selling it. You could always tempt me with a buyout via PM, preferably in Euro/USD as well. (I suppose this could be moved to WTS, my mistake...)
  7. Chain Set, Iron

  8. As title states. I have a 90-92QL set of Black Drake with High AoSP I'm auctioning off. Most of the casts are 80+. If you're interested in the back story, this is the first set of Drake I've ever made. It was made while I was in Kyara. I casted on it with Elamor, who at the time, was Kyara's most prominent Champion of Vynora. Bids can be placed either in the form of in-game currency, or Euro/USD. Current Bid: 75s Starting Bid: 60s (36€/$46USD) Minimum Increment: 5s (3€) Buyout: 1.4g (84€/$108USD) Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Tuesday, September 18th - 8PM GMT. Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Winner will receive it either via COD or can pick up the set at Northern Sanctuary, Celebration. Happy bidding!
  9. Wtb 70Ql Chain Armor Set

    the title says it all i want a 70ql set of chain armor and im on celebration.
  10. After a couple of days work for hours on end, my offer is four complete sets of tools of QL60-ish mostly, totalling about 2266QL, sold seperately or together. Due to my skills, all tools considered weapons will be QL37-ish, all fine carpentry items will be QL50-ish. All wooden tools are made of oak, with oak shafts or handles, for what it's worth. All tools that fit in a small chests will be put in one of your chosen wood type. Choose a type of wood for the chest that comes with the set, use this screenshot as a refence. Delivering to shore areas. Price for ONE set: 10s including delivery (less than 45i per QL). Pickup discount price: 8s, pickup at Ussta Delmah (60x 5y) (ca. 35i per QL). Pickup discount price: 8s 50c, pickup at Targoviste (56x, 9y) (ca. 38i per QL). Price for all 4 sets including delivery: 35s (ca. 38i per QL) Pickup discount at Ussta Delmah or Targoviste: 30s (ca. 33i per QL!) With this set of 41 items you are able to do mostly any kind of work and exercise any kind of activity, mining, smithing, carpentry, farming, cooking. I'm willing to negotiate construction work (forges, ovens, guard towers, houses, fences/walls, ships) and odd jobs on site. You can view my trade skills on the wiki or the Wurm Online Skillcompare website. (71 blacksmithing, 60 chain armour smithing, on an alt)