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Found 85 results

  1. Starting Bid: 10s Bid Increments: 1s Reserve: hidden Sniper protection: 1h Buyout: none Armor will be CoD'd to winner and/or Delivered/Picked up from South Independence. EXTRA HOUR ADDED - SNIPE PROTECTION | v Happy Bidding
  2. (CLOSED) WTB white drake set

    WTB white drake set (with cap). PM (Pepejot) your offer (price, enchant and ql).
  3. WTS Green Drake Set

    As title say. It's without cap. Price: 100 euro You can PM me here or in game: Miket Paypal verified!
  4. Close please

    As title say
  5. 4x Rare Horse Shoe set - 15s (CoD at buyers expence and has to be in a container)
  6. I decided to move it from WTS to auction. Maybe I will have better luck in here. It's a little unique, since all parts have my signature ("Ghab"). Starting Bid: 35s / 35 euro Reserve: NO Buyout: NO PM Bids - NO Sniper Protection: 1 hour Min. Incr. 1s / 1 euro Pickup on Xanadu S19 or CoD on buyer expense. Happy bidding and good luck! PS: Please check the ql of parts before you start bidding!
  7. Up for auction is a full seryll plate armour set. The whole set is enchanted with 80+ AoSP on every piece. Starting Bid: 50s Min. Increments: 5s Reserve: None Buyout: 80s Snipe protection: 1 hour Auction ends: Saturday, November 22nd, 12:00 noon Central US time Mailing possible at the buyers expense, otherwise pickup at Xanadu, Ondlangr, B16 on the ingame map.
  8. Up for auction is a full, 90 ql, all rare studded leather armour set, completely enchanted with AoSP and a rare 90ql toolbelt as a fabulous accesoire. Starting Bid: 15s Min. Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 30s Snipe protection: 1 hour Auction ends: Wednesday, November 19th, 12:00 noon Central US time Mailing possible at the buyers expense, otherwise pickup at Xanadu, Ondlangr, B16 on the ingame map.
  9. 15s for the set of four Rare Horseshoes (CoD at buyers expense)
  10. I play some other games, where it is necessary to have multiple sets of gear, because of the bonuses or restrictions they provide. For my priests, I would love to be able to fast switch between melee gear, archery/casting gear. Also, would be nice to be able to quick swap weapons. Say I am out skilling with a pair of knives and get jumped by a couple champ trolls. Would be nice to hot key my 2h LT weapon and beat those trolls down to size. Sure, maybe it is supposed to take time to make a weapon switch (by fumbling around with inventory and equipping). If so, give us the hot key and put a timer on the switch. Just help us get rid of the endless clicky clicky we have to do for everything
  11. Selling white drake set with black drake cap for 1g or 100€. Can be picked up at The Nomads on Exodus server 34x 17y. Signatures in the brackets
  12. 90ql Scale Set (SOLD)

    I have a 90ql Scale set for sale for 3g 50s pickup at Stone Ridge Harbor T11 Xanadu or SE Deliverance on request. (SOLD)
  13. WTB Black Drake Set [close]

    No enchants, Lowest ql possible, (want to imp it myself), 75-80e reply or pm me.
  14. Auction Closed! Island Starter Kit 1 Caravel "Dirty Sandy" ql:60 62 large crates ~average ql:30 18600 dirt (300xper Crate) 7 with dirt, 55 with sand bonus: satchel with 100 random tree sprouts (from every type) 1 skiller steel shovel with 81 coc mooring anchor 90ql Birchwood Dredge ql82 with 69woa Caravel: Crates: This is a very special Offer for everyone who would like to start an Island or needs alot of dirt for big terraforming wurm projects and just didn't start yet because getting a huge amount of dirt or sand is difficult. This Kit should easen the progress, since the large crates are already filled and loaded inside the ship that is currently docked in Tanbottom on Independence. The whole Caravel, the Crates, Anchor, a whole satchel full with sprouts and a skiller steel shovel are INCLUDED when buying it and will be given out together with the ownership of the Caravel to the new happy owner. This Kit is the first one of it's kind, so only the result of this auction will determine if this will be done again Also the Lucky Winner of this auction will either need to come and get the ship from Tanbottom (57y 33x)on Independence or we can bring the ship to some of the easier accessible Harbors from the outer Sea. Ship will NOT be delivered outside of Independence. Map to Current Location of the Ship: sponsored by: Company of Mercers, SouthFreedom Traders and the Highwayproject: Magranons Scar expanded by 20 minutes from Allenkeys last bid! Starting Bid: 24 silvers minimum increment: 50 copper Highest Bidder: Lucinel edit(added sniper protection): Sniper Protection: 20 Minutes (btw.: for those who don't know, Sniper Protection means, that the auction time will expand every time for 20 Minutes (near the end of the auction) when someone is bidding on it. That should avoid having those last second bids coming in, leaving other people no chance to react, just because their site was loading too slow ) "Disclaimer; Parking it in the sea and dropping all the dirt not guaranteed to create an island." p.s.: if someone is ACTUALLY making an Island out of this I would love a message of that
  15. Four horse shoes on auction, QL 80, bidding on ALL shoes. Starting bid - 3.5 silver Minimum increment - 50 c No reserve 20 minutes sniper Shoes can be picked up from ANGELS WESTPORT, XANADU K8, or mailed, rememeber 20c for other servers for each shoe other then Xanadu. Due to Shoe QL testing, It looks like increments of 10 give .72kmh keep that in mind. Btw, all shoes are imped to 82 QL for a little decay leway to 80.
  16. Hello! As you can see in the title, I am selling my black drake set. The set currently has no enchantments, and was all made by Zalifear. The set is currently at least 55ql, with the exception of the cap at 70ql. As you can see the jacket is also rare, which will add to the price. A quick price check in global chat returned a value of around 1g as despite slumping drake prices, the rare jacket bumps the price back up. However only one person contributed to the price check, and while I am reasonably confident with this price I open to bartering. So I am currently taking offers, whether it be in game, here in this topic, or via forum pm. Thanks for reading, Madhatter
  17. Hello, could anyone help me work out the worth of a full Rare Plate set all at 75QL? And What it would be worth with High AoSP on it? Thanks
  18. Auctioning the below 95QL Drake Set: This particular green drake set is freshly made and of top notch QL with high AoSP enchants. All pieces have 'Xallo' signature, minus the helm which has 'Alyeska'. I will also offer any of the WL God shielding spells to all pieces to whoever wants it done after it reaches 1 Gold. Start Bid: 80s Min Incr: 5s Reserve: None Buyout: 1g20s There is a 30 minute sniper protection against last-minute bids. Auction over. Thanks for bidding! . Green Drake without helm is on the left: Please visit our merchant ads for custom Drake sets and improvement: Happy Bidding!
  19. a in the picture means asop w in the picture means web Armour [21:50:07] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Nadroj'. asking 110s for it
  20. Its time to auction off these beauties. Start bid: 40s Increments: 2s No buyout, although offers via PM might be considered 2 Hour Snipe protection.
  21. Rare Chain Set 90ql No casts

    Hello Wurmians, This time i've this shiny rare chain set, which has many uses. You can use it in battle and like a decoration item. Starting bid: 25s Min increment: 1s Buyout: may consider offers via pm Sniper protection: 1h No hidden reserve Enjoy the auction!
  22. sold close plz

    Full rare plate set for sale Starting Bid 15s Min Inc 1s Buyout no Reserve no Cheers
  23. PRICE: 4s LOCATION: Kaer Morhen, Deliverance 39x 28y
  24. Wts Plate Armour 60Ql

    PRICE: 3s LOCATION: Kaer Morhen, Deliverance 39x 28y
  25. Looking to buy a full set of enchanted plate.