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Found 256 results

  1. Affects all platforms for Wurm Unlimited builds 828552 and earlier, and Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server builds 828553 and earlier. Fix This issue has been fixed for new worlds in Wurm Unlimited build 842455 and Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server build 842456, released 3rd November 2015. There is now an option to configure tree growth in the server gui, which should be set to 20 for the default spread rate. Issue Tree growth for new servers is not configurable, and those of the servers in Creative_backup and Adventure_backup are set to 0, which prevents trees from growing or spreading. A fix has been pushed but will not be available until it has been included in a release, after which the option will be available in the server configuration gui. Workaround This workaround is only recommended if you feel confident in modifying the database, otherwise you can wait until the fix has been released. You should not update the database without first shutting down the server and making a backup. The tree growth configuration item is located in the SERVERS.TREEGROWTH field in the wurmlogin.db database, and is an integer that gives a 1 in <treegrowth> chance of spawning a nearby tree or a one in <treegrowth> chance of spawning a mushroom when the tile is polled. The default value is 20. Edit: Added notes on fix.
  2. Has anyone been able to work at all with default portals or know how to set them up? I imagine it might have something to do with the information in the set data section, but I can't find any documentation on it anyplace. Any ideas?
  3. Hello, I believe that all the islands that exist are hosted in Europe. I would like to see a exclusive island hosted in the western continent of earth. LIke the USA. Living in the west coast of the USA and playing WO I can feel the latency pretty bad at times. I have to wait for gates and doors to open after I walk into them. At times when I'm moving to fast I'm told to stop moving so my location can be updated. Other times while riding my wagon I'm spinning out of control because the server is still trying to respond to my movement and I have to stop and wait for the catch up. I know some of you will say it's my internet connection and I need to check this and that. But there is nothing wrong with my internet when these things are occurring. I believe it's just the latency coming from the other side of the planet. In WU I load into low latency server and gates and doors open up for me as I'm walking up to them. I'm not slamming my face into the door waiting for it to open. I never experience the system message telling me my position needs to be updated. Now I'm not saying WU is better or anything like that. I just rather log into a server in my own continent. Preferably my own country and get that low latency and smoother gameplaly. Until then I'll play with what we got. Still a good game, thanks!
  4. Just me or are all the servers down?
  5. Anyone figure out how to show all the active players on the clusters? Currently I only see the players in the server browser that are on the login cluster. The other clusters dont seem to count. So for instance right now I have 33 players online but only 11 showing up. Kind of frustrating. I have 16 clusters but reluctant to add them all as it will split the player count and it seems new players seem to flock to the higher number users on the public servers sadly.
  6. New server needing staff must have some exp in wurm and with helping others don't have to have GM exp will train I have rented the server for a year so i plan on being around for some time if interested please post here or message me. Tell me what you think would make you a good fit for the team i hope to build. The server will be PVP and modded Plan on custom map in the near future there will be nonpvp zones.and events with rewards, Also if you have friends who might be a good fit please send them to this post. I may also be Reached at Edit from here down added. At this time the settings are Epic / 5x skill/ 5 x timers when i get the full team the server needs we are going to have a meeting with staff on where we want the server to go. I feel with more than one person putting ideas on the table it will make the server better. Characteristics start value: 23 Mind Logic Start 25 Fight Skill start 10 Action speed Multiplier 5.0 Max Creatures 10.000 Aggressive Creatures Percentage % 30 Free Deeds: And the account online is 200 adding Mods as i go will list as soon as i find the ones we feel are best for server. Like i said tho this could change as we develop and grow Also have a mumble server. Thank you, sincerely. Loki
  7. Help Please

    I just bought this game a few hours ago on steam, and i'm having a nightmare of a time with it. I've been trying to setup a server for a mate and I to play on. Started out I could create a server that would only appear in the LAN list. I then found a video about having to setup port fowarding etc. I did that but it would still only show in the LAN section. So I left it, went and got some dinner, came back to it now I can't even create the server without it crashing with some java error. I don't know where the crash logs are so that's not much help.
  8. Hey there This is not so much an issue, as a request for advice on change, or perhaps something for the developers of the headless server to think about. My output is generally useless (i run the headless server with a forever like keep alive/watchdog system) and I attach to the logging often to see what is going on, if it's still Up and ok. The output generally looks like this, and nothing much changes over time....: Starting the server Incoming RMI is disabled ================================================================== Wurm Server launcher finished at Tue Apr 12 18:55:28 EDT 2016 ================================================================== Server connected to steam Client was Authenticated Client was NOT Authenticated Server connected to steam Server connected to steam Is there a way, to get more informative output to console without modifying wurm source? (I am not a fan of mods of any sort, as it causes more problem for players in the long run). Is this log4j logging? In that case, It would be easy to modify or add an appender. Something that would be useful: 1. timestamp each line (i have no idea when that client conneciton happened) 2. who is client? add a name or uid in there? 3. more informational logging (connected to steam, when did it disconnect? why?) 4. periodic output on number of creatures or number of players... maybe things like that Just an idea, if you anyone's got some input on this, do share M
  9. Hi there We have created our Wurm server using an 8k by 8k map of UK and Ireland initially taken from Ordinance Survey data then modified in Photoshop, and finally finished off in Wurm Map Launcher V2.8. Some of the sights are amazing, the shore lines gently slope as they should do. Mount Snowden is impressive too. We have not opened it to the public just yet and intend to do so very soon; If there proves to be interest. We have just Started a Website at which is still in the construction phase. We have a Fullscale Landmap for those who are interrested.
  10. Connect To: - Or Choose Lands Of Norhaven from WU Loader. The Lands Of Norhaven Wurm Unlimited Server =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The King Proudly Announces Great Hunts! 9pm Friday Evening Until 9pm Saturday Evenings - 24 Hours DOUBLE BOUNTY'S ON ALL CREATURES listed in our bounty list! Check our Calendar for current events This is a weekly event, be sure to stop by and reap the rewards! Kings Harbor Build Project Signups This Week Lands Of Norhaven is a PvE based, socially centered and active, family friendly Wurm server. Our server is professionally hosted, with our server located on the US East Coast: New York. Our server is arranged where deeds, and deed upkeep are turned on, with a special in game merchant network system, server project reimbursement program, and special player events in place to help with acquiring in game currency, including bounty system for creature kills. Daily Backups - Immediate Updates Enjoy the following character statistics in Lands Of Norhaven: Skill gain rate multiplier: 5 Characteristics start value: 20.0 Mind Logic Start: 25.0 Body Control Skill Start Value: 25.0 Fight Skill start value: 10.0 Overall skill start value: 1.0 Player Combat rating modifier: 3.0 Action speed Multiplier: 5 Mining Minimum mining hits required: 21 Server forums and Teamspeak server and web hosted server map are already up and running...all we you. Team Speak Server - Website - Custom Map - Family Friendly Connect To: - Or Choose Lands Of Norhaven from WU Loader.
  11. I hope it's okay to post this here, but I was curious what everyone's favorite Skill and Action modifiers are for servers in Wurm Unlimited so I made a poll. The results of this poll should be useful for server hosts and people who plan to host their own server in the future so they know which values appeal to the most amount of players. POLL: (Using strawpoll since I posted this on the Steam forums too) I personally like 3-5x Skill and 1.5-2.5x Action since it allows for more specialization, and I miss being able to alt-tab while doing actions in Wurm Online, so any very high Action timers just feel unnatural to me.
  12. Don't know if this is the correct place to put this, but there seems to be a dramatic increase in server lag over the past 10 days at least on Indi. I'm having to wait for over a minute routinely to be able to make any game inputs and moving from building to building is excruciatingly painful having to wait for the doors to open. I'm having a hard time grinding and not completely wasting my sleep bonus - seems more than half of my sleep bonus is wasted in lag. Game is almost unplayable for long periods of time. I have checked to see if it is my ISP but speed tests (including ping) show that the lag is NOT an ISP problem. It seems to be worst between 2300 and 0300 UTC. Did something change recently with the game that affects server lag?
  13. Thunderbird Server

    New server up and running with final set-up. If you want a more challenging server to play on, then this is your server. This is a custom PVE map with no starter town, only master trader, bartender, guide at the spawn area. Action and skill gain multipliers are both set at 3, so do not expect to get a title quickly. Deeding is free, but upkeep is not.
  14. Hi people I made the mistake of setting creatures numbers according to an article in the forums. it turns out the there are now creatures every 4 or 5 squares in my world. I don't want to wait till they all die because I read that some creatures will still be there 6 months later. Most important ***** is there a way to reset the creatures in the world and if so how ****** Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this problem.
  15. Choose Lands Of Norhaven from WU Loader. Lands Of Norhaven is a PvE based, socially centered and active, family friendly Wurm server. We have converted Server 1 to offer FREE Deeds, with Upkeep still intact, with a special in game merchant network system, server project reimbursement program, and special player events in place to help with acquiring in game currency, including bounty system for creature kills. Daily Backups - Immediate Updates Enjoy the following character stats in Lands Of Norhaven 1:Maximum Creatures 15,000 Aggressive Creatures: 45% Skill gain rate multiplier: 5 Characteristics start value: 20.0 Mind Logic Start: 25.0 Body Control Skill Start Value: 25.0 Fight Skill start value: 10.0 Overall skill start value: 1.0 Player Combat rating modifier: 3.0 Action speed Multiplier: 5 Mining Minimum mining hits required: 21 Norhaven Map 2 is EXTREME SURVIVAL We have placed a portal (1 Way) from our Kings Castle to the new Survival Server Also find near this portal, A Portal to our PVP Colosseum Take Temperature Damage - Find a Campfire, Some warm clothes or get Indoors! Temperatures on the northern side of the map are considerable colder. Forget growing anything, anytime.... All crops have specific seasons, You can fertilize and water most crops to help promote out of season growth, and larger Yields. Don't just run down to the beach and drink that salt water Ponds are not safe either! You'll need to boil your water Or get it from a clean well. 100,000 Creatures!!!! With 75% of them being Hostile!! Grab Your sword!! Remember the Survival Server Pays 3x Bounty's! More Survival Mechanics are on the way so stake your claim today! Enjoy the following character stats in Lands Of Norhaven 2: (Survival Server) Maximum Creatures: 100,000 Aggressive Creatures: 75% Skill gain rate multiplier: 5 Characteristics start value: 20.0 Mind Logic Start: 25.0 Body Control Skill Start Value: 25.0 Fight Skill start value: 10.0 Overall skill start value: 1.0 Player Combat rating modifier: 3.0 Action speed Multiplier: 5 Mining Minimum mining hits required: 21 Server forums and Discord Chat up and running...all we you.Discord:
  16. Hi i have been trying for hours to get my server to start but all it does is say " could not start server " and then doesnt do anything else. this is screen shot of the server.
  17. So the Ebony Wand allows us to modify the world with ease. The Mission Ruler allows us to add a feel to the world, making missions and rewards. I can't figure out/ find the final item that allows you to modify NPC's and scripting. There's starter NPC's that just stand there and chat with you, I tried making a mission using a statue to emulate what they are doing but I can't replicate them. They have an added NPC option to learn and invite to join. All while you can have your pets attack and follow you quite well. There's got to be a final tool, is it locked away? How can we access it to script NPC's?
  18. New server established 4 March 2016. Come join us. A limited number of pre-built Rowboats are free for the taking to help with expansion on the map. Deeds are free, however upkeep is required. The Starter town is at the tip of the inner peninsula (a little north of center of the map). Expansion to more servers will occur when we get more players. Current PVE map
  19. Just to share this public discord server. This is a portuguese server but feel free to join if you want learn portuguese Abaixo o link para o servidor público Discord para o Wurm Unlimited e Wurm Online Discord link -> Também existe um grupo no facebook
  20. I think time has come that a new pvp server on the left side of Release should be set up. Scope for all players to set their foot in pvp. It would be difficult for 1 kingdom to control 2 servers. Both would have separate hota's. Thus more pvp and would increase the number of players who pvp, since they dont have to worry about 1 kingdom controlling 30-40% land. Even smaller groups can have deeds on pvp lands as more space. No negative side in having 2 pvp servers. We have so many pve servers. Think about the points and give any useful ideas if you like. Dont be like -1 since you post this or +1 since i want this.
  21. Folks, What is your backup strategy for your server? Can you backup the server files while the server is in operation? Or do you need to take the server down, backup the files and then start the server again? If it's the later, is there any way of automating the process (ie run a batch file to bring down a current server via remote command -> backup the files -> bring up the server again)? I realise this may not be an issue for some servers as the files are sufficiently small that backups would be relatively quick, but large servers do take a while to shutdown and then start again.
  22. Looking for information on the newer server setting "Tree Spread Odds". I cannot find anything on Wpedia or in news notes. Does someone have a link or can briefly explain? What is the range that can be entered, etc. Thanks!
  23. Ever wish you could have fields of mycelium. My Idea that would not only benefit the player base, but also the economy is to add a HOTS based PVE servers. The idea came to me because we have all of these white light servers and then chaos on freedom. Why can we not have a Black light server. We all know that many of us would like to see Libila on freedom, but may not happen. The base kingdom would be HOTS. Everyone that goes to the server will be converted to HOTS. If a player would become a Libila follower or priest on this server, they could come back into freedom as a freedom and not be Libila any longer just like Chaos. I good location for this server could be East of Exodus, and South of Chaos. Also if a player is to go to Chaos then they will return to whatever kingdom they were on Chaos. It would benefit the player base by having something new, beyond just another server or a new game feature. It would also benefit the economy by allowing more players to become Libila priests, and not have to follow a certain kingdom and have all of their stuff taken in pvp.
  24. Hello all, what are your experiences with headless dedicatet server. I try to run a custom map at my server - but wurm unlimited server will not start., Last line in log: INFO: Finished loading Wurm IDs, that took 1.879341 millis. ... for more than 15 minutes it will not be go on and i abort. Map size 2048 will work wothout problems an fats. Maybe map size 4096 is to big for RAM and wurm server gives no feedback? AMD Athlon II X2 RAM 4GB CentOS 7.2 Greetings
  25. Off-Deed Building once again bugged. Since the last round of this bug, I've repaired a ton of longhouses and structures off-deed back to <10 damage. They're back up to 30-50 damage in the last week or two (these are all 85-90ql stone structures). A gatehouse I built less than 2 months ago at 93ql walls is up to 30 damage. This is consistent in all places checked - both buildings I am the owner of and not, my own and others. Once again broken. The last bug like this cost me several days of playtime to repair and over 20k repair bricks. I can't do it again - please, when you fix, run an update on the database to delete 30-50 damage off of off-deed buildings...or just all buildings, since on-deed don't take decay in most cases. Do something, this is crazy sad. Or a good ploy to have us drop more deeds...which I would gladly do if I could. ALLOW 1 TILE PERIM DEEDS OR FIX THIS INSANE BUG. I do not want to spend all my game time every day making repair bricks and repairing house walls that, prior to this bug, would accrue 10 damage PER CALENDAR YEAR and have, in the last 3 months, accrued 7-8 YEARS worth of damage because of these bugs. Not fair, not cool, frustrating this loyal customer.