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Found 14 results

  1. UPDATE: I will deliver to coastal areas of Exodus, southern Deliverance, northern Celebration, and MAYBE south west corner of Xanadu if you buy enough. If you are willing to come to my deed for pickup I will be happy to discuss a discount! For Sale: COD or pickup/delivery. I'm on the East Coast of Exodus at Y22 (Toon Town). In-game currency only please. Birchwood Sculpting Wand, 5ql - 15s Brass Spyglass, 70ql - 5s Brass Spyglass, 70ql - 5s 20 Sleep Powders - 1s each Star Emerald, 7.8ql - 3s Diamond, 54.98ql - 55c Four Emeralds, 20, 38, 44, 58 - 1.5s total Three Opals, 28, 41, 44 - 1s total Five Rubies, 1, 1, 25, 48, 50 - 1.5s total If you buy all of the gems (excluding the star emerald) I'll throw in a 1ql Sapphire for free. 4.5s for all gems (excluding the star emerald). In-game, please contact RicoPolo.
  2. CLOSED see..
  3. [12:42:09] A slender wooden twig that has been grown in a spiral around something. It may probably be recharged somewhere. It is made from birchwood. Starting bid 25 silver 1 silver increments No reserve No buyout PICKUP ONLY Located on Deliverance 37x45y @.Pendelton. I MIGHT deliver on Deliverance, depending on your location
  4. [12:42:09] A slender wooden twig that has been grown in a spiral around something. It may probably be recharged somewhere. It is made from birchwood. Starting bid 30 silver 1 silver increments No reserve No buyout, unless juicy PICKUP ONLY Located on Deliverance @ 37x45y,...Pendelton I MIGHT deliver on Deliverance, depending on location
  5. Looking buy a sculpting wand, don't care about the condition/charges remaining. Either post offerings/asking price or PM me directly with details.
  6. I've never gotten around to using this particular item so figured I'd go ahead and pass it on to someone else. The wand has enough charges to lower 59 slope before having to be recharged. The sale price for the item pictured below is 20s and the transaction must be done in person as it is a no-drop item. I am not firm on the price, but if you want to haggle then it must be done by PM only. Pickup will be at Calogero on Celebration, at 30x, 5y on this map. For additional info on this item, see its wiki page here.
  7. I am auctioning my 45 qlty sculpting wand Starting bid 50s (or 55AUD) Min increase 5s (or 5AUD) Buyout 100s (or 100AUD) No reserve 4 day auction 12 hr no snipe No altering of bids, if you wish to increase your bid, re-post Free delivery to all of the freedom isles* * For chaos server the buyer must meet me in Deliverance West coast
  8. im located on celebration, but for the right price i'll go the distance :-)
  9. As the title says, the current 60 slope limit to the tile borders next to corner you are going to lower is nonsense. I have only three corners, totally 30 dirts of rock to remove. With sculpting wand, this could be done in seconds. Without it, it would require days. Here is one of the corners, and the slope next to it. 5 dirts up from the flat layer. One action from sculpting wand and it would be flat But because there is also 193 slope next to this corner, it cannot be lowered with sculpting wand. This means that I would need to destroy my house and other fences/houses in the layer above this corner and dig this slope to low enough (55) so I could use sculpting wand. If I would do that, why I just wouldn't dig other corners to rock and just surface mine that corner? This doesn't make any sense. You buy and use sculpting wand because there is rock in a corner you want lower, but you cannot/want surface mine it because it's in place like this. It is the meaning of sculpting wand. So, remove the limit of 60 slope, it makes it useless, and makes changing some areas extremely hard.
  10. I'm looking to buy sculpting wand, as the title says. I prefer sculpting wands with charge. Send me pm if you want to send an offer. I live in Deliverance, 45X 30Y (Dragon Shore) if you want to deliver it. Dragonmob
  11. Im looking to buy or rent a sculpting wand for a job in my deed, please pm me here or in game with an offer. Serious offers only please. Im in eminence island indy.
  12. Weeeelll.... with Emoo's auction reaching amazing heights, I've decided to see what I can get for this. Sculpting wand, 45ql, birchwood(is there any other kind?). Starting bid: 10s Min. Increase: 1s No Reserve Buyout: 30s Pickup from any of the spawn towns on Chaos, or delivery to Deli might be arranged. Will accept private buyouts, but not private bids.
  13. Closed

    I am looking for a Sculpting Wand that is 50ql or better pm me if you have one for sale.