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Found 10 results

  1. Located on Exodus - J12 Ingame Contacts, Denully or Stinboi Enchanted Grass Service: We can do up to 5 per day (18h), First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Erupted tile Service: We can do up to 1 per day (18h), First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Strongwall tile Service: First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Visit our online Market at
  2. Seeing these items !! FREE DELIVERY !! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ various tools carving knife QL 32 coc 65 = 30c pickaxe iron QL 45 woa 46 coc 57 = 35c pickaxe iron QL 65 coc 53 = 30c saw iron QL 60 coc 60 = 30c hatchet iron QL 67 coc 71 = 40c large pelt QL 97 coc 74 = 50c trowel iron woa 55 coc 43 = 45c iron file QL 71 coc 81 = 50c oak mallet QL 73 coc 82 = 50c Butcher's knife iron QL 56 coc 64 = 40c shoe set QL 73 = 40C metal brushed iron QL 71 = 30c fork iron QL 59 coc 65 = 35c iron spoon QL 58 coc 65 = 35c whetstone QL 86 coc 77 = 50c __________________________________________________________________________________________________ various items !! FREE DELIVERY !! 3k cotton QL 63 = 60c/k 1k wemp plant QL 63 = 60c steel set armor plate QL 70-80 AOSP 60-80 3.5S saddle sack leather QL 99 = 2S rare lamp copper = 1S supreme fireplace = 8s set of studded leather armor QL 80 = 1.8S 7 brazier of small cooper = 15c each or all for 1S 544 lumps gold QL 45 = 40c 150 ribbons QL 40 = 50c 80 large crates = 10c each !! OR ALL FOR 6s meditation rug coc81 = 40c 29 rifts crystals QL 30 = 15c each 14 crystal source ql 44 = 3c for each 7 rift stone shard QL 30 = 10c each 300 ql gems = 1c for QL 154 iron rivets QL 30 = 30c 400 charcoal QL 30 = 400C 100 OR 1S ALL 600 bunches of thatch ql 20 = 30c 300 teeth QL 30 = 20c 600 woos QL 30 = 30c 2 copper still QL 20 = 60c all
  3. Crops needed on Xan

    Hello Everyone, I'm 3 days deep into Wurm for the first time and I'm well addicted. I have been trying to answer many of my questions by reading the wiki and forums but I have a specific one I'd like the community of Xan, specifically SW Xan to help with. I'm envisioning my character in Wurm being a farmer and builder. I've always loved these two aspects of mmorpg's. My question is, for a new player, what crops would be beneficial to start working on? I've seen the suggestions elsewhere of doing bulk clay, or mortar, or bricks, but I'm wondering what the players around me may need. My plan, after raising my skills some, was to start farming a good amount of cotton and wemp. I know these may not be the *most* in demand items, but I like the idea of them, that is, if there is any demand. Any insights you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
  4. Make offers if its fair i will send item. Contact me ingame : Xcaliber or on the forum. will c.o.d asap
  5. All items will be COD'ed from independence. All proceeds will go to cancer research charity. For more information, please look here: Items are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Only public buyers are recognized. Please do not PM me to buy items from this list. Please make sure you write your ingame name I can COD it to! The Spyglasses may be picked up at R9, Muspellsheimr, Independence. Tools Willow Fine Fishing Rod, 78ql, 87CoC - 1s (pickup) Oak Grooming Brush, 14ql, 94CoC - 2s Oak Grooming Brush, 16ql, 98CoC - 2s Oak Mallet, 48ql, 99 CoC - 2s Oak Spindle, 92 ql, 101WoA 81CoC - 5s Exquisite Meditation Rug, 6ql, 97CoC - 2s Hatchet, 29ql, 87CoC -1s Rake, 11ql, 88CoC - 1s Saddle, 80ql, 96WoA - 2s Seryll Pickaxe, 1ql, 85CoC - 1s Pickaxe, 2ql, 92CoC - 2s Pickaxe, 1ql, 90CoC - 2s Pickaxe, 34ql, 86CoC - 1s Pickaxe, 2ql, 87CoC -1s Pickaxe, 90ql, 91WoA - 2s Weapons Huge Axe, 90ql, 80V 80N SHD - 3s Etc Brass spyglass - 6s (pickup only) Brass spyglass - 6s (pickup only) Yule Goat x3 - 2s Oakenwood Emerald staff, 6ql - 1s Black Dragon Hatchling Skull, 100ql - 10s Goblin Leader Skull, 98 ql - 10s Snow Lantern x3 - 2s Fireworks, 80ql x3 - 1s Valentines Pottery x3 - 1s Rare Toolbelt, 90ql - 8s Black Opal, 65ql - 2s Black Opal, 30ql - 1s Star Ruby, 37ql - 1s Star Diamond, 24 ql - 1s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Blood (woodcutting) - 3s Blood (leatherworking) - 2s Blood (leatherworking) - 2s Blood (stone cutting) - 1s Blood (armour smithing) - 2s Potion of woodcutting, 15ql - 2s More sales and auctions coming soon! Stay tuned!
  6. I have seen more and more what i believe to be long term sale topics in the Want to Sell section when seems they clearly are making and selling items full time. I guess the question is what determines when it should stay and when it should be moved to Merchant Ads? (or does anyone else even care) In my eyes if they are offering the same thing over and over with [new stock - date] or something with 10-15 pages then it is a merchant ad and not a sales thread. I consider the sales section for one off sales and the merchant ads can clog up the sales section rather fast keeping the one offs from getting good exposure.
  7. CTC Sales has merchants at Blackflame and Tap Dance Markets on the Celebration server. We sell tools, chain, leather, and weapons. Many of our items have Vynora casts. You can check our stock at: Blackflame: Tap Dance: For order PST to Catullus, Tclunatic, or Thedudeabides.
  8. located at x30 y 27 on celebraton map blackflame market its now mostly finished,and it includes a mailbox next to the token,a public tar pit and an inn with beds for 10iron(they would be free if that was posible) wurmplanner map of the market for easy navigation. Shop List: 1-1 Willow Landing Merchant1-2 Prosperous Carpentry : carpentry and fine carpentry items and tools. 1-3 CtC Sales : 70ql enchanted tools,weapons and armor 1-4 Komunalac´s Tools (60-90ql blacksmith tools and enchants) 1-5 Aarbi's Shop:tools and 5speeds horses. 1-6 Gj´s Bulk Goods: bulk goods and Mounts 1-7 Northern Light Supplies store (lockpicks,sails,ropes,bulk goods) 2-1 Sands of time goods 2-2 Blacktower goods: tools,anchors,pendulums. 2-3 tools,cotton,healing covers. 2-4 Empty 2-7 Gypsy's Box of Delights: leather tools and armor. if u are interested on one of the empty plots or have any suggestions,contact Tpikol. feel free to drop a merchant on the stall section.
  9. With the resent account fiasco I was put in when trying to buy an account got me thinking is buying an account really safe anymore? I know that the staff might not be able to reveal how they do things but what is stopping an old player coming back lets say a year or two later and saying hey my account was stolen? How does one secure themselves when making legitimate purchases? Will the account always default back to the maker if you don't have proof of ownership with saved pm or something? With everyone buying accounts and the amount we pay for them (sometimes can be hundreds of dollars) are we really safe in the end? What are your thoughts and experiences on the deal and maybe a GM can come in on this and give a little walkthrough on how to make safe purchases that will hold up with the staff? In the end is it always going to revert back the maker and we are just relying on the makers merit to not make future claims?