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Found 36 results

  1. WTS small sailing boats made to order from your choice of wood. You pick it up only 75c delivery will cost extra depending on distance. PM me for details or to place an order. Larger boats available up to Cog but only making those for special orders. My in game name is same as here Arkadianwarking. Look forward to doing business with you.
  2. As I said in another post. being ported back to deli from xanadu is unrealistic and added pain to travelling cross servers for many people. Even though it does effect me to much I can see where It can pain alot of people. I suggest we have a portal window not unlike the portals at the tutorial area, that we can choice to put us on the server of choice 1-4 (freedom old cluster) Crossing from the old cluster is fair enough in how it works, but going the other way adds an extra leg that really doesn't need to be there. I know a portal window popup isnt ideal, but it's a good remedy to the current situation.
  3. I've been wandering the world of wurm now for over a year, yet I still move at a similar pace when I started! It would be nice if people who travel a lot got better at it over a period of time. To this end I propose adding 4 new skills and shifting climbing under one of these. Wandering - Hiking - Sailing - Climbing - Riding What do these skills do? Wandering gives a base speed bonus (1% per 10 points, ending in a 10% speed bonus), it levels VERY slowly. Hiking reduces stamina usage while walking by 3% per 10 points (ending with a 30% stamina reduction for walking). Sailing gives a 1% speed bonus per 10 points against the wind and a 2% speed bonus per 10 points with semi favourable wind and a 3% speed bonus with favourable wind. Every 10 points in riding allows mounts to be ridden up 1 steeper inclines. Climbing is unchanged These skills are intend to be slow gain and a bonus for people who are around often and travel often. I will say I am not a PvPer and have not taken PvP balance into account. However, if there is an issue then just make the bonus only take effect on PvE worlds (so PvP players can still gain the skills but they just gain nothing from them until they enter a PvE world).
  4. Absolutely love the land of Xanadu. Great job on the design but given it's size, sailing speeds NEED to be faster. Travel and trade among the community is essential to the game and boats are most definitely a primary method of transportation, especially on a map with the size and layout of Xanadu. A long journey by sea (by long I'm meaning numerous hours) when travelling between servers is understandable as that is a unique voyage but no one wants to spend 4-8 hours or more simply sailing to another part of Xanadu for something trivial like completing a business transaction or helping someone, etc. There's no doubt going to be people saying "It's fine the way it is, blah blah, etc" but save you're breath. It needs to be addressed. No one wants to spend multiple hours in their boat every time they need to travel, and they shouldn't have to. Realistic or not, let's keep travel fun.
  5. Horseback riding takes a certain amount of stamina. The most I recall is the strain of just controlling the ornery beast to keep it from eating everything on the trail. It did not reduce my stamina in any meaningful way. However in Wurm stamina drains swiftly while riding, just as fast it would were it you (and not the horse) running. This is not natural and not realistic. The horse might grow tired, certainly, but they do not tire as men tire or at the same rate. It would seem more apparent that when horses were added the code was simply not altered in any way to prevent stamina loss as though a player had been running. Sailing does take a smaller amount of stamina. I have sailed and while handling lines and tacking all while attempting to get in what is almost always every other direction other than the wind is blowing to - it is not as draining as say - running. As it is in Wurm. People have told me that, again, this is a feature - not a bug. I believe that it boats where just added, as horses were - without any thought to reducing stamina loss/distance traveled - either the coder did not care or did not know that horseback riding and sailing are generally less strenuous activities than running 9kmh in platemail. The fix is simple - dig down in that spaghetti code of travel for boats and horses and add a coefficient for them. They can still drain stamina, but the should not drain anywhere near the amount they do. This is not a feature request this is a bug report. There is no way in any universe that so closely resembles are own that such a glaring incredulity could have been overlooked. There are many instances were fantasy can be invoked to bring about a greater level of game and a lesser degree of realism, but when it is in contravention to known strenous levels it begins to smack of 'fantasy as a crutch'. TL;DR Boats and horses should not use the vast amounts of stamina they currently do. It is a bug.
  6. Skara Brae Shipyard, top quality workmanship at rock bottom prices! See what our customers have to say about us:- Horatio Nelson - HMS Victory :- I visited Skara Brae, but I saw no ships! Captain Pugwash - The Black Pig :- ARRRR, Thanks to Crazy Eddy for the best ship ever! ARRRR Queen Elizabeth - The Queen Elizabeth II :- My husband and I bought our little boat from Skara Brae Shipyard, we've had it for centuries and it only has the odd one or two teensy holes! Miner Willy - The Minoc Mincer :- With the help of Crazy Eddy's superb Knarr, I now bring home double, treble and even quadruple amounts of valorite from my mining trips! Edward John Smith Captain of the Titanic :- 'I bought my ship from Craz... (Eddy:- hush, you fool!) BEST PRICES EVER! Sailboat 1.5 silver Corbita 5 silver Knarr 16 silver Cog 8 silver All our ships are 50 QL and come with FREE lock and anchor! Available to sail immediately, Knarrs, cogs (apple and cherry) Sailboats, Caravel, Corbita More soon, will keep updates Sailboats and Knarrs choose any wood type All wood types available. Rafts always available. Special orders guaranteed within 1 week. Please send tells in game to Sunjia, Lolabelle, Windee or Ladybird for fast response
  7. Pristine Wind

    Is it just me or has the wind speed been at Light breeze to strong breeze for at least 2 weeks if not longer? Has anyone else experienced the same thing?
  8. As the topic says I suggest changing the position of the driver on the larger boats to in front of the sail like on the small sail boats. This would increase the visibility of the driver and make navigating a lot easier.
  9. I was wondering what people would think of a simple trinket (like a compass) that tells the wind direction for sailing purposes. It would be HUD component much like the Compass which shows the direction of the winds. This would eliminate the need to have to examine all of the time for sailing.
  10. WTS Small Sailboat with lock (~40ql) and anchor included. Any wood type you want, just choose it . The boat will be imped to 50ql. The price is 1s with 20c delivery fee around deli. If you strongly willing to pick up, you can do that at 7x, 37y, Cozy Bay (Soul Society on map). You can Pm me here, ingame (Rafallos), or just post here
  11. Welcome to Symphonies End Shipbuilding and Smithy! Here at Symphonies End, we plan on bringing you quality merchandise and special offers whenever we are able to offer them, Our deed is located on Collosus Lake in the North East of Independence, featuring some beautiful views out over the lake and a wealth of resources for us to utilise in bringing you an excellent product! Our on site team of crafters can currently offer: Darkmaiden, Symphonies End resident Armourer! 60ql Chain Armour, 2s for a full set! Prices for individual pieces can be arranged in PM or reply. 70ql Chain Armour, 3s for a full set! Prices for individual pieces can be arranged in PM or reply. 40ql Metal Shields, Small Shields and Shields available, 20c each! Large metal shields can be arranged in PM or reply. Blacklotus, Symphonies End Mayor! 60ql Leather / 60ql Studded Armour by request only, please PM or reply for prices. 60/70ql Blacksmithing tools, 60ql = 30c, 70ql = 40c, state which tool(s) you'd like in a reply. +10c for Large Anvils. Other Blacksmithing Items available by request, PM myself or Blacklotus if you have a job. 50ql Cloth Tailoring products also available to order, Meditation Rugs up to and including Beautiful! Sails of all sizes! Contact Blacklotus for prices! House Planning services, up to 70 skill requirement, 1s travel costs inclusive! Melketh, Symphonies End Jack of all trades! Shipbuilding services available: Rafts, 10c each ~ 20ql minimum Rowing Boats w Lock&Anchor, 50c Sailing Boats w Lock&Anchor, 2s Corbita w Lock&Anchor, 7s Larger ships will take more time and are by arrangement only! All ships will be imped to a minimum of 30ql. Carpentry Items, 50ql for 10c. Magranon Converts, FREE at Symphonies End, travel fee for anywhere outside of the North East to be considered when ordering. Strongwall Casts, 1s per tile, limited availability, Magranon Altar on site preferred. 500 Cooked Meat, 1s, Pickup at Symphonies End Only. Thank you for using Symphonies End Shipbuilding and Smithy! We hope to see your business soon. Melketh.