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Found 114 results

  1. Note: I'm not on Deliverance any more. Sorry about that. I'll edit this thread and bump it when I decide to get back in business. Happy shopping! Greetings, Prospective Customer I am naught but a humble leather goods merchant located on Deliverance, looking to distribute my wares close, far, and yet further abroad. This merchant ad is (not yet) endorsed by Docterchese, PR Extraordinaire. The Goods Armour (1x cap, 1x jacket, 1x pants, 2x sleeves, 2x gloves, 2x boots -- even if you don't want the cap you can buy it anyway and give it to a friend, or whatever) QL ~ Normal ~ Studded 50 ~ 75c ~ 1s 60 ~ 90c ~ 1.2s 70 ~ 1.5s ~ 2s Toolbelts QL ~ Price 40 ~ 50c 50 ~ 60c 60 ~ 80c 70 ~ 1s Saddles QL ~ Price (these use a LOT of leather when imping) 40 ~ 80c 50 ~ 1s 60 ~ 1.2s 70 ~ 1.5s Barding (coming soon) Containers (all containers will be between 30 and 50 ql) Type ~ Price Backpack ~ 10c (quite a bit more leather needed to make these) Waterskin ~ 5c Quiver ~ 5c I am also taken to bouts of good/insane mood where I make things for free, and I will often make things up to 30/40ql for free. So be aware of my mental stability - you might benefit from it. I'll also imp any leatherworking item at a rate of 1c per 1ql. Prices are not fixed and may be subject to change. I may also accept barters and if you think that I owe you any favours you may attempt to cash them in here. The Location I am located at Miya on the Deliverance server. Here's a useful map. As you can see, Miya is clearly marked in the centre of the picture. I can freely deliver to any location that you can see there, or I can mail items to you (at your expense). Contact me on Deliverance as 'Infinitai'; contact me on #Captains by that name also; send me a message on this here forum; or indeed reply to this thread to make an order or enquiry.
  2. Greetings fellow Wurmians! Annex is located on the Exodus server (co-ordinates y29 x11), we offer a variety of services and there is a merchant located on the deed stocked with a selection of leatherworking and blacksmithing goods. CoD & DELIVERY OPTIONS Items can be collected from Annex (co-ordinates y29 x11) Items can be mailed (where possible), the buyer will be expected to pay the CoD fee. Items can be delivered (Exodus & Celebration ONLY), delivery will be charged at 20 copper. For other servers it may be possible to arrange a meeting location convenient to both for trade. Close to the Exodus border, etc... LEATHER ITEMS TOOLBELTS 50 QL 40 Copper 60 QL 50 Copper 70 QL 60 Copper STUDDED ARMOR SETS 50 QL 50 Copper 60 QL 65 Copper 70 QL 1.8s HORSE ITEMS 50 QL Saddle 60 Copper 60 QL Saddle 70 Copper 70 QL Saddle 80 Copper 50 QL Bridle 40 Copper 60 QL Bridle 50 Copper 70 QL Bridle 60 Copper 50 QL Horseshoes 50 Copper 60 QL Horseshoes 75 Copper 70 QL Horseshoes 1 Silver NOTE: The price listed is for a set of four horse shoes, not per horse shoe. HORSE BUNDLES Each bundle includes; one saddle, one bridle and four horseshoes all improved to the listed quality. 50 QL Bundle 1.25 Silver (25 Copper Discount) 60 QL Bundle 1.60 Silver (35 Copper Discount) 70 QL Bundle 1.95 Silver (45 Copper Discount) CONTAINERS 30 QL Backpack 5 Copper 30 QL Waterskin 5 Copper 30 QL Quiver 5 Copper STUDDED LEATHER BARDING 50 QL Barding 1 Silver 60 QL Barding 1.5 Silver 70 QL Barding 2.5 Silver LEATHER IMPING 30 QL Free 40 QL 5 Copper (Per Item) 50 QL 10 Copper (Per Item) 60 QL 15 Copper (Per Item) 70 QL 20 Copper (Per Item) BLACKSMITHING ITEMS IRON TOOLS Awl, Branding Iron, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather Knife, Metal Brush, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small Anvil, Stone Chisel or, Trowel. 50 QL 15 Copper 60 QL 25 Copper 70 QL 45 Copper NOTE: The price listed is per tool, for tool sets please see below. TOOL SETS Tool sets comprise of the following tools; Hammer, Hatchet, Pickaxe, Saw, Shovel, Small Anvil, Stone Chisel & Trowel. 50 QL 1 Silver (20 Copper Discount) 60 QL 1.7 Silver (30 Copper Discount) 70 QL 3.2 Silver (40 Copper Discount) LARGE ANVILS 50 QL 20 Copper 60 QL 40 Copper 70 QL 70 Copper LAMPS All lamps are imped to 50 QL and the prices listed below are per lamp. Discounts can be negotiated for bulk orders (10 lamps or, more). Copper Hanging Lamp 20 Copper Iron Lamp 20 Copper Iron Torch Lamp 20 Copper Gold Hanging Lamp 40 Copper Silver Hanging Lamp 40 Copper IRON LANTERNS 50 QL 20 Copper 60 QL 35 Copper 70 QL 50 Copper Lanterns can be dyed; red, blue, green, white or, purple for no extra charge. If you would like your lantern dyed then please specify a colour when ordering. CARPENTRY ITEMS Oak Tools: Clay Shaper, Grooming Brush, Mallet, Rope Tool, Spatula or, Spindle. Willow Tools: Fine Fishing Rod 50 QL 15 Copper 60 QL 20 Copper 70 QL 45 Copper NOTE: The price listed is per tool. PLACING ORDERS To place an order you can reply to this forum post or, contact Maizie in-game or, via forum PM
  3. Horse shoe & saddle bundle up for grabs, all 60+ Woa on horse shoes, 45 Woa on saddle 69-73 QL starting at 5s min bid 50c Good luck ! Items located on Exodus, any tools that cant be mailed must be picked up i will go as far as Esert to deliver, we are located in ( The Great North Desert, Centrum universi ) you can find us on a up-to-date map, i will travel to the coast around the desert too, please make sure if you bid you Can get to Exodus and meet in the area's iv posted, Thank you.
  4. As in topic. The saddle has 90,58Ql + 77woa now. But the most imporatant... it's rare. I can CoD the saddle. [18:07:42] A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a leather. Starting bid: 5s Min. Increasement: 1s Reserve: no Sniper protection: 30mins Priv bids: no Buyout: nope, sorry. I've extended the auction because I changed the items a little. I can reimp it ONCE FOR FREE (to 90) to the winner in case if he decides to enchant it higher and he gets it damaged or just damage it fast. Happy biddings!
  5. I was told about this by another player yesterday and decided to test it myself. As the title says, if you have a saddle equipped to a tamed horse, it completely ignores the "go here" command. I assume this is due to the recent chance where horses equipped with saddles do not move. I would think that having it tamed should override that feature however as this can be a decent inconvenience if you find yourself in a bad situation, such as falling off a cliff and unable to reach your tamed horse. I tested this by taming a horse with full tack and saddle and removed the saddle. It listened to 3 consecutive "go here" commands without hesitation. Put a saddle on it and it stands like a statue, no matter how many times you issue the command. Easy enough to reproduce. Might be a pointless screenshot, I took it just to show in the event that I had equipped the saddle and issued a command, and there it stands.
  6. Welcome, customers, to Merfin's Shop of fine leatherwares! I'm proudly and officially opening my little leatherwares shop. The selection of wares is still a bit limited, but will improve soon, I promise. I also guarantee you friendly service, and am willing to negotiate prices if you're placing a larger order and prove to be a pleasant customer All prices are without CoD, within Independence I'm willing to deliver any order above 2s for a low, negotiable fee, depending on distance. A discount if you come to Edoras and collect your wares yourself is, as always, negotiable. Improving fees are 1c per ql up to ql60, 2c per ql up to ql70, (2.5c per cl up tp 80)*. I'm looking forward to hear from you, be it here in the forum topic, via Forum PM, or in the ingame chat. *ql80 is not available just yet, but can be pre-ordered and should be available within a month.
  7. Cloth Barding should be a means to decorate ones horse without a speed penalty. When visible armour comes out, I'm hoping that you'll be able to at least dye the barding different colours, with a possible further enhancement of being able to make Kingdom-themed bardings. In another game I used to play, everyone from my group would use blue barding so we could easily identify who was who without having to worry about shooting or killing a horse that was actually ours. I think if this were to be implemented alongside of Kingdom styled cloth barding, it would allow for a more user-friendly experience, as well as eye candy. How can a red and black cloth barding not look nice on a black horse? An image below is kind of what I'm looking towards seeing, but perhaps without the head-guard. This kind of barding should have little to no impact at all on a horse's speed to allow for use on Freedom without complaints. Perhaps armour like the above could be customized by changing the emblems on parts of the armour, or having a different base colour per Kingdom. Mol-Rehan would get a red, black, and yellow barding (fire based) of some sorts while Jenn-Kellon's barding would be more geared towards a blue and green colour (water and landscape based). HoTS's barding would be primarily black. What are your opinions on the matter?
  8. 70ql Saddle [18:45:40] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [98] Start Bid: 4s Min Increase: 0.5s Reserve: None Buyout:None Sniper Protection: 4 hours Auction Ends: 12 Nov Post Time Delivery: Mail, Free Shipping.
  9. Finally got over 90 in leather working & decided to celebrate by adding a second merchant and placing a long overdue ad. Merchants at Freedom Market, north side, center ring on the end & another at the new Mystery Market located @ 31x 58y right next door to Mystery Glade. Shipping items anywhere at buyers expense. Delivery is sometimes available as I do like an excuse to wander. Studded sets (including cap) Price per piece 50ql full set 2.45s Jacket & pants 35c Others 25c 60ql full set 3.00s Jacket & pants 45c Others 30c 70ql full set 3.45s Jacket & pants 50c Others 35c 80ql full set 5.05s Jacket & pants 95c Others 45c 90ql full set 9.15s Jacket & pants 1.6s Others 85c Saddles 50ql 1s 70ql 2s 80ql 4s 90ql 6s Toolbelts 50ql 50c 60ql 60c 70ql 80c 80ql 1s 90ql 2.5s All saddles & armour comes with one free imp back to it's original quality. Shipping at buyers expense.
  10. Hi there! I have some horse equipment for sale. You can pick it up in Hussars Haven (36x, 45y) or I can mail it to you (from Deli). Prices do not include CoD fee (10c to Deli, 20c to other freedom servers). My ingame name is ArcherPL and I use IRC as well. Saddle 80QL 59WoA - 1.5s Chain Barding (iron) 77.81QL - 1.2s Leather Barding 80.13QL - 1.2s Leather Barding 80.16QL - 1.2s Leather Barding 72.30QL - 1s (can be imped to 80ql for +20c) Leather Barding 73.09QL - 1s (can be imped to 80ql for +20c) Horse Shoe 80.24QL 73WoA - 1.2s Horse Shoe 80.16QL 73WoA - 1.2s Horse Shoe 80.09QL 77WoA - 1.3s Horse Shoe 80.14QL 81WoA - 1.4s (Equipment provided by Hussars Haven Trading - check it for custom orders!)
  11. As the topic says...
  12. [13:36:50] A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. It could be improved with a leather. [13:36:50] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [98] What could I sell this for? I suppose I could imp this to 92-95QL if it helps sell for more. Thanks.
  13. Hi there! I have a nice rare saddle for sale: [12:53:31] A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The saddle needs some holes punched with an awl. [12:53:31] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [62] It's 80ql. Starting bid: 2s Minimum increase: 50c NO BUYOUT No reserve Free CoD Auction Ends at 2nd August 12PM CEST Good Luck!
  14. Hi there! I have a nice saddle for sale: [15:33:11] A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. The saddle needs some holes punched with an awl. [15:33:11] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [91] It's 80ql. Starting bid: 2s Minimum increase: 10c Buyout offer accepted No reserve Free CoD Auction Ends at 25th July 12PM CEST Good Luck!