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Found 109 results

  1. Vend A Horse

    Vend a Horse!! Where you can get all your horse's needs. Where are located south of Lormere at Q 15 We deliver. Delivery cost may vary. Our prices are: All animals are 5 speeds with no negative traits Aged and younger Horses that come in White, Gold, Black and Brown for 50 copper each. Bison at 75 copper each. Hell horses at 1 silver each. Wagons at 50QL for 1 silver Horse shoes 40 copper a set of 4 of 50ql Large Crates 10 copper each
  2. Helping a friend sell out. All horseshoes are at 91 or 92q and are iron. Only listing by WOA. First set. 52woa, 54woa, 67woa, 72woa. Second set. 73woa, 74woa, 74woa, 74woa Third set, 74woa, 75woa, 75woa, 78woa Fourth set. 82woa, 82woa, 83woa, 85woa Firth set. 85woa, 86woa, 86woa, 90woa Bridles 1. 70q bridle. no enchant 2. 75q bridle. no enchant Saddle. 50q saddle. 100woa Min Bid per item is 1s Increments of 25c No reserve. No buyout. Sniper protection of 1 hour.
  3. '
  4. wtb rare saddle

    looking to buy a rare saddle , let me know what you have and how much,
  5. Hi, let me offer some sets to speedup your horses 4 woa shoes + FREE woa saddle mail fee (COD) included whole set, including saddle, can be imped to ql90 for additional 1.5s if you have special request, PM (97 blacksmithing, 99 leatherwork, 90 channeling priest) w/woa means Wind Of Ages cast #1 ql80 shoes w74,74,75,75 + ql80 saddle w74 = 2.7s #2 ql80 shoes w76,77,78,78 + ql80 saddle w76 = 2.8s #3 ql80 shoes w80,81,81,81, + ql80 saddle w78 = 2.9s #4 ql80 shoes w82,82,82,83 + ql80 saddle w79 = 3.2s #5 ql80 shoes w83,84,84,85 + ql80 saddle w84 = 3.4s #6 ql80 shoes w85,85,85,85 + ql80 saddle w87 = 3.5s #7 ql80 shoes w86,86,88,88 + ql80 saddle w87 = 3.6s #8 ql80 shoes w88,88,88,88 + ql80 saddle w89 = 3.7s #9 ql90 shoes w92,92,93,93 + ql 90 saddle w92 = 5.9s
  6. pls close

    Selling a few saddles and a barding, buyer pays cod Item QL Enchant Price in Silver Chain Barding, Iron 90.70 AosP94 2.9 saddle, leather 82.39 woa80 1.85 saddle, leather 74.08 woa73 1 saddle, leather 73.87 woa77 1 saddle, leather 90.14 woa87 2.04 saddle, leather 90.63 woa91 3 saddle, leather 90.18 woa81 2 saddle, leather 74.39 woa71 1 Saddle, leather 90.41 woa89 2.05
  7. Please close

    All items 1s each Will be mailed CoD toolbelt 9 slots 90ql 2 left! Small Axe, Steel 6.80 coc80 Sickle, Iron 46.18 coc80 Saw, Iron 4.87 coc81 Shovel, Steel 4.22 coc80 Shovel, Steel 2.96 coc82 File, Iron 5.37 coc81 Stone Chisel, Iron 50.19 coc85 Stone Chisel, Iron 22.50 coc83 pickaxe, steel 1.00 coc80 (2 available from 1-3ql) Stone Chisel, Iron 56.28 coc85 Pickaxe, steel 9.39 coc80 Pickaxe, steel 9.20 coc81 pickaxe, steel 8.94 coc81 Needle, Iron 88.85 coc80 Shovel, Steel 4.19 coc83 Shovel, Steel 2.38 coc87 Butchering Knife, Iron 58.46 coc81 Butchering Knife, Iron 59.46 coc84 Saw, Iron 5.00 coc83 Small Axe, Steel 7.15 coc84 Hatchet, Iron 28.69 coc86 Hatchet, Steel 2.95 coc84 Hatchet, Steel 2.83 coc87 Meditation rug, beautiful 24.37 coc80 Meditation rug, cotton 14.01 coc80 saddle, leather 74.08 woa73 saddle, leather 73.87 woa77 saddle, leather 74.39 woa71
  8. sold out, can be closed

    SOLD OUT! Set #1 horseshoes ql80+: woa 73,74,75,78 saddle: ql83 woa76 sale price: 2s Set #2 horseshoes ql80+: woa 72,74,76,77 saddle: ql83 woa80 sale price: 2s Set #3 horseshoes ql80+: woa 83,83,84,84 saddle: ql82 woa83 sale price: 2.7s Set #4 horseshoes ql81+: woa 85,86,86,86 saddle: ql83 woa85 sale price: 2.8s Set #5 horseshoes ql83+: woa 91,91,91,91 saddle: ql83 woa91 sale price: 4.4s Set #6 horseshoes ql83+: woa 90, 93,93,93 saddle: ql84 woa93 sale price: 4.9s Set #7 horseshoes ql83+: woa 95,95,95,96 saddle: ql90 woa97 sale price: 5.9s Postage fee (COD) included
  9. Merchant - Exodus, Sandhill Market (m15; x23 y31) Contact - Tris (in game, forum) Pick up - Exodus, Sandhill (m15; x23 y31) Mail - buyer pay CoD
  10. WTB Rare Bridle

    Looking to buy a set of rare horseshoes. No enchants needed. And a rare saddle. Also looking for a rare bridle. QLs don't matter at this point. Thanks to everyone that offered to me.
  11. buyer pays COD from Exodus, or pickup Exodus H13 delivery negotiable, free delivery for orders over 5s to boat accessible places on Exo, Deli, Cele, south Indy, west Xana any tool or shoe can be imped to ql90 for extra 30c ingame PM: Joeix (priest), Wocas (imper) Speed! Don't waste you time, equip your horses, speed up your cart and wagon. Horseshoe ql75 woa72 58c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa73 59c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa74 60c, 6pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa76 63c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa77 64c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa78 66c, 5pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa80 73c, 4pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa81 76c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa82 79c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa83 81c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa84 84c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa85 87c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa87 92c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa88 95c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa89 107c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa90 110c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa91 120c, 4pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa92 130c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa93 140c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa94 150c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa95 160c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa96 170c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa98 210c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa99 230c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa100 250c, 1pcs Saddle ql90 woa77 154c Saddle ql90 woa77 154c Saddle ql90 woa78 156c Saddle ql90 woa79 157c Saddle ql90 woa80 158c Saddle ql90 woa82 164c Saddle ql90 woa88 180c Saddle ql90 woa91 195c Saddle ql90 woa93 215c Saddle ql90 woa96 245c Use fast tools! You don't need extra skill now, you need a job done. Pickaxe ql81 woa75 67c Pickaxe ql81 woa76 68c Pickaxe ql81 woa77 69c Pickaxe ql81 woa78 71c Pickaxe ql81 woa79 72c Pickaxe ql85 woa80 73c Pickaxe ql86 woa81 76c Pickaxe ql85 woa84 84c Pickaxe ql84 woa86 89c Pickaxe ql84 woa87 92c Pickaxe ql84 woa90 100c Pickaxe ql84 woa94 140c Pickaxe ql84 woa95 150c Shovel ql84 woa79 72c Shovel ql88 woa86 95c Hatchet ql84 woa70 60c Hatchet ql84 woa81 76c Hatchet ql84 woa83 81c Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c Hatchet ql84 woa92 120c Hatchet ql84 woa97 180c Saw ql82 woa84 84c Saw ql82 woa84 85c Saw ql82 woa85 87c Saw ql85 woa86 89c Saw ql82 woa87 92c Stone chisel ql85 woa82 79c Stone chisel ql84 woa86 89c Stone chisel ql88 woa97 180c Rake ql82 woa81 76c Rake ql86 woa98 200c
  12. 16ql - rare saddle 49ql - rare bridle (63woa) 4x 70ql - rare horseshoes Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 1s Buyout: 25s No reserve, 1h sniper protection Note: C.O.D at buyer expense from Independence
  13. please close

    Starting Bid: 4s Min increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: None Snipe protection: 1 hour Buyer pays cod
  14. Title says it=) Would be really great being able to have 2 backpacks on the mount, extremely usefull for hunting trips. If considered OP, could be limited to certain items.
  15. HypnoticHorses Pick up only Location: H9 Xanadu (easily accessible by boat) I also have 5-Speed horses at Sunset Bay Market (was Talula Point Market) @ I10 Purchase Keys from my merchant 5-Speed Horses 50c 4-Speed Horses 20c Pm Me for a current list of horses. In game @ Hypnoticpyro All horses come with a low quality saddle. You can purchase a higher quality one for an additional fee. Horseshoes @ 75ql available upon request. All horses accessories will be placed on horses unless requested otherwise. I will reserve them for 48 hours, but if I do not get confirmation, I will add them back into to the available stock. PM me in game or comment below. Thank you for looking
  16. 6 Rare items for Auction

    Up for Auction here we have 6 items. All items are to be mailed COD paid by winner(s). (Items Located and Mailed from Independence Server) Bid increment for all: 1s #1- 70.27QL Rare Saddle Start Bid: 1s Reserve:9s #2- 96.60QL Rare Hammer 56w/59c Start Bid: 1s Reserve: 9s #3- 96.05QL Rare Hatchet 90w Start Bid: 2s Reserve: 10s #4- 96.43QL Rare Pickaxe 80w Start Bid:3s Reserve: 9s #5- 96.76QL Rare Pickaxe 94w Start Bid: 4s Reserve: 10s #6- 96.41QL Rare Chisel 93w Start Bid: 2s Reserve: 10s
  17. Close Plz

    Min bid on all items: 10s or euro Min increase: 1s or euro Buyouts Listed Pm for Buyout Allowed 1Hr snipe protection No reserve Buyer Pays Cod or Pickup
  18. *close please*

  19. 90QL Saddle 101WoA

    Up for auction: 90QL Saddle "Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [101]" Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 50c No Buyout No Private offers Buyer can Pick-up from N25 Xanadu or cover mailing fee
  20. Please close

    Saddle 82.58ql, 82WOA 2.20 silver Buyer pays COD!
  21. My deed is called The Rim of Heaven and is located right smack in the middle of G25 on Xanadu. It is along the highway between Opelika and Summerholt. There is a sign in the road so hard to miss. If you are buying at least 1s worth of goods I would meet you in Summerholt..otherwise delivery is not available at this time. At the moment all of the horses I have for sale are gold. Will have brown, white, and black ones soon. Prices: 3 speeds - 10c each 4 speeds - 30c each 5 speeds - 80c each 40QL saddles - 15c eacg 30QL bridles - 5c each 30QL fur rugs (currently black wolf in stock) - 5c each Horses Currently in Stock (will try to remember to update but..I'm quite terrible about checking the forums. Apologies in advance!) 3 Speeds: None currently available 4 Speeds: Young Fat Fleacloud, gold, male [23:40:51] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It looks unusually strong and healthy. Adolescent Haltecker, gold, female [23:41:17] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems overly aggressive. Adolescent Southosio, gold, male [23:41:56] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has a certain spark in its eyes. 5 Speeds: Young Rainecker, gold, male [23:43:52] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Adolescent Tearrain, gold, male [23:44:21] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Young Dreamswift, gold, male [23:44:38] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles.
  22. Sold OUT Please Close [updated] Selling 2, 92ql Saddles 2s each+cod. 4 sold I still have 1, 90ql toolbelt for sale 1s each+cod. 6 belts sold. Please post here or PM if interested Thank You.
  23. Piper's Leather working ad

    I sold piper my leather working toon. So I am not imping anything up. I am taking a long break from wurm
  24. WTS Rare Saddle [Sold]

    Hi everybody, I am selling a 35ql rare saddle. Price is 10s. Pick up from Celebration or buyer pays c.o.d.