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Found 4 results

  1. Normal: What we now do today, for mining, chopping down trees, digging. Aggressive: Faster actions, Less skill gain, Higher chance for lower QL results, for mining ore veins, each hit drops the vein by 3, but only produces 1 shard. Precision: Slower actions, More skill gain, Higher chance for higher QL results (up to your max skill level). Skill gains from Aggressive and Precision become a fixed amount per action (dropping the old skill formula). Higher QL tools ONLY affect the speed and QL results. QL results are capped at tool QL +10, but can be exceeded with potions & runes. This will also have the benefit of providing lower QL mats on demand. Seems to me, if I am highly skilled at WC, I ought to be able to intentionally produce low QL results. I really want to see the invers connection of tool QL and skill gain eliminated, but with this system, we keep Normal for those that prefer Wogic and give the option of Aggressive and Precision to those that prefer Logic. Obviously, there must remain a balance. Precision should not be any faster than what someone would do using Normal, targeting the appropriate vein type and using the appropriately low QL pick (for example). Normal, Aggressive and Precision can be a mini bar that appears when appropriate tools are equipped.
  2. hello,so 2 years ago or so,kukro tried to start a spanish translation of wurmpedia,he failed to get any support from other spanish speaker an never got very far so now there is just a few translated pages links to nonexistent categories.
  3. Hello Wurmians! Let me begin with a story: When I first moved to Xanadu from Pristine, I acquired two mission structure "Shrines" and built them at the end of my docks as decoration. Fast forward nearly a year later, when my deed has expanded and rapidly changing - and I no longer wish those decorations to be where I once planned them to be. Today I went up to the shrines, expecting to activate my large maul and right click -> Destroy, only to be baffled when no such option appeared. Frustrated, I submitted a support ticket in which Enki responded, telling me that GMs are instructed NOT to remove them. This story has led me to post this suggestion: We need a method to remove these sort of things on the Freedom Isles servers. Lets face it, these items are pretty much purely decorative on these servers. They have fancy, flashy models and are somewhat difficult to obtain for the common player, so they make great deed decoration. Destroying them would have no effect as most of them are not constructed with a mission in mind. I've also noticed that not all Mission Structures are created equally. Obelisks, for example, can be created off deed, and then are able to be pushed on deed to act as sort of a monument - similar to the colossus. However when I attempted to do the same with my shrines, the object did not move, though the event logs did not complain as though it was impossible: "[21:00:43] You push the Shrine Of Fool a bit." Maybe this could be another suggestion to alleviate some aggravation on the subject: If ALL mission structures could be pushed, players could push the structure out of the way of new developments and move it to decorate elsewhere. The two underlined suggestions in this post need to be taken into consideration by the dev team. Enki told me in our conversation that this has been reported 4 times in the past 2 months alone. He also let me know that it would be brought up this week in the GM meeting with Rolf, so there's hope! TL;DR - Mission structures need reformatting for freedom deed decoration purposes. Thanks for reading! Yours truly,
  4. Work: Tear down Tall Stone Wall Location: Southern Celebration (E-29) Need anyone willing to help tear down a wall that is on my deed that I would very much like gone. I follow Vynora and really dont want to take the hit for doing so. More than one worker welcome. Willing to pay for time worked at time of work completion (i.e. tear down as much as you can in the time you have and I'll pay for that time). PM me here for coordination of time and pay. Thanks! PAR