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Found 143 results

  1. 5 0Referrals left to sell. Contact me here or pm Cenotaph ingame. I'll COD an item first, once payment is recieved, I'll ship referral in your direction Cheers Ceno
  2. Selling two referrals 6 silver each. The toons are currently on Epic cluster but they should be able to portal over to freedom to do the trade. One of them can portal to any freedom server, since he's never been there before. The other one can portal to Xanadu. Can either meet at the starter town of your server or do the trade via mail, in which case you pay COD. Message me on the forums to arrange a trade. Thank you.
  3. Pm me here or ingame on Cenotaph If I had not done dealings with you prior to this, or don't know you. I'll cod an item first, when mail is accepted, I'll ship a referral in your direction. Thank you to the buyers
  4. Hello, got a referral for sale 6s. PM me here or ingame if interested. I am located on Xanadu, next to Linton. //Griz
  5. Selling multiple referrals for 6.2s each, pm or reply if you would like any. Payment can be picked up from any Xanadu starter town or CoD from Xanadu. Discounts offered if buying multiple referrals. 0 Left
  6. Hello, I am fairly new to Wurm and I am looking tosell my referral for some startup cash. If you are interested I am selling it for 6 Silver, please message me in game or reply to this post. Thanks! dInGdAnGwInGwAnG
  7. Looking to sell one referral for 6 silver-PM if interested Referral was sold
  8. Hello I'm after a referral offering 6s PM me at "wardancer" or Leave a message below and i'll try to get back to you
  9. PM Bruhamoff ingame or preferably through forum.
  10. Freedom Referral Connection! Let's make a on-stop-shop for buying and selling referrals. Post up a reply with your offering price and whether it's continuous or one-off, hopefully sellers or buyers may visit and pick out their match! No spam, no trolling, non-sales related posts, just simple referral connections! Remember, your reputation matters - don't rip people off, and don't forget to update your post as necessary! Happy selling! Format In-Game-Name: [edit] Purchase Type: [Continuous/One-Off] Offer Price: [edit]
  11. I'm looking to buy a referral for 6s, and my premium expires on the 5th of Feb. If anyone is selling could you please contact me here on the forums and we can work out arrangements. Thank You.
  12. Currently available: 6 3 2 1 left. PM me here first for time stamp, then on my alt Protunia in-game, if I don't respond and happen to be busy playing.
  13. Looking to buy a referral for 6s. I can meet in person if on East coast Xanadu or Pristine/Release. Willing to Pay COD of an item for 6s Please contact me on forums if selling. -Thank You
  14. As the title says, 6s plus cod costs. If you want to meet in person to trade you must be able to meet my alt at Willow Cove on Pristine (y31 x20 on community map). Post here or PM here or ingame. Thanks for looking.
  15. Pm ingame if you prefer I'll take a nap, lol Server: Exodus
  16. close sorted thanks
  17. Yeah, Want to sell referral (6s). I can pay CoD. PM me here or ingame on ( Haraldost ) The char with the ref. is ( Thompal ) Edit: Forgot to put the price in the post. *Facepalm*
  18. I'm Looking to buy a referral for 6s. I am willing to trade in person if on Release/Pristine or I will pay the COD of an item at the value of 6s elsewhere. Wanting the referral first if COD so please contact me on forums if you are selling. -Thank You
  19. Selling 2 Sleep Powder 1.2s + COD each or the 2 for 2.1s + COD. And selling 2 referrals for 6.3s each or 12.3s + COD for the two, I'll send it first only for known members of the forum or else I'll want the payment first. PM me on the forums for the Referrals or in game (Galaron) for the sleep powders, Im on Xanadu.